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Santa Claus.

Christmas has arrived on NovaRO with a custom Christmas quest line! Get your backpack (be it heroic or not) and let's head out to help Santa!

There is no level requirement for this quest.

Stolen Supplies

Part 1: Christmas Goblins

Christmas Goblin.
  1. Talk to Santa Claus. /navi prontera 162/175
  2. Kill 50 Christmas Goblins. They spawn in any field or dungeon.
    • Stormy Knight's slaves with the same name don't count.
  3. Return to Santa Claus. You obtain 1 Xmas Gift and 1 X-Mas Goblin Egg.
    • X-Mas Goblins eat Scell and their Loyal buffs are +30 HP, +1% Water Resistance. When attacking, it sometimes uses Level 1 Sight.

Part 2: Stolen Supplies

Stolen X-mas Supply Box.
  1. Talk to Santa Claus. /navi prontera 162/175 He'll ask you to recover his supplies.
  2. Go to Payon Dungeon 1, Orc Dungeon 2 and to the Goblin Village (Orc Dungeon > Go outside > Walk South > gef_fild11).
  3. Find and kill Stolen X-Mas Supply Boxes. There are three type of Boxes.

Part 3: The Goblin Leader

Goblin Raider's Leader.
  1. Talk to Santa Claus. /navi prontera 162/175 He'll ask you to recover Yulia's Hat.
  2. Go to Lutie and find the Goblin Raider's Leader (he respawns instantly).
  3. Bring back the hat to Santa Claus. You'll obtain the following items:
Image Name Type Description
Christmasmusicbox.png Christmas Musicbox Accessory Enables the usage of Lv.1 Christmas Carol.
Christmassnow.png Christmas Snow Rabbit Egg Pet Egg Eats Candy.

During Christmas, increases EXP by 2%, MATK +2%.

Polarbearcap.png Polar Bear Cap Upper Headgear MDEF +3, AGI +1, DEX +1.

HP recovery speed 5% will be increased during Christmas.

SP recovery speed 3% will be increased during Christmas.

Adds a chance to drop Buche De Noel with each monster killed.

Retrieving Gifts


You must complete the Stolen Supplies quest before proceeding.

  1. Go to Lutie, Lutie Field 1 or to Toy Factory Floor 1.
  2. Find the following monsters in the following places:
Note: Drop rate is not 100%
    • Lutie: Smokie Gifts, Smokie Socks. They drop Redgiftbox.png Stolen Red Gift Box.
    • Lutie Field: Santa Poring, Xmas Rabbit. They drop Bluegiftbox.png Stolen Blue Gift Box.
    • Toy Factory: Evil Bear Doll, Evil Tree. They drop Greengiftbox.png Stolen Green Gift Box.
      The six monsters.
  1. Collect 20 of each and exchange them with Santa Claus for an Purplegiftbox.png Xmas Package. /navi prontera 162/175
  2. You must repeat this step 5 times to proceed to Part 2 of the event.


These quests start by speaking with Santa in Prontera (prontera 162/175). Select Santa's Supply Shipment, he'll want to deliver those stolen presents that you got from a previous quest (which is not a requirement anymore). Selecting Can you mark my mini-map? will give you give you the navigation to walk there. Note that these houses must be done in order and can only be done once per character.
Note: Before entering any house, you must equip the Santa Suit given to you once you started the quest.

Wheeler Household (House 1)

Video Guide (2018)
  1. The first house can be found at prontera 201/260.
  2. Be careful with your HP, once it reaches 0 you will be warped out. You start the house in the cellar and there's not much of interest here. You'll want to avoid the poisonous plants since they will drain some of your HP if you step on them while they're active. Look for the purple effect to know when to avoid them. Walk to the right a little then go up to find the stairs to the main corridor.
  3. For the next parts, you'll want to be extra careful when you walk around. Do not walk on any objects, that includes bread, books, paper or really anything else. You will lose some HP if you do (don't hurt your toes!!).
  4. You can find a minimap by going from the main corridor > top portal > top portal again > walk to the bottom right of the room. It will trigger a short cutscene and the minimap will show up at the top right of your screen.
  5. If you went to get the minimap, you'll find the final door you need to get to (with some bubble effects). Speak with it at least once to trigger the next step of the quest. It will tell you that you need to find the code by checking lockboxes in the drawers around the house.
  6. The locations of the drawers are as follow (the correct one is random):
    • The first one is found in the main corridor, on the left side.
    • The second one is found in the room at the bottom of the main corridor (not the cellar, walk to the top left part of the main corridor then use the portals on the bottom). The Lockbox is found on the leftmost side of the room.
    • The third one is found at the bottom right room from the main corridor.
    • The fourth one is found at the top right room from the main corridor. The Lockbox is at the bottom right part of the room.
  7. Once you have the key, go back to the final room (main corridor > top most portal > top portal again > go to the right).
  8. You'll be sent in a new room, just keep walking to the right and enter the portal.
  9. Keep going until you reach the Tree (be careful, there are many obstacles in that room).
  10. Deposit the present and you'll have completed the first house!

Harlington Manor (House 2)

Video Guide (2018)
  1. Speak with Santa again in Prontera and tell him you've delivered the gifts. He'll have another job for you at another house (found at prontera 45/251).
  2. This house has 3 stockings that you must fill with presents. You have to hurry up in this one however! As always, you have to be careful not to hit objects in the house. You have 5 minutes to find all three stockings and the timer will show up in your screen. The timer only starts after finding the first stocking.
  3. You start this one in the kitchen, this room doesn't have much of interest. Just walk down to the next area.
  4. The next room doesn't have, just keep walking down.
  5. You'll end up in a garden with 3 different portals.
  6. The first stocking can be found at Garden > Right portal > Top portal > Top portal > Right portal > Top right of the room. After you've delivered the gifts in the stocking, go back to the previous room and you'll notice a door warping you back to the kitchen. Just walk up a little and you'll be sent back to the kitchen. Walk to the portal south and you'll be in the Garden.
  7. The second stocking is at Garden > Bottom portal > Left portal > You'll be in the Arena, watch out for the obstacles and time your movements correctly > You have to go at the top left portal > Top portal > Bottom right of the room. If you walk on the carpet, you will be warped back to the armoury room. From there, just walk back up and you'll be back at the Garden.
  8. The third stocking is at the Garden > Left portal > Right portal > Top portal > Top left portal > Bottom right of the room. You can use the kitchen door again from there, just go back to the previous room and go along the top wall to be warped back. Then walk south and you'll be in the Garden once more.
  9. There is no order for the stockings, once you've done all three of them you'll be sent out of the map and done with house 2!

Birch Residency (House 3)

The third house can be found at prontera 281/306.

This house may take multiple tries, due to the highly randomized walking pattern of the dogs.

Video Guide (2018)

Mr. Robinson's Place (House 4)

The fourth house can be found at prontera 98/252.

Video Guide (2018)

Maguire Cabin (House 5)

The fifth house can be found at hugel 101/232.

This house may take multiple tries, due to the highly randomized walking pattern of the yetis.

Video Guide (2018)

Once you finish all the houses, you will receive an Adorned Christmas Tree together with another costume of your choosing, out of the following list:

  1. Christmas Kitty Coat (use @ii 29701 in game)
  2. Costume Snowman Hat (use @ii 20242 in game)
  3. Red Christmas Kitty Coat (use @ii 29705 in game)
  4. Brown Gingham Shawl (use @ii 29762 in game)
  5. Holiday Gingham Shawl (use @ii 29866 in game)
  6. White Ribbon Scarf (use @ii 31983 in game)
  7. Green Ribbon Scarf (use @ii 31984 in game)

All costumes above have trade restrictions, and cannot be sold or traded.

Frenzy Games

The Frenzy Games can be found by killing Mysterious Gift on any field or dungeon maps. They will stay up after you kill one and let you choose between two games. Anyone can enter these games for up to 30 seconds, after which the Mysterious Gift will instantly respawn. Completing the mini-games give you 1 or 2 Secret Santa Gift depending of your performance. These gifts contain various rewards and more information can be found here.

Clean Up Craze

Santa 1.png

The floor needs some cleaning up! You will get warped randomly in two different rooms and you have to clear as many cells as possible by removing the Land Protector. Be careful not to walk on the objects or you will make a bigger mess (new LP cells will pop up).

  • A score of 350 is required to get 1 Secret Santa Gift.
  • A score of 480 is required to get 2 Secret Santa Gifts.

Present Panic

Santa 2.png

This mini-game plays exactly like Whack-a-mole. Your goal here is to hit as many of the Gift Boxes as possible within the allocated time while avoiding hitting any of the elves. Hitting a Good luck!

  • A score of 40 is required to get 1 Secret Santa Gift.
  • A score of 65 is required to get 2 Secret Santa Gifts.


Santa 3.png

This game is a bit tricky and will definitely hurt your brain at first! You have two conveyor belts which both spawn Gift Boxes with different colors. There are four "buttons" on the ground that you have to step on to activate. The goal is to match the Gift Box color with the button's color. So let's say a blue Gift Box spawns at the top right, then you have to step on the top right blue pad. You only lose points if you step on a button and the color of the Gift Box is wrong (it will display a "Failed" on the box as well). To get better scores, you'll want to step on 2~3 pads after the belts move and that's when it gets really confusing.

As a general tip, you want to be on the pad before the next Gift Box arrives, but after they start moving. So for example, if you have two matching boxes coming down next, you'll want to wait for the belt to move, then immediately walk on the pad after they start moving, then walk to the other pad (and then leave the pad to be sure you don't pickup a wrong color afterwards).

  • A score of 12 is required to get 1 Secret Santa Gift.
  • A score of 22 is required to get 2 Secret Santa Gifts.


Santa 4.png

In this one, you have to type the sentences given to you, in public chat. The faster you are, the more points you get.

  • A score of 40 is required to get 1 Secret Santa Gift.
  • A score of 100 is required to get 2 Secret Santa Gifts.

Bomb Maze Blitz

Santa 5.png

In this one, you simply have to solve the maze by avoiding the bombs. The end of the maze is always at the top row, near the gold. The exit is a shiny green effect shown in the image on the right. You have one minute to finish it and you can walk on the bombs up to 3 times before it kicks you out.

  • Completing the maze will reward you with 1 Secret Santa Gift.
  • There doesn't seem to be a way to get 2 Secret Santa Gifts from this game.

Secret Santa Gift

Secret Santa Gift boxes are obtained from playing the Frenzy games and from the newly added Snowball Fight mini=game.

Green Secret Santa Box

Red Secret Santa Box

Both boxes can contain anything from this list