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Diabolical Trickster King is the powered up version of Twisted Trickster King. The fight shares the same feature like a Twisted Trickster King fight in addition to several twists.


Diabolical Trickster King

Image Name Level HP Size / Race / Element DEF / MDEF
??? Diabolical Trickster King 195 Unknown Large / Undead / Shadow 1 320 / 80


  • The fight uses the same mechanics as MH2 hunts, but revival skills, such as 54.png Resurrection and 2421.png Death Valley are usable. For more info, refer here
  • MH2-related skills are usable during the fight. This includes the skill you learn from choosing a role in MH2.
  • MH2 items except for Psychoserum, Farcaster, and Scoutflies do not work
  • Every 10% HP, Diabolical Trickster King spawns the revenants similar to Twisted Trickster King fight. However these revenants are resistant towards certain type of attacks. Refer to the section below to see the revenants' strength
  • The cross (or 7.png Magnum Break lines) have an interval about three times a minute. The damage itself is reduced by neutral resistance. In addition, there are also diagonal lines that you need to watch out for


Image Name Strength
- Fire Revenant High HP
- Ice Revenant Range Resist
- Stone Revenant High DEF
- Undead Revenant High MDEF