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NovaExt - Troubleshooting / Problems

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On 11/26/2019 at 2:43 AM, phaicm said:

Try setting old algorithm of turbo.

i try and it does not work, but i buy a gaming keyboard and solve my problem.

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Guys, just a tip, if turbo isn't working, and no log file is created, you could try the following:


1) Close all clients;

2) Try to execute NovaWine.exe (the purpose is to check if you are missing any DLL files)


If you gets error (missing DLL files), download and put them in your ragnarok folder.


My friend had this problem, and we resolved it that way. In his case, he needed Vcruntime140.dll and Msvcp140.dll. After putting them in the folder, the problem was resolved.

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