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In Renewal, the attack formula was completely reworked and modified to take more advantage of weapons, their levels, and their relations to the class the player is currently using. This page will go into detail how everything affects your final attack and why Range Bonuses are actually that much in demand.

Base attack

Also known as Status attack, this is the attack part derived from your stats. STR, DEX and LUK, as well as Base level, all contribute to this stat, and it will be (in most cases) the highest you will have. STR is the main stat to raise for all weapons At the exception of Bows, Instruments, Whips and Guns which uses DEX as their main stat. 1 point in your main stat is the same as 5 in the secondary stat, and the same as every 3 points in LUK.

This part of the attack is not affected by card modifiers like Racial cards nor it is by size modifiers. It is however affected by AtkRate and Long-range bonuses.

Weapon attack

This part of the attack is calculated with the base attack of your weapon (+ refines if applicable). Higher refined weapons give more overall attack, but weapon levels give more attack per refine. This part of the attack is affected by size modifiers, card modifiers, elements, AtkRate and Long-range bonuses.

Weapon level Refine bonus per level
1 2
2 3
3 5
4 7

You can check more about how refinement works on our Refinement System page.

Equipment attack

This part is calculated with everything on your equipment that gives an attack boost (for example, a Gold Scaraba card gives you +20 Atk). This part of the attack is affected by size modifiers, card modifiers, elements, AtkRate and Long-range bonuses.

Attack formula

The attack formula is rather complex, here is the whole thing:

damage = (2 x status_attack + (weapon_attack + equip_attack) x elemental_bonus x card_modifiers + mastery_attack) * long_range_atk_modifier

status_attack: This is the amount of status point you add (either STR or DEX).
weapon_attack: This one needs more explanation, but for now let's just say it's your weapon damage (shown on the item description).
equip_attack: These are the bonuses you get from your equipment along with your arrow attack damage if any.
elemental_bonus: The bonus you gain from elements, you can view this information from Divine Pride.
mastery_attack: Damage bonuses coming from skills.
card_modifiers: Those include card bonuses such as size, race and class bonuses.
long_range_atk_modifier: This is the bonus for long range attack, such as an Archer Skeleton card.

weapon_attack = (raw_weapon_attack + raw_weapon_attack * total_str_or_dex / 200 + rand(-weapon_variance, weapn_variance + overrefine)) * size_modifier
Note: Maximize Power removes the variance and usesthe maximum value possible.

raw_weapon_attack: The weapon damage shown on the item description.
total_str_or_dex: Your STR or DEX combined with your status bonuses.
weapon_variance: The weapon variance is equal to raw_weapon_attack * (weapon_level * 5) / 100
overrefine: See the Refinement page for more information, this corresponds to special refine bonuses past a certain point.
size_modifier: This is the size penalty of weapon types versus mob size, go here for more information:

Enemy defenses.

Your resulting attack is then pitted against the enemy's defense and soft defense. The graphic below shows the effect of the defense on the incoming damage an enemy receives. The damage is then reduced by the soft defense again, which is a flat amount.