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Damage refers to a Monster Hunter: The Savage Coast mechanic or behavior. It is only applicable to High Rank Hunts.

Damage is one of the roles you can get before departing in High Rank Hunts, via Role Manager in 'The Wyvern' (162/196). Its main focus is bestowing players with the ability to deal more powerful attacks.

Limitations: None
Class Restrictions: None


Skill Type Properties Description
Mh100003.png Battle Trance Supportive
  • Max Level: 1
  • Target: Self
  • Duration: 58 seconds
  • Cooldown on success: 65 seconds
  • Cooldown on failure: 10 seconds

Enter into Battle Trance.

Activate the skill again at the appropriate time to receive the following effects:

  • Reduces After Cast Delay by 30%.
  • Increases all damage dealt by 7%.
Mh100004.png Subdued Strikes Supportive
  • Max Level: 1
  • Target: Self
  • Duration: 20 seconds
  • Cooldown: 80 seconds

As an experienced Hunter you have learned the ability to subdue your attacks to be able to deal damage while not attracting as much attention as you normally would.

  • Generate 80% less Aggro for the duration.
Mh100005.png Death Wish Supportive
  • Max Level: 1
  • Target: Self
  • Duration: 20 seconds
  • Cooldown: 120 seconds

Your spirit is enkindled, bringing out the strength of your primal self,and igniting your reckless warrior spirit!

  • Deal 25% increased damage to all enemies, but receive 40% more damage from all sources.
Mh100006.png Find Weakness Passive
  • Max Level: 1

Your keen eye has taught you to attack whereever a monster is most vulnerable.

  • You deal 3% increased damage to all targets.

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