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Eden Group is a secret organisation formed to help adventurers by providing various quests which rewards with EXP and exclusive equipment. Eden Group leveling quests are extremely beneficial to players as it allows a faster-paced leveling compared to regular hunting, and the equipment quests gives top-tier weapons and equipment for players from level 12 up to 100.

This page contains detailed information about the Eden Group.

In NovaRO, players can reach the Eden Group Headquarters by typing the command: @go Eden or @go 36.

You can use the @edenquest command at any moment to guide you through the Eden quests. It will give indications on what you have to do next.


From left to right: Gramps, Neede, Instructor Ur, Instructor Boya, and Secretary Lime Evenor.

To be able to participate in the quests, players must first Register to be a member of the group.

Registration can be done by talking to Secretary Lime Evenor and selecting "Join the Eden Group". Once registered, the player will receive an Eden Group Mark and will be able to interact with the various quest board NPCs located in the Eden Group HQ.

Equipment Quests

Eden Group Equipment Quests are available for players from level 11 up to 100. They reward with a special set of Eden Group Equipment, including Hat, Armor, Weapon, Garment, and Footgear. These equipment are much better compared to equipment of similar level, however, they have no slot and cannot be refined. Regardless, they may be considered top-tier equipment for players below level 100.

Instructor Boya (Level 12 - 60)


The first Equipment Quests are given by Instructor Boya. To begin, talk to the NPC and select Participate in Training. Depending on what level you are, she will direct you to an NPC located somewhere in Midgard.

When you find the NPC, they will instruct you to kill a certain amount of monsters in the area. Return to them after you finished killing the monster, and at the end they will ask you to return to Instructor Boya to claim your rewards.

Below is a list of NPCs and quests categorised by level.

Level 12-25

Mission Set Monster NPC Item Reward
Option A
Level 12-19
Talking Dog
(moc_fild11 180, 253)
Option B
Level 20-25
Timid Cat
(prt_sewb1 131, 262)

*Note: It is not recommended to do these quests as you will easily reach level 26 by normally killing a few monsters.

Level 26-39

Mission Set Monster NPC Item Reward
Option A
Level 26-32
Eden Member - Karl
(pay_arche 41, 136)
Option B
Level 33-39
Eden Member - Cloud
(anthell01 30, 258)

Level 40-59

Mission Set Monster NPC Item Reward
Option A
Level 40-49
Eden Member - Hooksha
(in_orcs01 38, 171)
Option B
Level 50-59
  • Note: You can easily reach Hooksha by warping to Orc Dungeon and walking out.

Claiming the Reward

Enter the right portal once you walk through the blue door.

After completing each quest and returning to Boya, you can claim the reward by talking to Administrator Michael, located in the equipment storage behind the blue door. For some classes, he will ask you to choose what weapon you want to be given.

If you have finished the third step (with Eden group member Hooksha), Administrator Michael is able to give an enchantment to your Eden Group Hat.

Instructor Ur (Level 60 - 100)


Once you reach level 60 and advanced into your second job, the next set of Equipment Quests will be given by Instructor Ur. To begin, talk to the NPC and agree to participate in the advanced training program. Depending on what level you are, he will direct you to one of the few NPCs located around Midgard.

This set of Equipment Quests reward with only 1 set of Equipment:

Doing more than 1 quest will allow you to enchant your weapon. This is completely optional, and in fact, it is recommended that you only do 1 of the quests listed here as you will most likely replace them with a better set of equipment once you reach level 120, such as the equipment from Ghost Palace instance.

Below are instructions to complete the various quests given by Ur.

Level 60-69

Quest & Rewards NPC
  1. Find Dispatched Instructor Romeo at North Comodo (comodo 174, 354)
  2. Kill 3 Stalactic Golems
  3. Report back to Romeo at Comodo, receive 10,000 Base & Job EXP
  4. Kill 10 more Stalactic Golems
  5. Go out North Cave exit and report to Instructor Romeo (um_fild01 35, 280).
    Receive 10,000 base & job exp
  6. Collect 5 Shoulder Protectors from Wootan Fighters and 7 Sharp Leaves from Dryads
  7. Report back to Instructor Romeo at Umbala Field, receive 10,000 Base & Job EXP
  8. Return to Instructor Ur at Eden Group
Dispatched Instructor Romeo
(comodo 174, 354)

Instructor Romeo
(um_fild01 35, 280)

Level 70-79

Quest & Rewards NPC
  1. Find Dispatched Instructor Johan at the entrance to Glast Heim St. Abbey.
  2. Kill 20 Wraiths
  3. Report back to Johan, receive 20,000 Base & Job EXP
  4. Kill 10 Evil Druids
  5. Report back to Johan, receive 20,000 Base & Job EXP
  6. Return to Instructor Ur at Eden Group
Dispatched Instructor Johan
(glast_01 196, 131)

*Note: This quest is the most recommmended as it is the easiest.

Level 80-89

Quest & Rewards NPC
  1. Find Dispatched Instructor Kiren South of Einbroch (ein_fild08 171, 359)
  2. Kill 30 Porcellios (spawns at a higher rate one map east)
  3. Report back to Kiren, receive 30,000 Base & Job EXP
  4. Kill 30 Venomous and 5 Teddy Bears (can be found north of Einbroch or in Einbroch Dungeon 2nd Floor)
  5. Report back to Kiren, receive 30,000 Base & Job EXP
  6. Return to Instructor Ur at Eden Group
Dispatched Instructor Kiren
(ein_fild08 171, 359)

Level 90-99

Quest & Rewards NPC
  1. Find Dispatched Instructor Naomi at Ice Dungeon (ice_dun01 155, 13)
  2. Kill 30 Siroma
  3. Report back to Naomi, receive 40,000 Base & Job EXP
  4. Kill 30 more Siroma and collect 30 Ice Cubic, 1 Sweet Sauce, and 1 Milk.
  5. Report back to Naomi, receive 40,000 Base & Job EXP
  6. Return to Instructor Ur at Eden Group
Dispatched Instructor Naomi
(ice_dun01 155, 13)

*Note: Sweet Sauce can be bought from the Comodo Chef Assistant, and Milk can be bought from Izlude Milk Vendor.

Level 100+

Quest & Rewards NPC
  1. You may start the quest by going to Eden and speaking with Instructor Ur, then use @go 26(Midgard Camp).
  2. Find Dispatched Instructor Margaret at the Midgard Expedition Camp (mid_camp 211, 229).
  3. Speak with Paradise Dispatch Meeru in Manuk Field (man_fild01,43,234 - @go Manuk > North > West).
  4. Kill 1 Nepenthes
  5. Report back to the Manuk instructor. Receive 50000 Base and Job EXP.
  6. Speak with Margaret in Midgard Expedition Camp.
  7. Speak with Paradise Dispatch Mine in Splendide Field (spl_fild02,377,149 - @go Splendide > East).
  8. Kill 5 Pinguiculas
  9. Report back to the Splendide instructor. Receive another 50000 Base and Job EXP.
  10. Speak with Margaret in Midgard Expedition Camp.
  11. Return to Instructor Ur in Eden.
Dispatched Instructor Margaret
(mid_camp 212, 229)

Paradise Dispatch
(man_fild01 43 234)

Paradise Dispatch
(spl_fild02 377 149)

Claiming the Reward

Blacksmith Toren and Weapons Expert BK

After completing any of the quests and returning to Ur, you can claim the reward by talking to Blacksmith Toren, located in the equipment storage behind the blue door. Be sure to choose your weapon carefully.

If you have finished more than one quest, you can talk to the Weapons Expert BK in the same room to apply an enchantment to your weapon.

List of Eden Group Weapons

Upon completing the quests and talking to the corresponding NPC in the equipment storage, you will be able to choose from one to three options of weapons to get, depending on what class you are.

Instructor Boya (Level 12 - 59)
Class Weapon I Weapon II
Novice/Super Novice
Instructor Ur (60 - 100)
Class Weapon
Super Novice
Knight &
Blacksmith &
Star Gladiator
Soul Linker

Board Quests

Aside from the NPCs that provide equipment quests, there are various Mission boards placed around the Eden Group HQ. These missions reward players with large amounts of EXP for doing simple tasks such as hunting monsters or gathering certain miscellaneous items. The boards for levels 11 to 85 are located in Eden Group HQ first floor, and the ones for levels 86 to 175 are in the second floor.

First Floor

Level 11 - 26

The missions from this board must be submitted to Spike located just in front of the counter in Eden Group HQ. You can only take ONE mission at a time.

Hunting Quests
Title Monster Location Additional Notes
Hornet Hunting 10 Hornets prt_fild05 -
Condor Hunting 20 Condors moc_fild11
Grasshopper Legs 20 Rockers prt_fild07 Gather 10 Grasshopper Legs
Wormtail Hunting 20 Wormtail pay_fild06
Spore Hunting 30 Spores pay_fild08 -
Pest Control 20 Thief Bug Eggs prt_sewb1 Gather 10 Chrysalis
Muka Hunting 20 Mukas moc_fild02 -
Familiar Hunting 20 Familiar moc_pryd01 -
Collect Feathers 30 Peco Pecos moc_fild02 -
Collect Poison Spores 30 Poison Spores mjolnir_06 Gather 5 Poison Spores

Level 27 - 40

The missions from this board are divided into three different categories: Hunting, Delivery, and Gathering. Each category has different corresponding NPCs.

Hunting Quests
Monster Location NPC
10 Poison Spore mjolnir_06 Sponiac
(geffen 103, 42)
10 Smokie mjolnir_06
10 Elder Willow (Level 30+) pay_fild09
10 Coco (Level 35+) gef_fild02
10 Thara Frog (Level 38+) beach_dun3
Delivery Quests
Title Initial NPC Destination NPC
Deliver an Insecticide Dieshin Man
(moc_ruins 173, 55)
(pay_fild07 82, 89)
Deliver Honey Entomologist
(prt_fild03 30, 235)
Deliver Blanket (Level 35+) Biologist
(xmas_fild01 92, 57)
Gathering Quests
Title Item Monster Location NPC
Gather Bones 10 Skel-Bones Skeleton pay_dun00 Dashia
(payon 179, 66)
Soldier Skeleton
Archer Skeleton
Gather Animal Skins 5 Animal Skins Bigfoot pay_fild07
10 Bear's Footskins
Gather Peelings
(Level 30+)
20 Worm Peelings Piere
20 Garlets
Gather Tails
(Level 32+)
10 Yoyo Tails Yoyo ayo_fild01
10 Acorns Coco
10 Raccoon Leaves Smokie
Gather Cookies
(Level 35+)
5 Well Baked Cookies Cookie(green)
1 Piece of Cake Myst Case
Gather Mustaches
(Level 35+)
5 Mole Whiskers Martin mjo_dun02
3 Mole Claws

Note: You can farm the items for the Gathering Quests in advance, since you're not required to fulfill a kill-count.

Level 41 - 55

All of the missions from this board are Hunting Quests. They can be submitted at the board itself as soon as you finish the kill-count.

Hunting Quests
Monster Location
20 Thara Frogs beach_dun3
15 Cruisers xmas_dun02
30 Kukres iz_dun00
15 Orc Babies gef_fild10
20 Orc Warrior gef_fild10
15 Vadons iz_dun01
30 Megalodons beach_dun3
15 Marse iz_dun02
20 Cornutus iz_dun02
15 Mysts mjo_dun03
30 Shellfish hu_fild06
15 Marine Spheres iz_dun03

Level 56 - 70

The missions in this board has various objectives, including killing certain mobs, gathering some of their items, or both at once.

Quest Objective Recommended area
What is this Bandage? Hunt 30 Mummies and collect 30 Rotten Bandages moc_pryd03
Dangerous Alligators Hunt 30 Alligators cmd_fild03
That wasn't a Mermaid... Hunt 30 Mermen iz_dun04
My Country is Calling Me! Collect 10 Fine Sand and 30 Grit from Sandmen moc_fild16
Hunt Wild Boar Hunt 30 Savages mjo_fild07
Preparing the Summer Collect 30 Sticky Webfoot from Thara Frogs beach_dun3
A Woman's Grudge Hunt 30 Sohees pay_dun03
Special Ingredients Collect 40 Huge Leaves from Leaf Cats or Wootan Fighters ayo_dun01
Puppet Master's Agony Hunt 30 Marionettes and collect 30 Golden Hairs gef_dun02
Tiresome Flies Hunt 30 Hunter Flies gef_dun00
Dangerous Munak Hunt 30 Munaks pay_dun02
Make the World Green Collect 40 Maneater Blossoms from Flora cmd_fild01
cmd_fild03 (Return to Sparkle is referring to the Quest Board 56 - 70 and selecting your quest again to turn in on NovaRO)
Magic Wand Collect 30 Dokebi Horns from Dokebis and 30 Pieces of Bamboo from Dumpling Children pay_dun04

Level 71 - 85

From this level onwards, the quests are divided into categories based on their location. All of the quests in this board are hunting quests, except for the last one.

Area Objective Recommended Area
Sphinx 10 Requiems in_sphinx2
10 Marduks in_sphinx3
10 Pasanas in_sphinx5
Glast Heim 10 Dark Frames gl_cas01
10 Evil Druids gl_church
10 Wraiths gl_church
10 Raydric Archers gl_step
Juno Area 20 Grand Pecos yuno_fild08
20 Sleepers yuno_fild02
20 Goats yuno_fild11
20 Harpies yuno_fild04
Clock Tower 15 Clocks c_tower2
15 Punks c_tower2
15 Ridewords c_tower1
Localised Islands 15 Uzhas mosk_dun03
15 Miyabi Dolls ama_dun01
15 Mi Gaos lou_fild01
15 Headless Mules bra_fild01
15 Tamruans ayo_dun02
30 Festival Masks from Dumpling Child gon_fild01

Second Floor

Level 86 - 90

The quests in this board has a 3-hour Cooldown.

Area Objective Recommended Area
Turtle Island 30 Dragon Tails tur_dun01
30 Spring Rabbits
30 Pests
Clock Tower Dungeon 30 Bathory alde_dun04
30 Alarms c_tower3
Expansion Towns 30 Baba Yaga mosk_dun03
30 Yao Juns lou_dun02
30 Firelock Soldiers ama_dun01
30 Zipper Bears gon_dun01
Other Regions 30 Ground Petites gef_fild05
30 Rafflesia lhz_fild01
30 Venomous ein_dun01
30 Pitmen
30 Novus (Yellow) hu_fild05

Level 91 - 99

These quests have a 3-hour cooldown.

Additionally, when submitting these quests, you are given the option either to receive Normal Rewards (Base and Job EXP), or Doubled Job EXP.

Area Objective Recommended Area
Turtle Island 30 Soliders tur_dun02
30 Freezers
30 Heaters tur_dun04
Glast Heim 30 Injustice gl_prison
30 Rybios
30 Dark Priests gl_chyard
Rachel/Veins 30 Stapos ve_fild07
30 Roweens ra_fild12
30 Siromas ice_dun01
Expansion Cities 30 Shinobi ama_dun03
30 Evil Nymphs gon_dun03
Other Regions 30 Deviruchi gef_dun03
30 Minerals ein_dun02
30 Kahos mag_dun01
30 Neraids beach_dun
30 Disguises nif_fild01

Level 100 - 110

These quests have a 1-hour cooldown. Each of these gives both Base and Job EXP.

Hunting Quests
Area Objective Recommended Area
Glast Heim 30 Carats gl_cas01
22 Arclouse gl_dun01
30 Anolians gl_sew04
30 Stings gl_sew03
30 Majoruros gl_dun02
Ash Vacuum 30 Pinguicula spl_fild02
30 Luciola Vespa spl_fild03
Ice Dungeon 30 Desert Wolves ra_fild01
30 Snowier ice_dun02
30 Ice Titans ice_dun03
30 Gazeti ice_dun03
Magma Dungeon 30 Nightmare Terrors mag_dun02
30 Deleters mag_dun02
30 Blazzers mag_dun01
Malaya Port 30 Jejelings ma_fild01
30 Tiyanak ma_fild01
30 Manananggal ma_dun01*
30 Mangkukulam ma_fild02
Niflheim 30 Disguises nif_fild01
30 Gibbets nif_fild02
30 Loli Ruri nif_fild02
Rachel Axe Kobold ra_fild05
30 Hammer Kobold ra_fild05
30 Mace Kobold ra_fild05
30 Kobold Archer ra_fild06
Other Regions 30 Loli Ruri nif_fild02
30 Medusa beach_dun
20 Anubis in_sphinx4
30 Magmaring ve_fild03
Gathering Quests
Item Monster Recommended Area
20 Rotten Meat Roween ra_fild12
20 Ectoplasm Quve
20 Sticky Poison Muscipular
20 Blue Hair Kobolds ra_fild05

*Note: Access to Bangungot Hospital requires you to finish the Cautious Village quest.

Level 111 - 120

These quests have a 1-hour cooldown. Each of these gives both Base and Job EXP.

All of the hunting quests below require you to kill 30 of the listed monsters.

Hunting Quests
Area Objective Recommended Area
Glast Heim Raydric gl_knt01, gl_knt02
Khalitzburg gl_knt02
Wanderer gl_cas02
Thanatos Tower Ancient Mimic tha_t02
Death Word tha_t03
Owl Baron tha_t06**
Plasma (Green) tha_t01
Plasma (Blue) tha_t02
Ash Vacuum Dark Pinguicula spl_fild01
Nepenthes man_fild01
Naga spl_fild01
Centipede Larva man_fild01
Cornus spl_fild01
Draco nyd_dun01
Gefenia Incubus gefenia03
Succubus gefenia02
Violy gefenia02, gefenia03
Juperos Venatu (Green) juperos_01
Venatu (Orange) juperos_01
Venatu (Blue) juperos_01
Byalan Dungeon Sedora iz_dun05
Sropho iz_dun05
Pot Dofle iz_dun05
Kiel Dungeon Aliza kh_dun01
Aliot kh_dun02
Alicel kh_dun02
Other Regions Ancient Mummy moc_pryd06
Hell Hound abbey01
Wakwak ma_fild01
Gathering Quests
Item Monster Recommended Area
30 Fragments Venatu
30 Rusty Screws
30 Bloody Pages Death Word tha_t03
30 Mystic Horns Cornus spl_fild01

**Note: Accessing Thanatos Tower F3 and above requires a quest.

Level 121 - 130

These quests have a 1-hour cooldown. Each of these gives both Base and Job EXP.

All of the hunting quests below require you to kill 30 of the listed monsters.

Hunting Quests
Area Objective Recommended Area
Thanatos Tower** Baroness of Retribution tha_t07 ~ tha_t12 **
Lady Solace
Mistress of Shelter
Dame of Sentinel
Rachel Shrine Vanberk ra_san01
Isilla ra_san02
Hodremlin ra_san03
Agav ra_san05
Echio ra_san04
Nameless Island Ragged Zombie abbey01
Banshee abbey01
Zombie Slaughter abbey03
Flame Skull abbey03
Abyss Lake Dungeon Red Ferus abyss_02
Green Ferus abyss_01
Blue Acidus abyss_02
Gold Acidus abyss_03
Ash Vacuum Hillslion man_fild03
Malaya Port Bungisngis ma_fild02
Other Regions Apocalypse juperos_02
Remover lhz_dun01
Aqua Elemental nyd_dun01
Skogul odin_tem02
Knocker thor_v02
Imp thor_v01
Gathering Quests
Item Monster Recommended Area
30 Fur Tatacho
30 Will of the Darkness Hodremlin
30 Clattering Skulls Zombie Slaughter
Ragged Zombie
30 Reins Abysmal Knight gefenia01

**Note: Accessing Thanatos Tower F3 and above requires a quest.

Level 131 - 140

These quests have a 1-hour cooldown. Each of these gives both Base and Job EXP.

All of the hunting quests below require you to kill 30 of the listed monsters.

Hunting Quests
Area Objective Recommended Area
Dimensional Gorge Incarnation of Morroc (Shadow) moc_fild21
Incarnation of Morroc (Angel)
Incarnation of Morroc (Ghost)
Incarnation of Morroc (Human)
Scaraba Hole One-Horned Scaraba dic_dun01
Two-Horned Scaraba
Antler Scaraba dic_dun02
Rake Scaraba
El Dicastes Bradium Golem man_fild02
Dolomedes dic_fild02
Nightmare Pyramid*** Nightmare Arclouse moc_prydn2
Nightmare Mimic
Nightmare Ancient Mummy
Thor Volcano Kasa thor_v03
Bow Master
Sword Master
Biolabs 2 Egnigem Cenia lhz_dun02
Wickebine Tres
Armeyer Dinze
Errende Ebecee
Kavach Icarus
Laurell Weinder
Nightmare Scaraba Hole**** Gold One Horn Scaraba dic_dun03
Gold Two Horn Scaraba
Gold Antler Scaraba
Gold Rake Scaraba
Gathering Quests
Item Monster Recommended Area
35 Fluorescent Liquid Aqua Elemental nyd_dun01
35 Torn Magic Book Necromancer abbey03
35 Crystal of Darkness Incarnations of Morroc moc_fild21
35 Golden Feather Miming bif_fild01

**Note: Accessing the Dimensional Gorge requires you to finish the Continental Guard Quest.

***Note: To enter Nightmare Pyramid, talk to the Suspicious Cat at moc_prydb1 103/54 and pay 5000z to enter the area.

****Note: Accessing Nightmare Scaraba Hole requires you to do Doha's Secret Orders Quest up to step 7. Additionally, the enemies in this area are considered extremely tough for this level range, so quests from this area are NOT RECOMMENDED.

Level 141 - 175

Work in Progress

Hunting Missions

Bifrost Forest
Name Amount Recommended Zone
Angra Mantis 20 Hazy Forest (Instance)
Pom Spider
Little Fatum Bifrost Bridge
Petal Blooming Flower Land (Dungeon>Bifrost Tower>Exit)
Bifrost Tower
Name Amount Recommended Zone
Blue Lichtern 20 Bifrost Tower F1
Yellow Lichtern
Red Lichtern Bifrost Tower F2
Antique Book
Green Lichtern Bifrost Tower F3

Nidhoggur's Nest
Name Amount Recommended Zone
Ancient Tree 10 Nydhoggur's Nest F1 (Instance)
Dark Shadow Nydhoggur's Nest F2 (Instance)
Glastheim Nightmare
Name Amount Recommended Zone
Cursed Book 20 Nightmare Glast Heim
Cursed Box
Nightmare Wanderer

Clock Tower Nightmare
Name Amount Recommended Zone
Big Ben 20 Nightmare Clock Tower F2 (Dungeons>Clock Tower)

Hero of Time (NPC)

/navi c_tower1 239/226

Neo Punk
Big Bell Nightmare Clock Tower F3
Bio Labs F3
Name Amount Recommended Zone
Seyren Windsor 10 Biolab F3
(Dungeons>Bio Lab)
Eremes Guile
Howard Alt-Eise
Margaretha Sorin
Cecil Damon
Kathryne Keyron

Bio Labs F4
Name Amount Recommended Zone
Randel Lawrence 10 Biolab F4
(Dungeons>Bio Lab)
Flamel Emure
Celia Alde
Chen Lio

Gathering Missions

Be sure to take the Hunting Missions alongside with these quests.

Name Amount Recommended Monster
Bookclip in Memory 40 Antique Book
Angel Magic Powder Little Fatum
Round Feather Parus
Fancy Fairy Wing Menblatt
Unripe Acorn Petal
Dark Piece Dark Shadow
Handcuffs Biolab F3
Research Chart Biolab F4