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Hello, i'm Cinderfire, i main Shadow Chaser and i mostly stay at Rachel. As of the time i'm writing this guide, i'm almost at 3000 hours playing Shadow Chaser purely on PvM and still increasing thanks to my guildmates at Cat Butt. I Also have some videos on my gameplay as Shadow Chaser on Youtube on varying instances/dungeons. I'll be sharing my experience on how i play my Shadow Chaser and hope this guide will be useful

Shadow Chaser is mostly used on PvP/WoE as a Debuffer using Masquerades but this here is a guide that i made for those that loves Shadow Chaser and aim to do PvM with it. There's also some Shadow Chaser utilizing 2286.png Auto Shadow Spell but this guide is not going to cover it. Instead i'm gonna cover mostly about 2288.png Triangle Shot, 2284.png Fatal Menace, and 2214.png Chain Lightning as main damaging skills, and also detail on what skills are useful to copy with 2285.png Reproduce and 225.png Plagiarism. Next i'm gonna cover about Builds along with gear progression for Shadow Chaser sorted by " Biggest Bang for The Buck " , Followed by how i played Shadow Chaser on different situations, and lastly a guide on how to level as a Shadow Chaser.

Finally, a little bit of warning and also a harsh truth, is that There will always be a class that can do better in PvM than a Shadow Chaser.

Shadow Chaser
Cinderfire Sprite.png
Job Base: Thief, Rogue, Stalker
Written By: Cinderfire
Job Bonuses
8 5 8 6 4 6


Art Illustration

Shadow Chaser are well known for their ability to copy other classes' or monster's skills using 2285.png Reproduce and 225.png Plagiarism. Because of these 2 skills, they can fill almost every role available(Damage Dealer, Tank, or Support), but always perform worse than the actual class meant to fill it. The amount of investment in time and money you're going to spend on a Shadow Chaser to make it mid-game on their role(not the best) will be able to gear other meta classes to almost end-game. Almost every party you're trying to join will always question on your capabilities, and some even straight out reject having a Shadow Chaser in their party because Gravity made them uniquely for PvP. If all of these still doesn't scare you go on.

Shadow Chaser is actually somewhere between a Guillotine Cross(GX) and a Ranger. They have a bit of both their skills with an added unique skill for Shadow Chaser, which specializes in fighting other Player instead of Monsters. Fully Geared with Gears for Swap, you can do decent Ranged Damage, Decent Melee AoE Attack, or Decent Magical Damage.

Even though Shadow Chasers can fit into almost any Role, their best role would be as Damage Dealer, Followed by Tank, and lastly Support. If i were to try and compare Shadow Chasers with other available classes, Shadow Chasers is best treated as a Picky Peck Cat/Rolling Cutter GX/Arrow Storm Ranger/Chain Lightning Warlock, Followed by Tank Rune Knight/Tank Royal Guard, and Lastly Super Novice Support.

Shadow Chaser playstyle involves in adjusting the correct stats, leveling up the correct skills, bringing the correct gear, and copying the correct skills for each content you're trying to do. It's a bit of a hassle that's true, but unlike other classes that can actually do any content with just 1 build, Shadow Chasers need to maximize everything just to catch-up with other classes's role, hence the adjustments for each content.

Copying Skills

As a class that works by copying other classes's skill, it would be best to first cover all important skills that i are useful for Shadow Chasers. Shadow Chasers can copy a total of 2 skills :

Skill Usage
225.png Plagiarism By using Intimidate you can copy 1st class skills(eg. Swordsman's 5.png Bash or Acolyte's 28.png Heal) and 2nd class skills(eg. Wizard's 89.png Storm Gust or Paladin's 254.png Grand Cross) with the exception of Trans 2nd Class Skills(eg. Sniper's 382.png Sharpshooting or Assassin Cross' 379.png Soul Destroyer).
2285.png Reproduce By using Reproduce you can copy 3rd class skills (eg. Performer's 2418.png Severe Rainstorm or Genetic's 2479.png Thorn Trap and all the skills that can be copied with Plagiarism.

As for Which Skills to be copied and its usage, i'll be listing them here, and ordering them by most used to least used, according to my experience as a Shadow Chaser.


Skill Usage
7.png Magnum Break Magnum Break gives your physical damage a 20% increase with fire element for 10 second and doesn't need to hit. Fire element is only applied at the 20% part so if your weapon/arrow is neutral and you're fighting an earth element mob, only 20% of your damage is multiplied by elemental advantage.
421.png Flying Side Kick Flying Side Kick or FSK is used to instantly close distance to your target, and it can be used to instantly move your self to a party member's cell by holding shift. Mostly useful if you're doing 2284.png Fatal Menace.
527.png Flip Tatami Flip Tatami gives your cell and adjacent cell in a cross shape, a pneuma effect with 3 second duration. As with pneuma, all ranged attacks will miss, including Hell's Judgment and Max Pain when it's more than 4 cell away from you. Althought after the 185 expansion patch, it's no longer able to be used above land protectors.
54.png Resurrection Copying Resurrection while being in a party allows you to Instantly Resurrect any party member with 80% Health, instead of resurrecting them with long cast-time and 10% health using Yggdrasil Leaf.
77.png Turn Undead Turn Undead can instantly kill a normal enemy with undead element with maximum 70% chance. It's useful for farming content with undead normal enemy, and when you're farming them, this would be your main skill.
88.png Frost Nova Frost Nova is an AoE Freeze with a rather high chance and high spammability. Useful as a panic button when something goes wrong when you're mobbing, or letting you take a breather if your usual rotation doesn't kill all the mobs instantly.
18.png Fire Wall Firewall gives a lot of magical damage in a span of milisecond, and you can have 3 of them active at the same time. Fastest magical damage hitting skill, followed by Ninja's 535.png Blaze Shield. Useful in Magical Build, used at the beginning of a battle to proc either Runaway Magic or Magic Storm.

Any other skill that are able to be copied with 225.png Plagiarism and aren't listed here can be found at Plagiarism


Skill Usage
2315.png Shield Spell Shield Spell Have Different Effect for each level and its effectiveness depends on the equipped shield's status. Use level 1 with Bradium Shield to add +98 Equip ATK for 5 Minute. Use Level 2 with +3 Gray Shield to get Magnificat for 6 Minutes. Use Level 3 with High Refine Shield(Any Shield) to either Heal for 28% HP(Base Level 185 and +9 Shield) or add +118 Hard DEF(Base Level 185 and +9 Shield)
2233.png Arrow Storm Arrow Storm can be used as a substitute to AoE Damage if you have problem getting up close. To be used effectively, you need to prepare Fancy Feather Hat and Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb as a Swap for when doing Arrow Storm. I Prefer to use Arrow Storm than Severe Rainstorm for General Mob Clearing.
2214.png Chain Lightning Similar to how Chain Lightning Warlock works, Useful in a party where you can reach 96% ACD, with a Sorcerer to severely boost Chain Lightning's Damage. Keep spamming this with instant-cast and high ACD Reduction after activating Runaway Magic/Magic Storm with Fire wall.
2211.png Crimson Rock Highest AoE Damage with a long cooldown, useful to clear high HP mobs, that's weak to fire. Specialized build similar to Crimson Rock Warlock using Illusion Bazerald , paired with 83.png Meteor Storm either by Manual-casting it or using Auto Shadow Spell when Crimson Rock is on Cooldown.
2418.png Severe Rainstorm Severe Rainstorm takes its skill multiplier from your total AGI and DEX, and in conjunction with 2288.png Triangle Shot that takes AGI for its skill multiplier, they're a perfect match. This Skill Deals 11 Hit AoE where each individual hit can trigger Autobonus like Hawk Eye . Personally i'd prefer spamming Triangle Shot rather than alternating to Severe Rainstorm every 7 second and for general mob clearing, Severe Rainstorm is often Overkill and you'll be left waiting for its cooldown to end before clearing other stack of mobs.
5006.png Magma Eruption Magma Eruption is the Melee version of Severe Rainstorm, where it inflict 11 Hit AoE where each individual hit can trigger Autobonus like Hawk Eye . It's best used if you're focusing on Fatal Menace and have some kind of autobonus to activate like Overpower . Again, i'd prefer spamming Fatal Menace rather than alternating to Magma Eruption every 5 second, and for general mob clearing, Fatal Menace should be enough.
2483.png Crazy Weed Crazy Weed is a useful skill to clear ground effects such as pneuma, land protector, or poison cloud. It's mostly used in PvP.
5001.png Dark Claw Dark Claw is a useful debuff for when most of your party members are melee(Star Emperor, GX, RK) and you're using Fatal Menace. The more player that benefit from this skill, the better it is to be copied.
2479.png Thorn Trap Thorn trap is a preferred skill to trap MVP or Mini Boss in place because unlike Ankle Snare, its duration doesn't get decreased by Target's AGI. Just Be careful not to use Fire Attack as it removes Thorn Trap.

Any other skill that are able to be copied with 2285.png Reproduce and aren't listed here can be found at Reproduce

Stat Influence

Unlike other classes, Shadow Chaser's stats can vary greatly depending on build and what you're trying to achieve.

Stat Notes
Strength [STR] STR affects your physical damage greatly when you're using melee weapon such as Sword or Daggers. It Also increases your weight capacity where, if combined with max gym pass, will allow you to carry a lot of consumables, ammunition, and varying swap equipments. Main status to increase damage of Fatal Menace build, get enough for Triangle Shot Build.
Agility [AGI] AGI affects your Attack Speed(ASPD), Evasion rate(FLEE), and a little soft DEF. Triangle Shot and Severe Rainstorm prioritize this stat as it derives its skill multiplier from the total amount of AGI you have. Fatal Menace Build also need a lot of AGI as it suffers from low Attack Speed by equipping a shield. Important for Magical Build as it helps you reach 193 ASPD, while also gives you the possibility of Switching to Triangle Shot when Needed.
Vitality [VIT] VIT affects your Max HP, soft DEF, and status resist such as Stun. Having an acceptable amount of this stat allows you to survive more hits, and combined with Shadow Chaser's high HP per VIT growth, doesn't make you a glass cannon damage dealer.
Intelligence [INT] INT affects your Max SP, magical damage, soft MDEF, and status resist such as Sleep. It's a somewhat important stat for Triangle Shot Build as it's both SP Consuming and being a Shadow Chaser without Lv.10 45.png Attention Concentrate, you'll have a hard time trying to instant cast. Fatal Menace build still need to get this stat but not as high as Triangle Shot build, because although it doesn't have a cast time, it does have a high SP consumption. Primary stats for Magical Build.
Dexterity [DEX] DEX affects your physical damage greatly when you're using Bows, it also increase you Attack Speed(ASPD) by a little, gives you HIT rate to be able to successfully hit your targets, and reduces your Cast Time. Triangle Shot Build Prioritize this because they need all that this stat can provide while Fatal Menace build gets this mostly for HIT Rate and a little ASPD. Useful for Magical Build as it helps you reach instant-cast.
Luck [LUK] LUK affects your ability to deal critical damage, and a little bit of here and there such as status ATK/MATK and FLEE. Not as important as other stat, except when you're trying to achieve more FLEE, or for left over Status Points.


In This Section, i'll explain about some important skills that i often use. Other skills that aren't listed here can be found on Shadow Chaser Skills

Thief Skills

Skill Notes
48.png Double Attack Allows you to deal Double Damage on Normal Attacks at 50% Chance. Max this.
49.png Improve Dodge Increases your FLEE Rate. Max this
51.png Hiding Hide your character from others. Aggresive monsters won't target you with the exception of Demon Race, Insect Race, and Boss-protocol Monsters. Using Smokie as a pet removes the exception of Demon Race and Insect Race, making you only detect-able by Boss-protocol Monsters. Allows you to not get hit from AoE skills targeted by a player, but not effective on AoE skills targeted by monsters. Not Really useful in PvM, use Chase Walk instead. Also as a prerquisite before being able to use Raid. Max This
53.png Detoxify Removes Poison status from a target. Useful for MH Garanth/Garronath as it clears 1 stack of poison. Get Level 1.
150.png Back Slide Moves you 4 cell behind where your character is facing. Useful to either move quickly or to escape a sticky situation. Be very careful when planning to spam this skill, as a character's battle sprite animation doesn't really show where your character is facing, you'll end up going to a wrong direction.

Rogue/Stalker Skills

Skill Notes
44.png Vulture's Eye Increases your attack range and HIT Rate while using bows. Max this.
46.png Double Strafe Shoots 2 arrows in a quick succession. ASPD based After-cast delay, doesn't have cast time, doesn't have cooldown, low sp cost. Useful skill when starting out as a Shadow Chaser and using Vigilante Set. More often than not when you've just begun to gear a Shadow Chaser and without an Old Shadow Handicraft, your Triangle Shot will be so weak, struggle with 0.5s After-cast delay, consume so much SP, and have a high cast time, making Spamming Double Strafe a better option as DPS. When your Triangle Shot Damage isn't at least 3 times higher than your Double Strafe Damage with the same equipment, i'd suggest using Double Strafe as your Single Target Skill instead. Get Level 10 if you're using this, and Level 7 when you're using Triangle Shot.
213.png Tunnel Drive Allows you to walk with a high movement speed penalty when using Hide. Not really useful for PvM, Use Chase-walk instead. Get Level 3 as Prerequisite for Chase Walk.
389.png Chase Walk Hide you character from others, while still allowing you to walk with 10% Movement Speed Penalty and leaving a footprint wherever you walk. Using this and staying in the Chase Walk State for 10 second gives you a maximum of +16 STR Bonus for 30 second or 5 Minute if you're Linked by Rogue Spirit with an added bonus of giving you a Movement Speed increase as high as Speed Potion/Guyak Pudding. Unlike Tunnel Drive, you use this skill directly instead of using Hide. Detection system follows Hide, and Smokie Pet will also remove some exception. Unlike Hide, you'll get hit from any kind of AoE Skills. Max This.
214.png Raid Deal Damage to a 7x7 Cell Around you and gives Non-Boss Protocol Targets 30% increase to all damage taken from any source for 10 second, while Boss Protocol Targets gets 15% increase to all damage taken from any source for 10 second. Need to be on Hide State, achieved by using Hide Skill and having the Hide Buff Icon. Cannot be used after Chasewalk as it doesn't give Hide State but Chase Walk State instead. A Very useful skill for when it is safe for you to get close to your target or if you can get out quick enough before taking a hit. You can use this every 10 second to increase damage of your other party members. Max this.
219.png Intimidate Deal damage to a single target and teleports both you and your target to a random coordinate together(Kidnapping). Only usable in maps that allows teleportation and doesn't teleport Boss. Useful skill to teleport one target randomly until you land in a safer area or an area with less monsters. Use this when you have trouble killing a single target while it is surrounded by many monster that are either hard to kill, or just plain annoying.
225.png Plagiarism Skill that allows you to copy 1st and 2nd class skills that deals damage to you with the exception of Trans 2nd Class Skill and Doram Skill. You can copy skills from other players in town by using the command @duel. Make sure you don't have Preserve buff, relogin if you want to remove it.
212.png Back Stab Moves you to the back of your target and deal damage. This skill deals double damage when used while equipping a Dagger. This skill deal a somewhat low damage, slow animation and also have both 0.5s After cast-delay and 0.5s Cooldown making it not be able to be spammed. It can't be used when you're on the same cell as your target, or when the other side of your target is occupied by an unwalkable cell. Get this to Level 5 just for Prerequisite.
390.png Reject Sword Gives you the ability to reflect 50% of ANY damage you take from monster, at 75% Chance. Every use gives you 3 reflect, reusing it refreshes the Reflect limit back to 3. Important survivability skill, no mob skill can kill you when this procs. Recast it everytime you have time to as it doesn't have a cast-time, nor a after-cast delay.
475.png Preserve Protects your copied skill via 225.png Plagiarism so it doesn't get overwritten when you're hit by a different skill for 10 Minutes. Dispelled upon death and log-out, and dispell-able by Sorcerer's Dispel Skill. Personally i always use this together with 390.png Reject Sword whenever possible, usually after death or before beginning a battle.
2.png Sword Mastery Increases your Damage when using Dagger or Sword. Only useful if you're using 2284.png Fatal Menace, Damage is quite noticeable. It will also be a staple skill for Triangle Shot Build when you plan to use Rogue Shadow Boots . Whenever i have Fatal Menace at Level 10, this skill is usually also at Level 10.
1005.png Close Confine Prevents you target from moving and gives you a bonus FLEE, cancelled in 10 second, when you move, or when you or your target uses a movement skill. Useful when tanking bosses like MH1's Celestial Tendrillion.

Shadow Chaser Skills

Skill Notes
2285.png Reproduce Skill that allows you to copy 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class Skills that deals damage to you. Some exception for 3rd class skill exist, skills that are added via the Level 175 Expansion isn't able to be copied. For more detail on which skills are able to be copied, see Reproduce. Use This skill to get a Reproduce buff > Get hit by the skill that you want to copy(even a "Miss" counts) > Use this skill again to remove the buff. Make sure you turn off the reproduce buff, otherwise you're going to copy any skill that hits you as long as the buff is active.
2286.png Auto Shadow Spell Allows you to autocast magical skills that are copied using 225.png Plagiarism when you're doing normal attack. It doesn't work with damage from skills, nor does it work with damage from reflect. Skills cast via Shadow Spell bypasses still gives cooldown and after-cast delay, but it doesn't prevent them from being proc-ed, it will just refresh its cooldown and after-cast delay. A Build dedicated to maximizing this skill's potential exists, but it's quite underwhelming and won't be covered in this guide.
2284.png Fatal Menace Melee 5x5 AoE Skill that doesn't have cast-time nor cooldown but have 0.5s ACD. Using a dagger makes it hits twice, effectively doubling your damage. It Deals a Decent damage, almost similar to GX's Rolling cutter. You'll need 72% ACD Reduction and 193 ASPD to achieve Fatal Menace's maximum spammability potential. Main AoE Damaging skill if you're Using Fatal Menace build.
2289.png Body Painting 5x5 AoE ASPD Debuff skill that also affect bosses. Consumes 1 Surface Paint , doesn't always succeed at landing the debuff(45% chance), and have a low duration(13s). Mostly used when Mobbing a lot of enemies, or when fighting Bosses and you're at melee range. Include this in your debuf Rotation right after using 214.png Raid. Increases survivability because enemies hits slower, and lowers boss' skill usage count as most skill are activated when attacking.
2288.png Triangle Shot Single Target Ranged Skill, have no cooldown, 1s cast time, 0.5s ACD, and 11-cell range. Highest Single Target Ranged Skill that is Comparable to Doram's Picky Peck. Scales off your Base Level and AGI. To Maximize this skill's potential, you'll need maximum 193 ASPD, 72% ACD Reduction, Fast/Instant Cast-time, and High enough AGI. This skill, while having a low skill multiplier even with high AGI(around 1000%), can be enhanced up to 275% by using Old Shadow Handicraft , AC-B44-OS , Shadow Chaser Shadow Gauntlet , Shadow Chaser Shadow Shield 's Combo Effect, and Vigilante Suit . Being a skill that scales off AGI, you'll get a huge damage boost when you're buffed with 5035.png Arclouse Dash and 29.png Increase Agility
5010.png Emergency Escape Ankle Snare and Backslide(9 Cell) in 1 Single Skill. Unlike Ranger's Ankle Snare, you don't need to worry about moving away from your enemy. Using this skill while an enemy is hitting you in close range, usually guarantee a successful trap, and being a skill without ACD, makes you able to instantly continue spamming skills. Work on bosses, can be used above Land Protector, and also as an instant movement skill. Use Maximum Level for lower Skill Cooldown. Be Careful not to Escape to a wrong direction. Combine this with 421.png Flying Side Kick if you want to continue hitting with melee skill.
2299.png Manhole A Niche Trap with 15s duration, where your trapped target won't be able to do anything other than use items(For Monsters, they won't be able to do anything, not even skills), won't be able to get targeted, and won't take damage from AoE Skills except Shadowform(But Shadowform doesn't work on monsters). Can be Used on Bosses, will also affect allies that step on it, but won't affect yourself. Effective usage would be when you have to wait out a Monster Buff such as AGIUP, need to take a breather when fighting bosses, allow allies to escape a sure kill skill like Stefan's Earthquake, or just a simple Hell's Judgment. I Usually have this only at level 1 for pre-requisite.
2301.png Chaos Panic A Trap that gives Chaos Effect to enemies that step on it, 15s Chaos Duration starts when target leaves the trapped cell. Affects bosses, needs to be placed on a clear 5x5 cell without any monster or player(Unwalkable Cell is okay). Quite hard to use as you can't place it below target, but useful to scatter enemies when on emergency, or just to let you do free ranged hits on affected mobs until said mob reaches a new target. Effective usage is to put it as emergency measure to scatter mobs when party is almost wiped, before a boss spawn when there's no tank available to let you score some free hits as the boss wander around trying to reach its target, or just to scatter MVP Slaves so that you can target the MVP easily. I Have this at Level 3 for Maximum Duration and as pre-requisite for Maelstrom.
2304.png Feint Bomb Backslide, makes you INVULNERABLE for 0.5s, then explodes dealing damage in 5x5 AoE centered around your casting position. Backslide, God-hide, and a bomb in 1 Skill. Called God-hide because during that 0.5s, all monster including bosses won't be able to see you, nothing can damage you including ground skills, any skill that targets you will lose target, you can still move without restriction, you can still use skills because it doesn't have ACD, and you can still use items freely. Damage scale with DEX, Skill Level, and is a Melee Skill. I Personally only have this skill at level 1 and use it as utility rather than as a Damaging skill because it have a long 6s cooldown and unless geared specifically for it using a high refine Twin Edge of Naght Sieger or a high refine Scalpel compunded with Three Gertie Wie Card , its damage is going to be lackluster.
2302.png Maelstrom A Pocket 288.png Land Protector that have 2s Variable Cast Time, and 2s After-cast delay. Can be cast below enemies or allies, but not when there's any Ground Skill under it. It absorbs ground skills like Meteor Storm, Pneuma, or Safety Wall when it's cast on top of it, but can't be used to erase and already existing ground skill unlike Land Protector. Useful as an Utility skill if you can react fast enough to monster's skill casting, or when you can predict that a skill is going to be cast in said location. I Usually have this at Level 1 if my battle involves moving a lot, and level 3 if my battle occurs in one place, because you can't have 2 maelstrom active at the same time, making a 21s maelstrom unsuitable for a moving battle like Bio5.
2303.png Blood Lust Gives allies that step on it an effect similar to 359.png Berserk, useful for supporting classes that auto-attacks and doesn't rely on skill casting like Critical GX. To Monsters, it somehow disables them from using skills, need more tests. Have 21s Duration and 3 Minute Cooldown. Doesn't Affect the Caster.
5014.png Full Throttle Gives you full HP Recovery and +20% Extra Stats. Get this if you have extra skill points. I Personally use it only as an emergency HP Restore but rarely.


Currently i've already explored 3 Basic Build, and 2 Hybrid Build. I'm Mostly using Trishot/Fatal Menace Followed by Chain Lightning/Trishot While Pure Fatal Menace being the Least Used, Pure Trishot only for Farming, and Pure Chain Lightning only when Hybrid Build doesn't have enough Tanking Capabilities. Here you'll find details about how i've played those builds including usage of Stat Points, Skill Points, Copied Skills, and Equipments. For Hybrid Build, Playstyle will mostly follow the first build that's mentioned(Triangle Shot/Fatal Menace is Mainly Triangle Shot Playstyle) and for equipments, just put Each of those Basic build's Gear into the Swap Gear Interface, and Switch accordingly.

Triangle Shot Build

Art Illustration

A Build that Focuses on Maximizing Single Target Damage. Playstyle will be similar to Picky Peck Doram, Aimed Bolt Ranger, or Banishing Point RG where you strive to achieve the highest DPS possible against a single target. You'll have a a lot of Survivability Skills as Opposed to Doram and Ranger, You won't be able to hit monsters that uses AGIUP, Unlike Banishing Point that doesn't have ACD, You'll need to get ACD Reduction either from Equipments or 321.png A Poem of Bragi. Positioning is important!

Buffs that you'll be using are 475.png Preserve, 390.png Reject Sword, 2315.png Shield Spell(If you really don't need AoE Skill, otherwise copy either 2233.png Arrow Storm or 2418.png Severe Rainstorm), 45.png Attention Concentrate from Abusive Robe , and 29.png Increase Agility either from City Map or Guarana Candy . Battle Strategy is just like usual Ranged Damage Dealer. Stay away from targets, spamming 2288.png Triangle Shot from afar, while using 7.png Magnum Break every 10s, refreshing 45.png Attention Concentrate every 1 Minute, and Switching Arrows for Elemental Advantage.

On Emergency or when you get targeted, use 2304.png Feint Bomb to either just shift the target to another ally, or to have 0.5s invulnerability where you think your next step, continue on with 150.png Back Slide to increase distance travelled and escape completely. On 1v1 Emergency, use 5010.png Emergency Escape to trap your attacker and proceed Hitting. If you can take a few hits and can do it fast enough, do the Rotation 51.png Hiding > 214.png Raid > 2289.png Body Painting/7.png Magnum Break before using either 2304.png Feint Bomb or 5010.png Emergency Escape to give enemy an incoming damage increase debuff while also preparing your skill with damage increase buff.

Use Maelstrom offensively to prevent enemy from using ground skill such as 25.png Pneuma, or defensively to protect yourself from ground skill such as 83.png Meteor Storm. Although quite tricky, Use Chaos Panic to scatter mobs and do some free hits when there's no tank available. Ready to resurrect important party member with Yggdrasil Leaf and either 5014.png Full Throttle or Yggdrasil Berry as a Panic Button. 389.png Chase Walk to position yourself when fighting normal mobs combined with Smokie Egg to be undetectable by Insect and Demon monsters.

Hotkey Arrangement

Triangle Shot Hotkey Arrangement
Trishot Hotkey.PNG Smartcast on Magnum Break and Triangle Shot

Gray Shield[Alice] as an Emergency Swap

Bradium Shield for 2315.png Shield Spell Level 1

Abusive Robe for 45.png Attention Concentrate

Drosera Herb Stew as a Placebo 378.png Echant Deadly Poison Exclusive for 2288.png Triangle Shot.

Stat Build

  • STR 20+ (Just enough for Weight Capacity)
  • AGI 130 (For Maximum Triangle Shot Damage)
  • VIT 80+ (More Survivability, Prevents Status Effect and Reduces its Duration)
  • INT 100 (Helps Casting Speed, Maximum SP, and SP Regeneration)
  • DEX 120 (Enough for Ancient Wootan Shooter/Menblatt Bonus)
  • LUK 1 (Not Really Important)

Skills Build

Triangle Shot Skills
2nd Job Skills 3rd Job Skills
SC Trishot Skill 2.PNG SC Trishot Skill 3.PNG
Plagiarism Reproduce

7.png Magnum Break 527.png Flip Tatami 54.png Resurrection

2315.png Shield Spell 2233.png Arrow Storm 2418.png Severe Rainstorm 2479.png Thorn Trap

Gear Build

Triangle Shot Gear
2nd Job Skills 3rd Job Skills

Fatal Menace Build

Stat Build

  • STR 120 (Maximum Fatal Menace Damage, Weight Capacity for Potions)
  • AGI 110 (Helps Reach 193 ASPD, Flee, and Soft Defense)
  • VIT 100 (More Survivability, Prevents Status Effect and Reduces its Duration)
  • INT 80+ (Helps with Maximum SP, and SP Regeneration, and Prevents Status Effect)
  • DEX 100 (Helps Reach 193 ASPD, Enough HIT, and Prevents Status Effect)
  • LUK 1 (Not Really Important)

Skills Build

Fatal Menace Skills
2nd Job Skills 3rd Job Skills
SC Fatal Menace Skill 2.PNG SC Fatal Menace Skill 3.PNG
Plagiarism Reproduce

7.png Magnum Break 421.png Flying Side Kick 54.png Resurrection

2315.png Shield Spell 5001.png Dark Claw 5006.png Magma Eruption 2483.png Crazy Weed

Gear Build

Fatal Menace Gear
2nd Job Skills 3rd Job Skills

Chain Lightning Build

Stat Build

  • STR 1+ (Magic Build doesn't really need Weight Capacity)
  • AGI 100 (Just Enough for 193 ASPD)
  • VIT 80+ (More Survivability, Prevents Status Effect and Reduces its Duration)
  • INT 130 (Maximum Chain Lightning Damage, Helps Casting Speed, Maximum SP, and SP Regeneration)
  • DEX 120 (Helps Reach Instant Cast)
  • LUK 1 (Not Really Important)

Skills Build

Chain Lightning Skills
2nd Job Skills 3rd Job Skills
SC Chain Lightning Skill 2.PNG SC Chain Lightning Skill 3.PNG
Plagiarism Reproduce

18.png Fire Wall 527.png Flip Tatami 535.png Blaze Shield 54.png Resurrection 88.png Frost Nova

2214.png Chain Lightning

Gear Build

Chain Lightning Gear
2nd Job Skills 3rd Job Skills

Triangle Shot/Fatal Menace Hybrid Build

Stat Build

  • STR 40~60 (Helps Fatal Menace Damage, Enough Weight Capacity)
  • AGI 120+ (Triangle Shot Damage, Helps Reaching 193 ASPD, Enough FLEE)
  • VIT 80~90 (More Survivability, Prevents Status Effect and Reduces its Duration)
  • INT 90~100 (Helps Casting Speed, Maximum SP, and SP Regeneration)
  • DEX 120 (Enough for Ancient Wootan Shooter/Menblatt Bonus)
  • LUK 1 (Not Really Important)

Skills Build

Triangle Shot/Fatal Menace Hybrid
2nd Job Skills 3rd Job Skills
SC Trishot Fatal Menace Skill 2.PNG SC Trishot Fatal Menace Skill 3.PNG

7.png Magnum Break 527.png Flip Tatami 54.png Resurrection 88.png Frost Nova

2315.png Shield Spell 2479.png Thorn Trap 2483.png Crazy Weed

Chain Lightning/Triangle Shot Hybrid Build

Stat Build

  • STR 20+ (Enough Weight Capacity)
  • AGI 120 (Triangle Shot Damage, Helps Reaching 193 ASPD, Enough FLEE)
  • VIT 70+ (Enough Survivability, Prevents Status Effect and Reduces its Duration)
  • INT 120 (Chain Lightning Damage, Helps Casting Speed, Maximum SP, and SP Regeneration)
  • DEX 120 (Enough for Ancient Wootan Shooter/Menblatt Bonus, Helps Reach Instant Cast)
  • LUK 1 (Not Really Important)

Skills Build

Chain Lightning/Triangle Shot Hybrid
2nd Job Skills 3rd Job Skills
SC Trishot Chain Lightning Skill 2.PNG SC Trishot Chain Lightning Skill 3.PNG
Plagiarism Reproduce

7.png Magnum Break 18.png Fire Wall 527.png Flip Tatami 535.png Blaze Shield

2214.png Chain Lightning


Monster Hunter 2

Damage Dealer


Halloween's Trickster King

Old Glast Heim

Geffen Magic Tournament

Sky Fortress

Nightmarish Jitterbug

Horror Toy Factory

Bios Island

Morse Cave

Tips, Trick, Experiments

Magnum Break Animation Cancel

100% Success Chasewalk


Lv 1 - Lv 99

  • Lv 1 - Lv 30
    • Archers are pretty simple to level, kill a few Porings, Fabres, and Lunatics till you get Archer job then proceed to wack a few more low leveled monsters till you can use double strafe and proceed to kill Zombies and Skeletons in Payon Dungeon. Equipping 1 Fire Arrow is sure way to level quickly.
  • Lv 30 - Lv 71
    • Make sure to have 47.png Arrow Shower at max level and use 1 Fire Arrow to kill large mobs. Be careful when doing this at an earlier stage as they can kill the Bard if you get surrounded. If you wish fro a starting set of equipment when you get between Lv 50 - Lv 59 you may go join Eden group and do Instructor Boya's Eden Equipment Quest in Orc Dungeon: Talk to the Eden Group Member outside of Orc Dungeon before you start hunting Orc Zombies and Orc Skeletons. When you've completed them, report to the Eden Group Member then to instructor Boya. You will receive your second set of Eden Equipment from Administrator Michael in the room behind the Blue Door. The Blue Door is located just above a red haired NPC named Reno.
  • Lv 71 - 79
    • When you reach level 71 come back to eden and talk to the Eden quest board labeled: Mission [ 71 - 85 ] and take Wraith and Evil Druid Quests. Afterwards do Instructor Ur's Eden Equipment Quest in Glast Heim. Make sure to use the warper and choose Glast Heim -> Glast Heim St. Abbey. Talk to Johan to get the quests and proceed to kill all the mobs you come across. You can kill most mobs there with 1 Fire Arrow as well.
  • Lv 85 - Lv 114
    • Level range to join the first bracket of Gramps quests. Note that Gramps quests are rotated at the start of every month. You can also hunt them outside of Gramps map. Use the @whereis (monster name) command to find out where a monster spawns.
  • Lv 91 - Lv 99
    • I highly suggest doing Siroma, Stapo, and Roween quests here as they are the fastest and easiest to do. Though I would really just focus on gramps.

Lv 100+

  • 175 - 185
    • This is the level range for the fourth bracket of Gramps quest.
    • Instead of gramps you can also join Magma 3 parties and hopefully get a Lava Leather equipment.

to be continued...