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Geneticist Cart Cannon Equipment

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guys, help me fill in the blank, 

Headgear : Ancient Gold Decoration (??)

Mid : Slotted (EoE INT 3)

Lower : ???


Weapon : RTE/Crimson Mace/Robot's Arm which? (WK)

Shield : Bunny (KK)

Armor : ??(??)

Shoes : Temporal ?? (??)

Garment : Backpack/GSS?? (Menblatt)

Accessory : Chips/PoM/PER/MER which? (??)


sorry, im a bit new on genetic and all the guides looks outdated so... thanks again guys




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If you go back to the "Merchant" forum, there is a thread right below this one called "Acid Demonstration Formula". At the very end of that thread, there is discussion on Cart Cannon equipment. It was my fault because I chimed into the thread about Acid Demo to ask questions about Cart Cannon. Sorry about that, but you should find what you're looking for there.

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