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Santa Claus.

Christmas has arrived on NovaRO with a custom Christmas quest line! Get your backpack (be it heroic or not) and let's head out to help Santa!

There is no level requirement for this quest.

Stolen Supplies

Part 1: Christmas Goblins

Christmas Goblin.
  1. Talk to Santa Claus. /navi prontera 162/175
  2. Kill 50 Christmas Goblins. They spawn in any field or dungeon.
    • Stormy Knight's slaves with the same name don't count.
  3. Return to Santa Claus. You obtain 1 Xmas Gift and 1 X-Mas Goblin Egg.
    • X-Mas Goblins eat Scell and their Loyal buffs are +30 HP, +1% Water Resistance. When attacking, it sometimes uses Level 1 Sight.

Part 2: Stolen Supplies

Stolen X-mas Supply Box.
  1. Talk to Santa Claus. /navi prontera 162/175 He'll ask you to recover his supplies.
  2. Go to Payon Dungeon 1, Orc Dungeon 2 and to the Goblin Village (gef_fild11).
  3. Find and kill Stolen X-Mas Supply Boxes. There are three type of Boxes.

Part 3: The Goblin Leader

Goblin Raider's Leader.
  1. Talk to Santa Claus. /navi prontera 162/175 He'll ask you to recover Yulia's Hat.
  2. Go to Lutie and find the Goblin Raider's Leader (he respawns instantly).
  3. Bring back the hat to Santa Claus. You'll obtain the following items:
Image Name Type Description
Christmasmusicbox.png Christmas Musicbox Accessory Enables the usage of Lv.1 Christmas Carol.
Christmassnow.png Christmas Snow Rabbit Egg Pet Egg Eats Candy.

During Christmas, increases EXP by 2%, MATK +2%.

Polarbearcap.png Polar Bear Cap Upper Headgear MDEF +3, AGI +1, DEX +1.

HP recovery speed 5% will be increased during Christmas.

SP recovery speed 3% will be increased during Christmas.

Adds a chance to drop Buche De Noel with each monster killed.

Retrieving Gifts


You must complete the Stolen Supplies quest before proceeding.

  1. Go to Lutie, Lutie Field 1 or to Toy Factory Floor 1.
  2. Find the following monsters in the following places:
    • Lutie: Smokie Gifts, Smokie Socks. They drop Redgiftbox.png Stolen Red Gift Box.
    • Lutie Field: Santa Poring, Xmas Rabbit. They drop Bluegiftbox.png Stolen Blue Gift Box.
    • Toy Factory: Evil Bear Doll, Evil Tree. They drop Greengiftbox.png Stolen Green Gift Box.
      The six monsters.
  3. Collect 20 of each and exchange them with Santa Claus for an Purplegiftbox.png Xmas Package. /navi prontera 162/175
  4. You must repeat this step 5 times to proceed to Part 2 of the event.