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Here you can see the various headgears that NovaRO has to offer!


Image Name Slot Ingredients Location NPC
20082.png Costume Metal Dragon Hat Top 100 Blue Bijou

100 Red Bijou

100 Yellow Bijou

1200 Dragon Skin

3 Fire Dragon Scale

1 Blue Acidus Card

1 Gold Acidus Card


/navi newvending 153/52


Travelling Merchant

ElvenEars.png Ancient Elven Ears Middle 1 Elven Ears

100 Angel Magic Powder

50 White Powder

35 Star Dust

5 Yggdrasil Dust

1 Scarlet Dyestuffs

1 White Dyestuffs

MINIMAP Ancient Elven Ears.png

/navi eclage 257/154



DuxTiaTiara.png Dux Tia Tiara Top 150 Star Dust

250 Dented Iron Plate

1 Circlet (1)

1 Crown (1)

1 Transparent Plate

1 Transparent Plate

1 Transparent Plate

1 Transparent Plate


/navi dali02 108/71


/navi dali 59/99


R. Moreira

LadysFeatherHat.png Lady's Feather Hat Top 300 Feather

200 Fabric

50 Soft Silk

5 Heavenly Maiden Robe (1)

1 Crown of Ancient Queen


/navi comodo 210/85



Droopingsuccubus.jpg Drooping Succubus Top 1 Incubus Horn

1 Succubus Horn

1 Ancient Cape

50 Girl's Naivety

50 Boy's Pure Heart

/navi gefenia01 38/111 Exhausted Succubus


Image Name Slot Stats Ingredients Location NPC
18709.png Black Knitted Hat Top MaxSP +100 500 Feather Of Birds

150 Yarn

100 Tiger Panty

5 Ba Gua

942,097 zeny


/navi man_fild03 202/90



18652 .png Vanargand Helm Upper MDEF + 5

If refine is below 5, adds a chance to

absord 1% HP and SP when dealing damage.

If refined to +5 or +6, absorb 3% HP and 1% SP.

If refined to +7, absorb 5% HP and 2% SP.

If refined to +8, absorb 5% HP and 2% SP

with higher chances.

If refined to +9 or above, absorb 8% HP

and 4% SP with higher rates.

1 Temporal Boots Of Strength[1]

1 Giant Snake Skin[1]

1 Valkyrja's Shield

1 WoE Robe

1 Thara Frog Card

500 Mega White Potions

20,000,000 zeny

@go bg > 176/156 18652.png

Retired Champion

5288.png Red Glasses Middle Magic Defense +5. 250 Red Frame

5 Forbidden Red Candle

1 Angled Glasses

1 Binoculars

850,000 zeny


/navi lighthalzen 96/125


Fashionable Lady

5184.png Captain's Hat Top Adds 5% tolerance to Water Property attacks. 250 Soft Silk

3 Aquamarine

100 Solid Trunk

1 Boy's Cap (1)


/navi verus04 158/220


Captain Joe Johnson

CherryTwig.png Cherry Twig in Mouth Lower Damage to plant

type monster +2%

200 Thin Trunk

30 Beautiful Flower

50 White Herb

MINIMAP Cherry Twig in Mouth.jpg

/navi amatsu 259/191



DonutInMouth.png Donut In Mouth Lower MaxHP +100

Recover 1 HP

every 10 seconds

100 Flexible Tube

150 Mud Lump

200 Sticky Mucus

MINIMAP Donut in mouth.jpg

/navi einbech 143/86


Filthy Baker

FishInMouth.png Fish in Mouth Lower When the wearer kills a monster, they

will get a low chance to drop Fresh Fish.

Increases 25% of recover rate of Fresh Fish. 

10 Rotten Fish

300 Fish Tail

200 Ancient Tooth

5 Cobaltblue Dyestuffs

MINIMAP Fish in mouth.jpg

/navi alberta 212/29


Seafood Aficionado

FlowerCrown.png Flower Crown Upper MDEF +5

MaxSP +50

10 Four Leaf Clover

10 Illusion Flower

200 Tough Vines

200 Soft Blade of Grass

1 Holy Water

50 Aloe Leaflet

50 Hinalle Leaflet

MINIMAP Flower Crown.png

/navi brasilis 238/326


Futbol Girl Denise

FoxHat.png Fox Hat Middle & Lower AGI +1, Perfect Dodge +2. 10 Deadly Noxious Herb

1 Fox Mask

50 Poison Herb Rantana

1 Red Silk Seal

MINIMAP Fox Mask.png

/navi ama_fild01 355/136



GangsterScarf.png Gangster Scarf Lower ATK +5 1 Gangster Mask

1 Scarlet Dyestuffs

1 Sucsamad

1 Amethyst

50 Burning Hearts

30,000 z

MINIMAP Gangster Scarf.png

/navi gef_tower 70/172


Gangster Mage

MusketeerHat.png Musketeer Hat (1) Upper DEX +3, Flee +3

If refined to +7, increase ranged physical attack by 3%, Flee +3.

If refined to +9, increase ranged physical attack by an additional 2%, Flee +4.

1 Hat [1]

50 Golden Feather

100 Soft Feather

30 Round Feather

2 Scarlet Dyestuffs

15 Soft Silk

1 Rapier [3]

MINIMAP Musketeer Hat.jpg

/navi alberta 176/211


Musketeer Lucan

NekomimiHat.png Neko Mimi Hat Upper LUK +2

MDEF +10

Reduce 5% of damage taken

from Brute monsters

1 Kitty Band

15 Black Cat Doll

50 Cat's Eye

30 Fur

75 Leopard Skin

100 Animal Skin

MINIMAP Neko Mimi Hat.jpg

/navi aldebaran 230/164



OrangeInMouth.png Orange in Mouth Lower - 300 Orange

10 Orange Juice

10 Orange Dyestuff

MINIMAP Orange in Mouth.jpg

/navi umbala 133/137


Chef Whiskers

PecopecoHairband.png Pecopeco Hairband Upper Increases Movement Speed

Decreases ASPD by 10%

(After attack delay decreases by 5%)

Variable Cast Time by 25%

1000 PecoPeco Feather

1 PecoPeco Egg Card

1 PecoPeco Card


MINIMAP Pecopeco Hairband.png

/navi yuno_fild08 261 157



PuppyHat.png Puppy Hat Upper AGI +1

Auto casts Gloria Lv1 with low

percent chance; if AGI is over

77, the cast increases to Lv3

3 Puppy Headband

750 Golden Hair

1 Hair Band

MINIMAP Puppy Hat.jpg

/navi lighthalzen 96/167



RidewordHat.png Rideword Hat (1) Upper When physically melee attacking,

there is a 5% chance to recover 8%

of your damage as HP

When physically melee attacking,

there is a 1% chance to recover 4%

of your damage as SP

Drains 10 HP every 5 seconds while


If refined to +9 or higher, the HP

and SP recovery is doubled

100 Worn Out Page

2 Book of Billows

2 Book of Mother Earth

1 Book of the Blazing Sun

1 Book of Gust of Wind

200 Bookclip in Memory

MINIMAP Rideword Hat.jpg

/navi c_tower1 257/37



SoftSheepHat.png Soft Sheep Hat Upper - 1 Majestic Goat

250 Fluff

100 White Powder

75 Yarn

50 Fur

5 White Dyestuffs

2 Glass Bead

MINIMAP Soft Sheep Hat.png

/navi hugel 115/194



SpiritWhispers.png Spirit Whispers Middle MDEF +3

Increases resistance against Demon and

Angel monsters by 1%

When killing a Demon monster, there's

a chance of obtaining 'Holy Water'

When killing an Angel monster, there's

a chance of obtaining 'Cursed Water'

75 Cloud Crumb

75 Crystal Fragment

50 Holy Water

15 Crystalized Teardrop

1 Ghost Bandana

MINIMAP Spirit Whispers.png

/navi gef_dun02 54/159


Fading Soul

SyringeInMouth.png Syringe in Mouth Lower - 500 Cactus Needle

50 Broken Needle

5 Scarlet Dyestuffs

MINIMAP Syringe in Mouth.jpg

/navi veins 185/280


Sketchy Woman

TirayaBonnet.png Tiraya Bonnet(1) Upper LUK +3

A striped hat worn by drifters who

consider themselves lucky.

MaxHP increases with each refine level.

500 Black Bear Skin

150 Piece of Black Cloth

1 Striped Hairband

75 Striped Sock

2 Black Dyestuffs

300 Comodo Leather

MINIMAP Tiraya Bonnet.jpg

/navi moc_para01 105/98



Wickebine.png Wickebine's Black Cat Ears Upper Increases critical attack

damage by 10%

Adds 5% chance magical defense ignored

for 5 seconds when dealing magical damage

FLEE + 10

500 Black Cat Doll

100 Handcuffs

1 Fortune Sword

1 Black Cat Ears


MINIMAP Wickebine Black Cat Ears.jpg

/navi veins 108/63



HuntingCap.png Hunting Cap (1) Upper LUK + 1

Increase physical damage inflicted on

Brute monsters by 10%; magical damage on Brute

monsters by 5%

1 Boy's Cap

250 Fur

300 Black Bear Skin

2 Darkgreen Dyestuffs


MINIMAP Hunting Cap.jpg

/navi tur_dun01 233/70


Rabbit Hunter

Bird Nest.png Bird Nest Upper Agi +2

Adds 10% tolerance to the Animal monsters.

200 Elder Branch

300 Fine-grained Trunk

400 Strong Vine

1 Stem of Nepenthes [2]

Bird Nest Quest Mini Map.png

/navi spl_fild02 25/267


Nesting Bird

Pagdayaw.png Pagdayaw Upper, Middle, Lower Adds 1% of resistance to Water, Wind, Fire property.

Curse an enemy with 3% of probability when you attack. 

1 Golden Gear

25 Ruby

25 Soft Feather

1 Oridecon Hammer


Pagdayaw Quest minimap.png

/navi ein_dun01 42/268

Jace Johson.png

Jace Johson

Happy Mask Salesman

The Happy Mask Salesman has set up shop in the basement of Geffen Tower /navi gef_tower 165/78. He crafts various masks but before that, you must create a "Wondrous Mask" first. The ingredients are:

After creating the "Wondrous Mask," your character will be able to create the following masks.

Image Name Slot Stats Ingredients
18581.png Red Tiger Mask Top - Middle STR +3, MaxHP +100. Cannot be refined. 100 Soft Silk

1 Red Silk Seal

400 Spool

5 Scarlet Dyestuffs

2,499,995 Zeny

20399.png Costume Crow Tengu Mask Middle N/A 100 Soft Silk

1 Ba Gua

200 Round Feather

5 Black Dyestuffs

2,499,995 Zeny

20300.png Costume Hill Wind Mask Top - Middle - Bottom N/A 100 Soft Silk

1 Fantastic Cooking Kit

250 Harpy Talon

250 Harpy Feather

2,499,995 Zeny

5485.png Tiger Face Top - Middle - Bottom Decrease damage from Brute monsters by 5%.

Physical and Magical attack strength against Brute monsters +5%.

100 Soft Silk

1 Tiger's Footskin

300 Leopard Skin

5 Orange Dyestuffs

2,499,995 Zeny

18524.png Dokkebi Mask Middle - Bottom Increase damage against Angel monsters by 5%.

When receiving physical or magic attack, chance to cause Silence on the attacker.

100 Soft Silk

1 Spectral Spear

500 Dokebi Horn

5 Scarlet Dyestuffs

2,499,995 Zeny

Plushie Claw Hats

The Plushie Claw machine is only available during the Summer Festival event.

Image Name Slot
Zaha Doll Hat Top
Lady Tanee Doll Top
Alice Doll Top
Incarnation Of Morocc Doll Top
Drooping Neko Crew Top
Drooping Alicel Top
Drooping Boto Top
Costume: Drooping Aliot Top
Costume: Drooping Kiehl Top
Little Angel Doll Top

Cash Shop Hats

Spring Pack


Image Name Slot
29610.png Costume: Wind of the Prairie Top
29611.png Costume: Galanthus Guard Top
29612.png Costume: Nostalgic Sakura Top
29613.png Costume: Full Bloom Hairpin Top
29614.png Costume: White Lily Top
29615.png Costume: Heaven Cage Top

Valentine's Day Pack


Image Name Slot
Valentine Hat Top
Heart Ribbon Hairband Top
Heart Wing Headband Top
Love Piece Top
Costume: Heart Blue Eyebandge Middle
Costume: Heart Pink Eyebandge Middle
Carnation Hairband Top
Heart Ribbon Hairband Top
Scarlet Rose Bottom
Poring Letter Bottom

Costume Steampunk Box


Image Name Slot
Costume: Mechanical Wing Hairband Top
Costume: Steampunk Hat Top
Costume: Silver Sniper Doll Top
Costume: Magic Decoy Doll Top

Halloween Egg


Image Name Slot
Judge Hat Top - Middle
Wanderer's Sakkat Top - Middle
Rising Black Dragon Top
Ancient Horns Top
Skull Hood Top - Middle
Headphones Deviruchi Top
Grim Reaper Protection Bottom
Image 067.png Marionette Handles Top
Costume Gram Peony Top

Cyber Egg

Image Name Slot
Costume Crimson Booster Middle
Costume Charleston Antenna Middle
Costume Nekomimi Cyber Headphone Top
Costume Seraph Wing Helm Top
Costume Analyze Eye Lower
Costume New Wave Sunglasses Middle
Costume CD in Mouth Lower
Costume Baron's Evil Eye Middle
Costume Magical Booster Middle
Costume: Hunting Cap Of Gust Top

Kafra Doll Box


Image Name Slot
Glaris Doll Hat Top
Defolty Doll Hat Top
Sorin Doll Hat Top
Telling Doll Hat Top
Bennit Doll Hat Top
W Doll Hat Top

Zoo hat Box


Image Name Slot
Elephant Model Hat Top
Gorilla Model Hat Top
Lion Model Hat Top
Rhino Model Hat Top
Sloth Hat Top

Assorted Headgear Box


Image Name Slot
Electric Sunglass Middle
3D Glasses Middle
Long Tongue Lower
Teardrop Middle
Abacus In Mouth Lower

Military Headgear Box


Image Name Slot
Samurai Mask Lower
Parade Hat Top
Abysmal Knight Helm Top
Dragon General Helm Top
Trident Helmet Top

Springtime Hat Box


Image Name Slot
Moon Rabbit Hat Top
Bunny Top Hat Top
Blazing Sun Top
Chicken Hat Top
Sakura Milk Tea Hat Top

Springtime Hat Box


Image Name Slot
Bandit Beard Bottom
Stem In Mouth Bottom
Umbala Spirit Bottom
Blood Sucker Bottom
Sweetheart Gum Of Mouth Bottom