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This quest or instance is repeatable.
Cooldown Tickets Available

24 hours

Solo: 0 Party: 0


  1. Go to the entrance by using Warper, then Instances > Friday. Talk to Marry with a party to start the instance.
    The instance is only available on Fridays (Server Time - PST).
  2. Once inside, speak with Marry and choose the level difficulty. There are two difficulty levels: 99-110 and 160+.
  3. Inside the instance, all monsters have a chance to drop  Crafted Stones and endlessly respawn.
  4. After 30 minutes inside the instance, you will be able to spawn the Lich Lord King by speaking with the Sculpture, in the bottom right corner of the map ([email protected]_gef 199, 70)Copied!.
    • Spawning the King will cost 10  Crafted Stones. It spawns on the top-left corner of the map.
  5. The instance runs until the time is over, but you can exit by warping out at any time.
    • You cannot re-enter the instance by any means after leaving.



Image Name Level HP Size / Race / Element
3660.png Nightmare (100) 100 21,300 Large / Demon / Ghost 3
3662.png Jakk (100) 100 23,933 Medium / Formless / Fire 2
3664.png Ghoul (100) 100 24,471 Medium / Undead / Undead 2
3666.png Drainliar (100) 100 22,350 Small / Brute / Dark 2


Image Name Level HP Size / Race / Element
3659.png Lich Lord (160+)
160 23,485,539 Large / Demon / Undead 4
3661.png Nightmare (160+) 160 199,129 Large / Demon / Ghost 3
3663.png Jakk (160+) 160 181,967 Medium / Formless / Fire 2
3665.png Ghoul (160+) 160 200,634 Medium / Undead / Undead 2
3667.png Drainliar (160+) 160 184,779 Small / Brute / Dark 2


From Lich Lord:

Image Name Slot Description
Royal Guard Ring Accessory

MaxHP/MaxSP + 1% every 25 base level (up to level 175).

Class: Accessory (Right)

Weight: 1

Required Level: 99

Jobs: Every Job

Royal Guard Ring Enchantment

Speak with the Suspicious Man at (gef_tower 36, 177)Copied! with a  Royal Guard Ring equipped.

  • Enchanting:
    • Costs 10  Crafted Stones and 100,000 zeny for a single enchant. You can enchant the ring twice.
    • Has no chance to fail.
    • You can choose between 3 categories: Melee, Magic or Ranged.
  • Reseting enchant:
    • To be able to reset the enchants, the ring must have two enchants on it.
    • Reseting the enchants cost 10  Crafted Stones and 100,000 zeny.
    • There is a 20% chance the ring will be destroyed when reseting the enchants. Any cards on the ring will also be lost.

 Royal Guard Ring Enchants
Melee Magic Ranged
3rd slot 4th slot 3rd slot 4th slot 3rd slot 4th slot

Other Accessories Enchantment

Speak with the Novice Collector at (gef_tower 57, 167)Copied!. You must have the specific accessory you want to enchant equipped.

  • Enchanting:
    • Costs 10  Crafted Stones and 100,000 zeny for a single enchant (you can only have 1 enchant).
    • Has no chance to fail.
    • The enchant is chosen at random.
  • Reseting enchant:
    • There are 3 methods to reset the enchant:
    • In case of failure, the accessory (and any card compounded on it) is destroyed.

Some accessories in the list are currently unobtainable and have been indicated by strike-through

List of Enchantable Accessories

Possible Enchants
4th slot


Card Type Effects
Card Lich Lord Card Accessory Card Def + 30, Mdef + 10.
Adds a high chance of inflicting the silence status to enemy when receiving physical and magical attack.

[+  Royal Guard Ring]
ATK + 5%, MATK + 5%.
When dealing physical or magical attack. Has a low chance to transform into Dead King for 7 seconds.
While under Dead King form, ignore target Def and Mdef by 100%.

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