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✿Strawberry Art ✿ [Open]

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Hi!! My name is Kim (◠﹏◠✿), and my friends have been pushing me to open an art shop so here I am!!

I draw in a variety of styles, but because I draw so slow it will only be three slots at a time /e28

If you would like to see current works you can go to my Instagram




Slots Open:


3.  OPEN


I will draw as fast as I can so just message me on discord if you are interested and I will let you know when the place is open!!


- Examples



Chibi - 



Avatar -






Full Body -








- Prices



  • Avatar - 40mil
    • Extra character - 10mil
    • Extras(Pets, weapons,etc) - 5mil



  • Chibi - 50mil
    • Extra Characters - 10mil
    • Extra Details - 5mil


  • Full Body - 90 mil
    • Extra Characters - 20mil
    • Extra Details - 10 mil



Wishlist- :th_wink:

  • Musical Bell
  • Bell Ribbon
  • Angel Feather
  • Kishu Inu
  • +10 Elaborate Yellow Foxtail
  • Bat Scarf
  • Bunny Headdress
  • Fluffy Cat Ears


Things I need from you!!
- Screen shot of your character from a few different angles

- Your head gears you would prefer

- Any special things you would like me to add!



Contact Information:

Discord - Kimblast#8205  

That is the best place to message me 


Please pay half before i start and then the other half when I'm done.

If you would like to tip you are more then welcome to as well /lv

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I really like your personnal style on those drawings, on all of those there is something special that i can sense, you're really drawing them with passion, i can feel the work behind all of your drawing. Its awesome! 


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Hey! I added you on Discord, I'd like to ask you about doing a comission


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