Hidden Enchant

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Can Break Cost
Yes 400,000z

Apprentice Craftsman
  1. Type @go 0 or @go prontera and walk to the south.
  2. Talk to the Apprentice Craftsman. /navi prontera 161/60
    Make sure your chosen armor is in your inventory.
    Only have one armor of the type.
    You can enchant over and over until the armor breaks.


Type Level
STR 1~3
AGI 1~3
VIT 1~3
INT 1~3
DEX 1~3
LUK 1~3

List of Equipment

Armor Unslotted Slotted High-Grade
Mantle Yes Yes No
Coat Yes Yes No
Chain Mail Yes Yes No
Full Plate Yes Yes No
Silk Robe Yes Yes No
Saint Robe Yes Yes No
Tights Yes Yes No
Silver Robe Yes Yes No
Thief Clothes Yes Yes No
Ninja Suit Yes No No
Legion Full Plate Yes Yes No
Holy Robe Yes No No
Wooden Mail Yes No No
Mage Coat Yes No No
Chameleon Armor Yes No
Glorious Suit Yes No
Glorious Popularized Suit Yes No
Glorious Mass-Production Suit Yes No
Mink Coat Yes No
Lord Clothes Yes No
Glittering Jacket Yes No
Formal Suit Yes No
Scapulare No Yes No
Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano Yes Yes No
Saphien's Armor of Ocean Yes Yes No
Aebeecee's Raging Typhoon Armor Yes Yes No
Claytos Cracking Earth Armor Yes Yes No
Meteo Plate Armor Yes Yes
Orleans's Gown Yes Yes
Diabolus Robe Yes Yes
Diabolus Armor Yes Yes
Assaulter Plate Yes Yes
Elite Engineer Armor Yes Yes
Assassin Robe Yes Yes
Warlock's Battle Robe Yes Yes
Medic's Robe Yes Yes
Elite Archer Suit Yes Yes
Elite Shooter Suit Yes Yes
Sprint Mail Yes Yes
Kandura Yes Yes
Armor of Naga Yes Yes
Improved Tights Yes Yes
Life Link Yes Yes