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Healer refers to a Monster Hunter: The Savage Coast mechanic or behavior. It is only applicable to High Rank Hunts.

Healer is one of the roles you can get before departing in High Rank Hunts, via Role Manager in The Wyvern (162/196). It provides the player with useful supportive skills as well as enhanced healing capabilities.

Limitations: Maximum of 1 member per party
Class Restrictions: Only Arch Bishops and Dorams


Skill Type Properties Description
Mh100012.png Eucharist Supportive
  • Max Level: 1
  • Target: Ally
  • Duration: 20 seconds
  • Cooldown: 90 seconds

The rite of the Eucharist allows for your healing to receive extra benefits.

  • Mark an ally, causing them to receive 100% of the healing done to any other target.
Mh100013.png Covenant Supportive
  • Max Level: 1
  • Target: Ally
  • Cooldown: 90 seconds
  • Range: 10 cells

Call upon the holy covenant to rescue your ally from danger.

  • Pulls the target ally to near yourself and significantly heals the target.
Mh100014.png Sanctum Supportive
  • Max Level: 1
  • Target: Ground
  • Duration: 15 seconds
  • Cooldown: 180 seconds
  • Area of Effect: 5x5

The rite of Sanctum blesses a portion of land, warding evil spirits and protecting those within it.

Within the marked area:

  • Reduces damage taken by 80%.
  • Immune to knockback.
Mh100015.png Divinity Passive/Supportive
  • Max Level: 1
  • Supportive Target: Ground
  • Supportive Duration: 6 seconds
  • Supportive Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • Supportive Area of Effect: 3x3

You have learned a Hunter's divine restorative abilities. Allowing you to focus your mind on assisting others without the burden of material offerings.

Skill Form - Passive:

  • All skills consume 100% more SP.
  • Nullifies Gemstone requirements for all skills.
  • Increases healing power by 25%.

Skill Form - Supportive:

Purifies an area at the target location, causing the first player to enter it to gain:

  • Increased movement speed.
  • Heals every 2 seconds for 6 seconds.
Mh100016.png Sanus Supportive
  • Max Level: 1
  • Target: Ally
  • Cooldown: 90 seconds

By performing the rite of Sanus you can cure unusual statuses that ail the target.

  • Cures Disorientate, Incapacitate, Dizzy, Snooze, Spiny Scale and Germination status effects.
Mh100017.png Celeritas Supportive
  • Max Level: 1
  • Target: Self
  • Cooldown: 5 seconds
  • Area of Effect: 14x14

Celeritas is a spell that combines the power of the Blessing and Increase AGI skills into one.

For Acolyte classes this skills effect is based on the skill level of Increase AGI, Blessing, Canto Candidus, and Clementia.

For Doram classes this skills effect will be the same as level 10 Increase AGI, and Blessing.

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