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Gold Coins (GC) are a special kind of currency exclusive to NovaRO. It can be exchanged for Nova Points, spent to purchase consumables, headgears, and more!

Earning Gold Coins

Gold Coin

There are various ways to earn gold coins:


Nova Point Exchange

In the Main Office, you can exchange 15 Gold Coins for 100 Nova Points. Nova Points can be spent at the Nova Shop or to purchase Alternative Outfits.

Mysterious Slot Machine

At this event, you can pull the lever of the Mysterious Slot Machine for 2 Gold Coins. Among the prizes you can find Gold Coins, Bloody Branches, Gym Passes, buff foods and much more!

The Claw

The Claw is a machine located in Eden Group HQ which holds 4 exclusive headgears. This list is rotated on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Players can spend 250 Gold Coins to get a random hat, or 500 Gold Coins to choose a specific hat.

April 2018 Headgears
Image Name Slot Effect
Watermelon Bite Lower A slice of watermelon on a stick, it will make your mouth water. MDEF +4, Inflict 4% more damage to Fire property monsters.
Butterfly Wing Ear Middle Beautiful wings with dexterous power within. DEX +2
Chewing Gum Lower Huge balloon looking bubble gum. You can even blow it much bigger! MDEF +2
Shaving Cream Lower Your mouth around is full with shaving cream, it looks like an old man.
Other Headgears
Image Name Slot Effect
5293 ramen hat.png Ramen Hat Upper DEX +4. Non Upgradable. Has a chance of autocasting Dex Decrease Lv1 when being physically attacked.
18626 chewy gelato.png Gelato Hat [1] Upper MaxHP +300. Enables usage of Frost Driver Lv 1. If refined to +7, enables usage of Frost Driver Lv 5.
18647 stunning star eyepatch.png Stunning Star Eyepatch Upper Stun resistance +15%
5457 moon rabbit hat.png Moon Rabbit Hat [1] Upper ATK +5. MATK +5%. If refined to +5 or higher, ATK +1 and MATK +1% according to the refine level.
5473 crab nipper hat.png Crab Nipper Hat Upper When using physical attacks, random chance to autocast Cold Bolt Lv 1. When killing Fish monsters, low chance to obtain Crystal Blue.
5474 afk hat.png AFK Hat Upper -
5500 ice cream hat.png Ice Cream Hat Upper Enables usage of Frost Driver Lv 3. MDEF +3.
5507 pink pajamas hat.png Pink Night Cap [1] Upper ATK +5%. MATK +5%.
5575 rice ball hat.png Rice Ball Hat [1] Upper -
5766 amistr hat.png Amistr Hat Upper VIT +5. When being physically attacked, random chance to reduce all incoming damage by 20% for 2 seconds. MDEF -20%.
Vanilmirth Hat Upper MDEF +1. When physically attacking, has a chance to autocast a random Lv1 Bolt spell.
5253 lif doll hat.png Lif Doll Hat [1] Upper INT +1. Increase DEF and MDEF according to the refine level.
5405 filir hat.png Filir Hat Upper Reflects 1% of melee physical attack damage. Cannot be refined.
18676 hexagon spectacles.png Hexagon Spectacles Middle Flee +2.
18782 butterfly wing ear.png Butterfly Wing Ear Middle DEX +2
Contactlenses.png Blank Eyes Middle Cannot be refined.
5610 ice ear wing.png Ice Wing Ears Middle LUK +1. When being physically attacked, low chance to autocast Cold Bolt Lv 5.
5793 life ribbon.png Life Ribbon Middle INT +1. MDEF +2. Increase the wearer's Heal effect by 2%.
18602 watermelon slice.png Watermelon Slice Lower Cannot be refined.
18678 leek in mouth.png Leek in Mouth Lower Reduce damage received from Small sized monsters by 2%.
18702 shaving cream.png Shaving Cream Lower Cannot be refined.
18712 fan in mouth.png Fan in Mouth Lower Cannot be refined.
18746 chilly breath.png Chilly Breath Lower INT +1
5596 four leaf clover.png Four Leaf Clover Lower LUK +3. MDEF +2
5597 bubble gum in mouth.png Bubble Gum in Mouth Lower MATK +5

Master of Coin

Master of Coin is the general store that uses Gold Coins as currency. He is located next to the Daily Rewards NPC in the Main Office. Below is a list of merchandise purchasable from the Master of Coin.

Shop List
Image Name Price Type Description
Bluebox.png Giant Fly Wing Box 15 GC Consumable Contains 10 Giant Fly Wings.
Tokenofsiegfried.png Token of Siegfried 30 GC Consumable Revives the dead character.
Kafracard.png Kafra Card 60 GC Consumable This will open all 3 storages.
Halterleadbox.png Halter Lead 7 Day Box 60 GC Consumable Contains a Halter Lead that expires in 7 days.

Mounts increase movement speed by 25%.

Bluebox.png Giant Fly Wing Box(100) 125 GC Consumable Contains 100 Giant Fly Wings.
Convexmirror.gif Convex Mirror 175 GC Consumable Shows the location of the MVP on the minimap or shows the exact time when it respawns.

Lord of the Dead, Bio Lab MVPs, Ktullanux, Memory of Thanatos,

and event MVPs cannot be detected.

Battlemanual1.png HE Battle Manual 250 GC Consumable EXP rate increases to 200% for 15 minutes. Works with quests.
Bubblegum1.png HE Bubble Gum 300 GC Consumable Item drop rate increases by 200% for 15 minutes.
Bloodybranch.png Bloody Branch 350 GC Consumable Summons a random MVP monster when used.
Lovenova.png Love Nova 350 GC Upper Proof of your love for NovaRO (And Nova by extension).
Sharkhat.png Shark Hat 400 GC Upper Headgear STR +1, AGI +2, MDEF +1.

Increases damage to Water property by 5%.

Increases damage taken by Water property monsters by 10%.

Octopushat.png Octopus Hat 400 GC Upper Headgear AGI +2.

Low chance of autocast Lv.5 [Provoke] when attacked physically.

Indestructable (except in upgrade attempts).

Wildrosehat.png Accurate Wild Rose[1] 400 GC Upper & Middle Headgear MaxHP -10% ASPD +3%.

When equipped with [Fish In Mouth],

autocasts 1013.png Greed in certain percentage during physical attack.

Malangdohat.png Malangdo Hat[1] 400 GC Upper Headgear FLEE +6.
Hob Goblin.png Hobgoblin's Hat 400 GC Upper Headgear Increases HP and SP recovery rate by 5%.
Nekomimikafra.png Neko Mimi Kafra[1] 400 GC Upper Headgear Inflicts a random abnormal status to an enemy when physically attacked.

MDEF +5.

Pecoears.png Peco Ears 400 GC Middle Headgear AGI +1.
Starspangledbandana.png Star-Spangled Bandana[1] 500 GC Upper Headgear All Stats +1.

Enables the use of Level 1 [Bash].

PowerOfThor.png Power Of Thor 500 GC Upper Headgear Int +1, Dex +1, Mdef +3

Adds 7% tolerance to Wind Property.

If refined to +8 or higher, has a low chance of adding 40 Atk for 6 seconds while melee attacking and a low chance of adding 40 Matk for 6 seconds while casting spells on a target.

Immuneshield2.png Immune Shield[1] 500 GC Shield If upgraded to +5 or higher, increases 1% of tolerance against Neutral attack.
(The tolerance increase is limited to refine level 12) per refine level.
If upgraded to +7 increased tolerance against Neutral by 5%.
If upgraded to +9 or higher increases tolerance to Water, Earth, Fire, and Wind by 5%.
Variantshoes.png Enchanced Variant Shoes[1] 500 GC Footgear MaxHP/MaxSP +12%.
Bonus 1 DEF/MDEF per refine rate.
Heroicbackpack.png Heroic Backpack[1] 500 GC Garment Enables the usage of 1013.png Greed

If refined to +7 or higher and base stats (without modifiers) is equal to 90 or higher,

  • Str -> Attack +20
  • Int -> Magic Attack +30
  • Vit -> Tolerance to Neutral Property +5
  • Agi -> Aspd +8%
  • Dex -> Ranged Attack +5
  • Luk -> Inflict 10% more critical attack.

If refined to +9 or higher and base stats (without modifiers) is equal to 90 or higher,

  • Str -> Attack +30
  • Int -> Magic Attack +50
  • Vit -> Tolerance to Neutral Property +10
  • Agi -> Aspd +8% & Aspd +1
  • Dex -> Ranged Attack +10
  • Luk -> Inflict 15% more critical attack.
WingHeadphone.png Wing Headphone 600 GC Upper & Middle Headgear Increases MATK by a 1% per refine.

If refined to +7 Increases the damage of Reverbration by 30% and subtracts 18 from the SP Cost

If refined to +10 decreases the after cooldown of Metallic Sound by 2 seconds.

RuneHairdband.png Rune Hairdband 600 GC Upper Headgear Increases resistance to Neutral Property attacks by 3%.

Add a low chance of recovering HP/SP when the user deals Physical Melee Damage.

Hit +5.

Littlefeatherhat.png Little Feather Hat[1] 600 GC Upper Headgear DEX +2.

Critical Damage +10%.

If equipped with 'Sharp Arrow's, adds an additional Critical Damage +5%.

If equipped with a +7 Little Feather Hat[1] or higher,

adds an additional Critical Damage +5% with 'Sharp Arrow's.

When equipped with the bow +10 Falcon Blitz[2],

the cast time of [Focus Arrow Strike] is reduced by 50%.

Chibipope.png Chibi Pope[1] 600 GC Upper Headgear +7 MDEF, Increases healing effectiveness by 5%.

Increases healing effectiveness when upgraded above +6.

If upgraded to +9 or higher, increases MATK by 7%.

If upgraded to +12 or higher, increases MATK by an additional 5%.

If worn with Blush (or Blush[1]), increases healing effectiveness by an additional 10%.

Strawberryhat.png Strawberry Hat 600 GC Upper Headgear Drops Strawberry at a certain rate when killing monsters.

Increases the drop rate of Strawberry with each refine level and caps at level 10.

Asgardblessing.png Asgard Blessing[1] 700 GC Upper Heagear All Stats +2
Reduces Damage from all elements by 5%
Recovers 2% HP and 1% SP every 10 seconds.
Heart Wing Headband[1] 600 GC Upper Headgear Reduces Cast Delay by 5% and SP Consumption by 10%

Every 3 refines, reduces Cast Delay and SP Consumption further by 3%.

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