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Event Tickets are a special kind of currency exclusive to NovaRO. They can be exchanged for either Event Eggs or Gold Coins .

Earning Event Tickets

Event Ticket

There are three ways to obtain Event Tickets:

  • Participating in GM held events in-game;
  • Forum contests;
  • Daily Rewards.

List of in-game GM held events and their rewards for winning and participating:

Event Participation Reward Criteria Winner Reward
Human Darts N/A N/A 50 Tickets
Floor is Lava

1 Ticket
2 Tickets
3 Tickets

Wave 1
Wave 2-6
Wave 7+

40 Tickets
Hide and Seek N/A N/A 50 Tickets
Trivia 2 Tickets Each correct answer 40 Tickets
Panic Scatter 1 Ticket Surviving until round 2

1 winner: 40 Tickets
2 winners: 30 Tickets each
3 winners: 30 Tickets each
4 Winners: 10 Tickets each

Poring Finder 1 Ticket Each correct poring found

First place: 40 Tickets
Second place: 30 Tickets
Third place: 20 Tickets


1 Ticket
2 Tickets
3 Tickets

Wave 1-2
Wave 3-6
Wave 7+

40 Tickets
Run for Your Life 2 Tickets Survive 30 seconds.

First place: 40 Tickets
Second place: 30 Tickets
Third place: 20 Tickets

Turbo Race Track

2 Tickets
3 Tickets
10 Tickets

Room 3+
Room 6+
Complete race

First place: 35 Tickets
Second place: 25 Tickets
Third place: 20 Tickets

Reverse Hide and Seek

2 Tickets
3 Tickets
5 Tickets

Stay alive for 1 minute
Stay alive for 3 minutes
Stay alive for 5 minutes

First place: 40 Tickets
Second place: 30 Tickets
Third place: 20 Tickets

Event Boxes

Event Ticket Exchanger

Every Event Box contains the same list of consumables and a shared set of hats, but also a separate set of exclusive costumes/pets that are themed and unique to that specific box, so choose wisely! New boxes are added periodically.

Event Boxes can be purchased for 10 Event Tickets each, from the Event Ticket Exchanger, located on the Third Floor of the Main Office.

The Ticket Exchanger will also trade Event Tickets to Gold Coins , on a 1:1 ratio, if you don't want Event Boxes.

Available Event Boxes:


Every egg can pull from the following list of consumables.

Blessing Scroll Increase Agi Scroll
Assumptio Scroll Token of Siegfried
Kafra Card Big DEF Potion
Big MDEF Potion Guyak Pudding
Reversal Voucher Rejuvenation Potion
Convex Mirror Potion of Energy Potion
Regeneration Potion Old Card Compendium
Mega Potion Of Energy Mega Rejuvenation Potion
Kafra Card Box Bubblegum (event)
HE Battle Manual 50 Gold Coins
Big MDEF Potion Box (10) 150 Gold Coins
Big DEF Potion Box (10) 300 Gold Coins
Mega Potion of Energy Box (10) Sweet Drops Egg
Mega Rejuvenation Potion Box (10) 500 Gold Coins
Regeneration Potion Box (10) HD Bradium
HD Carnium Enriched Oridecon
Enriched Elunium Bubble Gum
Bloody Branch Almighty
Alternate Outfit Mystery Hat Box
Mystical Card Album Heroes' Course
Hard Rice Cake Egg

They also share the following hat/costume list.

Spiny Red Shell
Ode Two Fro [1]
Anniversary Thief Hat

Each different theme will also have a chance on providing an Exclusive Costume, Pet Egg or Pet Tame related to its theme:

Alice Event Egg Clock Baron Event Egg
Alice Wig Owl Baron Silk Hat
Pink Alice Wig Alarm Roof Hat
Pink Sitting Alice Pocketwatch Hair Ornament
Work Shoes
(Aliza Pet Tame)
Gentleman's Monocle
(Owl Baron Tame)
Pink Alice Pet Egg Mini Time Holder Pet Egg
Garm Event Egg Piamette Event Egg
Marin Earrings Costume Piamette Hood
Ice Crystal Crown Piamette Curls
Master of Ice [L] Piamette Ribbon
Icey Puppy Breath
(Baby Garm Pet Tame)
Meadow Hay
(Spring Rabbit Pet Tame)
Mini Garm Pet Egg Piamette Pet Egg
Evolution Event Egg
Moonlight Essence
Bacsojin Essence
Orc Hero Essence
Gloomy Essence
Phreeoni Essence
Powerful Essence

Seasonal Exclusives

Pouring Event Egg (Summer)
Roulette Hat
Poker Fedora
Show Me the Zeny
Festival Marble (Pouring Tame)
King Pouring Egg (Mini)
Halloween Event Egg (Halloween)
Yoma's Holiday
Master of Sprits [L]
Bishop Spirit [M]
Zombie Shotel (Zombie Slaughter Tame)
Fallen Bishop Hibram Egg (Mini)
Sweet Event Egg (Christmas)
Snow Fox Ears
White Fox [M]
Festive Chocolate Bow
Snow Peach (Siroma Tame)
Ktullanux Egg (Mini)

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