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If you are experiencing constant lag to the server despite having a stable Internet connection, you can follow these steps to help us examine your connection to the server and attempt to fix the issue.

Note that all connection issues are unique, and that troubleshooting requires some time. By following these steps, you can be assured that your case will be taken care of as best as possible.

Follow the steps in this guide ONLY if you are currently lagging.

If your connection to the server is smooth and stable at the time of troubleshooting, the information will not be of help.

Preview of a successful MTR

Step 1:

Download the following software:

Unzip it, and open WinMTR.exe

Step 2:

In the text-box labeled Host, insert the following numbers:

Step 3:

Press Start, and wait until the number of Sent packets reaches at least 100 (see image at top right of this page).

Step 4:

Press Stop, then press the Copy Text to Clipboard button.

Step 5:

In a notepad file, paste the results of the MTR test along with your IP.

Getting your IP:

What your Notepad paste should look like.

Step 6:

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