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lofi life

discuss the future potential of star emperor

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Right now , I feel the bottle neck is reached for star emperor, in terms of  class role in RO and gear progression . yeh, to be able to do 2 million damage out of a single solar burst in bio5 was so satisfying . But after days&weeks in bio5, even this kind of dmg starts to feel normal. Maybe everything came too fast and too easily and I got spoiled. I love this class, I love the way how it looks, love the how the skill feels. and I really want to see more potential out of this class rather than just being a really really farmer.



class role:

since the class is out, everyone know that SEs arereally good in PVM. All 3 builds were and still good in their own ways. Then , SE were allowed in PVP,  they are really good  a short period time before the nerf( cant use nova explosion on Gravity Controled target). Now , people just say if you want play SE style in pvp, play sura instead. 

On kro WOE, I think there is a place for SEs thanks to high jump enabled and instant  cast of nova explosion. But on NOVARO, high jump disabled and lack of cast time reduction gear, I dont think these is any place for SEs when this class ever gonna be allowed into WOE. 

So , how do you guys think what other roles that SE can take in the future. Will they shine  pvp & woe when new shadow gears come out ? can they take the role as disabler ? or , maybe you think the depth of this class will just remains in PVM. 


gear progression:

other than the standard set up (everything you can buy from market ezly, cost up to 400mil each gear - the book) , I cant find much more stuff that is worth invested in. There isn't a bio5 hat to make, no +18 JDR equivalent to save up for , no bio5 carded cross impact / crimson rock meme build to dream of. all I can think of is some refine improvements based on current set up.

600mil for +9 BKS? I'm just so happy i didnt invest in it pre-nerf 

3bil +11 eddga  for extra 130ish more damage than +7 and  24hr stay in tiger form ? I surely will do it if i have 10 bil 

some niche card? maybe

900mil 6 atk% PER with aspd not important?   NO x 100

pvp gear? just play sura as they say.

share  your thought on SE's gear progression.


I am really in love with class xD


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PvP / BG / WoE  will be interesting. Nova Explosion fixed cast time is really killer. At least when you were able to use it with Gravity, players were immobile during that horrid cast time. Union'd Lunar skills can still be effective alongside Universe skills, especially with a +15 Vellum /Glorious (esp if union is removed/not available), but Stellar skills will be really tough to pull off. Book of Dimensions alongside Advent of the SE allows for a short invulnerable time frame to damage players, but it's not enough if you can't one-shot or two-shot kill your opponent. I'm not sure what gears allow for instacast Nova Explosion in kRO, but NovaRO really needs to stop holding our hands and introduce these kinds of gears. Be smart about it, but just do it. SE, in particular, will be ineffective in most non-pvm scenarios otherwise.


I, of course, will still BG (and maybe WoE) regardless and find a way to make it work even if not as powerful as other classes... and ofc I will do it as a baby class ;P


As for gear progression, I'd imagine newer instance content will make its way that could be useful such as Thousand Sun[1], which adds to your SP pool via refine, making it possibly decent for both Nova Explosion and Solar Burst at the same time. I would probably couple it with Union or Def Bypass gears if I personally used that book in a pvp setting





Taekwon Shadow gears are immensely useful as well to survive many 3rd class skills that can now one-shot via bio5 hats as well as add more damage to Lunar skills which I think are the most viable non-pvm skills to use alongside Universe skills. I could be completely wrong about Lunar WoE/BG based gameplay tho for all I know since SE is still not able to BG. Come on GMs, I'm pretty sure SE isn't going to cause BG to implode, let them in already.






Illusion Armor Modules can also help SE, though that is also debatable as DEX Temps do the same thing, albeit without a 120 DEX requirement.




These are some gears right now that can really add to bg/pvp damage via lunar or Uni skills:


Piamette's Brown Ears

DEX Temp + GSS combo (for MHP and fixed cast)

Abandoned Teddy Bear card

Enhanced Variant Shoes (if you can somehow get rid of that fct)

Excellion Armor


Cursed Knight Shield.

Valk Mant/Abusive combo (mostly for def bypass for solar/lunar skills)

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