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Healer is one of the roles you can get in Monster Hunter 2 (MH2) via Role Manager (162, 196) on The Wyvern (@go 39). Healer role provides the player with useful supportive skills as well as enhanced healing capabilities. Healer is capped at 1 per MH2 party and is limited to Arch Bishop class only.


Skill Skill Type Info
Covenant Active Pulls party member up to 10 cells away to your location
  • 90 seconds cooldown
Eucharist Active Marks a party member. Marked party member receives 50% of healing you do to other targets
  • 20 seconds duration
  • 90 seconds cooldown
Sanctum Active Creates a 5x5 area that reduces damage by 80% for party members inside itt
  • 15 seconds duration
  • 180 seconds cooldown
Divinity Passive & Active Passive
  • Increases SP consumption of skills by 100%
  • Nullifies gemstone consumption
  • Increases healing effectiveness by 25%

Creates an area that increases movement speed and gives healing per second for first party member to step into it
  • 5 seconds duration
  • 30 seconds cooldown