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This page contains common questions about NovaRO and general gameplay information and tips.

If this is your first time playing Ragnarok Online, our Introduction to Ragnarok Online will help you with the game. For players who are transitioning from Classic (99/50 max level) or Pre-Renewal (transcendent and 99/70 max level) to Renewal (175/60 max level) in NovaRO, it is strongly recommended for you to also check our Introduction to Renewal guide. If you'd like to find out more about the server's unique features, see the Introduction to NovaRO page. Basic information and details about the server such as rates, max stats, and max level are in the Server Information page.

If you are having technical problems with installation or the game client, you may find a solution in the Troubleshooting page.

Additionally, feel free to ask questions to other players and GMs on NovaRO's Discord server; you can connect to it using the link:

Getting Started - Leveling and Other Basic Information

What is the max Level/Job Level/Stats/ASPD?

See also: Server Information

  • 3rd Class: 175/60, 130 max stats, 193 ASPD. Also applies to Kagerou, Oboro, and Rebellion.
  • 2nd Transcendent Class: 99/70, 99 max stats, 190 ASPD. Also applies to Ninja and Gunslinger.
  • 2nd Class: 99/50, 99 max stats. Also applies to Taekwon Kid, Star Gladiator, and Soul Linker.

Where should I level?

See also: Leveling Guide

Where is the Job Changer?

The Job Changer NPC and other convenience NPCs are inside the Main Office building in Prontera, just a little to the left of the center of the town.


There you can also find a Platinum Skill NPC, Stat and Skill Reset NPC, Daily Rewards NPC, Gold Coin Shop and Gold Coin Exchange NPC, among others. On the second floor of Main Office you can find a Card Remover NPC, Costume Maker NPC, Feel Reset NPC, and Dead Branch Room.

Can I job change into a 3rd Class without transcending/rebirth?

You could but you will miss out on a lot of benefits if you don't transcend/go through the rebirth process. Upon transcending/rebirthing, you gain additional MaxHP, MaxSP, and stat points. You will be able to learn trans-only skills and wear trans-only equipment as well. It is highly recommended to reach Job Lv 70 before changing into 3rd Class. Otherwise you will never be able to gain the missing skill points from job changing at Job Lv 69 or lower.

This is the typical character progression:

Initial Class 1st Class 2nd Class


Transcendent Class Trans 1st Class Trans 2nd Class


Trans 3rd Class


Pticon 0novice.png


Pticon 1swordman.png


Pticon 2knight.png


High Novice

(Restart at 1/1)

High Swordman Pticon tlordknight.png

Lord Knight

Pticon 3runeknight.png

Rune Knight

Pticon 2crusader.png


Pticon tpaladin.png


Pticon 3royalguard.png

Royal Guard

Pticon 1merchant.png


Pticon 2blacksmith.png


High Merchant Pticon tmastersmith.png


Pticon 3mechanic.png


Pticon 2alchemist.png


Pticon tbiochemist.png


Pticon 3genetic.png


Pticon 1thief.png


Pticon 2assassin.png


High Thief Pticon tsinx.png

Assassin Cross

Pticon 3gx.png

Guillotine Cross

Pticon 2rogue.png


Pticon tstalker.png


Pticon 3shadowchaser.png

Shadow Chaser

Pticon 1archer.png


Pticon 2hunter.png


High Archer Pticon tsniper.png


Pticon 3ranger.png


Pticon 2bard.png

Bard (Male only)

Pticon tclown.png


Pticon 3minstrel.png


Pticon 2dancer.png

Dancer (Female only)

Pticon tgypsy.png


Pticon 3wanderer.png


Pticon 1mage.png


Pticon 2wizard.png


High Mage Pticon thighwizard.png

High Wizard

Pticon 3warlock.png


Pticon 2sage.png


Pticon tscholar.png


Pticon 3sorcerer.png


Pticon 1acolyte.png


Pticon 2priest.png


High Acolyte Pticon thighpriest.png

High Priest

Pticon 3archbishop.png

Arch Bishop

Pticon 2monk.png


Pticon tchampion.png


Pticon 3sura.png


Note that in NovaRO, class-crossing is not enabled. In other words, if you were an Assassin and have transcended into High Novice, you can only job change into High Thief, then into Assassin Cross, then Guillotine Cross.

Expanded classes and Doram race typically progress as follows. Note that they are unable to transcend/rebirth, so their level will not be reset to 1/1 when job changing.

Initial Class 1st Class 2nd Class
Pticon 0novice.png


Pticon 1supernovice.png

Super Novice (99/99)

Pticon 1supernovice.png

Expanded Super Novice (175/50)

Pticon 1gunslinger.png

Gunslinger (99/70)

Pticon 2rebel.png

Rebellion (175/60)

Pticon 1ninja.png

Ninja (99/70)

Pticon 2kagerou.png

Kagerou (Male only) (175/60)

Pt Oboro.png

Oboro (Female only) (175/60)

Pticon 1taekwonkid.png

Taekwon Kid

Pticon 2taekwonmaster.png

Taekwon Master (99/50)

Pt Star Emperor.png

Star Emperor (175/60)

Pticon 2soullinker.png

Soul Linker (99/50)

Pt Soul Reaper.png

Soul Reaper (175/60)

Pticon 0summoner.png

Summoner (Doram Race only) (175/50)

There are some pros and cons of playing a non-transcendent class.

  • Pros:
    • You can reach higher levels relatively earlier than trans classes.
    • You can access certain dungeons and instances earlier.
    • Some newer equipment like Faceworm Skins and Temporal Boots are customized in NovaRO, so that Rebellion, Kagerou, and Oboro class can equip them.
    • Baby 3rd classes are utterly adorable.
  • Cons:
    • You will have less HP and SP, and less stat points to distribute.
    • You cannot learn trans-only skills.
    • You cannot wear trans-only equipment.

What about Dorams?

You can learn more about them on the Doram wiki page.

Why not customize Taekwon class so they can reach Lv 175 as well?

Because their 3rd class, namely Star Emperor and Soul Reaper, are already implemented! You can check their release notes by clicking here.

I can't decide which class to play, help!

If you’re starting fresh, the most newbie-friendly and affordable job classes are usually physical and ranged classes. With equipment that enables HP or SP leeching such as Thanatos Weapons from Ghost Palace, Rideword Hat, and loyal Incubus pet, physical classes don't have to rely too much on potions. Assuming you’re playing alone and will occasionally join parties with randoms in PvM environment, you'd want to play a physical type class with good DPS. If you are playing with friends, or if you're going to join parties with other players, tank classes and classes with good support skills are generally always needed.

Job Class Role Suitability (in PvM) Damage Type
DPS Tank Support
Pticon 3runeknight.png

Rune Knight

OOO OO × Physical
Pticon 3royalguard.png

Royal Guard

OO OO O Physical
Pticon 3mechanic.png


OO OO OO Physical
Pticon 3genetic.png


OOO × O Physical, Mixed
Pticon 3gx.png

Guillotine Cross

OOO O × Physical
Pticon 3shadowchaser.png

Shadow Chaser

OO × O Physical/Magic
Pticon 3ranger.png


OOO × × Physical
Pticon 3minstrel.png


OO × OO Physical, Mixed
Pticon 3wanderer.png


OO × OO Physical, Mixed
Pticon 3warlock.png


OOO OO O Magic
Pticon 3sorcerer.png


OO O OOO Magic
Pticon 3archbishop.png

Arch Bishop

O OO OOO Magic
Pticon 3sura.png


OO OOO O Physical
Job Class Role Suitability (in PvM) Damage Type
DPS Tank Support
Pticon 2kagerou.png


OO × × Physical/Magic
Pt Oboro.png


OOO × O Physical/Magic
Pticon 2rebel.png


OOO × × Physical
Pticon 1supernovice.png

Super Novice

O OO OO Physical/Magic
Pticon 0summoner.png

Summoner (Doram)

OO OO OO Physical/Magic
Pt Star Emperor.png

Star Emperor

OOO × × Physical
Pt Soul Reaper.png

Soul Reaper

O O OOO Magic

I job changed but now I'm stuck at Lv 99!

It is a visual bug. You can do one of these things:

  • Keep leveling. When you reach Lv 100 your experience bar will fix itself.
  • Relog. When you log back in your experience bar should display the correct EXP amount.
    • As long as you log back in to the same character immediately, your Daily Rewards timer should not be affected.

How to get class-specific consumables/catalysts?

Type Applicable Job Class How to obtain
Quality Rough Runestone and General Rough Runestone Rune Knight Rune Merchant /navi prontera 167/228. See Rune Mastery.
Holy Water Royal Guard, Priest Tool Dealer NPC (by the respawn point in almost every town). Create with 31.png Aqua Benedicta skill.
Pecopeco, Dragon, Griffon, Cart, Mado Gear Knight, Crusader, Merchant, Mechanic Universal Rental NPC (by the respawn point in almost every town)
Cannon Ball, Magic Fuel, other Mechanic accessories and supplies Mechanic, Genetic Prontera Mado Dealer /navi prontera 170/225
Guide Books for 228.png Pharmacy, 2497.png Special Pharmacy, and 2495.png Mixed Cooking Alchemist, Biochemist, Genetic Aldebaran Alchemist Guild /navi alde_alche 27/182
Materials for 228.png Pharmacy, 2497.png Special Pharmacy, and 2495.png Mixed Cooking Alchemist, Biochemist, Genetic Alchemy Supplies, Aldebaran /navi aldebaran 135/111
Embryo Alchemist, Biochemist, Genetic Create with Pharmacy. Purchase Embryo in the market @go market.
Homunculus Food (Scell, Garlet, Zargon) Alchemist, Biochemist Geffen Tool Dealer /navi geffen_in 75/144
Homunculus, Homunculus S, and Cute Pet Food Alchemist, Biochemist (Homunculus), Genetic (Homunculus S), all (Cute Pet) Pet Groomer, Prontera /navi prontera 217/211. See Pet System.
Poison Bottle Guillotine Cross Can be obtained by exchanging Thanks Invest Tickets into Red Paw Jelly Bag with the Thanks Ticket Machine in Malangdo /navi malangdo 214/219. See Guild Dungeon Investment System.
Surface Paint and Face Paint Shadow Chaser Part-Timer in Shadow Workshop, Prontera /navi s_atelier 16/110
Falcon, Warg Hunter, Sniper (requires Falconry Mastery), Ranger (requires Warg Mastery) Universal Rental NPC (by the respawn point in almost every town)
Falcon Flute Hunter, Sniper, Ranger Falcon Flute Trader in Hunter's Guild, Hugel /navi hu_in01 385/306
Special Alloy Trap and Special Alloy Trap Box Ranger, Shadow Chaser, Rebellion Ammunitions Expert in Prontera /navi prontera 143/228 and Trap Specialist in Midgard Camp /navi mid_camp 130/284
Arrow, Arrow Quiver Ranger, Minstrel, Wanderer, Thief, Shadow Chaser Arrow Dealer in Prontera /navi prontera 184/212. Arrow Dealer in Payon /navi payon 168/112. Inventor Jaax inside Payon Equipment Shop /navi payon_in01 5/133.
Hunting Arrow , Hunting Arrow Quiver , Elven Arrow , Elven Arrow Quiver Hunter, Sniper, Ranger; Minstrel, Wanderer Mora Tool Dealer, Quiver Maker /navi mora 103/118
Special Arrows (e.g. Immaterial Arrow) Ranger, Minstrel, Wanderer, Thief, Shadow Chaser Create with Arrow Crafting.
Throat Lozenge (Neck Protect Candy) and Regrettable Tears Minstrel, Wanderer Harive in Comodo /navi comodo 195/161
Spell Book (Mage, Wizard, Warlock spells) Warlock Lea in Geffen Mage Guild /navi geffen_in 174/112
Comet Spell Book and Tetra Vortex Spell Book Warlock (Lv 140) Ultimate Spell Books Quest
Scarlet, Yellow, Lime Green, and Indigo Wish Points Mechanic, Sorcerer Point Merchant in Prontera /navi prontera 180/216, and Point Merchant in Midgard Camp /navi mid_camp 223/237
Red, Yellow, and Blue Gemstones Acolyte, Priest, Wizard, Sage, etc Tool Dealer NPC (by the respawn point in almost every town)
Empty Bottle Acolyte, Alchemist Tool Dealer NPC (by the respawn point in almost every town)
Ammunition and Cartridge Shop Gunslinger, Rebellion Ammunitions Expert, Prontera /navi prontera 143/228
Cartridge Maker Gunslinger, Rebellion Magazine Dealer Kyle, Prontera /navi prontera 146/231
Gunslinger Weapons Gunslinger Gunslinger Guild, Einbroch /navi que_ng 172/86 and Trading Merchant, Izlude Tool Shop /navi izlude_in 71/102
Rebellion Weapons Rebellion Firearms Dealer, Prontera /navi prontera 140/225
Shuriken, Kunai, Kunai Scrolls, Elemental Charms, Magic Orbs Ninja, Kagerou, Oboro Ninja Supplier, Prontera /navi prontera 130/214
Ninja Equipment Craftsmen Ninja, Kagerou, Oboro Master Weapon Craftsman and Master Armor Craftsman, Ninja Hideout, Amatsu /navi que_ng 21/70
Catnip Fruit , Shrimp , and Lv 100 Doram equipment Summoner (Doram) Doram Shop, Prontera /navi prontera 127/212 and Doram Shop, Lasagna /navi lasagna 165/163

How many DEX do I need to reach instant cast?

See also: Cast Time

In Renewal, you need (DEX x 2) + INT = 530 to eliminate Variable Cast Time (also referred to as Fluctuative/Fluctuating Cast Time in several item descriptions). That means you can reach 0 Variable Cast Time if your character's stats and gears amount to:

  • 530 INT, or
  • 265 DEX, or
  • 170 INT and 180 DEX, or
  • 190 INT and 170 DEX

However, none of this will reduce Fixed Cast Time. Most skills consist of 80% Variable and 20% Fixed Cast Time. Your INT and DEX stats can reduce the Variable portion of the cast time. As for Fixed Cast Time, it's usually reduced by buffs and equipment.

There are several ways of reducing overall cast time:

  • Wearing cast time-reducing equipment and cards (e.g. Crown of Deceit, Kathryne Keyron Card, Cunning Shadow Set).
  • Buff skills (e.g. Archbishop's Clementia and Sacrament, Kagerou/Oboro's 16th Night, Sorcerer's Summon Ventus + Elemental Control Lv 1).
  • Consuming stat foods (particularly INT and DEX foods).
  • Have a Bard class buff you with Poem of Bragi. Their skill can also reduce After Cast Delay (global cooldown) of skills.
  • Wearing Temporal DEX Boots while also having 120 base DEX. This will reduce Fixed Cast Time by 0.5 second.

Note that % Fixed Cast Time reduction will not stack. Only the highest % Fixed Cast Time reduction will be applied. Additionally, skills such as Warlock's Reading Spellbook and Release can also bypass normal cast time and cooldown time.

How do I delete my character?

  1. Go to the Character Select screen. Select the character you want to delete and click the Delete button.
  2. The character will sit and a timestamp will appear above them (it should follow your computer's clock).
  3. If you're certain you will delete that character, let it sit and return to it in 24 hours. In the mean time, do not click Cancel, and do not log in with that character.
  4. After 24 hours, you can click Del and you will be prompted to input the "deletion password," which is your account's email. You can view your account email by logging in the website.
  5. If you changed your mind and do not wish to delete that character, click Cancel. The timestamp will disappear and you will be able to log in with that character as usual.

What is PC, R>, LF>, LFM>, LFP>, etc?

  • BMD : Bios Island, Morse's Cave, and Temple of the Demon God
  • DPS : Damage per Second. Generally refers to Ranger or Rebellion as they are usually the main damage dealers in most parties.
  • LF : Looking For
  • LFM : Looking For Members. May be used to recruit party members.
  • LFP : Looking For Party. May be used when you want to join parties. You should also state your Level.
  • MH : Monster Hunter
  • NONR : No Offer, No Reply. Generally means you should state your price when offering to buy or sell something, and try to haggle with the other person.
  • OGH : Old Glast Heim
  • PC : Price Check. You should do this in the #trade channel in-game.
  • R : Recruiting (may be used to recruit party members or guild members)
  • RGM : Recruiting Guild Members
  • RTG : Ready to Go
    • This may indicate that the party will start the instance as soon as you join, or they are already inside the instance and you have to hurry and catch up to them. You have to beware of the second one, as some instances give you kill quest/hunting quest of a specific enemy that only appear at certain points of the instance, and you can only claim rewards if you are present when the party kills the enemy. For example, if an OGH party leader/member says their party is RTG, it's a good idea to ask if they're already inside and have killed Root of Corruption. If they've killed it then you won't be able to claim the rewards, and it'd be best for you to join another party.
  • WTB : Willing To Buy

How do I perform trades greater than 1 billion Zeny?

See: 17 Carat Diamond

Farming Zeny and Equipment

How do I farm Zeny? Where should I go to farm Zeny?

The most common way to farm Zeny is by selling loot from monsters to NPC. In most cases it's better if you have leveled up quite a bit and have upgraded from Eden gears before you start farming Zeny. However some players would like to gain levels and loot at the same time, so here are some popular Zeny-farming maps along with the recent Zeny Guide and Farming 101 Guide. Sorted according to recommended levels:

  • Gonryun Dungeon 1F : Suitable for Lv 90 - 100. Collect Honey and Royal Jelly from Zipper Bear, Bloody Butterfly, and Enchanted Peach Tree. Try not to pop the Dead Branches, you might summon a monster you can't handle.
  • Desert Wolves outside Ice Cave dungeon: Suitable for Lv 100+. These wolves move rather slowly and drop Blood of Wolf (+20 INT Food ingredient) that other players would be willing to buy, and Crimson Daggers. You may also go deeper in the dungeon to collect Ice Crystal from Iceicle and Ice Piece from Gazeti (+20 DEX Food ingredient).
  • Magma Dungeon 2F : Suitable for Lv 100 - 120. All the loot from all monsters sell for a decent amount of Zeny. You can also collect Doram equipment that can be exchanged into Doram Token, see Doram Equipment Exchange.
  • Rachel Sanctuary 1F - 3F : Suitable for Lv 110+. The first level consists of slow-moving Demi Human enemies that can be rounded up easily, and drop Bloody Runes that can be sold to NPC for a decent amount of Zeny. You can also go deeper to farm Witched Starsand from Hodremlin and Prickly Fruit from Beholder.
  • Juperos 1F : Suitable for Lv 115 - 125. All the loot dropped by Venatu and Dimik sells for a decent amount of Zeny.
  • Geffenia : Suitable for Lv 120+. Diamond Ring and Gold Ring dropped by Incubus and Succubus can be sold to NPC for a good amount of Zeny. Some mobs may cast Hallucination on you, causing your screen to turn upside down. It can be cured with Green Potion, Panacea, or Royal Jelly. You can hunt some Violys to get Royal Jelly.
  • Crimson Weapon farming : Some of the more sought-after Crimson weapons include Crimson Revolver from Metaling (Lv 80+), Crimson Rod from Bathory (Lv 80+), Crimson Mace from Petite (Lv 80+), Crimson Katar from Headless Mule (Lv 80+), Crimson Dagger from Porcellio (Lv 80) and Desert Wolf (Lv 100+), Crimson Bow from Owl Baron and Kavach Icarus (Lv 120+).
  • Oridecon farming : You can farm Oridecon from Alarm in Clock Tower, Anolian in Glast Heim Culvert/Sewers, Wanderer in Glast Heim Castle, or Nightmare Wanderer in Nightmare Glast Heim Castle. Alternatively you can farm Rough Oridecon from Banaspaty in Dewata Dungeon.

Tip: Create a Merchant and level it up until it learns both 38.png Overcharge and 37.png Discount at Lv 10. Use the Merchant to sell loot and buy supplies. You can also use the Merchant's 41.png Vending skill to sell valuables in NovaRO's Market (@go 37).

Tip: Using @autotrade while vending on your Merchant will log you out of your character and account but keep your Vending Shop up for 72 hours. Keep in mind there is also a 3% vending tax included on all sales made during Vending, whether you are using @autotrade or not.

Tip: Any character is able to open a 2535.png Buying Store to buy materials from other players.

This is what a Buying Store typically looks like from another player's point of view; notice the shop icon looks like stacks of coins.


Drag your items from the Available Items window into the Selling Items window, then click Sell to complete the transaction. Your items will go to the Buying player, and their Zeny will be transferred to you.

Tip: Some seemingly random loot may be useful for something, whether it's for a quest, for crafting/brewing, or used as skill catalysts. You can make a quick buck stocking up these materials and selling them to other players. Use the @whobuys or @wb command in-game, and check the following list for other valuable loot:

What class should I use to farm Zeny?

Players farm Zeny using characters with good mobility, survival capability, and carrying capacity. Physical classes such as Rune Knights (RK), Royal Guards (RG), Genetics, Mechanics, Guillotine Cross (GX), Kagerou/Oboro (they have a self-healing skill that literally allows them to farm until they reach 90% weight), Rangers, and Rebellions are popular choices.

Job classes that use physical attack skills benefit from wearing HP- and SP-leeching equipments (e.g. Rideword Hat, any Thanatos Weapon, Hunter Fly card, Earth Deleter card, Sky Deleter card, Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb), enabling them to farm for long periods of time without having to carry potions or returning to town to heal. Having a loyal Incubus or Succubus pet is also beneficial for them.

Suras are better suited for a more precise farming style, when you only need specific item(s) dropped by only one or two types of monsters spread across maps that are large, difficult to access, and/or hard to navigate on foot.

Tip: Use the following commands to make your farming sessions easier (see Player Commands):

  • @autoloot (any value between 1-100) : Enables you to automatically pick up loot only of certain drop rates.
  • @al : Automatically picks up all loot from monsters you kill. Equivalent to @autoloot 100.
  • @alootid +(item ID/name) : Enables autoloot of item specified (e.g. "@alootid +Jellopy" or "@alootid +909" are equivalent)
  • @alootid -(item ID/name) : Adds item to autoloot blacklist (will not be autolooted, e.g. "@alootid -Jellopy")
  • For more autoloot options, see Player Commands

How do I get Gold Coins? What are Gold Coins used for?

Main Article: Gold Coins

How do I get White Wing Set/other Mora equips?

See also:

Mora equipment are available for Rune Knight (RK), Guillotine Cross (GX), Ranger, Warlock (WL), and Arch Bishop (AB). There are several ways to obtain them:

  • Browse the NovaRO Market. You can also use the @go 37 or @go market command in-game, or make an offer in Discord or in-game #trade channel.
  • Use the @whosells command in-game to search for specific items currently being sold.
  • The armor and accessory pieces of RK, GX, and Ranger's Mora equipment are dropped by monsters. Use the @whodrops command in-game to find which monsters drop them.
  • Earn Mora Coins and buy the Mora equipments directly from the NPCs in Mora. There are several ways of obtaining Mora coins:
    • Silvervine Exchange Method: You can buy a box of 10 Silvervine Fruits and exchange them into Mora Coins in Malangdo.
    • Find the Research Tools Quest: This quest will take a couple days to finish but it will reward you with at least 37 Mora Coins.
    • Mora Daily Quests: You have to enter the Hazy Forest Instance Dungeon and complete the Wandering Guardian Quest before you can start taking Mora Daily Quests. It is recommended that you do this at Lv 135+. Mora Daily Quests consist of:
      • Item Collecting Quests from Bow-wow and Woof-grr. Simple quests that reward you with 1 Mora Coin each.
      • Hunting Quest from Elephantine. You must hunt certain Mora monsters; the reward is 3 Mora Coins.
      • Rescue the Lost Soul Quest from Soul Guide. You must enter Hazy Forest and rescue the Lost Soul. The reward varies between 0 to 24 Mora Coins, depending on which Lost Soul you must rescue.

What other gears are there besides Mora gears?

There are numerous equipment available in the game and various ways of obtaining them. You can check a more many of those on the Equipment Guides page.

The most common way of obtaining them is by farming from monsters in overworld fields and dungeons, or from instances. Several areas require you to complete pre-requisite quests before you can access them.

The following table will list several areas of interest, recommended/minimum level to reach before attempting them and what equipment can be obtained.

Quest/Instance Level Range Description
Guild Dungeon Investment System None Invest Zeny or unique MVP drops into Guild Castle realms to earn Thanks Invest Tickets (or Thanks Invest Certificates). You can exchange Thanks Invest Tickets in Malangdo for a chance to obtain various supplies, consumables, and WoE gears.
Eden Equipment Quests 26-32 Complete hunting quests and earn Eden gears. After completing the final quest, you'll be able to enchant your final set of Eden Weapon and Armor.
Eden Crystal Synthesis 60 Complete hunting quests to enchant various equipment.
Endless Tower and Endless Cellar 99+ Climb up the Endless Tower or explore deeper into Endless Cellar for a chance to obtain various weapons. You can also craft the Violet Fear at the top of Endless Tower.
Octopus Cave 99+ Chance to obtain High Weapon Box.
Overlook Water Dungeon 99+ Complete hunting quests as you go deeper in a copy of Byalan Dungeon full of tanky enemies. At the end of the dungeon you can select one Byalan Dungeon monster card.
Geffen Magic Tournament 100+ Solo instance. Defeat competitors to earn Geffen Magic Coins, and exchange them for exclusive armor, shield, and accessories.
Rock Ridge and Rock Ridge Daily Quests 100+ Collect Rock Ridge Coins and exchange them for various equipment sets for Kagerou, Oboro, Mechanic, Minstrel, Wanderer, Shadow Chaser, and Sorcerer. You can also obtain various weapons and armors for other classes.
Infinite Space 100+ Collect Shattered Magic Stones and exchange them for Ancient Armor of Rift set or Infinite weapons. Shattered Magic Stones are account bound and can also be used to enchant armors and weapons from Infinite Space.
Banquet for Heroes and Banquet for Heroes Daily Quests 100, 140 Complete Banquet for Heroes quests to earn EXP and Honor Token. You can exchange Honor Tokens for various equipment, including Abusive Robe and Flattery Robe.
Ghost Palace 120+ Solo instance. Part of Heroes' Trails. Witness Sakray's past and how the cursed sword Thanatos corrupted him. Collect Gray Shards and exchange them into Gray Armor set or Thanatos weapons.
Nightmarish Jitterbug 120+ Join Newoz and his guild mates as they encounter Shalosh and her "friends". Collect Teeth of Jitterbug and exchange them to obtain accessories, and weapons for Ranger, Minstrel, and Wanderer class.
Airship Assault 125+ Part of Heroes' Trails. Help Chaos, Iris, Fenris, and Loki survive the airship assault, for a chance to obtain Airship Armor set and Ferlock Armor set.
Continental Guard Quest 130+ Join the Continental Guard in Morroc, and defeat Wounded Morroc. You can obtain Diabolus gears from Wounded Morroc and Satan Morroc, and access the maps where Incarnations of Morroc spawn.
Devil's Tower 130+ Part of Heroes' Trails. Join forces with Loki and the Assassins' Guild to prevent an evil lord from reviving Satan Morroc. You can obtain various Evil Slayer weapons from this instance.
Nidhoggur's Nest 130+ Explore deep under the roots of Yggdrasil Tree and confront the dragon, Nidhoggur. You can obtain Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb from this instance.
Old Glast Heim 130 (Normal), 160+ (Hard) Travel back in time to old Glast Heim, and hunt down Valkyrie Himmelmez and her minions, Root of Corruption and Amdarais. Collect Temporal Crystals, Coagulated Spells, and Contaminated Magic to craft and enchant Temporal Boots.
Hazy Forest 135+ Enter the Hazy Forest instance to help Loki and the Wandering Guardian. You only have to do Wandering Guardian quest once to unlock Mora Daily Quests. You may have to enter Hazy Forest again to do some of the Mora Daily Quests.
Mora Daily Quests 135+ Complete item collecting and hunting quests to earn Mora Coins. Mora Coins can be exchanged into Mora Equipment for Rune Knight, Guillotine Cross, Ranger, Warlock, and Arch Bishop. Mora Coins are also used to enchant them.
Verus Equipment Exchange 140+ You can obtain Reinforced Parts set and Supplement Equipment set for Mechanic here, and various Pile Bunker weapons. See also Phantasmagorica, Charleston Crisis, and Last Room.
Horror Toy Factory 140+ Collect Bloody Coins and exchange them for various weapons, headgears, and accessories.
Malangdo Culvert 140 (Hard Mode) Hunt down the Coelacanth for a chance to obtain Seagod's Anger and High Weapon Box. You can also complete quests from the cat NPCs in Malangdo Culvert entrance to enchant various weapons in Malangdo.
Sky Fortress 145+ Part of Banquet for Heroes. Travel back in time to Invaded Prontera and raid the Sky Fortress to defeat Stefan J. E. Wolf. Enemies in this instance drop Vicious Mind weapons.
Bakonawa Lake, Bangungot Hospital, and Buwaya Cave 150 Defeat evil creatures that terrorize Port Malaya citizens. Collect materials needed to craft Agimat Tattoo accessories, and to initiate the Pintados Festival.
Faceworm's Nest 150 Part of Heroes' Trails. Join Chaos and Iris as they hunt down Faceworm Queen and her minions. You may obtain Faceworm Skins garment and Faceworm Queen Leg dagger.
Monster Hunter 150 NovaRO exclusive custom instance. Gather a team of 5 members in the Monster Hunter HQ (@go mh) and enter the Flooded Forest to hunt down boss monsters. Collect materials to craft Shadow Gears, or exchange them into Monster Coupons. Monster Coupons can be exchanged with the Retired Hunter for various supplies and equipment.
Sealed Shrine 150 Enter the sealed shrine and defeat the Demon God Baphomet. You can obtain Tae Goo Lyeon weapon and materials to craft the Gigantic Majestic Goat headgear.
Wolfchev's Laboratory 150+ Pursue the mad scientist Wolfchev and stop his dangerous research. Complete hunting quests and collect materials to craft and enchant Biolab Gear.
Bios Island 160+ Must have completed Dimensional Travel quest to access. Defeat Grim Reaper Yanku to earn Token of Hero and Prize of Hero.
Morse Cave 160+ Must have completed Bios Island to access. Defeat the Morroc Necromancer to obtain Token of Hero and Prize of Hero.
Temple of the Demon God 160+ Must have completed Morse Cave to access. Defeat the resurrected Demon God Morroc and his powerful minions Brinaranea and Muspelskoll. After completing the instance, all party members will receive Squad Prize, which contains Essences of Evil.
Battlegrounds 175 Join team-based PvP games to earn Valor Badges. Use Valor Badge to purchase Battlegrounds-exclusive equipment and supplies.
Draft War of Emperium 175 Join WoE alongside veterans and newbies alike in a semi-organized and low-cost environment. You will earn Valor Badges from participating, and more if your team wins.
War of Emperium 175 Participate in WoE with your guild to earn Siege Token. You can also earn Siege Tokens from Battlegrounds if you've participated in the previous week's WoE events. Siege Tokens can be used to purchase gears from the Siege Merchant (@go woe).

The table below lists various enchantments and alternative methods of obtaining equipment.

A more complete guide on enchanting can be found on the Enchantment page.

Enchantment Description
Lv 4 Weapon Quest (1) and Lv 4 Weapon Quest (2) Item collecting quest to craft the Mechanic-exclusive weapon Pile Bunker and various weapons.
Socket Enchant Pierce/socket weapons and armor to put cards in them. iRO Wiki's guide. RateMyServer's guide.
Hidden Enchant Add one of the six stats (STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX, LUK) onto armors. iRO Wiki's guide. RateMyServer's guide.
Malangdo Enchant Enchant Lv 4 weapons using materials obtainable from Malangdo Culvert. iRO Wiki guide. pRO guide.
Ninja Class Weapon Crafting, Armor Crafting, and Equipment Enchants Collect items to craft and enchant various Ninja class-exclusive equipment.
Hugel Minigames Play minigames and earn Prize Medals to purchase various equipment.

Where is the item/monster database?

Generally, there are several information sources that NovaRO players use:

  • NovaRO Market : You have to be logged in to use this feature. You can view item description and their trading prices in NovaRO.
  • divine pride : Provides mostly up-to-date information about gears, cards, and monsters. Also provides some skill information but not very detailed.
  • RateMyServer item and monster database : Adjustable EXP and item drop rates, and provides item scripts as well but generally slower to update, and may not accurately reflect the most current version of the item or monster. However RMS is still a good source for item crafting quests and to help you navigate to certain maps. You can also search for skill information, occasionally with more detailed information than the in-game tool tip.
  • iRO Wiki and their item database : Although this is mainly for iRO, it's still a decent source for quest guides and skill information.
  • item information, monster information, and skill information : It may ask you to turn off Ad-Blocker but this is The Source. It provides detailed monster information, and item information is usually enhanced with a list of its recent buy/sell price. The skill information is no more detailed than in-game tool tip but it provides a list of related equipment when available.

Miscellaneous Quest Lines and Access Quests

The following tables list several quests required to access certain fields, dungeons, instances, and daily quests.

Stand-alone Quests

Quest Locale Type Description
Wandering Guardian New World, Mora Daily quest Required to begin Mora Daily Quests and earn Mora Coins. See Hazy Forest and Mora Enchants.
Eclage Entrance Quest New World, Eclage Daily quest Required to begin Encounter in a Strange Land and Oliver Wolf Hood quest.
Encounter in a Strange Land New World, Eclage Daily quest Required to begin Eclage Daily Quests and earn Splendide Coins. This quest and the Troublesome Fairies quest are required to begin Light & Darkness quest.
Finding the Moving Island Moscovia Field access Enables access to Okrestnosti of Moscovia.
Thanatos Tower Rune Midgard, Hugel Field Dungeon access Required to access Thanatos Tower 7F and higher. In NovaRO, you can access Thanatos Tower 1F - 6F without the quest and without a party.
Cautious Village Port Malaya Instance access Required to start the pre-requisite quests to access Port Malaya instance dungeons.
Bakonawa Extermination Port Malaya Instance access Required to access Bakonawa Lake.
Nurse in Port Malaya Port Malaya Instance access Required to access Bangungot Hospital.
Secret in the Woods Port Malaya Instance access Required to access Buwaya Cave.
Phantasmagorica Eden HQ, Verus Field, Dungeon, and Instance access + Daily quest (Lv 140) Required to access Verus and its surrounding maps. Also required to access Central Laboratory and Last Room.
Fire Basin Quests Dimensional Crack Field and Instance access + Daily quest (Lv 140) The Dimensional Travel quest is required to access Fire Basin and Bios Island. You need to be Lv 160 to access Bios Island.

New World and Banquet for Heroes Quest Line

Quest Locale Type Description
Cat Hand Group's New World Access Eden HQ, Midgard Camp Field access Required to start Ring of the Wise King quest, various quest lines in the New World, and to start Banquet for Heroes quests.
Room of Consciousness Rune Midgard, Prontera Field and instance access Part of Banquet for Heroes quest line. Required to access Invaded Prontera, Room of Consciousness, and Sky Fortress.
Restricted Sector Rune Midgard, Prontera Dungeon access (Lv 140) Part of Banquet for Heroes quest line. Required to access Prontera Dungeon, where you can do several Banquet for Heroes Daily Quests.
New Surroundings New World, Midgard Camp Field access Complete this quest to be able to access Splendide fields and Manuk fields directly from Midgard Camp. Also required to start Report from the New World quest.
Finding a Fairy New World, Eclage & Manuk Etc. (Lv 70) Required to begin Ring of the Wise King quest.
Ring of the Wise King New World, Midgard Camp Key item for various quests The reward of this quest is Ring of the Ancient Wise King . It must be equipped to communicate with NPCs in Splendide, Manuk, and El Dicastes. This quest is also required to start Two Tribes quest.
Sapha's Visit New World, Midgard Camp, Manuk, and El Dicastes Nightmare Scaraba Hole quest line Required to begin Ultimate Spellbooks quest and Doha's Secret Orders.
Ultimate Spellbooks New World, El Dicastes Etc. (Warlock Lv 140 only) Complete this quest to create Comet Spellbook and Tetra Vortex Spellbook. See also Reading Spell Book.
Doha's Secret Orders New World, El Dicastes Nightmare Scaraba Hole quest line Complete until step 7 (after speaking with BK the cat outside El Dicastes). Required to access Nightmare Scaraba Hole (where the Gold Scarabas spawn).
Attitude to the New World New World, Midgard Camp Nidhoggur's Nest quest line Complete this quest to start Report from the New World quest.
Tripatriate Union's Feud New World, Midgard Camp Nidhoggur's Nest quest line Complete this quest to start Report from the New World quest.
Report from the New World New World, Midgard Camp, Splendide & Manuk Fields Nidhoggur's Nest quest line Complete this quest to start Guardian of Yggdrasil quest.
Two Tribes New World, Splendide, Nidhoggur Dungeon Nidhoggur's Nest quest line Start this quest and enter Nidhoggur Dungeon to start Guardian of Yggdrasil quest.
Guardian of Yggdrasil New World, Nidhoggur Dungeon Nidhoggur's Nest quest line Start this quest to access Nidhoggur's Nest instance.

Wolfchev's Laboratory Access Quests

Quest Description Consumed Items Non-Consumables Required
Factory Quest Required to progress in the Einbroch Murder Quest and President Quest. 10 Rusty Screw

20 Flexible Tube

10 Used Iron Plate

Einbroch Murder Required to progress in the President Quest. N/A N/A
Biolabs Entrance Required to progress in the President Quest. 20 Jellopy N/A
President Quest Required to start Dangerous Rumors quest.

Note that in NovaRO, the President is available for a longer duration.

Ymir's Heart Piece is obtained during the quest from an NPC in Biolabs 2F.

You only have to do this quest until you enter the Document Room in Rekenber Headquarters and search for Shinokas Case File (step 29).

If you obtained the Shinokas Case File key item, proceed with the quest until you give away the key item to the President. Then proceed to Dangerous Rumours.

10 Research Chart

10 Handcuffs

Ymir's Heart Piece

Geek Glasses

Grandpa Beard

Dangerous Rumors Required to enter Wolfchev's Laboratory. N/A N/A

We have tested and Cursed Spirit quest is not necessary to begin Dangerous Rumors quest.

See also