King of Emperium

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King of Emperium Map

King of Emperium (KoE) is a siege game mode in which guilds fight to break the Emperium and conquer the map. The main objective is to deny other guilds through strategic variations in defensive and offensive battle tactics in order to hold the Emperium and win.




The game mode takes place in a new arena, designed to have up to 8 guilds simultaneously attacking the defending guild. It is held every Sunday at 6:00 AM (Server Time; PST) and has a 1-hour duration divided into two rounds, lasting 20 minutes each, and a registration period of 10 minutes. During the downtime, everyone present has access to common useful NPCs, such as Telma, Kafras and the Build Manager.

Guild Leaders must register their party before the round starts and, as soon as the registration period closes, they must warp their parties into one of the 8 available gates, where the battle will commence.

Players are able to use BG Consumables inside the arena.


  • KoE has a strict minimum participation requirement of 10~12 people.
  • All members must be in the same Guild and Party.
  • Only the Guild Leader has the ability to register for KoE.


  • Refine rates above +15 will be treated as +15 inside the arena.
  • All MVP cards, regardless of Tier, have their effects disabled inside the arena.


Rewards are received individually per member, per round, with the following criteria:

Participation Rewards

Longest Emperium Hold

Last Emperium Holder