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Used Skills

Main Skills Skill Rank Use
2477.png Cart Cannon
Pticon 3genetic.png Geneticist
This will be your main Skill to kill every monsters.

This Damage Formula is:

"Damage (ATK) = [ 2475.png Cart Remodeling Level * 50 ) * ( INT / 40 )} + ( 2477.png Cart Cannon Level * 60 )]".

In other words, this formula means that the higher your INT Stat, ATK and 2475.png Cart Remodeling's Level, the more your 2477.png Cart Cannon will do.

Just a reminder, the Element of your 2477.png Cart Cannon only depends on the equipped Cannon Ball. S2Die.png Dieter's 8042.png Pyroclastic won't endow your 2477.png Cart Cannon with Fire Property anymore.

The Different Property Cannon Balls are:

When you're farming you want to be cost efficient as possible, I would highly recommend only buying Cannon Ball (Neutral Property) as they are the cheapest Cannon Ball. Because as long as you have enough damage to one shot the Monster that you're farming, you're good.

You can buy Cannon Balls from Mado Dealer in Prontera Town, /navi prontera 170/226

2478.png Cart Boost
Pticon 3genetic.png Geneticist
You must always have this Buff no matter what, it increases both your Movement Speed and the Damage of your 2477.png Cart Cannon.
155.png Loud Exclamation
Pticon 1merchant.png Merchant
Like, 2478.png Cart Boost, you must always have this buff, it's basically a free +4 STR.
Extra Skills Skill Rank Use
243.png Call Homunculus

244.png Rest

247.png Resurrect Homunculus

Pticon 2alchemist.png Alchemist
Pticon tbiochemist.png Biochemist
Always have your Homunculus assist you in battle.

Their Buffs are meant to be used by you to increase your efficiency in battle.

231.png Potion Pitcher Lv 4

231.png Potion Pitcher Lv 5

Pticon 2alchemist.png Alchemist
Pticon tbiochemist.png Biochemist
This allows you to Restore HP or SP to Yourself or Allies if you don't have a Healer in your Party or if you're Soloing/Farming.
2483.png Crazy Weed
Pticon 3genetic.png Geneticist
These Skills can be an alternative to 2477.png Cart Cannon when farming as it makes you not spend any Zeny to buy Ammunition, but to make this worth, you will need a +7 Harvester Hat [1] .

But in one hand, it's still better to sell the extra loots that you get from +7 Harvester Hat [1] as it's much more cost efficient to sell the loots and buy Ammunition for farming.

In the other hand, if you think that you won't need any extra Zeny and you plan on staying on the Field/Dungeon to farm, then you would probably would use these Skills rather than buying Ammunition for 2477.png Cart Cannon, because as you kill Monsters, Thorn Plant Seed and Bomb Mushroom Spore will just keep dropping out and you will be able to farm indefinitely as long as your Weight Capacity allows you to.

Note that the Seeds weight is 0,1 and Cannon Balls is 1.

2481.png Spore Explosion
Pticon 3genetic.png Geneticist

Click on [Expand] to reveal the Homunculus Skills and Consumables.

Homunculus Skills Homunculus Use
8026.png Silent Breeze
S3Eir.png Eira
This Skill can be used to restore your HP and also cure some Status Effects.

I find this particularly useful to remove the Status Effect Hallucination when you're farming in Gefenia for example.

8042.png Pyroclastic
S2Die.png Dieter
Use this Skill to boost your Damage.

S2Die.png Dieter's 8042.png Pyroclastic won't endow your 2477.png Cart Cannon with Fire Property anymore. You can also use it to boost the Damage of 490.png Acid Demonstration because it's Forced Neutral anyway.

8021.png Pain Killer
S5Ser.png Sera
I generally use this skill when farming as it allows me to receive very very little Damage.

This makes your farming experience much more comfortable and also allows you to not carry any extra Consumables which just add Weight.

8033.png Stein Wand
S1Bay.png Bayeri
This Skill can be used to protect Yourself and your S1Bay.png Bayeri by casting 12.png Safety Wall.

This can be used when you have gathered too much Monsters than you can handle much like 2482.png Thorn Wall's use. You can also combine both Skill to further improve your survivability.

Consumables Way to Obtain Use
Fly Wing
ToolDealerIcon.png Tool Dealer
This item is a staple consumable when you're farming or just navigating.

It allows you to 26.png Teleport randomly in the Map that you're in.

White Potion
ToolDealerIcon.png Tool Dealer
Always have this item in your Inventory to be able to use 231.png Potion Pitcher Lv 4.
Shiny Marinade Beef

Chile Shrimp Gratin

Awfully Bitter Bracer

Red Mushroom Wine

Peach Cake

Lucky Soup

Dropped by Payon Soldier in Sara's Memory Instance.
Always farm these Foods in Sara's Memory Instance, it's easy enough to complete and you can have these Foods that gives +6 Stats.
Dropped by Monsters
This Item allows you to have the 8.png Endure effect which enables you to still walk while taking Damage as long as you the Buff is active.

This is useful when you're trying to gather monsters, it makes you not "Flinch" when taking damage, thus making the monster gathering smoother.