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The Fire Basin is a new area which was introduced in the Episode 14.3 update. Below are the list of quests needed to access the area and the Instances(from Morse's Cave to the Temple of the Demon God) located within it.

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The area-exclusive quests and instances must be done in the following order:

Dimensional Travel Bios Island Morse's Cave Temple of the Demon God

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Dimensional Travel

Base Level: 140
Starting Point: (morocc 137, 238)Copied!
Items: 1 Monster Feed
Experience: 37,500,000 (Job)
Items: -
Others: Access to Flame Basin & Flame Cave

This quest introduces you to Tamarin, an adventurer which stumbled upon the entrance to the Fire Basin area. Completing this quest gives you access to the Fire Cave, which is the entry point for Bios Island, Morse's Cave, and Temple of the Demon God.


Pile of Rags.
  1. Go to Pile of Rags (morocc 137, 238)Copied! and choose Remove it. You will find that there is a person under there.
  2. Choose to Shake the rags, to wake him up. He will ask for something to eat.
  3. Give him 1 Monster Feed, and he will wake up to introduce himself as Tamarin.
  4. Choose to Introduce yourself. He will appreciate your friendliness.
  5. He will ask about a place to wash up. Tell him the place, and finally Accompany him there.
  6. Go to the northwestern portal (or use the Warper > Dungeons > Pyramids and exit the dungeon), and head to Tamarin at (moc_ruins 107, 139)Copied!
  7. He will tell his story, choose I'm listening, and then Tell him you want to tag along.
  8. Use the Warper > Special Areas > Dimensional Time Gap. Tamarin is just south of where you spawn. (dali 112, 69)Copied!
  9. Go northwest and take the warp to access the second area (or use the Warper > Heroes' Trails > Ghost Palace) then, go to the south-east. On the second island, turn to the south-west and talk to the Sand Mound (dali02 88, 62)Copied! Tamarin will appear to talk to you. Choose Enter.
  10. You will arrive at the Fire Basin. Talk to Tamarin. Your conversation will be interrupted midway.
  11. Talk to Bargat Tiblack standing near you and accept her hunting quest. You have to help her kill 20 Fire Pits and collect 50 Burning Bug Skins. When you kill a Fire Pit, Firebugs appear and they drop the skins at a 40% rate.
  12. Return to Bargat Tiblack and she will ask you to kill 50 Sonia and gather 50 Yummy Stems. Tamarin will call you before you finish the conversation.
  13. Talk to Tamarin and he will offer his help killing the Sonias. You will now only need to kill 25 of them and gather 25 of the stems.
  14. Meet Tamarin at the center of the map when you're done. (moro_vol 198, 179)Copied! He will offer you some of the stems to taste.
  15. Return to Bargat Tiblack. He will mention something about a cave, and tells you to meet Instructor Rugen.
  16. Find Instructor Rugen at the southwestern corner of the map (moro_vol 105, 71)Copied! and choose Talk to him.
  17. Talk to Intoxicated Patient below Rugen to feed him the Sonia stems, and return to Instructor Rugen.
  18. Go back to Bargat Tiblack, and you will be rewarded with EXP, as well as access to the Fire Cave.

Flaming Basin and Doom Prayers

Prerequisite: Dimensional Travel Step 6.

Base Level: 140
Starting Point: (moro_vol 131, 103)Copied!
Items: -
Experience: ???
Items: -
Others: -
  1. Talk to Base Investigator (moro_vol 131, 103)Copied! and pick Do you want me to do it?.
  2. Hunt 15 Burning Feathers from Fire Condors.
  3. Go search the Scout at (moro_vol 234, 301)Copied!. You need to attack him until he speaks.
  4. You must deliver 20 Patrol Logs (Scout Journal) dropped by Fire Sandman. Beware some mobs of Fire Sandman may appear and steal your Patrol Logs when close to the NPC. It's recommended to gather more samples of the item.
  5. Return to Base Investigator (moro_vol 131, 103)Copied!.
  6. Hunt 20 Fire Sandman and 20 Fire Frilldora.
  7. Talk to Base Investigator (moro_vol 131, 103)Copied! and go meet with Doom Prayers Leader (moro_vol 91, 197)Copied!. Pick Go back!
  8. Hunt Fire Golem and collect 40 Blessing Stones (Stone of Blessing).
  9. Take the stones back to Doom Prayers Leader (moro_vol 91, 197)Copied!.
  10. Gather 30 Monster Blood Monster Blood by killing Fire Frilldora and Fire Sandman.
  11. Deliver the blood to Doom Prayers Leader (moro_vol 91, 197)Copied!.
  12. Talk to Second-in-command (moro_vol 95, 195)Copied! next to Doom Prayers Leader.
  13. Gather 30 Tooth of Flame Golem (Golem's Fiery Stone Tooth) and 30 Neck Of Flame Frilldora (Frilldora's Fiery Nape). The former from Fire Golem, while the latter from Fire Frilldora.
  14. Return to Second-in-command (moro_vol 95, 195)Copied! and deliver the items.
  15. Speak with Doom Prayers Leader (moro_vol 91, 197)Copied! to finish the quest.

Daily Fire Basin Quests

Prerequisite: Dimensional Travel Step 6.

Once you're able to enter the Fire Basin, there are several quests that can be repeated daily, and rewards you with experience.

Eliminating Risks

Base Level: 140
Starting Point: (moro_vol 112, 87)Copied!
Items: -
Experience: 250,000 (Base) / 20,000,000 (Job)
Items: -
Others: -
  1. Talk to Instructor Igrid at (moro_vol 112, 87)Copied!
  2. He asks you to kill 4 types of Incarnation of Morrocs.

Collecting Mana

Base Level: 140
Starting Point: (moro_vol 98, 107)Copied!
Items: -
Experience: 87,500 (Base) / 8,750,000 (Job)
Items: -
Others: -
  1. Talk to Magic Scholar (moro_vol 98, 107)Copied! and accept his quest.
  2. You have to kill three type of Incarnation of Morrocs: the Blazing Reincarnation, Distorted Reincarnation and the Freezing Reincarnation.

Fire Basin Cards

Card Type Description
Card Fire Condor Card Accessory Card Reduce Variable Cast Time of Fire Ball by 50%. Increase Fire Ball damage by 100%.
Card Fire Sandman Card Armor Card DEF +50. Reduce physical and magical damage received from Fire property monsters by 10%.
Card Fire Frilldora Card Weapon Card Increase magic attack against Earth property monsters by 3%.

If refined to +7 or higher, increase magic attack against Earth property monsters by 5%.

If refined to +9 or higher, increase magic attack against Earth property monsters by 7%.

Card Fire Golem Card Shield Card Reduce physical and magical damage received from Fire property monsters by 20%. Increase physical damage against Fire property monsters by 5%.
Card Fire Bug Card Headgear Card Has a high chance of inflicting Burning status on enemies when dealing physical or magical damage.