DanielHasnan300's Guide On Hybrid GX

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Guillotine Cross Alterante
Job Base: Assassin/Assasssin Cross
Written By: DanielHasnan300
Job Bonuses
8 10 6 5 8 1


Hi Guys,Im Daniel.This is my guide on hybrid GX. You are probably thinking,What is a hybrid? Well a hybrid build is basically 2 builds working together efficiently(another word is;Versatility). In this Guide,I will be explaining they hybrid of RC(Rolling cutter) and Crit(Referring to auto attack). Just saying. I know some of you are thinking,"Can RC Crit?" the answer is no.

About me

My ign is DanielHasnan300,you guys can find me online most of the time. Im a student and i have played Ro since I was 6. I am very passionate about GX. This has been my favorite build for my favorite character.Any questions? tag me in the novaRO discord. @Daniel Hasnan 300


Str-This stat is a primary damage source. Stat increases Damage,weight limit and Def.

Agi-The main defence stat,(must for this build) increases Perfect Dodge and Aspd(attack speed).

Vit-This is not the primary stat for this build,but it is important.It gives more Hp,Defence,Regen and gives stun immunity when bonus and raw stats are total to 100.

Int-This stat is NOT NECESSARY for GX,This stat increases Sp,Sp regen and MDEF.

Dex-This stat is important for this build since you need hit for RC(rolling cutter) This stat increases Hit, slight aspd, and attack.

Luk-The most important stat of this build. Increases Crit damage,Crit rate, Perfect dodge and a little Hit and Attack.


These are skills that are a must in This Build. Take note these skills are very,VERYimportant.

First Job(theif)

Skill Notes
Incdodge.png Increase Dodge Increases Flee, up to a +30 flee rate at first job and +40 bonus at 2nd job. Must have skill.
2attack.png Double Attack Gives chance to double swing a Dagger class weapon with a chance equal to (50)%, and adds +1 HIT per Skill lvl. This skill is a must for this build,required to do maximum dps.
Envenom.png Envenom Active skill (ATK + 150 at max level) that has a chance to Poison the enemy (up to 50%). Is required for the advanced Poison skills later on, This skill is also usefull for leveling up.(This skill is useless on boss monsters.)
Detoxify.png Detoxify Cures the Poison status. It's a free, unlimited Green Herb, get it just dont forget about it.(just saying because i do sometimes)
Hiding.png Hiding Makes the character invisible to players and monsters (except Insect, Demon, and Boss monsters). Useful, and needed to unlock Cloaking which is also skill for getting Cloaking Exceed,so, get it.
Backsliding.png Back Slide Moves you back 5 squares. VERY important. Can be used for things like moving fast, evading AoEs(except AoEs that is non-ground base such as Arrow Storm), and luring monsters. Practice using this skill,Very useful. I will leave tips for this skill.

Second Job and trans(Assassin/assassin cross)

Skill Notes
Lefthand.png Left-Hand Mastery
Righthand.png Right-Hand Mastery
Eliminates the damage penalty for dual-wielding and katar damage because katar uses two hands, It allows you to deal up to 100% ATK of your main and 80% ATK on the left,This skill is a must because it unlocks Katar Mastery.
Katarmastery.png Katar Mastery Increases ATK dealt by Katars. A must for this build,Not only does it gives up to +30 it also unlocks most of GX's offensive skills.
Sonicblow.png Sonic Blow An active skill (800% ATK at level 10) that has a chance to stun enemies, up to 30%. A good single-target burst skill for pre-GX levels. Also required for Gx skills (such as Cross Impact which is a stronger version of this skill).
Advancedkatar.png Advanced Katar Research Further increases Katar damage, up to a 20% ATK bonus. Very good for this build.
Cloaking.png Cloaking Allows you to hide while moving. A good stealth and movement skill for pre-GX levels. Really just taken for Cloaking Exceed.Note that insect,demon and boss monters can see trough this skill.so be carefull.
Meteorassault.png Meteor Assault A 5x5 player-based AoE attack that deals up to 440% ATK and has a 55% chance at max lvl to give enemies the stunned, blind, or bleeding effect. A good AoE skill for pre-GX levels.(usefull in gramps and when in a sticky situation).
Cdp.png Create Deadly Poison
Edp.png Enchant Deadly Poison
First skill allows you to create Poison Bottle (Ingredients in skill description and also in poison category ). The second skill enchant deadly poison (also called EDP) enchants your weapon with the item, and grants you a HUGE attack bonus (Weapon ATK multiplied by 5, Equipment ATK multiplied by 4 at max) and chance to inflict Deadly Poison to non-Boss monsters. It's basically what makes GX viable as a DPS option from all levels of gear.(how to make EDP usefull even for boss monsters,in poison)

Third Job skills(GX) note these skills are what is main for this build.everything else is in your hands

Skill Notes
Rollingcutter.png Rolling Cutter Your Gx spins in a place, dealing up to 300% ATK in a 5x5 AoE around them at max level. The second most important skill of this build(for obvious reasons).
Cloakingexceed.png Cloaking Exceed An improved version of Cloaking, making you invisible to all but Boss Monsters (in PvM) and increases your movement speed by up to 140%. Useful for roaming around a map with aggressive monsters.(note some monsters can still see you (not referring to boss monsters).I dont know how and why,not sure if has been fixed)
Darkclaw.png Dark Claw An active skill that deals 500% ATK at max and inflicts a debuff that causes increased melee damage to the target by up to 150%(2x your damage) for the 5 seconds. Very usefull,especially for MvPing.
Phantommenace.png Phantom Menace A 7x7 player-based AoE attack (300% ATK)(doesn't reveal enemies if misses) that reveals hidden enemies. Useful for, killing MvP such as Dracula which always hides.
Hallucinationwalk.png Hallucination Walk Gives a huge (+250 at max) Flee buff and up to a 50% chance to evade magic attacks. Gives you movement speed and ASPD penalties by the end of it, but is still an awesome skill for emergency situations.Good for instances like Bios Island[1]
Weaponblocking.png Weapon Blocking Gives up to a 20% chance to block melee physical attacks. Can be useful for people who haven gotten Oni Horns.(can be used for unlocking counter slash)
Counterslash.png Counter Slash Used after weapon blocking triggers,This skill deals up to 800% damage at max level in a 3x3 ratio.Damage depends on characters base lvl,job lvl and Agi
Venomimpress.png Venom Impress Reduces a target's Poison resistance by up to 50%. An indirect damage buff when paired with Enchant Poison and EDP (enchant deadly poison). Very,VERY usefull, so get it.

(i am not linking GX poison because im not realy experienced with GX poison since i dont use them)


The moment we have all been waiting for,The build. I will list 2 builds.One for people who haven't completed their equips and one is for people who have completed their equips.('~' means can be adjusted)

(For players who havent completed their equips)

  • Str=95
  • Agi=120 ~
  • Vit=60 ~
  • Int=1
  • Dex=60 ~
  • Luk=120

This build can be used to farm for equips. All you need to do when your equips are complete is change your stats to

(for players who have their equips complete)

  • Str=90
  • agi=120 ~
  • Vit=60 ~
  • Int=1 (NEVER ADD A POINT,unless you dont have points to put anywhere else)
  • Dex=65 ~
  • Luk=120

The reason for 90 Str is because you need to put more on more important stats such as Vit( for survival) and Dex (For hit)


Head Gears

  • Little Feather Hat [1] This is a great headgear for beginners. It gives +10% critical damage and if equipped with Sharp Arrow gives another 5% crit damage.If it is at +7 it gives another +5% crit damage. So basicly that would be 20% crit damage at +7 and equiped with a Sharp Arrow .Can be bought at Loyalty Shop
  • Oni Horns [1] This headgear has to be at +9 if you want to use it. At +9 it is going to be half of your damage since at +9 it has a chance of auto casting Counter Slash. This is a must if you are more focused toward auto attack.You cant really beat this headgear.
  • White Drooping Eddga [0] This headgear is perfect for those who want to focus more on RC.This headgear gives a 0.3% chance of buffing the user for 3 seconds when performing a physical attack per upgrade level if the item. And,gives Atk + 25 per upgrade level of the item, Drains 5 SP from the user every second. So at +7 you would be receiving 175 atk from that alone. It also has a chance to transform the user into Eddga.(recommend for people who wants to focus crowd control using RC)
  • Sigrun's Wings gives +1 ASPD. A very good mid headgear for this build since we need all the ASPD that we can get.
  • Gangster Scarf This lower headgear gives +5 Attack which is nice. Obtainable from a quest at geffen. Also can be purchased from the cash shop.

Headgear Card

  • Card Angra Mantis Card For more crit damage.Good card for more auto attack focused hybrids.


  • Hero Hidden Cloth [1] This armor is the best armor that you can have for any build. When its buffs triggers it outrageously increases all your stats for 5 seconds. The buffs happen so often that you wont even realise that it is activating. Can be obtained from Bios Island and Morse Cave.
  • Nab's Cloth [1] This is a cheeper version of the Hero Hidden Cloth. This is recommended for new GX that are struggling with armor. This armor can be enchanted trough Mora Enchants. This armor can be dropped by Dullahan at a 1% chance and can be bought at a cheep price.

Armor Cards:

  • Card Ancient Mimic Card This card is a great card. This card gives agi for every 10 points of luk. So its basicly a very good card if you dont mind not sabotaging a str modifier card.
  • Card Porcellio Card This card is a atk modifier card. Gives +25 attack in a penalty of -5 def which isnt to bad, since we have a lot of flee. Recommended Card for this build.
  • Card Evil Druid Card This card enchants armor with the undead property. This card also gives Stone curse immunity.(note,can be killed easily by holy proerty montsers)
  • Card Marc Card This card gives immunity to the freeze status and also gives resistance to ater property by 5%.


  • Crimson Katar [2] This is the BEST weapon for this build. It has a special effect that gives more attack. The damage it gives is simply (refine x refine) which at +15 gives a total of (130+225) attack which is great . This is quite pricey at +15 but it is worth the investment. Drops from Injustice and headless mule.(Recommend buying from other players, so that you dont ruin your life trying to refine it)
  • Thanatos Katar [1] A starter level 4 weapon.Its a good option for leveling because it leaches HP and SP which is glorious. You can get this katar from Ghost Palace instance and can buy them at market cheep.

Weapon cards:

  • Card White Knight Card The BEST dmg modifier card. Gives +15 attack and increases dmg to medium and large size monsters by 20%. This card is recommended but a little bit pricy.
  • Card Abysmal Knight Card This card is said to be more powerful that white knight card since it gives more damage towards boss monsters by 25%. This card is very helpful if you are fighting MvPs.
  • Card Sidewinder Card This card doubles your attack, literally. This card gives the advantage to use Double Attack with a katar weapon. This card is RECOMMENDED 100%.


  • Giant Faceworm Snake Skin [1] This is a great garment but,with twist. This garment can be useful to you and useless at the same time. This garment gets different enchants at random rates. The one that we are looking for is either perfect agi (special agi/+agi/+agi) or agi and str together (special agi/+agi/+str). This garment can be at any refine rate but if possible, it must be at +12 to work its full effects. If you cant afford a +12 then, lower refines are fine aswell. Drops from Faceworm's Nest instance.
  • Heroic Backpack [1] This garment is optional. This garment gives bonus stats when you reach 90 of that stat. Which means, for example I have 90 str, it will give me a bonus for the str stat which is +20. You have the option to choose, either +9 or +7. At +9, this garment adds a small bonus to your stats. Which means at +7 you receive +20 atk while at +9 you receive +10 atk more. Which totals to +30 atk. I recommend HBP at +9 but if you cant afford a +9 just get a +7.

Garment Cards:\

  • Card Wakwak card This card is good for those who more focus toward RC in this build, since it gives +5 atk every 10 points of base str.
  • Card Cenere card This card is for you people reading this guide who dont want to invest to much into stat foods. Well this card gives 2% aspd for every 10 points of base agi.