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Element: Poison
Race: Dragon
Size: Large

Garanth, the juvenile form of Garronath, is a poison wyvern found during High Rank Hunts at the Savage Coast.

It is seen in either the Highland or Forest biomes on the island (zones 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10).

Garanth can spawn on the Red or Green areas
Guide to Garanth


Item % Chance (per carve)
 Juvenile Dragon Scale 47% A green scale carved from the Garanth.

Sharp, pointed, and impregnated with the dragon's malice.

 Juvenile Dragon Claw 33% A sharp claw carved from Garanth.

This scythe-like talon is just a small part of what made this dragon so deadly.

 Juvenile Dragon Heart Piece 20% A dragon's heart carved from Garanth.

This dragon's vileness permeated every ounce of its flesh, as well as its wicked little heart.

4th carve (100% chance) Quantity Description
 Shattered Violet Gem 5~10 (Random) A damaged gem collected from the remains of Garanth.

Deep cracks run along the dulled surface, but there is still hope of restoring its former shine.

Every 9 Monster Kills, you'll be able to obtain a Special Carver which will allow you to acquire a Special Drop on your next carve, at 100% chance.

You can also get a Special Carver after any hunt, with a low chance.

Special Carver Special Drop
 Chipped Cleaver  Juvenile Dragon Tail


Garanth has 3 skills and one debuff that players need to keep in mind, as he casts them often during combat.


A stacking debuff that can be applied by Festering Winds and Poisonous Spit. It can stack up to 7 times.
Every few seconds, while affected by Fester, the player will take a portion of its maximum HP. The more stacks a player has, the higher this percentage is.
Fester will gradually fade away, one stack at a time.

Festering Winds

Garanth pulls all party members within the vicinity towards him and peppers the area with 3x3 poison cloud AoEs that explode within a small delay.
Getting caught in the small explosions builds up 1 Fester stack on the player.

Poisonous Spit

Garanth marks a target and deploy a 7x7 AoE around it that explodes within a small delay.
Getting caught in the explosion builds up 2 Fester stacks.


Garanth pushes all players back from him, becoming immune to damage before taking a flight. During the flight, Garanth marks a player and shoots meteors in his direction.
Garanth can change targets periodically within this sequence and returns to its original position after using this skill.


  • Fester can stack up to 7 times, with each stack increasing the damage exponentially. This means it deals low damage at a lower amount of stacks, but becomes deadlier the more stacks you have.
    • Try to avoid Garanth's poison clouds until the effect fades away to not stack it further.
    • As damage is based on a percentage of the player's maximum HP, Tanks might find themselves on a tricky situation if they let Fester build up, even with high resistance or high HP amounts to spare.
  • 71.png Slow Poison can also reduce the damage over time effect from Fester by 50%, making it a worthwhile skill to have prepared when facing him.
  • Using a  Fireproof Potion is recommended to deal with Garanth's Firestorm, with no real downsides.

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