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Damage is one of is one of the roles you can get in Monster Hunter 2 (MH2) via Role Manager (162, 196) in The Wyvern. Damage role allows players to deal more powerful attacks while exposing themselves, as well as giving them protection from their vulnerability. Damage role is not capped at MH2 party and can be taken by any class.


Skill Skill Type Info
Battle Trance Active Enter Battle Trance Mode. Activate the skill again at the right timing to gain 30% After Cast Delay reduction and 10% damage boost
  • 60 seconds duration
  • 60 seconds cooldown on success, 15 seconds cooldown on failure
Subdued Strikes Active Generate 80% less aggro within the duration
  • 20 seconds duration
  • 120 seconds cooldown
Death Wish Active Boosts your damage by 25%, but increases damage taken by 40%
  • 15 seconds duration
  • 180 seconds cooldown
Find Weakness Passive Boosts your damage by 10%