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This quest or instance is repeatable.
Cooldown Tickets Available

23 hours

Solo: 0 Party: 0


Base Level: 140
Starting Point: (verus01 148, 154)Copied!
Prerequisite(s): Memory Record (step 1 only)
Experience: -

The Central Laboratory instance is part of the 15.2 Memory Record update, where you get to travel back to the past and observe a failed experiment which might have caused the fall of the ancient civilization.
In this instance, you'll have a chance to fight 3 randomly spawned MvPs from all around the world of Rune-Midgards.


  1. Talk to the Civilization Expert at (verus01 148, 154)Copied!, then to Dimension-Mover device right besides him to enter the instance.
  2. Talk to probationary researcher at the entrance. He authorizes your access and deactivates the first line of security for you.
    Only the party leader can talk to the researcher.
  3. Walk ahead up until you meet the Senior Researcher, he'll give you today's access code.
    • The code needs to be entered as a binary number.
    • Use the switches behind the researcher to enter the access code given. ON=1 OFF=0.
    • Values of switches are in descending order, from Switch1 to Switch8: 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1.
    • If the access code is e.g. 55, just set switches 32, 16, 4, 2, 1 (32+16+4+2+1=55) to ON.
    • After the code has been properly entered, click the Main Switch at the far left and a warp will open up.
  4. Walk inside the research area and take the first turn to the right.
  5. Inside the laboratory, you'll meet 4 Professors. Get close, and listen to their conversation about the first experiment.
    Once the experiment starts, the team will begin running into problems. The machine overheats and malfunctions.
  6. An unidentified creature, first random MvP, will be transmitted from another dimension. Kill the creature.
  7. The device becomes uncontrollable and restarts the program. Second unidentified creature gets transmitted which you'll need to fight.
  8. Fresa shuts down the computer, but it starts acting on its own! The final phase of transformation begins and a third MvP appears.
  9. Once the last MvP is defeated, all of the researchers will get transmitted to another dimension and a portal will open on the far right to leave the area.

Possible MvPs

In each round there's a set of MvPs possible to spawn. (This table is being updated over time with more data coming from feedback from players)

Spawned MvPs
First Round Second Round Third Round
Baphomet Boitata Atroce
Doppelganger Dark Lord Beelzebub
Dracula Egnigem Cenia Detardeurus
Eddga Evil Snake Lord Fallen Bishop
Golden Thief Bug Hatii Gloom Under Night
Lord of the Dead Kades Ifrit
Maya Lady Tanee Kiel-D-01
Mistress Memory of Thanatos Ktullanux
Moonlight Flower Orc Lord Leak
Orc Hero Pharaoh RSX 0806
Osiris Stormy Knight Queen Scaraba
Phreeoni Tao Gunka Valkyrie Randgris
Turtle General White Lady Vesper
Amon Ra

The experiment may also fail in the first round and an Angeling may spawn instead.

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