Faceworm Skins

Giant Faceworm Snake Skins / Giant Snake Skins can be acquired from the memorial dungeon Faceworm's Nest. These drop from a chest after the death of every Dark Faceworm and the Faceworm Queen, the amount you get is random and so are its slot/refines/stats. However, the faster you are at clearing the dungeon, the better the skin. (There's still a random factor to it, being faster does not guarantee a better skin)

The regular Faceworm Skin can be found here. You cannot alter the existing enchants nor can you add a slot to an unslotted Faceworm Skin. The skins are tradeable/sellable

A walkthrough to the instance can be read here.


There's three variables that're pseudo-random when the skin drops.

  • Slot, it can either be slotted or unslotted.
  • Refine, the skin's refines when dropped range from unrefined to possibly even +11.
  • Enchants, the skin will have up to 3 enchants, but their strength and stat may change as described below.

Possible enchants

The skin can have up to 3 enchants of STR/AGI/VIT/INT/DEX/LUK +1 up to +5. The stronger skins will instead have a Special Stat enchant on the 2nd slot and 2 regular stat enchants on the 3rd and 4th slots.

Skins dropped by the Faceworm Queen can have the stat enchants go up to Stat +7.

Special Stat Enchant

"Special" Stat enchants have the following effect:

  • +1 to (stat)
  • +3 to (stat) if refined to +8 (for total of +4)
  • Bonus if refined to +9
Str Agi Dex Int Vit Luk
+1% atk +1% atk +1% matk +1%matk +1% maxSP +1% max HP
  • +1 aspd, -7% fixed cast if refined to +12