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Character: Artoria Pendragon

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Artoria Pendragon, but known as "Arthur, the Wandering Knight." throughout Midgard.



Old Knights of Glastheim, but undisclosed to most of Midgard.

Elite Royal Guard, but known as "Wandering Knight" throughout Midgard.


Physical Description:
A 5'9 short-haired blondie that bears a pair of green eyes, donning a dark-blue long dress with layers of steel armor over it. She's also covered in a dark-blue manteau.

A rather quiet Knight that wanders around the lands of Midgard that is often seen around Glastheim or sometimes at Prontera, Artoria is not a woman of words but a woman of actions. Her shyness and smartness helps her blend in the crowd, making others ignore her presence around and helping her stay away from 'trouble'. Her past gave her so much experience with life and brought up a sense of loyalty that is unquestionable to anyone who managed to prove to be important in her life, but do not forget that she's a skillful warrior, and woman that is not to be messed with.


Known Strengths:
Incredible HP Recovery rate; Incredible Durability and Stamina; Incredible Duelist.

Known Weaknesses:
Lacks in combats that involves only herself against many foes.

Known Property:
A rather unique golden sword sheath with dark blue paint.

Known Acquaintances:
Numerous other Knights.

(OOC) Out-of-Character Observations: I have no clue how to roleplay in NovaRP, but I felt like making this thread for personal reasons. Kind of a roleplay addict myself. Also, yes this is completely based off "Saber" from Fate/Zero | Fate/Stay Night | Fate/Grand Order.

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