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Emperor and Reaper Builds

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Hello Everyone,


As we all know, two brand new classes have arrived, but they are so new that not many of us have an idea about how to gear them, or even how to allocate the stats decently. Apparently everyone has been so busy leveling, that no one started asking questions. I'm posting here a suggestion to share your findings about the class, your very own skill/stat builds, and everything else you'd like to mention. Let's revive the Taekwon section that has been long dead!


I'd prefer if you could use a form like this one:


Stat build:








Skill Build: (pretty optional, since you'll get lazy)

*mostly 3rd job skills*


Recommended/Owned Gears:

Upper HG:

Middle HG:

Lower HG:







(or just an ss of your equips)

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#Edit: After spending some time playing my draft star-build, I decided to try switching to a moon-centered (haha) one because the gameplay seemed to be more beginner-friendly. The moon skills deal an awesome amount of damage and are much easier to use, so I came up with these stats:


STR: 120

AGI: 85

VIT: 90

INT: 80

DEX: 90

LUK: 55


Equipment-wise, I'll surely aim for a Rideword Hat and for an Abusive Robe. As for skills, I just went the whole way down the moon line (while keeping both Taekwon Girl/Star Gladiator skills the same as before). Here's how my new build looks so far:




I'll keep the old post typed here because it might (at least, so I hope) be useful to someone else (or not) :


Well, my main's a cute and fluffy doram (called Bulhuga, hence my forum's nickname) and I was completely ignorant as to Taekwon Master builds up until my friend told me the new classes were coming. He decided he'd make a Soul Reaper, so I took this as a chance to try playing as a brand-new Star Emperor. After a lot of resets and struggles (and some advice from my friend), I came up with this build (I'm still managing/thinking about it, so if you have any tips, please let me know). I plan to reach level 175 with a primarily ASPD-focused build with these stats:


STR: 120

AGI: 100

VIT: 94

INT: 60

DEX: 90

LUK: 50







*As a side-note, I opted not to take Demon of the Sun, Moon and Stars in my skill build because the sight penalty is VERY annoying and I don't think it's all worth it even with SE's penalty reduction skill. My current equipments and skills can be seen in the attached image files. I plan to wear the Airship set as soon as I get to level 125 and I am still clueless as to what hats/accessories I'm going to aim for (I'll probably just convince myself to farm a Rideword Hat). I'm planning to max all of the star line skills and get Universe Stance as soon as possible.


Thank you very much for reading, I hope we'll meet in-game! :D







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Some images loaded twice; added another "build"
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120 dex if you are using Moon tree, it is a must.  New Moon Kick  has fixed casting time, and reduction from sacra is not enough, so you need to wear Temp Dex.


120 Str if you go for Sun, 
120 Dex if you focused on Moon

120 Agi ideally for Star.


dont try to get 2x 120 stats as Taekwon branch, it is waste of point.

keep it balanced, you dont have extra point like 3rd classes.


I do have 2 lv 175 Star Emperors, one is focused on Moon and Sun, using Moon status.
the other one is Star and Sun, using Star status.

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Thank you a lot for the feedback, Anna!! I decided to change my build to something like this:


STR: 90

AGI: 80

VIT: 93

INT: 90

DEX: 120

LUK: 42


Do you think this looks better? Oh, and I guess I'll go for the sun-line as for my secondary skills (since we always end up with a lot of unused skill points regardless of the build). Thanks again. :D

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switch your INT to Luk, it is better if  your Luk is 100. 
Luk gives little atk + on SE there is a case where Luk is needed.


SG Blessing is not needed, get  Wrath instead, all of them and get SG Protection. 
Solar is the best, especially when you mvping, that + assumptio grant you good reduction of damage.

Lunar is moderate good, 
Star is awesome if you know how to use it aside from its per 5 days only- limitation. 

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probably this is what you want ?
no lex and using striking only-  total members 3 including me ( doram, sorc and SE )

weapon +15 VM









I wish we had a better weapon, C Bible and VM are so suck,  ( please add Thousand Sun )




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Large, Undead, Shadow, 3-4 , Boss


by total thats 1.6-1.8m per cast, cause New Moon Kick does like 510-600kish

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Sun Build is the strongest, cause on Sun Build, you can have 120 str and wearing temp str.
this one has 120 dex, i used temp dex, i didnt get flat atk bonus from temp str.


Sun Build in kRO is also the strongest stance out of 3.


Star Emperor is weak class, do remember this one.

Star Gladiator is the one that makes it strong, different from other job , Rebellion is the one who makes Gunslinger stronger.

here it is not, Star Emperor is strong cause Star Gladiator's passive buffs. 


When you fight Small and Medium,  it takes LUK and DEX to make great damage, thats why between Str, Luk, and Dex, it must be balanced, 

Better if you can make them 100 each but because of this , you wont have enough point for AGI to get 193 aspd, this what makes Star Stance weaker than the rest 2.

You focus on AGI, you are losing those 3. 

( But Star Stance potentially stronger with Stellar Protection, a lot of ASPD +% bonuses , together with SLS Shadow,
then you can ditch the AGI to focus on those 3 stats  )

Due to this nature,  you can use 3 temporal boots effects, Hawkeye, Lucky Day and Bear's Power ( 200 Dex, 200 Luk or 200 Str )
All of them will add significant damage when it procs.


however when you fight Large, STR is the most important stat, cause Wrath from Stellar relies on Str more. 

there is a big difference from 90 Str to 120 Str, when fighting Large, adding 200 Str makes very big difference, the bonus from your atk, and bonus from Wrath calculation.
so Bear's Power is the most suitable effect for SE. 

my example of damage is not the maximum you all can get, you still have Kihop, with 11 party members your damage will get increased even more.
+ Bear's Power

here is Sun Stance in kRO. ( see how fast she obliterates the mvp )


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