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Healer refers to a Monster Hunter: The Savage Coast mechanic or behavior. It is only applicable to High Rank Hunts.

Healer is one of the roles you can get before departing in High Rank Hunts, via Role Manager in The Wyvern (162/196). The Healer role provides the player with useful supportive skills as well as enhanced healing capabilities.

The Healer role has a limit of 1 member per party and can only be taken by the Arch Bishop class.


Skill Skill Type Info
Covenant Active Pulls party member up to 10 cells away to your location and instantly heals them for a large amount.
  • 90 seconds cooldown
Eucharist Active Marks a party member to receive all healing you do to other targets for a set duration.
  • 20 seconds duration
  • 90 seconds cooldown
Sanctum Active Creates a 5x5 area that reduces damage by 80% for party members inside it. Also prevents great monster knock back mechanics.
  • 15 seconds duration
  • 180 seconds cooldown
Divinity Passive & Active Passive
  • Increases SP consumption of skills by 100%
  • Nullifies gemstone consumption
  • Increases healing effectiveness by 25%

Creates an area that increases movement speed and gives healing per second for first party member to step into it.
  • 5 seconds duration
  • 30 seconds cooldown

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