Ahrya Picky Peck Doram Guide

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Picky Peck Doram
Job Base: Summoner
Written By: Ahrya
Job Bonuses
0 7 5 7 10 5


Unlike the main classes who have so many pre-requisite skills that has mostly became obsolete or other side skills that are simply not good at all, Dorams simply have one tab of skills that are neatly divided into 3 rowed sections, from which the cat can just pick one or two main routes to put their skill points into You may already know how devastating is the offensive power of physical summoner, but if you don't, you can try it on your own. Picky Peck can be easily used as the primary damaging skill against MvP using Earthworm Charms achieving even more than 200k per hit if wearing the right equipment and also doubles its damage when the target is below 50% of its HP. The damaging skills of physical Doram count as ranged damage, so ranged damage bonuses are priority.


  • STR: Your most important stat. Increases carry weight, ATK and weapon damage.
  • AGI: Increases flee and attack speed.
  • VIT: Increases soft DEF and total health. Increases resistance to some status effects and reduces their duration.
  • INT: Increases soft MDEF, MATK, total SP, and reduces variable cast time.
  • DEX: Your second most important stat. Increases HIT and ATK by 1 for every 5 points. Reduces cast time and increases ASPD. Also can boost your Picky Peck damage.
  • LUK: Increases critical rate, and ATK by 1 for every 5 points. Add some perfect dodge.


Main Skills

5018.png All Basic Skills ( You have no choice here )

Skill Notes
PickyPeck.png Picky Peck Inflicts 300%~700% ranged physical damage to a single target. When base level is above 30, it has a chance to be dual-cast. Consumes 10~18 SP
LunaticCarrot.png Lunatic Carrot Beat Inflicts 300%~700% ranged physical damage to a target and all enemies within a 3x3~7x7 area around it.If a Carrot is consumed, has a chance to inflict Stun. Consumes 15~35 SP
ArclouseDash.png Arclouse Dash Increases the caster's AGI by 20~40 for 60~100 seconds; while also increasing movement speed for the duration. It also increases the damage of life based skills while active. Consumes 12~20 SP
Spirit of Life.png Spirit of Life Increase the damage of Picky Peck, Scar of Tarou, Lunatic Carrot Beat amd Spirit of Savage based on the Summoner's remaining HP:

Secondary Skills

EmoteNice.png After the 185 update, 5 job levels for the summoner class were also added, giving more freedom to choose the initial skills from the support or magic tree. The usability of each one will be detailed later in the build construction.

Skill Notes
BunchofShrimp.png Bunch of Shrimp Gives ATK and MATK +10% to all party members on the screen for 60~180 seconds. Consumes 44~60 SP and a Shrimp.
Silvervine Root Twist.png Silvervine Root Twist Snares one target and prevent them from moving for 7~15 seconds, while dealing a 100 Poison-element damage per second. Consumes 10~18 SP



Item Type Lowest Price Way to obtain Notes
Rideword Hat [1] Upper Market: ... Quest HP/SP leech, useful for farming
Airship Captain's Hat [1] Upper Market: ... Cash Shop Good all-around upper headgear. Can be shared with other classes
Evil Marching Hat [1] Upper Market: ... Cash Shop An awesome end-game headgear. A +9 is recommended to overcome the Airship Captain's Hat
Fancy Feather Hat [1] Upper Market: ... Cash Shop Probably your best end-game headgear. A +7 is recommended to overcome the Evil Marching Hat, become a monster at +11.
Heart Wing Headband [1] Upper Market: ... Cash Shop Less damage, more "spammability". Choose this one or Fancy Feather Hat [1] to be your endgame upper headgear.


Item Type Lowest Price Way to obtain Notes
Angel Spirit [0] Middle Market: ... Cash Shop ATK and MATK +2%, STR +2. That simple, that good.
Black Frame Glasses [1] Middle Market: ... Cash Shop A good slotted middle headgear. INT +1, MDEF +2.
Cyclops Glasses [1] Middle Market: ... Quest A good endgame middle headgear. All Stats +1 with a slot.
New Wave Sunglasses [0] Middle Market: ... Quest Reduces the global delay of skills by 10%. Choose this or Cyclops Glasses [1] to be your endgame middle headgear .


Item Type Lowest Price Way to obtain Notes
Gangster Scarf [0] Lower Market: ... Quest Cheap and easy to acquire. ATK +5
Pirate Dagger [0] Lower Market: ... Cash Shop Same as Gangster Scarf. ATK +5
Samurai Mask [0] Lower Market: ... Quest Your endgame lower headgear if you have more than 500 ATK. Increase physical attack damage +1%.


Item Type Lowest Price Way to obtain Notes
Doram Elegant Suit [1] Armor Market: ... Fruit Pom Spider drops Cheap choice of Dorams. Max HP + 15%, Max SP + 15%. Every refine: DEX +1, INT +1. And a lot more when equiped with Elegant Doram Manteau and Elegant Doram Shoes .
Ancient Armor of Rift [1] Armor Market: ... Infinite Space Instance Good all-around Armor for Summoner due to the MaxHP bonus. Can be enhanced twice. Recommend: STR +4 , STR +4 ,.
Lava Leather Armor [1] Armor Market: ... MagdunF3 drops Balanced endgame Armor. At +9 provides ATK +100 and DEF +150.
Lava Leather Suit [1] Armor Market: ... MagdunF3 drops One of the best endgame armours for your Picky Peck Doram. At +7 provides ATK +150.
Excellion Suit [0] Armor Market: ... Verus Equipment Exchange Recommend: STR Supplement Reactor , ATK Supplement Reactor , ATK Supplement Reactor


Item Type Lowest Price Way to obtain Notes
Elaborate Foxtail Replica [2] Weapon Market: ... Assault Basilisk and Antler Scaraba at 0.3% drop rate Really good weapon. Also 2 slots.
Elaborate Yellow Foxtail Replica [1] Weapon Market: ... Charge Basilisk at 0,1% drop rate Only 1 slot but can be enhanced twice. Recommend: Expert Archer 6 , Expert Archer 6


Item Type Lowest Price Way to obtain Notes
Valkyrja's Shield [1] Shield Market: ... Valkyrie drops Good defensive shield. Adds 20% resistance to Water, Fire, Undead and Shadow properties. Also MDEF +5.
Cursed Knight's Shield [1] Shield Market: ... Cash Shop Good overall shield. Increases attack speed by 10%, Atk + 3%, Matk + 3%, reduces damage taken by 7%.(And some upgrades until refine +12)
Mad Bunny [1] Shield Market: ... Cash Shop Best offensive choice. ATK +5%, MATK +5%, reflects 10% of the received short-ranged damage and some upgrades until refine +9 (At least +7 recommended).


Item Type Lowest Price Way to obtain Notes
Doram Elegant Manteau [1] Garment Market: ... Pom Spider drops Very cheap option. FLEE + 10. Increases resistance to neutral property damage by 5%. Every 2 refines: Perfect Dodge + 1, INT + 1, DEX + 1, LUK + 1. .
Giant Snake Skin [1] Garment Market: ... Faceworm's Nest Instance Goes well even without Temporal boots.

Recommend: +12 Special Str , STR+7 , STR+7

Heroic Backpack [1] Garment Market: ... Monster Hunter, Gold Coins, Etc... Need to be refined to +7 or +9.
Excellion Wing [0] Garment Market: ... Verus Equipment Exchange Recommend: ATK Supplement Reactor , ATK Supplement Reactor , ATK Supplement Reactor


Item Type Lowest Price Way to obtain Notes
Doram Elegant Shoes [1] Shoes Market: ... Charge Basilisk drops Decent shoes. Max HP + 10%, Max SP + 5%, Max Hp increase every refine.
Lava Leather Boots [1] Shoes Market: ... MagdunF3 drops Decent shoes at +9,giving ATK +2% and ATK +40.
Hero Silverleather Boots [1] Shoes Market: ... Prize of Hero Probably your best option. Ranged damage +5% and a bonus +1% for every refine pass +7 until +13 (11%).


Item Type Lowest Price Way to obtain Notes
Chubby Earthworm Talisman [1] Accessory Market: ... Malangdo Exchange Reduces variable cast time of Picky Peck by 50% and increases the damage according to DEX and skill level. (No better options here).


Item Type Way to obtain Notes
Essence of Evil STR 3 Other Temple of Demon God Instance Recommend for upper and middle headgears to maximize damage.
Hunter Fly Card Weapon Hunter Fly in Geffen Dungeon 1st Floor. Use 2x when farming to regain HP and SP.
White Knight Card Weapon Old Glast Heim Instance Best all-around Weapon Card. ATK + 15 and increase damage inflicted on medium and large size monsters by 20%.
Pecopeco Card Armor Pecopeco Max HP +10 %, that simple.
Porcellio Card Armor Porcellio Best all-around Armor Card. ATK +25, DEF -5.
Menblatt Card Garment Menblatt in Eclage Field 01. Increases ranged damage by 1% for every 10 base DEX. (12% when Dex= 120).
Green Ferus Card Shoes Green Ferus in Abyss Lake 1st Floor. Easy to obtain Card if you need more HP.
Firelock Soldier Card Shoes Firelock Soldier in Amatsu Dungeon 1st Floor. Great Card if you have access to +9 Shoes.
Outrageous Cookie Card Shoes Tyrannical Cookie in Horror Toy Factory Instance. Quite expensive Card but great for maximizing damage output.
Gold Scaraba Card Accessory All types of Gold Scaraba in Nightmare Scaraba Hole Hard to obtain Card but great for damage output.


The stat distributions below serve only as examples. Different players have different equipment and should tweak their stats based on their current equipment.

Early Game / Farming Build


  • STR 120
  • AGI 90
  • VIT 90
  • INT 50
  • DEX 120
  • LUK left points



Lure monsters carefully and kill weaker ones with LunaticCarrot.png Lunatic Carrot Beat them PickyPeck.png Picky Peck to kill the remaining ones.

Damage output Picky Peck build

Traduzir: Build focada 100% em dano, recomendada para jogadores que possuam sempre um grupo de amigos definidos, como não conta com redução de aftercast nos equipamentos, nem bonus elevado de ASPD, é recomendado o apoio de um poema de BRAGI (Colocar link para a skill).



  • STR 120
  • AGI 90
  • VIT 90
  • INT left points
  • DEX 120
  • LUK 50



Stay behind party's tank, so you can deal enormous damage amount. Since you don't have enought Flee rate, be carefully and bring some potions while grinding.

Solo Minigun Picky Peck build

Traduzir: Build focada na redução de after cast do seu Picky Peck. Apesar de ter o dano base um pouco menor que a build de cima, atinge um DPS muito próximo devido à capacidade de spammar skill sem a necessidade de um grupo para apoiar.



  • STR 120
  • AGI 120
  • VIT 50
  • INT 50
  • DEX 120
  • LUK Left points



Stay behind party's tank, so you can deal enormous damage amount. Since you don't have enought Flee rate, be carefully and bring some potions while grinding.


Lv1 - Lv10

  • Since we don't have tutorial quest for Doram, kill some leaf lunatics at spawn point until level 10

Lv10 - Lv50

  • Payon Dungeon 1st and 2nd Floor. Remember to kill some Zombies first before Skeleton and Poporing; they are slow and have less HP.

Lv50 - Lv70

  • Orc Dungeon 1st Floor. At this point you can lure some monsters and twoshot'em with Lunatic Carrot Beat.

Lv70 - Lv85

Lv85 - Lv115

  • Lv115+
    • Alternate between Gramps or Magma Dungeon 02 with Lunatic Carrot Beat and a lot of fly wings.
  • Lv130+
  • Lv145+
    • Sticking to Gramps and turn in quests (Unripe Acorn and Menblatt Wings farming in Eclage fild01)
  • Lv175+
    • Abyss Glast Heim, Magma Dungeon F3 and Gramps