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Need help figuring out what weapon cards to buy for my genetic

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So I'm a returning player after having not played for a few years, and it appears that I have gaps in my knowledge of all of the updates that have been released since. I need some help equipping my genetic now. There are a bunch of guides n stuff out there, but they all seem to be outdated or based on the player being a billionaire with infinite wealth to dump. And all of the damage calculators are outdated as well. What i need is realistic answers for a few questions:


1) for mvping, should i put 3x Abysmal Knight Cards into my naught seiger? Or is 3x archer skeleton still better. or a combo of cards?

2)for general killing, should i do 3 archer skeleton cards, or 2 archer skeletons and 1 white knight card(and pair it with the shield card)

3)or is there some new option i dont even know about?


4)for garment is Wak Wak better or Menblatt?


and finally:

5)Robot's Mechanical Arm or Naught Seiger red?

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