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Ambient Monsters can be found in any High Rank hunt, including expeditions. There's also a low chance that a Primal Monster spawn in their designated areas.

Normal Monsters

There are 3 types of Ambient Monsters in every Biome of the Savage Coast: Small Ambient Monsters, Large Ambient Monsters and Aggressive Ambient Monsters.

Large and Aggressive Ambient Monsters can drop more than a single Small Monster Bone at a time, and can also drop Bone Fragments.

Small Ambient Monsters

Small Ambient Monsters include: Island Otters, Deathcaps, and Molten Phyllas.

Item % Chance (per carve)
Small Monster Bone 100%

Large Ambient Monsters

Large Ambient Monsters include: Reef Guards, Brown Bears, and Golden Gryphons.

Item % Chance (per carve)
1 Small Monster Bone 65%
2 Small Monster Bone 25%
3 Small Monster Bone 9%
Bone Fragment 1%

Aggressive Ambient Monsters

Aggressive Ambient Monsters include: The Bandits, Ogres, and Volcanic Golems.
These monsters will attack players without being provoked.

Item % Chance (per carve)
1 Small Monster Bone 65%
2 Small Monster Bone 25%
3 Small Monster Bone 9%
Bone Fragment 1%

Primal Monsters

Primal Monsters are mini-bosses that spawn at the start of any Savage Coast instance, or periodically throughout the instance. They are much harder to kill than regular Ambient Monsters, and will reward players with Primal loot.

Primal Monsters include the Primal Turtle, Primal Ogre, and Primal Sandomander.

Item % Chance (per carve)
Primal Monster Bone 95%
Primal Skull 5%

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