Cursed Spirit Quest

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Base Level: 60
Starting Point: Bio Labs
Items: 1  Handcuffs
1  Glass Bead
1  Bouquet
5  Holy Waters
 Grampa Beard
 Geek Glasses
Experience: -
Items: 1  Old Blue Box
10  Speed Potions
Others: Access to Dangerous Rumors.
  1. Talk to the Warper > Dungeon > Bio Labs.
  2. While equipping  Handcuffs, go to one of the locations found on the map below (/navi lhz_dun01 225/198). You will receive a new quest The Enterprise (if you've already done this part, you will get cursed instead).
    Cs 01.png
  3. Go to Lighthalzen (@go 20) and move to the slum area (/navi lighthalzen 265/200). Keep speaking to the NPC until he moves you to the other side.
    Cs 02.png
  4. Find and go to the following locations (only one player can speak with the hidden NPC at a time), a popup will appear:
    • /navi lighthalzen 344/278
    • /navi lhz_in03 178/22
    • /navi lighthalzen 295/227
    • /navi lighthalzen 364/315
    Cs 03.png
  5. Speak with the Elder (/navi lighthalzen 346/263) while having  Handcuffs in your inventory and select Um, burden...?.
    Cs 04.png
  6. Enter the Rekenber Headquarters (/navi lighthalzen 103/244) by going to the top left building in Lighthalzen.
  7. Move up until a dialogue pops up (/navi lhz_in01 113/150).
    Cs 05.png
  8. Talk with the Representative up ahead (/navi lhz_in01 114/181) and ask her about the Corporation History.
    Cs 06.png
  9. Head towards the Library (/navi lhz_in01 27/247).
    • Talk to the Representative twice, asking about both corporation history and Rekenber's businesses.
    • Then click on the Rekenber Guidebook nearby.
    Cs 07.png
  10. Find another spirit at /navi lhz_in01 272/227, on the second floor.
    • This step must be done after step 9.
    Cs 08.png
  11. Go back and speak with the Rekenber Guard at /navi lhz_in01 35/226. You'll have to wear the  Grampa Beard and the  Geek Glasses.
    Those items can be bought from the Lighthalzen shop (/navi lighthalzen 201/162). Speak with the Toy Supplier on the upper area at (/navi lhz_in02 87/208).
    Cs 09.png
  12. Once you're inside, enter the portal on the right and move right more (/navi lhz_in01 206/129). You will trigger a dialogue and be warped in a different room. Once inside, speak with either NPC to trigger a dialogue. You'll then be warped back to the lab.
    • If you cannot trigger the warp to the room, repeat step 10.
  13. Move out of the room by going in the left portal and then go in the south portal. Speak with the Mad Scientist.
    • Select Do you need any help?
    • Speak with him again and select Let me speak with you.
    • Speak with him a third time (you will need a  Glass Bead) and select Why do you want Glass Beads? > Ask about work > What kind of research? > Um, what are you testing on?
    Cs 010.png
  14. Leave the room and go to the portal north (/navi lhz_in01 282/166), you will be warped to another map.
  15. Speak with the NPC in the room and it will trigger a dialogue. You will get an  Old Pendant.
    Cs 011.png
  16. Go back to Lighthalzen and speak with the Elder again (/navi lighthalzen 346/263). After showing him the Old Pendant, he will ask you to bring him the following items:
  17. Speak to the Elder again once you've brought the items he asked for.
  18. Walk north and enter the house at (/navi lighthalzen 319/321). Speak with the Crippled Girl (/navi lhz_in03 32/162) and watch out for your answers! You will need to do extra steps if you choose the wrong option.
    Select Show her the Pendant. > Break it to her gently > Distract her.
    If you used the wrong option and got warped out, keep going back until you're allowed to go back in and speak with the Crippled Girl again.
    Cs 012.png
  19. Walk out of the room (don't use @go) and it will trigger a dialogue.
    Cs 013.png
  20. Go back to Rekenber Headquarters (@go 20, /navi lhz_in01 286/226) and talk to Secretary Slierre.
    • Ask About the Slums.
    • Talk to her again and ask About the Laboratory.
    • Speak with her for a third time and select Wolfchev's Research > I'm a friend of his > W-Wait! > About Wolfchev's Research > Wolfchev's Test Subjects > His experiments are suspicious... > Show Evidence > What's Regenschirm up to? > Yes
    • Keep talking to her until she rewards you with an  Old Blue Box and 10  Speed Potions.
    Cs 014.png
  21. You have completed the quest! You can now begin Dangerous Rumors.