Bios Island

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This quest or instance is repeatable.
Cooldown Tickets Available

Resets at 0:00

Solo: 1 Party: 2


Base Level: 160
Starting Point: (moro_cav 48, 59)Copied!
Party: 1 or more players
Prerequisite(s): Dimensional Travel
Experience: -
Items: 1 Token of Hero and 1 Prize of Hero
Others: Access to Morse's Cave

Bios Island is part of the episode 14.3 and is the prerequisite of all the other instances found in the Flame Cave. If you've completed the Dimensional Travel quest, you will be able to unlock the Bios Island instance menu from the Warper.

The instance is divided in 3 parts. In parts 1 and 2, your objective is to kill every single mob on the map in order to get the warp, on the far right side, to open up. These mobs move fairly slowly so it is possible to kite them. Don't over mob or you might die as they do hit pretty hard!

In part 3, you will have to clear 3 waves of monsters before Reaper Yanku appears. You do not have to be within the MVP's range when it is killed to obtain your Token of Hero.

You have 1 hour to complete this instance.


  1. Enter the Fire Cave by talking to the Warper > Instances > Bios Island.
  2. Talk to the Wandering Old Man (moro_cav 45, 60)Copied! to begin the Bios Island quest.
    Bi 01.png
  3. Click on the Yellow Seed (moro_cav 50, 64)Copied! which is right to the Wandering Old Man. You can generate and enter the instance from this NPC.
    Bi 02.png
  4. Once you've entered, walk a bit on the east to get a dialogue scene between Vrid and Zeith.
    Bi 03.png
  5. You will be asked to eliminate all the monsters in the first and second floor to proceed. They do a lot of damage so be careful!
  6. Once you reach the final room, you will meet Vrid and Zeith again. After the dialogue, 3 series of mobs will spawn. Kill them all to proceed.
    Bi 04.png
  7. The Reaper Yanku will then spawn. He is relatively easy, just make sure to avoid the Comet attack (you can use spellbreak on this one).
    Bi 05.png
  8. The MVP will drop a Prize of Hero (regular drop) after dying. You can then talk to Vrid to exit the area and be rewarded with a Token of Hero.
    Bi 06.png


Image Name HP Race Element
First Floor
Ep14 3 death a mob1.gif Corrupt Orc Baby 250,000 Demi-human Earth 2
Ep14 3 death a mob2.gif Corrupt Baby Desert Wolf 232,890 Brute Fire 2
Ep14 3 death a mob3.gif Corrupt Familiar 222,550 Fish Water 2
Second Floor
Ep14 3 death b mob1.gif Corrupt Orc Warrior 300,000 Demi-human Earth 2
Ep14 3 death b mob2.gif Corrupt Desert Wolf 292,450 Brute Fire 2
Ep14 3 death b mob3.gif Corrupt Phen 284,110 Fish Water 2
Third Floor
Ep14 3 death c mob1.gif Corrupt Orc Zombie 375,000 Demi-human Undead 2
Ep14 3 death c mob2.gif Corrupt Verit 352,715 Brute Undead 2
Ep14 3 death c mob3.gif Corrupt Megalodon 347,413 Fish Undead 2
GRIM REAPER ANKOU.gif Reaper Yanku
50,000,000 Undead Undead 4


Card Type Effects
 Corrupt Life Card Headgear Card
MAX HP + 500
MAX SP + 50
Increases damage taken from angel race monsters by 50%
[+  Orc Baby Card]
Reduces damage taken from neutral property by 5%
FLEE + 5
[+  Baby Desert Wolf Card]
INT + 3
MAX SP + 100
MATK + 5%
[+  Familiar Card]
ATK + 15
Increase physical damage against shadow property enemies by 20%
[+  Orc Warrior Card]
Reduce damage taken from demihuman race enemies by 15%
[+  Desert Wolf Card]
Increases physical damage against medium and large enemies by 15%
[+  Phen Card]
Reduces variable casting time by 25%
[+  Orc Zombie Card]
HIT + 15
FLEE + 15
Increase critical damage by 15%
[+  Verit Card]
MAX HP + 4%
MAX SP + 4%
[+  Megalodon Card]
DEF + 100
 Grim Reaper Ankou Card Headgear Card
Transforms into Grim Reaper Ankou for 5 seconds when using First Aid.
When receiving physical or magical damage has a chance to:
Curse all enemies in 17x17 cells around the user
+ 25% ATK for 10 seconds
+ 25% MATK for 10 seconds
The probability increases based on refine rate.

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