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Element: Poison
Race: Dragon
Size: Large

Garanth, the juvenile form of Garronath, is a poison wyvern found at the Savage Coast.

It can spawn in either the Volcano or Forest biomes on the island (zones 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10).

Garanth can spawn on the Red or Green areas


Item % Chance (per carve)
Juvenile Dragon Scale 47%
Juvenile Dragon Claw 33%
Juvenile Dragon Heart Piece 20%

The 4th Carve will always guarantee a random amount of Monster Gems.

4th carve Quantity
Shattered Violet Gem 5~10 (Random)

Every 9 Monster Kills, you'll be able to obtain a Special Carver which will allow you to acquire a Special Drop on your next carve, at 100% chance.

You can also get a Special Carver after any hunt, with a low chance.

Special Carver Special Drop
Chipped Cleaver Juvenile Dragon Tail


Garanth has 3 skills and one debuff that players need to keep in mind, as he casts them often during combat.

Festering Winds

Garanth pulls all party members within the vicinity towards him and peppers the area with 3x3 poison cloud AoEs that explode within a small delay.

Getting caught in the explosion builds up Fester stacks on the player.

Poisonous Spit

Garanth marks a target and deploy a 7x7 AoE around it that explodes within a small delay.

Getting caught in the explosion builds 1 Fester stack.


Garanth pushes all players back from him and takes only 1 damage before taking a flight. During the flight, Garanth marks a player and shoots meteors around the targeted player.

He can change targets periodically within this sequence and returns to its original position after using this skill.


A stacking debuff that can be applied by Festering Winds and Poisonous Spit. It can stack up to 7 times.

Every few seconds, while affected by Fester, the player will take a portion of its maximum HP. The more stacks a player has, the higher this percentage is.

Fester will gradually fade away, one stack at a time.


  • Fester can stack up to 7 times, with each stack increasing the damage exponentially. This means it deals low damage at lower amount of stack but becomes deadlier the more stack you have.
    • Try to avoid Garanth's poison clouds until the effect fades away to not stack it further.
    • As damage is based on a percentage of the player's maximum HP, Tanks might find themselves on a tricky situation if they let Fester build up, even with high resistance or high HP amounts to spare.
  • 71.png Slow Poison can also reduce the damage over time effect from Fester, making it a worthwhile skill to also have.
  • Using a Fireproof Potion is recommended to deal with Garanth's Firestorm, with no real downsides.