Einbroch Murder Quest

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Base Level: -
Starting Point: Einbech
Items: -
Prerequisite(s): Factory Quest
Experience: 2,250,000 (Base)
2,250,000 (Job)
Others: -
  1. Speak with Buender Hikeman in Einbech (/navi einbech 165/105) and choose What are you talking about?
    Mq 01.png
  2. Speak with Buender Hikeman a second time.
  3. Go to the Hotel in Einbroch (from the right of the spawn), and talk to the Sick Old Man at the second floor (/navi ein_in01 229/167). He'll repeat the same dialogues multiple times (always select Remember the mine tunnel collapse?). After ~6 attempts, you'll get a new option and you have to select Have you ever heard of Hikeman before. If you always select the first option you'll get through this part easily. Speak to him a second time, he will mention the Kappelthaine family.
    Mq 02.png
  4. Go out of the building and go inside the Kappelthaines house at (/navi einbroch 126/239). Once you're in, walk down in the room directly below, otherwise you'll be kicked out.
    Speak with the Maid at the bottom right corner.
    Mq 03.png
  5. Go back and speak with the Sick Old Man (/navi ein_in01 231/163). You will need to do the Factory Quest to proceed after this step.
  6. Speak with him a second time and choose the Laboratory option.
    Mq 04.png
  7. Go to the Laboratory (/navi einbroch 53/51); you'll be prompted to copy two security codes shown to you. Here are the codes you can get (copy and paste them to complete this more easily):
    • burrdingdingdilidingdingphoohudaambandoorabambarambambamburanbamding
    • ...silence. quiet benevolence... soul mate... wonder. enigma... cloud.
      opeN,Open!op3n.openOpen0p3nOpEn0pen`open'0Pen open?open!111OPENSESAME
    • Coboman no chikara-yumei na chikara-daiookii na chikara da ze! COBO ON
    • belief love luck grimace sweat rush folktale rodimus optimus bumblebee
      LiGhTsPeEd RiGhT SPEed LeFT TURn RiGhT BuRn OrIGInAL GaNgSteR SmACk
    • By the power of p-po-poi-po-poi-poin-poing GOD-POING. I NEVER LOSE!
      uNflAPPaBLe LoVaBLe SeCreTs AnD BoWLiNg aGaINST tHe KarMA of YoUtH
    • You give me no choice. I guess it's time for me to reveal my secret...
      fReeDoM eCstAcy JoUrnaLiSm ArMpIt DisCoverY hEaDaChE MoonbeAmS jUsTiCE
    • I'm the King of All Weirdos! Now you know of my true power. Obey~!
      0uNflAPPaBLe LoVaBLe SeCreTs AnD BoWLiNg aGaINST tHe KarMA of YoUtH
    Mq 05.png
  8. Once you go through the portal, talk with the Scientist at the top left.
    Mq 06.png
  9. Go to the Airship (Warper NPC > Special Areas > Airship > Airship 1) and then go on the floor below.
  10. On the far left, you'll find a Drunken Man who will gamble 100 apples with you. You can buy the apples from the Apple Merchant close to the NPC. Always buy 100 of them at a time, the Drunken Man will gamble all of your apples otherwise.
    Mq 07.png
    Mq 08.png
  11. Once you win the gamble, select So what was that about Ymir's Heart?
  12. Go speak with the Sick Old Man (/navi ein_in01 231/163) back at Einbroch Hotel. When prompted, you have to type in Ymir.
  13. Speak with Buender Hikeman (@go einbech > /navi einbech 165/105) and select Tell Hikeman about Shinokas's death.
  14. You have completed the quest and will receive an EXP Reward.