Hazy Forest

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This quest or instance is repeatable.
Cooldown Tickets Available

2:30 hours

Solo: No Limits Party: No Limits


Base Level: 99
Starting Point: bif_fild01 158/340
Items: -
Experience: -
Items: -
Others: Fighting Lost Dragon, Mora Dailies
  1. Use Warper and go to Instances > Hazy Forest.
  2. Talk to Laphine Soldier /navi bif_fild01 158/340 to create the instance. Click on the Log Tunnel bif_fild01 161/355 to enter it. You have 2 hours to complete this instance.
  3. If you are going through this instance as part of the Wandering Guardian Quest, talk to the NPC in the first island before proceeding.
  4. Use the map below to help you navigate the forest.
    • On the islands with a blue star, find the monster with the same name and kill it.
    • On the islands with a yellow, find the Garden Tree and chop it down.
  5. Proceed until you find the Lost Dragon or you are done with either your Mora Dailies or your Wandering Guardian quest.
  6. Alternatively, keep going to the end, kill all the gardeners, and exit to Bifrost Field 2.

Hazy Forest Map