Bio Lab Enchants

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Can Break Can Be Reset Cost
Yes Yes Bloodthirst.png Blood Thirst

Willofwarrior.pngWill of Warrior

See also: Biolab Gear

Secret Tunnel & Sorcerer.
  1. Warp to Dungeons > Bio Lab. Go to the second floor.
  2. Go to the south-east dormitories. /navi lhz_dun02 206/33 (See map on the right.)
  3. There will be a tunnel in the south-west corner.
  4. Enter the tunnel, go south, east and enter the warp.
  5. Talk to the Sorcerer /navi lhz_cube 232/24 and choose Here you are, sir.
    You can enchant your items up to 2 Biolab Enchants (hidden 3rd and 4th slots).
    Enchants are given randomly.
    When enchanting an item, all previous enchantments, upgrades and cards are lost.
    You must wear the equipment to enchant it.


Name Description
Ghostchill.pngGhost Chill x10 Resets the enchantments.
Bloodthirst.pngBlood Thirst x10 Enchants the 3rd slot.
Willofwarrior.pngWill of Warrior x10 Enchants the 4th slot.


Weapon Enchants
Type Level
STR 1~3
AGI 1~3
VIT 1~3
INT 1~3
DEX 1~3
LUK 1~3
Fighting Spirit 1~3
Sharp 1~3
Expert Archer 1~3
Spell 1~3
Armor Enchants
Type Level
STR 1~3
AGI 1~3
VIT 1~3
INT 1~3
DEX 1~3
LUK 1~3
DEF 3, 6, 9, 12
MDEF 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
HP 100, 200, 300
SP 50
FLEE 1, 3, 6

List of Equipment

Weapon Armor
Agent Katar(1) Giant Shield(1)
Guillotine Katar(1) Geffenia Water Book(1)
Ignus Stale(1) Bible of Promise Vol.2(1)
End Sectora(1) Salvage Cape
Cannon Spear(1) Assassin Handcuffs(1)
Gigantic Lance Green Operation Coat(1)
Chilly Spell Book(2) Ancient Gold Ornament(1)
Recovery Light
Bloody Cross
Gigantic Crossbow(2)
Creeper Bow(2)