17 Carat Diamond

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Rare Diamond Merchant

The 17 Carat Diamond is an in-game convenience feature used for high-volume Zeny transfer.

The item is traded by an NPC called the Rare Diamond Merchant, located in several towns.


A player can purchase a 17 Carat Diamond for 501,000,000 Zeny (501m). The item can then be traded freely between players and used as a payment.

A player who receives a 17 Carat Diamond can trade it back to the same NPC for 499,000,000 Zeny (499m).

This is the safest way to make transactions over 1b, as GMs will not get involved in player-made trades.

NPC Locations

The Rare Diamond Merchant NPC can be found in these following locations:

  • Prontera (165,89)
  • Geffen (106,63)
  • Morocc (146,100)
  • Alberta (129,60)
  • Lighthalzen (163,65)
  • Rachel (106,142)
  • Payon (180,130)

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