Episode 17.2 - Sage's Legacy

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Episode 17.2 - Sage's Legacy

Main Quest

Sage's Legacy


Sweetie.png Hey! Sweety!
Water garden.png Water Garden
Hidden flower garden.png Hidden Flower Garden
Lost in time.png Lost in Time


1st power plant.png 1st Power Plant
2nd power plant.png 2nd Power Plant
Library.png Library
Tartaros.png Tartaros
Tartaros' Storeroom Lower Level
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Kennel Lost Valley
Large Meditatio Bath

Important NPCs

Elena.png Elena Bolkova
Erst.png Erst
Kaya.png Kaya Toss
Mansion manager.png Mansion Manager
Tamarin.png Tamarin

Important Places

Teahouse.png Teahouse
Automatic.png Restaurant (Ticket Exchanger and Enchanter)
Varmundt.png Varmundt's Mansion


Automatic Equipment
Sin Weapons

Note: If one section doesn't have an icon, it's either extra info or the entrance is made through another zone.