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About woe TE - is this possible?

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Hello guys! First of all, let me introduce myself. I'm a Brazilian old player (so my english is really bad - Sorry about that) who started playing RO in 2k8 and made my own guild in 2k9. I stopped playing about 2k16 maybe, cant remember exactly but now I want to start over again.

I've been following NovaRO for long time waiting for maybe they could add woe TE so it will be easier for me to bring my beloved guild and old teammates back since they (and me for sure) doesnt understand nothing about renewal and those new mechanics.

I decided try renewal finally. I'll study the game all over again and my plans are develop our own meta and become a really competitive guild.

As I love so much woe I want to know what do you guys think about woe TE and if it's possible to add this in NovaRO.

Thak you all!

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No one would make WoE:TE just for one guild, since we already have WoE1+WoE2+Draft WoE (and in the near future we will get Practice WoE) with a lot of participant. Dont be afraid to try regular woe.


WoE:TE was created for those, who are too lazy (in terms of gear or leveling) to do something. Idk why you need that WoE on low rate server, where you still can reach max level and take +- enough gear for woe in 2-3 weeks. You wont adapt in renewal in it, because gap in advance classes and 3rd jobs is REALLY HUGE. A lot of new skills, which you dont know.

You wont create "your own meta" because of that too. 


If you want to start play renewal - play regular woe. TE wont help you with anything. 



Oh, and if you want to SUGGEST something, you must use "WoE Suggestions" instead of Discussion one :)

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If you're new, it's highly recommended to try Draft WoE. It's perfect for new players who might not be aware of renewal WoE mechanics and strategies.


As catdie said, it wouldn't make sense to add TE WoE for a single guild. All the established WoE guilds here enjoy playing regular WoE.



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