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Pticon 3archbishop.png Arch Bishop

The Arch Bishop (AB) is a 3rd job class and the final upgrade to Priests. They are commonly build to fulfill healer and buffer roles in parties but they are also capable of branching out to tanking, applying debuffs, and dealing Holy element magic damage on enemies. Their potential for filling multiple roles is reflected on the range of weapon types they can equip, each with their own benefits and drawbacks for different builds. Please refer to the Equipment section for more details. To summarize;

  • Staff: Suitable for Full Support and Exorcist builds. Most players prefer one-handed over two-handed Staffs. Usually can be shared with Warlock, Sorcerer, and Soul Linker classes.
  • Book: Exorcist and Autocast/Duple Light build. Usually can be shared with Sorcerer and Star Gladiator classes.
  • Mace: Most commonly used weapon for Autocast/Duple Light and Critical build. Usually can be shared with Sura, RK, RG, Mechanic, and Genetic. Adoramus build exclusively uses Mace of Judgement or the Empowered version.
  • Knuckle: Unpopular and rarely used due to poor size modifiers and high ASPD penalty on ABs.


Full Support

Healer and Full Support builds are the most popular Arch Bishop build in party play and organized PvP. They utilize their healing and support abilities to assist their teammates in battle by providing various buffs and removing harmful status alignments. While support Arch Bishops are unable to deal efficient damage due to a lack of skill points to place into the Full Support skills and Adoramus.

Once Full Supports have their healing situation figured out they can optimize for significant healing 20k - 40k healing values or opt for off-tank support which is capable of giving the tank a bit of breathing room to set up again if things go sour or an unexpected monster attacks your casters and damage line. Both are capable of eliminating as much fixed/variable cast time they can fit into their builds. Through here and here. Both builds should, however, using skills such as Safety Wall and Kyrie Eleison to bolster their future and therefore the future of others. More information on SP management for higher healing and skills which protect found below.


Exorcist Arch Bishops are the strongest Holy magic casters in the world of Ragnarok Online. They utilize skills such as 79.png Magnus Exorcismus,2038.png Judex and 2040.png Adoramus to deal powerful Holy magic damage, which is highly effective against Undead and Shadow element monsters, and Demon race monsters. Exorcist Bishops are also capable of supporting their teammates, however, due to their focus on dealing damage, they become rather fragile in battle compared to their Healer counterparts. Thanks to Patch 217 Adoramus is now an AoE skill and is very easy to farm basic monsters and do simply dailies such as Ghost Palace, Geffen Magic Tournament to an extent and Sara's Memories with a simple Judgement Set especially when paired with Vituperatum, updated Expiatio and an excellent old-fashioned Oratio.

Battle Bishops

Battle Arch Bishops utilize their Maces and Books to deal melee physical and mixed damage to their enemies. Their skill 65.png Mace Mastery and 2054.png Duple Light, along with a wide variety of auto-cast equipment, allows them to deal both physical and magic damage to defeat their enemies. Battle Bishops, due to their focus on high ASPD and damage, tend to be rather squishy without Speed of Light, Hero Judgement Shawl, Safety Wall and various other methods of sustain. This path does not excel in being the only Arch Bishop in the party; therefore this build is a "fun" build, suitable for more experienced players.


Stat Bonus (Job Lv 60 Arch Bishop)
+6 +5 +7 +10 +7 +2

STR (Strength): Increases Weight Limit and slightly reduces the duration of Sorcerers’ Vacuum Extreme debuff. Healer/Full Support and Exorcist/Adoramus builds should consider using Gym Pass to increase Weight Limit. Important for Battle Bishop build as it increases Status ATK and Weapon ATK when equipping melee weapons (e.g. Mace, Book, Knuckle).

AGI (Agility): A defensive stat for Healer/Support build, AGI increases resistance against Sleep, Bleeding, and reduces the duration of Shadow Chasers’ Masquerade debuff. Essential for Battle Bishop build as AGI increases ASPD and Flee.

INT (Intelligence): The most important stat for Healer/Support and Exorcist/Adoramus builds, INT directly affects healing skills, MATK, Variable Cast Time (VCT), and the success rates of Turn Undead skill. It also increases resistance against some debuffs, and reduces the duration of some debuffs (e.g. Sleep, Silence, Oblivion Curse).

VIT (Vitality): Increases MaxHP, Soft DEF, and Soft MDEF. Also increases resistance against some debuffs (e.g. Stun, Poison, Burning).

DEX (Dexterity): Reduces VCT and allows you to cast skils faster, making this an important skill for Exorcist/Adoramus and Healer/Support builds. For Battle Bishops this stat is necessary to increase Hit.

LUK (Luck): Increases the instant-kill chance of Turn Undead skill. Also somewhat important for Healer/Support build as LUK slightly increases resistance against some debuffs and reduces the duration of debuffs (e.g. Frozen, Sleep, Stone Curse, Genetic’s Mandragora Howling). For Battle Bishops, this stat is necessary for increasing Critical Hit Rate and Perfect Dodge.

Stat Build Examples

Healer/Support (Temporal DEX Boots)

  • STR 1
  • AGI 75
  • VIT 90 ~ 108
  • INT 120
  • DEX 120
  • LUK 4 ~ 59

Healer/Support (Temporal DEX Boots + Arc Angeling Card) Please note an Excellion Wing/Excellion Suit Gear Swap (ALT+D) with 202 Recovery far outweigh this restrictive item which costs more than creating a 202 Recovery piece. Also with the new Arch Bishop update, Ancilla will give you back more SP then you use to create one meaning you should have infinite SP even if you don't have 202 Blueprints on an Excellion or SP reduction equipment provided you have enough Blue Gemstones on you (300ish should do the trick).

  • STR 1
  • AGI 5 ~ 56
  • VIT 90 ~ 107
  • INT 120
  • DEX 120
  • LUK 77

Exorcist/Adoramus (Temporal DEX Boots + Dame of Sentinel Card)

  • STR 1
  • AGI 70
  • VIT 90 ~ 108
  • INT 120
  • DEX 120
  • LUK 20 ~ 64

Battle Bishop (Duple Light + Temporal LUK Boots + Heroic Backpack +7/+9)

  • STR 90+
  • AGI 90
  • VIT 40 ~ 50
  • INT 40 ~ 50
  • DEX 90+
  • LUK 120

Debuff Resistance (For Battlegrounds or War of Emperium)

  • STR 50
  • AGI 70
  • VIT 100
  • INT 110
  • DEX 120
  • LUK 59

Tomb of the Fallen 100% PvM Status Resistances

  • STR Leftover points
  • AGI xxx+xx = 100 (this gives you Sleep (Nightmare Terror Pet description is incorrect) and Bleeding immunity)
  • VIT xxx+xx = 100 (Stun, Blind, Poison immunity)
  • INT 120 (various however you should have this regardless for basic healing skills)
  • DEX 120 (various however you should have this regardless for decent cast times and potentially triggering Temporal Boot of Dexterity Don't forget Alphoccio Basil can Slow Cast you if you have any variable cast time
  • LUK 100 or 0 obtained from Thanatos Weapons and other pieces of equipment. On kRO you would obtain a negative value however NovaRO has been setup where changing this to reflect kRO would be an attrition of resources.
  • 100 MDEF would cover the Stone Curse and Frozen status unless you would like to resort to gears/cards mentioned above.



Skill Type Recommended Level Description
33.png Angelus Buff 2 Temporarily increase the caster's and party members' Soft Defense by +5% ~ 50% for 30 ~ 300 seconds. Pre-requisite for Priest skill Kyrie Eleison and High Priest skill Assumptio. Using this skill in rotation is recommended only if there is a Minstrel in your party as the After Cast Delay you suffer is not worth the the skill slot, the bad habit if there isn't a Misntrel and the amount of damage it reduces.
31.png Aqua Benedicta Utility 1 The caster must stand on a walkable body of water (e.g. ponds, lake shore, beach, Deluge, Watery Evasion) to use this skill. Consumes 1 Empty Bottle to create 1 Holy Water. Holy Water is used for Priest skill Aspersio and Arch Bishop skill Epiclesis. Pre-requisite for Aspersio. Purchasing Holy Waters from the Tool Dealer (@go 0 Red Potion icon) is not bad once you get to the later stages of your game thanks to a suggestion!
34.png Blessing Buff 10 Temporarily bestows +1 ~ +10 STR, DEX, and INT on a target player, lasting 60 ~ 240 seconds. Removes Curse and Stone Curse from the target player. Pre-requisite for Arch Bishop skill Clementia. Level 10 is a must for supporting as Clementia's formula calculates Blessing Stat Given + every 10 job levels you have as an Arch Bishop giving +16 at max.
35.png Cure Debuff Recovery 0 ~ 1 Removes Silence, Blind, and Chaos from a target.
30.png Decrease Agility Debuff 0 ~ 3 Temporarily decrease a target's movement speed. Does not work against Boss Protocol Monsters.
23.png Demon Bane Passive 0, 10 Increases physical attack against Demon and Undead race monsters. Pre-requisite for Signum Crucis, and High Priest passive skill Spiritual Thrift (Mana Recharge).
22.png Divine Protection Passive 5 Increase Defense against Demon and Undead race enemies. Pre-requisite for Angelus and Blessing.
28.png Heal HP Recovery 3 ~ 10 Restores HP to a target. HP restored is increased according to skill level, caster's Base Level, caster's INT, healing effectiveness modifiers from equipment, and slightly influenced by weapon MATK and status MATK. Can not be used to heal players with Undead element endow on armor (Evil Druid Card, Turn Undead debuff) and Mechanic inside Madogear. If /noshift is activated, Heal deals Holy element magic damage on Undead element monsters. Pre-requisite for Increase Agility. Pre-requisite for Arch Bishop skill Coluceo Heal. Coluceo Heal factors the level of this skill quite significantly to determine the healing amount.
156.png Holy Light Damage (Quest Skill) 1 Deals 125% MATK Holy element magic damage on a single target, and removes Kyrie Eleison from the target. Deals 500% MATK when under the effect of Soul Linker skill Priest Spirit at the cost of 500% the SP cost.
29.png Increase Agility Buff 10 Temporarily increases a target's movement speed and bestows AGI +3 ~ +12 for 60 ~ 240 seconds. Removes Decrease Agility from a target. Does not affect Mechanics in Madogear. Pre-requisite for Decrease Agility. Pre-requisite for Arch Bishop skill Canto Candidus. Level 10 is a must for supporting as Canto Candidus's formula calculates "Increase Agility" value given + every 10 Job Levels you have as an Arch Bishop giving +18 at max.
25.png Pneuma Defensive 1 Create a 3x3 AoE on the ground that temporarily nullifies ranged physical damage. Can not be cast overlapping a Safety Wall, or on top of Land Protector. Can be cast on top of Demonstration which some monsters such as Root of Corruption and Flamel use to nullify its damage for 10 seconds saving your Sorcerer the need to consume a Yellow and Blue Gemstone for Land Protector or safely resurrecting someone using Death Valley or Resurrection level 1 from a Yggdrasil Leaf. There are specific graymaps programs which allow you to have a visible 10-second countdown of Pneuma.
24.png Ruwach Utility 1 Temporarily reveals hidden enemies in a 5x5 AoE centered on the caster. Deals damage on hidden enemies and cancels their hiding status. Pre-requisite for Teleport.
32.png Signum Crucis Debuff 0 ~ 10 Has a 27% ~ 63% chance of decreasing the Hard Defense of Undead element and Demon race monsters in the caster's screen by 14% ~ 50%. Useful for increasing your damage dealer's overall damage in Old Glast Heim Hard.
26.png Teleport Mobility 2 Teleports the caster to a random location in the same map (Lv 1), or to the caster's save point (Lv 2). Level 1 and 2 can not be cast if the caster stands on top of Land Protector. Pre-requisite for Warp Portal. Binding level 1 to your F12 hotkeys is useful to bypass the menu which appears when using level 2.
27.png Warp Portal Mobility 4 Consume 1 Blue Gemstone to create a portal on the ground that transports players to another map. Lv 1 transports to the caster's save point. Levels 2-4 transport to a specific Memo point. Use the /memo command to memorize a spot and add it to Warp Portal destinations. Some maps and dungeons can not be added as Warp Portal destination. A useful /memo is lhz_dun01 (Warper > Dungeons > Bio Labs) near the entrance to lhz_dun02 for quick access to lhz_dun03 farming for Energy Fragments as a Sorcerer or getting a party into the Wolfchev's Laboratory instance a little faster. Pre-requisite for Pneuma.


Skill Type Recommended Level Description
68.png Aspersio Elemental Endow (Weapon) 4 ~ 5 Consumes 1 Holy Water to endow a target's weapon with Holy element for 60 ~ 180 seconds, or until the weapon is unequipped. Pre-requisite for Safety Wall, Magnus Exorcismus, and B.S. Sacramenti. Has a 2 second After Cast Delay. Pre-requisite for High Priest passive skill Meditatio, and Arch Bishop skill Duple Light. Ensure you have @showbuffs on and look for the † next to a character's name to see if they have Aspersio in crucial moments or ensure the buff is still on them. Don't forget to Oratio (AB Skill) to boost their damage!
69.png B.S. Sacramenti Elemental Endow (Armor) 0 Requires the caster to stand between two Acolyte class characters (including Monk and Priest-based classes) to use. This ground targeting skill applies Holy element endow on the armor of players within a 3x3 AoE that lasts for 40 ~ 200 seconds. A little too hard to setup.
75.png Gloria Buff 0 ~ 5 Increase the caster's and party members' LUK by 30 for 10 ~ 30 seconds. Has a 2 second After Cast Delay. Pre-requisite for B. S. Sacramenti and High Priest skill Basilica.
66.png Impositio Manus Buff 3 ~ 5 Increase a target's ATK by 5 ~ 25 for 60 seconds. Lower level Impositio Manus will override the duration and ATK bonus of the higher level version. Has a 3 second After Cast Delay. Pre-requisite for Aspersio. Having Party Member's Abnormal Status set to ON (circle top right of your chat box) will allow you to see Impositio Manus has warn off a player and therefore Odin's Power as well as they both have a 60 seconds duration.
9.png Increase SP Recovery Passive 4 ~ 5 Enables natural SP regeneration while standing still, and improves the effectiveness of SP healing items. Pre-requisite for Resurrection, and High Priest skills Assumptio, Basilica, and Meditatio.
73.png Kyrie Eleison Defensive 4, 6, 8, 10 Applies a barrier on a target that has 12% ~ 30% of the target's MaxHP as its durability, and blocks 5 ~ 10 hits from melee and ranged physical attacks. It lasts for 120 seconds or until it received a hit that exceeds its durability, or until it has blocked certain number of hits. Kyrie Eleison and Assumptio can not be stacked. Kyrie Eleison is immediately removed if Holy Light hits the target. Has a 2 second After Cast Delay. Pre-requisite for Gloria. Easy to constantly use with Instant Cast (INT + (DEX x 2 = 530) and Poem of Bragi from a Minstrel with 150 INT.
78.png Lex Aeterna Debuff 0, 1 The target enemy will receive double damage from the next incoming attack. Skills that inflict hits in a damage bundle (i.e. the final damage is shown in large yellow numbers) will have its entire damage doubled by Lex Aeterna. For skills that inflict multiple hits (i.e. the damage is shown in white numbers), only the first hit will deal double damage. Can not be applied on Frozen or Stone Cursed targets. Has a 3 second After Cast Delay. Pre-requisite for Magnus Exorcismus. The skill points can be saved by equipping a Parade Hat found in the Military Headgear Box inside the /cashshop (icon appears left of your mini-map. By using Level 1 - 10 Heal on any monster you bypass the need for a Minstrel to eliminate the 3 seconds after cast delay. Very useful for Old Glast Heim Hard two person parties to double their damage output but yield the same amount of rewards.
76.png Lex Divina Debuff/Recovery 0, 5 Inflicts Silence on a target, lasting 30 ~ 60 seconds. Targets with low INT are more likely to be Silenced, and take longer to recover from Silence. Can also be used to remove Silence from a target. Has a 3 second After Cast Delay. Pre-requisite for Lex Aeterna and Turn Undead, and High Priest passive skill Meditatio. Remember you can not affect Boss Protocol Monsters with status effects.
65.png Mace Mastery Passive 0, 10 Increases ATK when equipping Mace type weapons. Pre-requisite for High Priest passive skill Spiritual Thrift (Mana Recharge).
74.png Magnificat SP Regeneration 5 Doubles the caster's and party members' SP regeneration rate for 30 ~ 90 seconds. Removes Offertorium when cast. Has a 2 second After Cast Delay. Pre-requisite for Gloria.
79.png Magnus Exorcismus Damage-over-time 0, 1, 10 Consume 1 Blue Gemstone to create a cross-shaped 7x7 AoE on the ground that lasts for 5 ~ 14 seconds, inflicting 1 ~ 10 hits every 3 seconds, each hit dealing 100% MATK Holy element magic damage. Has a 4 second After Cast Delay. This skill only deals damage on Demon race and Undead element monsters. It deals no damage on any other monster type. This skill will continue to deal damage if the caster dies after successfully casting it. It will stop dealing damage if the caster is Stunned, Frozen, or Stone Cursed. Pre-requisite for Arch Bishop skill Adoramus.
1014.png Redemptio HP Recovery (Quest Skill) 1 Consume 1% Base EXP from the caster, and reduce the caster's HP and SP to 1. Resurrect all party members around the caster and restore 50% of their MaxHP. Each party member revived reduce the Base EXP cost by 0.2%. Very useful if everyone in your party is dead and you would die if you were in Resurrection range (/circle2). Redemptio allows you to resurrect players in your party with a Evil Druid Card on. Redemptio's range is a little inside of /circle3 to resurrect those who were knocked back.
54.png Resurrection HP Recovery 3 ~ 4 Consume 1 Blue Gemstone to resurrect an incapacitated player, restoring 10% ~ 80% of their MaxHP. Has 0 ~ 3 second After Cast Delay. When cast on Undead element enemies, Resurrection has a chance to instantly kill them. Can not be used on a player with Evil Druid Card on.
12.png Safety Wall Defensive 10 Consume 1 Blue Gemstone to create a 1-cell barrier on the ground that blocks all melee physical attacks, lasting 5 ~ 50 seconds, or until it blocks 3 ~ 11 hits, or until it receives a hit that exceeds its durability (Caster's MaxHP * 3). Can not be cast next to Pneuma or on top of Land Protector. Very easy to protect anyone in conjunction with Turbo. Having your /m2e settings via the NovaEXT is also very useful to see the cell highlighted without having /effect on. Because INT is a portion of this formula it is possible to use Safety Wall while Reckless Magic is activated on you to create 3m durability Safety Walls at the cost of having to manage your SP better with Ancillas, 202 Recoveries or Mora Mandarins. The higher skill level is required to reduce the fixed cast time associated with the skill!
70.png Sanctuary HP Regeneration 7 ~ 10 Consume 1 Blue Gemstone to create a cross-shaped 5x5 AoE on the ground that gradually restores 100 ~ 777 HP every second, lasting 4 ~ 31 seconds. Sanctuary can also heal Mechanics inside Madogear and Homunculus. Deals Holy element magic damage on Undead element and Demon race monsters, and will knock them back. Will not knock back Boss protocol monsters but will deal damage if they are Undead element or Demon race.
71.png Slow Poison Recovery 0 If used on a target under Poison debuff, stops the HP drain for 10 ~ 40 seconds. Can not be cast on yourself.
72.png Status Recovery Recovery 1 Removes Frozen, Stone Curse, Stun, White Imprison, Stasis, and Poem of Netherworld from a target. If used on a passive monster that's attacking a player, it will return to its passive state. If used on Undead element monster, has a chance to inflict Blind. Has a 2 second After Cast Delay. Pre-requisite for Arch Bishop skill Lauda Agnus.
67.png Suffragium Buff 0 Reduces the target's Variable Cast Time by 15% ~ 45% for 30 ~ 10 seconds, or until the target casts a skill. The Variable Cast Time reduction from Suffragium is listed under Variable - Statuses in the @battlestats command. Can not be cast on yourself. Has a 3 second After Cast Delay. Zero is recommended because players in middle-end game content will have most of their cast time eliminated through stats. Variable Cast Time reduction is deducted from the remaining after their stats therefore 45% reduction of their 10% - 20% remaining is not worth the three skill points.
77.png Turn Undead Damage 0, 3, 10 Deals Holy element magic damage. If used on non-Boss type, Undead element monster, has a chance to instantly kill it. The instant-kill chance is capped at 70%, and is increased by higher skill level (2% ~ 20%), caster's Base Lv (~1% every 10 Base Lv), caster's total INT (~1% every 10 INT), caster's total LUK (~1% every 10 LUK, and the target's amount of HP remaining (~1% every 5% HP lost). Has a 3 second After Cast Delay. Pre-requisite for Judex.

High Priest

Please note that Baby Bishops will not be able to learn the following skills.

Skill Type Recommended Level Description
361.png Assumptio Defensive 1 ~ 5 Doubles a target's Hard Defense and Hard Magic Defense for 20 ~ 100 seconds. Removes Kyrie Eleison and Praefatio from the target when cast. Assumptio can not be cast if the caster is inside a Guild Castle/WoE maps. It does not reduce incoming damage from skills that inflict fixed damage, defense-piercing damage, and magic defense-piercing damage. Lower level Assumptio cannot refresh the duration of higher level Assumptio. Very useful to reduce incoming magical attacks as increasing someone's Hard MDEF (Magical Defense) reduces magic attack around 45%. Kyrie Eleison, Preafatio, Safety Wall and Pneuma are used for physical attacks. Have 50 MDEF and following it up with Assumptio to create 100 does not give you Stone Curse and Frozen immunity.
362.png Basilica Defensive 0, 5 The caster must stand on a 7x7 AoE free of obstacles, players, and monsters to start casting Basilica. Consume 1 Blue Gemstone, 1 Red Gemstone, 1 Yellow Gemstone, and 1 Holy Water to create a 5x5 AoE barrier centered around the caster that lasts for 20-40 seconds.

While Basilica is active, the caster can not move, attack, or cast any other skills. However the caster can sit, stand, change directions (with /bingbing and /bangbang command), and recast Basilica to immediately remove it. Other players can freely walk into or out of Basilica, while non-Boss monsters cannot enter it. Anyone inside Basilica can not perform attacks and can not be attacked from the outside. Basilica does not protect players from Boss monsters (everything except Maggots in Tomb of the Fallen)

Can not be cast if the caster is inside a Guild Castle/WoE map. Has so much fixed cast time, after cast delay and requires zero dead cells, monsters and players to be around you making this skill inflexible in a typical instance/dungeon.

363.png Meditatio Passive 0, 5, 10 Permanently increases MaxSP by 1% ~ 10%, natural SP regeneration by 3% ~ 30%, and Increases HP restored by Heal, Coluceo Heal, and Highness Heal by 2% ~ 20%.
481.png Spiritual Thrift Passive 0, 5 Permanently reduces the SP cost of skills by 4% ~ 20% (a.k.a. Mana Recharge). Requires Demon Bane Lv 10 and Mace Mastery Lv 10. Having this skill along with 10% SP reduction found from multiple pieces of equipment (Heartwing Headband, Geffen Magic Robe, Thanatos Staff Enchant and more) you will achieve 100% SP Reduction when Service for You (Wanderer expected 70%) is used in Tomb of the Fallen. This creates unlimited Ancillas, unlimited Redemptio, unlimited Offertorium with any Light of Recovery refine and more!

Arch Bishop

Skill Type Recommended Level Description
2040.png Adoramus Damage 0, 7, 10 Consume 1 Blue Gemstone to deal Holy element magic damage on a target (400% ~ 1030% MATK) and targets around it (Lv 1-5: 3x3 AoE) (Lv 7-10: 5x5 AoE). Has 4% ~ 40% chance of inflicting Decrease Agility and/or Blind on the target. Higher Base Lv increases the damage, while higher Job Lv increases the chance of inflicting debuffs. Deals 200% damage if the caster equips the complete Mace of Judgement set. Has 2 second Skill Cooldown.
2039.png Ancilla Utility 1 Consume 1 Blue Gemstone and 10% of you Max SP to create Ancilla. You can only carry 3 Ancilla in your inventory, and it is character-bound. Ancilla can be consumed to increase healing effectiveness by 15% and SP recovery by 30% for 60 seconds. Ancilla is consumed to cast Epiclesis. Pre-requisite for Epiclesis and Adoramus. This skill is very good to bypass the need of Yggdrasil Seeds/Berries after using Redemptio which drops you to 1HP/1SP. I like to Turbo this and place Ancilla in my F12 Hotkeys because it offers a sustainable source of SP regeneration as it consumes less SP to create one versus using one! Backing this up with SP reduction 10% or more gear to speed up this process when paired with Spiritual Thrift and a 150 INT Service For You (-70%) from a Wanderer or Soul Linked Maestro will grant 100% SP Reduction for creating an Ancilla. Heart Wing Headband, Geffen Magic Robe, Thanatos Staff enchants, Vicious Mind Weapon enchants and Physical Enhancer Ring and Magic Intensifier Ring enchants all offer SP reduction.
2042.png Canto Candidus Buff 3 Bestows the effects of Increase Agility on the caster and party members in a 7x7 ~ 31x31 AoE centered on the caster. Caster's Job Lv increases the AGI bonus (AGI +1 every 10 Job Lv, up to AGI +18 if cast by an Arch Bishop at Job Lv 60). Canto Candidus uses the highest level of Increase Agility the caster has learned. Does not affect Mechanics in Madogear.
2052.png Clearance Buff/Debuff 1 ~ 5 Has a 68% ~ 100% chance to remove nearly all buffs and debuffs from a target, such as Steel Body, Berserk/Frenzy, Mandragora Howling. Does not work against Boss monsters and can not be used on players outside your party. Pre-requisite for Silentium. Has 10 second Skill Cooldown, which is removed if the caster equips +6 Vellum Bible, and is inside WoE/PvP maps. Useful to get Pyroclastic off your Genetic, Steel Body timer to match the tempo of the party or to Clearance Change Undead when Chen uses it on your party members preventing you from being able to heal them. You can also tell when Change Undead is inflicted if you don't see the green hue right away via @showbuffs removing only the + and _ to the right of their names but not the Sacrament ($).
2041.png Clementia Buff 3 Bestows the effects of Blessing on the caster and party members in a 7x7 ~ 31x31 AoE centered on the caster. Caster's Job Lv increases the STR, INT, and DEX bonus (STR, INT, DEX +1 every 10 Job Lv, up to STR, INT, and DEX +16 if cast by an Arch Bishop at Job Lv 60). Clementia uses the highest level of Blessing the caster has learned. Pre-requisite for Ancilla.
2043.png Coluceo Heal HP Recovery 3 Restores HP to the caster and party members in a 7x7 ~ 31x31 AoE centered on the caster. Coluceo Heal uses the highest level of Heal the caster has learned. Restores more HP if there are more members in the party. Does not affect Mechanics in Madogear, players under the Berserk/Frenzy status, and players wearing Evil Druid Card armor. Pre-requisite for Renovatio.
5073.png Convenio Utility 0, 1 Summons all party members in the same map to the caster. Convenio does not work in WoE/BG/PVP and maps that prevent teleportation. Convenio can no longer be used on Satefy Walls or any other ground units. Useful for moving a party into a more populated monster area on a large map in Gramps, helping a group with quest chains, or getting to deeper levels of Bio Labs.
2054.png Duple Light Self-buff 5 - 10 Summons a pair of glowing light spheres that has a 12% ~ 30% chance to inflict additional damage when the caster uses melee physical attacks, lasting for 90 ~ 360 seconds. One sphere deals ranged physical damage (165% ~ 300% ATK) and uses weapon element. The other sphere deals Neutral element magic damage (440% ~ 800% MATK). Pre-requisite for Expiatio. Shadow Chasers will request you to use Duple Light and attack them so they may Reporduce it. You only need to auto attack hit them with level 1-5 for them for them to obtain level 10 of this skill.
2044.png Epiclesis HP & SP Regeneration 1, 3, 5 Epiclesis consumes 1 Ancilla and 1 Holy Water to cast. Creates a 5x5 AoE on the ground that resurrects dead players, increases MaxHP by 5% ~ 25%, regenerates 3% ~ 5% HP and 2% ~ 4% SP every 3 seconds, and reveales hidden targets every 5 seconds. Epiclesis lasts for 18 ~ 30 seconds, and can be used to heal players under Frenzy/Berserk status. Pre-requisite for Sacrament and Eucharistica.
2053.png Expiatio Buff 1 ~ 5 Enables the target's physical and magical attack to pierce 5% ~ 25% of the enemy's physical and magical defense, lasting for 30 ~ 150 seconds. Pre-requisite for Sacrament and Eucharistica. Expiatio is now treated as magic defense ignore and will be combined with other bonuses (rather than being multiplied). For example: Neo Punk combo (50%) + Expiatio at level 5 (25%) gives 75% magic defense ignore in total. Expiatio also works the same for defense.
2051.png Highness Heal HP Recovery 2 ~ 5 Restores a large amount of HP to a target (200% ~ 320% based on Heal Lv 10). If /noshift is turned on, deals Holy element magic damage on Undead element monsters. Has 3 second Skill Cooldown that can be removed when equipping Light of Cure enchanted with Cure Lv 1. Pre-requisite for Offertorium and Epiclesis. Useful to use against Suffering Khalitzburg Knight if a player accidentally triggered it's AGI UP (!!). Finishing it off for the damage dealer will move the party faster through the instance.
2038.png Judex Damage 0, 5 Deals Holy element magic damage on a target and enemies in a 3x3 AoE around it (340% ~ 500% MATK). Higher Base Lv increases the damage. Pre-requisite for Adoramus. Scales with our Tomb of the Fallen Old Mitra, can be reduced with Temporal Boots of Dexterity and great as a finisher to Adoramus survivors.
2047.png Lauda Agnus Buff/Recovery 4 Increase the caster's and party members' MaxHP by 4% ~ 10%. Has 70% ~ 100% chance to remove Blind, Burning, Crystallization, Freezing, Frozen, and Stone Curse. Pre-requisite for Lauda Ramus. Its skill cooldown is reduced if the caster wears the complete Wand of Affection set, Protection Staff II set, or +6 Vellum Bible.
2048.png Lauda Ramus Buff/Recovery 4 Increase the caster's and party members' Critical Damage by 5% ~ 20%. Has 70% ~ 100% chance to remove Sleep, Deep Sleep, Howling, Silence, and Stun. Pre-requisite for Clearance. Its skill cooldown is reduced if the caster wears the complete Wand of Affection set, or +6 Vellum Bible.
5011.png Offertorium Self-buff 1 ~ 5 Increases the effectiveness of Heal, Sanctuary, Coluceo Heal, and Highness Heal by 30% ~ 150%. Increases SP cost of all skills by x2.2 ~ x3. Removes various debuffs from the caster (Bleeding, Blind, Burning, Chaos, Curse, Freezing, Hallucination, Poison, Guillotine Cross Poisons, Mandragora Howling,). Removes Magnificat when cast. Offertorium lasts for 90 seconds, or until it's casted again, or until the caster uses/receives Magnificat.
2046.png Oratio Debuff 5 ~ 10 Has a 45% ~ 90% chance to temporarily reduce the Holy element resistance of all enemies in a 31x31 AoE centered on the caster by 2% ~ 20%. Oratio affects Boss monsters and hidden enemies. Pre-requisite for Expiatio. Level 10 is fantastic for Old Glast Heim Hard partners to soften them up followed by a Vituperatum if your damage dealer gives you enough setup time. Don't bother using it for Root of Corruption because they should be using Fire for Root of Corruption.
2045.png Praefatio Defensive 5 ~ 10 Applies barriers that block melee and ranged physical damage on the caster and all party members. The barrier blocks 7 ~ 16 hits, and has 30% of the target's MaxHP as durability. Praefatio can be re-casted after 13 ~ 40 seconds. The barrier's defense is increased with more members in the party. Praefatio can not be stacked with Assumptio. The highest level Praefatio will overwrite the duration of lower level Praefatio, and lower level Praefatio cannot refresh the duration of higher level Praefatio. Praefatio and Kyrie Eleison interact in this way as well. Using Praefatio and Kyrie Eleison at the same level will refresh the barrier's duration. Pre-requisite for Oratio. Getting this at level 5 is preferred because level 10's cooldown is very very long. Your average damage character will reach the 30% HP barrier limit before 16 max hits.
2050.png Renovatio HP Regeneration 1 Regenerates 5% MaxHP on the caster and party members every 5 seconds for 90 seconds. Pre-requisite for Highness Heal. This negates Berserk's HP lost and is great when your party and you roam separately.
2515.png Sacrament Buff 5 Reduces the target's Fixed Cast Time by 10% ~ 50%, lasting for 60 ~ 180 seconds. Lower level Sacrament can not refresh the duration of higher level Sacrament. Using @showbuffs you should at minimal see $ = Sacrement + = Clementia _ = Canto Canidus. When in doubt throw it on everyone, your Minstrel/Wanderers need it for Death Valley too.
2057.png Silentium Debuff 0 ~ 5 Applies Lex Divina (i.e. inflicts Silence) on all enemies within 9x9 ~ 17x17 AoE centered on the caster. The chance of inflicting Silence is affected by the enemy's Base Lv, VIT, and LUK. Can also remove Silence from targets within the AoE. Has 15 second Skill Cooldown. To this day I have yet to successfully know what this skill is used for. Level 5 maxed stats in Prontera Culvert does not even give this skill 100% chance.
5072.png Vituperatum Debuff 1 ~ 5 Consume 1 Blue Gemstone to apply Lex Aeterna effect on a target and targets around it (Lv 1-3: 3x3 AoE) (Lv 4-5: 5x5 AoE). Higher skill level reduces the skill's SP cost (144 ~ 78 SP) and fixed/variable cast time. Has 5 second Skill Cooldown. Skill level is not selectable. This skill does not require you to have Lex Aeterna as a pre-requirement.

Removed Skill

Skill Type Levels Description
2049.png Eucharistica Passive 10 Increase physical attack and physical defense against Demon race and Shadow property monsters by 1% ~ 10%.

Replaced by Vituperatum.

Munbalance does a good overview of the Arch Bishop Update


Arch Bishops have access to a wide variety of equipment which might make gearing them up confusing for newer players. The key is to select a build first then gear up for that particular build. Weapon is an important factor in the effectiveness of a build, and different weapons suit different builds. The following section will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of weapon types that ABs can equip.

Staffs, Rods, Wands
Staffs, whether one-handed or two-handed, are usually equipped by Full Support and Exorcist builds due to most Staffs having high weapon MATK bonus (such as Crimson Rod, Evil Slayer Vanquisher Staff), some INT and DEX bonus (Vicious Mind Rod from Sky Fortress), and many staffs having Heal effectiveness bonus (Thanatos Staff from Ghost Palace). Additionally, Staffs are naturally unbreakable in battle.

All of Exorcist AB's skills scale off MATK, making Staffs the best weapon for increasing Magic Damage. Staffs apply a high ASPD penalty on AB and they are not suitable for spamming skills with ASPD-based cooldown. For example, an AB wearing a staff will not be able to spam skills such as Holy Light or Lex Aeterna as fast and as frequently as an AB that wears a Book or a Mace.

On the other hand, Staffs are excellent for builds that emphasize minimizing or completely eliminating Variable Cast Time. For example, the 3-slotted Elder Staff can offer a nice balance between increasing Heal effectiveness and minimizing Variable Cast Time by putting Essences of Evil DEX 3 in it (see Temple of the Demon God). It's also a relatively cheaper and less RNG alternative to Vicious Mind/VM Rod with INT/DEX enchants.

Some staffs purchasable with Valor Badges from Battlegrounds have unique properties. In terms of minimizing After Cast Delay/ACD (or global skill cooldown), Speedy Recovery Wand is one of the best options available, aside from VM Rod with ACD reduction enchant. High refine Glorious Cure Wand is also a great option in terms of Heal effectiveness and SP efficiency when compared to high refine Light of Recovery.

Two-handed Staffs usually have higher MATK bonus but the trade-off is giving up on Shield and using Shield Cards. Considering that Full Support builds generally need multiple Shields for defensive purposes, and Exorcist builds need access to offensive Shield such as Mad Bunny to use MDEF-piercing card combos (e.g. Big Ben Card + Neo Punk Card), few end-game builds would use two-handed Staff. A lot of Staff weapons that ABs can wear can also be equipped by Warlocks, Sorcerers, Soul Linkers (and possibly Soul Reapers).

Books usually offer less MATK than Staffs but allow ABs to reach high ASPD much easier than any other weapon types they can equip, and they are naturally unbreakable in battle. These qualities make Book type weapon an excellent choice for spamming skills such as Lex Aeterna or Judex. High refine Crimson Bible and Vicious Mind Book in particular are suitable for builds emphasizing high ASPD and MATK to utilize soul-linked Holy Light, Judex, Duple Light, and Autocast builds.

Some Book type weapons purchasable with Valor Badges from Battlegrounds are potentially good for tackling Demi Human enemies in instance dungeons such as Geffen Magic Tournament. Some of these Books include Valorous Battle Strategy Book, Glorious Tablet, and Glorious Apocalypse. High refine Ledger of Death with its additional ASPD-boosting effect and chance to inflict Coma on Demi Human enemies is also a good alternative to consider. There are no [4] slotted book weapons and the closest you can get is: Book [3]

The drawback of Book type weapon is that it does full damage on Small and Medium enemies but only 50% damage on Large enemies. Similar to Knuckle type weapon's poor size modifiers, Book type weapon require Blacksmith class buff 112.png Weapon Perfection to help it realize its true potential. Most Books can also be equipped by Sorcerers and Star Gladiators (and possibly Star Emperors).

Mace type weapons are commonly used by Autocast and melee physical builds that focus on high ASPD, ATK, Critical rate, and/or Critical damage. Some examples include Robot's Mechanical Arm or Veteran Hammer for Critical build; Crimson Mace or Vicious Mind Mace for high ATK; Noble Cross from Horror Toy Factory for Autocast build; Glorious Morning Star against Demi Human enemies. It has favorable size modifiers, inflicting full damage on Medium and Large enemies, 75% damage on Small enemies, and it is naturally unbreakable in battle. These qualities make it suitable for fighting against problematic enemies capable of breaking gears.

Some Mace type weapons have unique properties that can be used for defensive or debuffing purposes. For example, Long Mace offers additional resistance against physical long range damage. High refine Nemesis has a chance to reduce the Hard Defense of all Undead property and Demon race enemies on screen, including Boss protocol enemies. Similarly, high refine Bloody Cross has a chance to apply Burning debuff that can quickly kill any non-Boss protocol enemies with high HP.

While some Maces like Thanatos Hammer and Empowered Mace of Judgement have inherent weapon MATK and can receive MATK boosting enchants, they usually have less MATK than Staffs and Books. Most Mace type weapons can be equipped by numerous other classes including Sura, Rune Knight, Royal Guard, Mechanic, and Genetic.

Although there are some Knuckle type weapons that ABs can equip (e.g. Crimson Knuckle, Vicious Mind Knuckle, Glorious Claw , Valorous Battle Fist ), their size modifiers are unfavorable. Knuckles inflict full damage on Small enemies, 75% on Medium, 50% on Large, and ABs receive relatively high ASPD penalty from wearing Knuckles. These factors make Knuckle type weapon unpopular for both ABs and Suras, the only two classes that can wear them.

Healing Gears
Headgear Cards/Enchants
Armor Cards/Enchants
Weapon Cards/Enchants
Shield Cards/Enchants
Garment Cards/Enchants
Footgear Cards/Enchants
Accessory Cards/Enchants
Tanking and Luring Gears
Headgear Cards/Enchants
Armor Cards/Enchants
Weapon Cards/Enchants
Shield Cards/Enchants
Garment Cards/Enchants

, Card Deviling Card)

Footgear Cards/Enchants
Accessory Cards/Enchants
Gears for Instant Cast + Minimum After Cast Delay + SP Regen
Headgear Card/Enchants
Armor Card/Enchants
Weapon Card/Enchants
Shield Card/Enchants
Garment Card/Enchants
Footgear Card/Enchants
Accessory Card/Enchants
Adoramus Gears
Headgear Card/Enchants
  • Wickebine's Black Cat Ears
  • Celine Ribbon (1)
  • Vibrant Rose (1)
  • Ancient Gold Ornament (1)
  • Moon Rabbit Hat (1)
  • Black Frame Glasses (1)
  • Monocle (1)
  • Tear Drop
  • Rainbow Scarf
  • Essence of Evil INT 3
  • Rata Card
  • Weakened Fenrir Card
  • Uzhas Card
Armor Enchants
  • Robe of Judgement (15030)
  • MATK +2%
  • INT +2 ~ +4
  • DEX +2 ~ +4
  • MDEF +6
Weapon Card/Enchants
  • Mace of Judgement (2) (16013)
  • Empowered Mace of Judgement (1) (16018)
  • Nightmare Mimic Card
  • Big Ben Card
  • Hell Apocalypse Card
  • Ancient Tree Card
  • Zakudam Card
  • Essence of Evil INT 3
Shield Card/Enchants
  • Mad Bunny
  • Nightmare Arclouse Card
  • Neo Punk Card
  • Essence of Evil INT 3
Garment Enchants
  • Shawl of Judgement (2570)
  • MATK +2%
  • INT +2 ~ 4
  • DEX +2 ~ +4
Footgear Enchants
  • Shoes of Judgement (2472)
  • MATK +2%
  • INT +2 ~ +4
  • DEX +2 ~ +4
  • MDEF +6
Accessory Card/Enchants
  • Pendant of Maelstrom
  • Magic Intensifier Ring
  • Sheriff's Right Badge
  • INT Glove
  • Headless Mule Card
  • Scaraba Card
Exorcist Gears (Magnus Exorcismus + Judex)
Headgear Cards
  • Shrine Maiden Ribbon
  • Wickebine's Black Cat Ears
  • Ancient Gold Ornament
  • +7 Zaha Doll Hat
  • Red Pom Band
  • Black Frame Glasses
  • Tear Drop
  • Rainbow Scarf
  • Rata Card
  • Essence of Evil INT 3
  • Weakened Fenrir Card
  • Uzhas Card
Armor Cards
  • Flattery Robe
  • Hero Judgement Shawl
  • Geffen Magic Robe
  • Orleans' Gown
  • +7 Excellion Suit
  • Agav Card
  • Essence of Evil INT 3
  • INT Supplement Reactor
  • Magic Supplement Reactor
  • Frozen Supplement Reactor
Weapon Cards
  • Holy Stick
  • +9 ~ +12 Evil Slayer Vanquisher Staff
  • +15 Crimson Rod (1680)
  • +7 Vicious Mind Rod or higher
  • Divine Cross
  • Nightmare Mimic Card
  • Big Ben Card
Shield Cards
  • Mad Bunny
  • Exorcism Bible
  • Nightmare Arclouse Card
  • Neo Punk Card
Garment Cards
Footgear Cards
* +7 or +9 Temporal Boots of Dexterity * Nightmare Verit Card
  • Spell 9 + Reckless Magic
Accessory Cards
  • Spiritual Ring + Rosary
  • Magic Intensifier Ring
  • Pendant of Maelstrom
  • Headless Mule Card
  • Scaraba Card
Gears for BG and WoE
Headgear Cards
  • Feather Beret
  • Blush of Groom
  • Black Frame Glasses (1)
  • Monocle (1)
  • Gentleman's Pipe
  • Watermelon Bite
Armor Cards
Weapon Cards
  • +6 Vellum Bible
  • Long Mace
  • Mace (4)
  • Essence of Evil VIT 3
Shield Cards
  • Valkyrja's Shield (1)
  • Platinum Shield
  • Gray Shield (1)
  • Thara Frog Card
Garment Cards
Footgear Cards
Accessory Cards
  • Black Rosary (1)
  • Glorious Ring
  • Waterdrop Brooch (1)

Tomb of the Fallen and PvM Status Immune

This guide is an investment in your future and the future of those around you. Left pictures out so you may copy and paste this into a read to me program for auditory learners or casually gaming.


Wide Freeze

Wide Stone

  • Prevention: 100 Hard MDEF, 2x Gemini-S58 Cards or Medusa Card
  • Treatment: Lauda Agnus, Clementia, Status Recovery
  • Monster: Celia Alde

Wide Sleep

Wide Stun

  • Prevention: xx+xx = 100 VIT, 2x Gemini-S58 Cards
  • Treatment: Lauda Ramus, Status Recovery
  • Monster: Flamel Emule, Howard Alt-Eisen

Wide Bleeding

  • Prevention: 100 AGI, Ungoliant Card
  • Treatment: Offertorium (self), Cure Free
  • Monsters: Seyren Windor, Chen Liu, Shecil Damon

Change Undead

Wide Curse

  • Prevention: 1 + -6= 0 or xx + xx = 100 Luck
  • Treatment: Clementia Wide Curse for your teammates and is obtained from Thanatos Weapons and other pieces of equipment. On NovaRO you can not go below 0.
  • Monsters: Cecil Damon, Kathryne Keyron


  • Prevention: xx + xx = 100 INT
  • Treatment: Lauda Agnus
  • Monster: Alphoccio Basil's Lord of Vermillion has a 40% chance to cause it.

Wide Silence

  • Prevention: 100+ INT regardless
  • Treatment: Lauda Ramus or Cure
  • Monster: Margaretha Sorin

Game Play

Do no harm, do know harm.

Back up, support from a /circle2 distance, Safety Wall on the player attacked, Praefatio, Pneuma if there is no Land Protector. The tricky thing with Seyren is staying on the Land Protector yet not too close to get hit with the Earthquake. Ignition Break only creates a splash effect of death if it comes into contact with the ground. If your Sorcerer does not nullify this stay back for all the skills or Pneuma the Dragon Breath. Seyren Windsor uses Max Pain (Turns Dark Gold) when he remains at 10% HP too long you can notice the difference from the cast bar comparison of Dragon Breath 0.5 second versus Max Pain's 1 second. He normally does not get the chance to cast it, however.

  • Kathryne Keyron Earth Strain > Wide Freeze > Frost Nova (Does not work on Land Protector even if the animation shows) > Wide Curse > 3x3 hole created inside the Land Protector > Jupitel Thunder > Fire Wall

Stand 2 cells inward of the Land Protector (edges don't offer protection), if your equipment is divested from Earth Strain re-logging will remove the debuff or Full Chemical Protection from a Genetic will prevent it prior to the attack. > Assumptio key members to reduce as much magical damage as you can > Lauda Agnus the Wide Freeze/Frost Nova. Clementia the Wide Curse, get on the Land Protector and don't stand in the 3x3 hole created via Gabnbantein. Don't run head first into the Fire Wall over and over again, use /m2e settings to see what cells are affected by Fire Wall. Sometimes the 3x3 space created from Ganbantein is perfect for a Pneuma to dodge a Max Pain.

Prepare to Sacrement your Sura and throw Assumptio on them to speed up Steel Body's 2.5 seconds fixed cast time and survive the following Psychic Wave. Monsters have "cast delays" found on Divine-Pride before using another skill, so if Celia Alde opens up with a Psychic Wave or Sight expect Dispell seconds later.

Lauda Agnus the Wide Freeze, Assumptio people off the Land Protector and are about to say hello to Lord of Vermilion. Standing only one cell inside of a Land Protector grants no benefits against any ground targeted skills.

Max Pain can be dodged by Pneuma if you are four cells away or Safety Wall if you 3 cells in. Magaleta Sorin can cast Pneuma on herself however you can cast Safety Wall in the 3x3 zone around Magaleta Sorin to prevent this as they can't overlap. Helps your Sorcerer (Land Protector) or Genetic (Crazy Weed) having to deal with it. Pneuma outside of the Land Protector and predict your Sorcerer's game play style to stay out of the range of them cancelling your Pneuma, use Redemptio preemptively if you see Magaleta Sorin A) Moving and being attacked B) Not directly next to someone but rather hit locked 1 and a half cells off players C) Your party composition consistently triggers it. To recover from Redemptio use an Ancillia stored to recast Redemptio right away as an inexperienced party will still attack whilst Max Pain's duration is persisting. Or move into a fresh Pneuma as your 10 seconds might be ending soon (/m2e setting helps however it is labelled under AC_SHOWER instead of Pneuma within MiniMiniEffects of your NovaEXT settings).

  • Eremes Guille Max Pain (Turns Dark Gold) can be dodged by Pneuma if you are four cells away or Safety Wall if you 3 cells in. > Soul Destroyer > Sonic Blow > Poisonous Smoke wait for the Land Protector and leave the area of effect.

Aspersio the DPS you discussed to Aspersio in the planning stages, Pneuma outside of the Land Protector but still within supporting distance (usually /circle2) in case Max Pain triggers (30% HP remaining), Safety Wall allies from Sonic Blow.

Arch Bishops have access to Robe of Affection which grants Holy Armor to entirely nullify Grand Cross along with Safety Wall for Smite which runs the risk that any of your teammates will be knocked into more monsters and might accidentally trigger Max Pain.

Lauda Ramus for Sleep and Stun. Pneuma the Demonstration cell to prevent some weapons from breaking.

Stand on the Land Protector or throw up that Pneuma for the potential Arrow Storm if your Pneuma does not interfere. Prepare that Clementia cast as she uses Wide Curse often enough.

You can Safety Wall around Chen or on your tank to prevent Chen Liu from casting Pneuma on his cell. If he uses Change Undead, you will notice the person's Clementia and Canto Candidus icons gone from their name, yet their Sacrament remains. They will have a green hue on them which you have to @refresh (bind that to an ALT+M key of choice and you can change those in ESC> Shortcuts> Macros as well! The ~ is a popular one to bind) in this state they can not be healed however if it's safe you can use Clearance to remove the debuff. Cursed Circle and Asura strike I found using Safety Wall good enough to protect folks as there is a small delay after Cursed Circle in which Chen Liu follows up with Asura Strike.

Unless you're the tank or have a nice Genetic try to avoid getting into melee range for him to break your armors, an earthquake is avoided with proper distancing or having enough party members to split the damage. Magma Eruption is canceled out with Land Protector.

Aspersio the discussed DPS at the creation phase of the party. Pulse Strike can be dodged by Pneuma if you are four cells away or Safety Wall if you 3 cells in. Remember to @refresh to check if character sprites are genuinely at the location you view them as (position lag), or they are just slightly out of your line of sight. Full Divestment will be removed if you relog or ask for a Full Chemical Protection to remove the ailment.

(/m2e to see which will have the Meteor 7 hits tied to it)


Feel free to change anything which is incorrect or unclear! The General Arch Bishop section allows everyone to share ideas because love is a conversation. It ensures the growth of present and future players in NovaRO if we create something greater than the sum of our parts. Arch Bishops can embody that philosophy on NovaRO and I hope you can bring that to your work environment, families or other games in the future. Welcome to NovaRO!


Max Pain

  • Nullified by Pneuma 4 cells or more from the monster.
  • Nullified by Safety wall 3 cells or closer to the monster.
  • Scenario: Margaretha Sorin meets the Divine Pride conditions: "Chasing" and "If the monster is under range attack" so her AI tells her to cast the skill Max Pain (1 second cast time) > She turns gold indicating Max Pain is "active" > For the duration physical, ranged or magical attacks which hit Margaretha Sorin is reflected to a screen wide AoE as physical (within 3 cells) or ranged physical (4 cells or more).
  • Eremes Guile uses Max Pain while when his health falls below 30% and needs further testing)
  • Can be Dispelled.
  • Can not be interrupted by Spell Breaker.



  • By marrying a Soul Reaper you have access to Kaizel and the Soul Reaper will not affect Costume Headgears and Card drop rates into your favor being outside of the party.
  • Max Pain only affects your party allowing your ALT+TAB uninterruptible cast Soul Reaper to Resurrect you with a Yggdrasil Leaf if your Kaizel was down for some reason or you missed your Pneuma timing. Your Soul Reaper will also have Kaizel on itself allowing some leeway time for monsters attacking you, invoking invulnerability on it while the monsters move another party member going into the resurrection and Kaizel of your Arch Bishop.
  • Golem Soul is useful for +40 MDEF on you, your Tank and the Sorcerer and can help reduce the Stone Curse and Frozen ailment mostly if not entirely and Flacon Soul is a fantastic attack buff for any damage dealer!
  • Bard and Dancer Spirit will help your Minstrel and Wanderer party member's movement speed and if you only have a Minstrel they can still use "Service For You" with its max efficiency that of a Wanderer. (70%ish) It is not a two-way street however as a Wanderer using the Poem of Bragi skill would need 250 INT versus a Maestro (150 INT) using Service For You for an unconfirmed reason.
  • Auto-Follow: Ensure /nc OFF and SHIFT-RIGHT click the character.
  • Ferlock Set (feels like it's always riding a mount) and full status resistances are easy to come by and allows you to never worry about your Soul Reaper. Runaway Chip is 15% faster than a Rocket Helm.

100+ MDEF

Equipment Type MDEF Notes Card/Enchant MDEF Notes
Dress Hat[1] Top Headgear 7 Nova Shop item Essence of Evil VIT 3 8 Temple of Demon God reward
Chibi Pope[1] Top Headgear 7 The Master of Coin NPC is located center of the Main Office, currency is in Gold Coins. Essence of Evil VIT 3 8
Large Hibiscus[1] Top Headgear 15 Nova Shop item. Essence of Evil VIT 3 8
Black Frame Glasses[1] Mid Headgear 2 Nova Shop item and slotted with a Spiritual Auger also found in the Nova Shop in game command /cashshop Essence of Evil VIT 3 8 Temple of the Demon God reward.
Red Glasses Mid Headgear 5 Custom Headgear Quests
Four Leaf Clover Lower Headgear 2 Periodically check The Claw @go eden
Watermelon Bite Lower Headgear 4 Periodically check The Claw @go eden
Robe of Judgement Armor 10 Master of Artifacts Master of Enchants for 1 Mora Coin 6 Mora Dailies or updated methods
Magic Reflector[1] Shield 10 Geffen Magic Tournament Coin exchange. Essence of Evil VIT 3 8 Temple of the Demon God reward.
Gray Shield[1] Shield 10 Gray Shard exchange in Ghost Palace and gains more MDEF upon refine. Seeker Card 10
Bible of Promise Vol. 2[1] Shield 5 Randel 1% and Magaleta 0.50%, craftable and can be enchanted up to +20 MDEF albeit after many broken Bibles Seeker Card 10
Valkyrja's Shield[1] Shield 5 Drop from Valkyrie Randgris. Seeker Card 10
Old Mitra[1] with the Affection special enchant Headgear 5 Reasonable to obtain Level 5 Affection if you casually run Tomb of the Fallen Essence of Evil VIT 3 8
Enhanced Variant Shoes[1] Footgear 4-20 Monster Hunter Coupons Infinite Vocal Card or Essence of Evil VIT 3 25, 8 Infinite Space Mini-Boss
Black/Dark Rosary[1] Accessory 15 Drops from various monsters: @wd 2898 in game @wi monsternameorID# also relatively cheap to Black/Dark Rosary purchase from players. Essence of Evil VIT 3 8
Anti-Magic Suit[1] and Geffen Magic Robe[1] Armor 10 - 15, 0 1,800 Geffen Magic Tournament Coins Essence of Evil VIT 3 8 Both enchanted up to +10 MDEF
Alice Egg or Baphomet Jr. Egg Pet 1 Only two pets which offer MDEF, Alice gives 1% Demi-Human resistance which outshines the Baphomet Jr. Egg in Bio5

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