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In NovaRO, there're many headgears that are able to be recolored. Here you can find a rundown on how to.

Mysterious Dyestuffs

Most recolors will ask for an item called Mysterious Dyestuffs. Monkey can craft them using assorted dyestuffs.

He can be found monkey-ing around at the Third Floor of the Main Office.

Image Name Ingredients
MysteriousDyestuffs-big.gif 3 Mysterious Dyestuffs

White Dyestuffs

Cobaltblue Dyestuffs

Darkgreen Dyestuffs

Lemon Dyestuffs

Orange Dyestuffs

Scarlet Dyestuffs

Violet Dyestuffs

Black Dyestuffs

Retired Artist.

There's also an NPC called Retired Artist at a house in southwest Prontera /navi prontera 78/104 that can also craft Mysterious Dyestuffs.

The Milliners

A group of hat enthusiast catgirls that are the go-to when the matter is headgear recoloring. They can all be found hanging around the Third Floor of the Main Office.

More information about which hats they specialize on can be found on their personal wiki pages.

Summer Festival Painter

Located inside the Summer Festival, but also on the Third Floor of the Main Office, he specializes in Summer Festival headgears.

The full list of recolors can be found on his own wiki page.

Alora Recolors


Alora is in the room to the right of the Retired Artist, in the same Prontera building.

You also have the option to recolor an already recolored headgear if you don't like the color, but it'll cost you another dyestuff. The Ribbon and the Majestic Goat must be the unslotted variations. You are unable to slot the Ribbon and Evolved Majestic Goat item through any means on NovaRO.

Name Basic Ingredients Possible Results
MageHatBig.gif Mysterious Dyestuffs

Mage Hat (quest)

Yellow Mage Hat

Blue Mage Hat

Brown Mage Hat

Gray Mage Hat

Red Mage Hat

BeanieBig.gif Mysterious Dyestuffs

Beanie (quest)

Blue Beanie

Pink Beanie

Brown Beanie

DroopingCatBig.png Mysterious Dyestuffs

Drooping Cat (quest)

Blue Drooping Cat

Brown Drooping Cat

Gray Drooping Cat

Pink Drooping Cat

Yellow Drooping Cat

DeviruchiHatBig.gif Mysterious Dyestuffs

Deviruchi Hat (quest)

Red Deviruchi Hat

Gray Deviruchi Hat

Brown Deviruchi Hat

FantasticWigBig.png Mysterious Dyestuffs

Fantastic Wig (Nova Shop)

Afro Wig

Happy Wig

Shiny Wig

Marvelous Wig

RibbonBig.gif Mysterious Dyestuffs


Black Ribbon

Yellow Ribbon

Green Ribbon

Pink Ribbon

Red Ribbon

Orange Ribbon

White Ribbon

MajesticGoatBig.jpg Mysterious Dyestuffs

Majestic Goat

Evolved Majestic Goat

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