Deserted Island

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Location of Jill and Brian to enter the Deserted Island Instance.
Map of Deserted Island instance. Spawn area (Ship): West. Deserted Island: East. Octopus Prince's Island: South.

The sixth mark of Monster Hunter can be found outside of the MH Guild, at the South Eastern docks of Pharos Beacon Island. The party leader can talk to Brian to reserve the instance dungeon, then to Jill to enter the instance. This instance is similar to the previous MH instances, with several differences:

  • The party is given 5 deaths limit instead of 3. After the 5th death occurred, the party will fail and will be warped out of the instance.
  • If the party failed, there is a 15 minute cooldown before the instance can be repeated.
  • If the party succeeded, there is a 12 hour cooldown before the instance can be repeated. Talk to Jill to remove your cooldown.
  • You have no access to Healer, Equipment Repair, and Storage NPC in this instance. It is recommended to prepare accordingly by bringing potions and/or Kafra Cards.

Inside the Instance

  • Your party will spawn on a ship. Take this chance to get buffs from Felyne Chef, and talk to the Slacker on the left side of the ship to receive 20 Summer Festival Coins.
  • After you're prepared, the party leader should talk to the Captain and begin the 1 minute countdown.
  • At the end of the countdown, one of the party members may be warped to another deserted island, while the rest can enter Octopus Prince's island by walking through the portal. You will spawn on the West side of Octopus Prince's island.
    • You need to build a raft to escape the deserted island.
    • Approach the palm trees and click them to collect materials to build the raft.
    • Turn in the materials to the Slacker and talk to him again to return to your party members in Octopus Prince's island.
    • After escaping the deserted island, you will spawn on the East side of Octopus Prince's island.
    • If anyone else dies in the instance, they will respawn in this deserted island as well but they do not need to rebuild the raft to return. Just talk to Slacker to return to battle.
  • Take time to note the location of the Dragonators (giant crossbows). they're on North West and South East of the island.
  • Approach Jill and Brian on North of the island to trigger a short conversation. Octopus Prince will spawn soon after.

Octopus Prince Battle

The final phase of the battle against Octopus Prince.
  • After receiving some damage, Octopus Prince will summon several tentacles. Be sure to get rid of these tentacles to weaken Octopus Prince. After killing all the tentacles, Octopus Prince will be stunned for a few seconds, this is your chance to open fire!
  • At certain intervals, Jill will tell you to bring the Octopus Prince to one of the Dragonators. Lure the Octopus Prince toward the Dragonator and it will deal extra damage on Octopus Prince.
  • At certain intervals, Octopus Prince will summon Octopus Babies that will follow you around and eventually Self Destruct, which will kill anyone within a short range in one hit! They take a few seconds to finish casting Self Destruct, so avoid them or push them away with knockback skills whenever possible.
  • After receiving a certain amount of damage, Octopus Prince will spray its ink and inflict Blind, Sleep, and a debuff similar to Full Throttle's Rebound status on the party. The debuffs will fade away in a few seconds.
  • When it is near death, Octopus Prince will summon many more tentacles and begin a 100 second countdown to signal the final phase of the battle. Kill all the tentacles then resume attacking Octopus Prince.
    • If the party fails to defeat Octopus Prince when the countdown ends, you will fail the instance.

Rewards from Deserted Island

After killing Octopus Prince, party members will receive the following rewards.

  • Pirate's Treasure (Character bound. Each party member will receive one. Open it to receive valuable minerals.)
  • Octopus Moss (This item is tradeable between accounts.)

You can also head North to where Jill and Brian are located and click on the treasure chest near them to obtain Blue Tentacles. The rewards from Deserted Island can be used to craft costume headgears.

Crown of the Deep
Jolly Roger
  • Crown of the Deep
    • 12 Octopus Moss (Rewards from defeating Octopus Prince)
    • 100 Summer Festival Coins (Talk to the Slacker on the ship at the start of the instance to receive Summer Festival Coins)
    • 10 Singing Plant (Dropped by Mavka, Metaller)
    • 10 Mystic Frozen (Dropped by Ice Titan, Marc, Merman, Obeaune)
    • 5 Aquamarine (Dropped by Marin, Strouf, Merman, Obeaune)
    • 1 Crown (Dropped by Osiris)
  • Jolly Roger
    • 1 Corsair (Dropped by Drake)
    • 3 Platinum Bullion (Obtainable from Pirate's Treasure. Rare drop from Old Glast Heim treasure room)
    • 25 Gold Bullion (Obtainable from Pirate's Treasure. Rare drop from Old Glast Heim treasure room)
    • 75 Blue Tentacle (Obtainable from the Treasure Chest that spawns after defeating Octopus Prince)
    • 1,000 Summer Festival Coin (Talk to the Slacker on the ship at the start of the instance to receive Summer Festival Coins)
    • 15,000,000 Zeny

Octopus Prince Data

Name / ID Level HP Size / Race / Element List of Known Skills
Octopus Baby (3514) 170 81,235 Medium / Fish / Water 1 Blood Sucker, Self Destruct, Close Confine
Blue Tentacle (3513) 170 1,064,917 Small / Fish / Water 1 Body Relocation (?), Blood Sucker (?), Hiding (?)
Prince Octopus (3512) 170 20,892,972 Large / Fish / Water 1 Blood Sucker, Close Confine, Earth Shaker, First Wind, Frost Misty, Phantom Thrust, Wide Confusion, Wide Sleep, Wind Blade

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