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Job Base: Ninja
Written By: Idkun
Job Bonuses
7 6 4 6 8 4



Hi, my name is Idkun! Also known as Candy Petals and Kuno Ichi.


  • STR - Increases ATK and Weight Limit. This stat won't be really useful for us, since we'll be using magic damage. You might take some points into this if you feel like weight is an issue though.
  • AGI - Increases ASPD, Flee and SoftDEF. This is very important, since our primary spells don't have After-cast Delay, thus their spammability depends on your ASPD after cast time has been eliminated.
  • VIT - Increases MaxHP, effectiveness of healing items and SoftDEF/MDEF. Also adds resistance to a couple of status effects. Take points into this if you feel too squishy.
  • INT - Increases MATK, MaxSP and effectiveness of SP recovery items. Also reduces cast time by half the effect of DEX. One of our main stats for this build. 120 INT is pretty much recommended for the Temporal Boots of Intelligence bonus.
  • DEX - Helps with cast time and ASPD slightly. Also every 5 points adds +1 mATK. The other main stat. You could ditch this entirely though, since it's possible to reach instant cast with gears.
  • LUK - Every 3 points adds +1 mATK. A good option to build mATK after putting 120 points on INT.


Ninja's Skills

Here's a list of useful skills from the Ninja skill tree. You can take some of these after allocating some skill points on the Oboro tree which I'll list later.

Keep in mind some of them require catalysts which you can buy from the Ninja Supplier NPC at Main Office (@go 50) or Amatsu (@go 10).

Skill Type Max level Notes
533.png Ninja Mastery Passive 10 Increases SP regeneration. A bit useful since Oboro has a somewhat small SP pool. Level 1 is required for Ninja's basic spells.
543.png Ninja Aura Active 5 Gives +1 INT and +1 STR for every skill level. This skill is useful for tweaking our Max SP for 3026.png Distorted Crescent. Be careful as this drains some HP.
531.png Cicada Skin Shed Active 5 Allows you to dodge a number of physical attacks that varies depending on skill level (3 dodges maximum at level 5) and pushes you 7 cells backward. This doesn't allow you to evade magical attacks however. One of our most (in)famous skills, this allows us to have such great survivability on PvM environment. Level 5 is practically a must.
534.png Flaming Petals Offensive 10 One of our main damage spells. This skill deals fire property magic damage per hit which is equal to 90% of the caster's MATK. Each level increases the number of hits by 1 for a total of 10 hits at level 10. It has no after-cast delay or cooldown whatsoever so you can spam this after cast time has been eliminated.
535.png Blaze Shield Offensive 10 Think of this skill as a 18.png Fire Wall on steroids. Each strike inflicts 50% fire property magic damage on a 5x5 AoE. It lasts 20 seconds and starts off with 5 hits but every 2 levels it adds one more, for a total of 9 strikes at level 9 - 10. This skill is very useful for triggering effects such as Isilla Card , Runaway Magic , Lucky Day and so on, since each strike counts individually. It's also a bit useful for crowd control.

Each cast consumes 1 Flame Stone .

536.png Exploding Dragon Offensive 5 A targettable AoE skill that deals 900% fire magic damage in a 5x5 area. This doesn't deal much damage by itself, but you can use it to finish off a bunch of monsters in conjunction with 535.png Blaze Shield.

Each cast consumes 1 Flame Stone .

537.png Freezing Spear Offensive 10 Similar to Flaming Petals, this skill has 0 cooldown or after-cast delay. Each strike deals 70% water magic damage, it starts with 3 hits and each level adds 1 hit, for 12 hits in total at level 10.

Currently the most powerful spell at the moment due to its damage scaling thanks to 538.png Watery Evasion (explained below).-

538.png Watery Evasion Supportive 10 Creates an area on the ground that reduces movement speed and AGI. The range, duration and AGI decrease depends on skill level. This skill also increases 537.png Freezing Spear's damage by 2% per level of said skill when used inside its area of effect. That's a whooping 20% damage increase when using level 10 Freezing Spear! Definitely recommended against immobile targets or when you have a tank.

Each cast consumes 1 Ice Stone

540.png Wind Blade Offensive 10 Another skill with no cooldown or ACD. Each blade inflicts 150% wind magic damage and starts with 1 hit, while each 2 levels will add 1 more up to 6 hits at level 10. Has decent-ish damage, but not as much as the other 2 skills so you'll be only using this against water enemies.
541.png Lightning Jolt Offensive 5 This skill is plain bad. You will never use this except for maybe cleaning up weak mobs at Endless Tower/Cellar or something. Sadly, you need level 5 as a prerequisite for 542.png First Wind.

Each cast consumes 1 Wind Stone .

542.png First Wind Offensive 5 This is probably one of Oboro's best AoE skills in terms of range (works a bit similar to Ranger's Sharp Shooting or Summoner's Spirit of Savage), however it is very situational and the damage isn't that great (it's only decent against water mobs).

Each cast consumes 1 Wind Stone .

529.png Shadow Leap Active 5 Can only be used while in Hiding status. Allows you to move instantly to a targeted cell and the range depends on skill level (10 cells range at level 5). You can use this for movement while in 3011.png Pure Soul status or to quickly escape a monster's AoE.
532.png Mirror Image Active 10 This is similar to 531.png Cicada Skin Shed except it lacks the backslide effect and has a couple more dodges at level 9. This needs a loooot of skill points but I guess you could use it if you find Cicada's backslide annoying. You need to be in 543.png Ninja Aura status to be able to cast this skill and it's cancelled afterwards.

Each cast consumes 1 Shadow Orb .

Oboro's Skills

wip lol



Item Type Way to obtain Notes
Spell Circuit [1] Upper Gold Coins / Weekly Coins Matk + 20 per 2 refine rate.
  • If refine rate is +7 or higher, reduce variable casting time by 10%.
  • If refine rate is +11 or higher, increase water, wind, earth and fire property magic damage by 10%.

This is currently the best in slot headgear for magic Oboro. The damage boost it provides is HUGE, since the effect stacks if you use the two daggers mentioned above. Definitely worth it, even if only at +4 (eventually try to get it to +7/8) and it's somewhat easy to get if you do Weekly Quests.

Wickebine's Black Cat Ears Upper Custom Headgear Quest Adds a 5% chance to ignore MDEF of monsters for 5 seconds. FLEE +10.

Useful when dealing with pesky high MDEF monsters, but it comes with no card slot.

Vibrant Rose [1] Upper Horror Toy Factory MATK +20
  • MATK +5 per refine.
  • When magically attacking, has a chance to activate 364.png Lv.10 Soul Drain.

A good option for starters. It has a chance to get Spell 3 ~ Spell 6 enchants. For more information about enchantments click here.

Card Lichtern Red Card Card Monster drop MATK +10, increases fire property magic damage by 5%.
  • If refine rate is +9 or higher, increases fire property magic damage by an additional 5%.
Card Lichtern Blue Card Card Monster drop MATK +10, increases water property magic damage by 5%.
  • If refine rate is +9 or higher, increases water property magic damage by an additional 5%.
Card Tikbalang Card Card Monster drop MATK +10, increases wind property magic damage by 5%.
  • If refine rate is +9 or higher, increases wind property magic damage by an additional 5%.
Card Weakened Fenrir Card Card Monster drop MATK +25.

A nice flat MATK boost and it's relatively cheap aswell.








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  • AGI 100
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  • INT 100
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Lv 1 - Lv 99

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  • Lv 26 - Lv 32
    • Instructor Boya's Eden Equipment Quest in Payon Cave: Talk to the Eden Group Member outside of Payon Cave before you start hunting Skeletons and Poporings. When you've completed them, report to the Eden Group Member, then to Instructor Boya. You will receive your first set of Eden Equipment from Administrator Michael in the room behind the Blue Door.
  • Lv 50 - Lv 59
    • Instructor Boya's Eden Equipment Quest in Orc Dungeon: Talk to the Eden Group Member outside of Orc Dungeon before you start hunting Orc Zombies and Orc Skeletons. When you've completed them, report to the Eden Group Member then to instructor Boya. You will receive your second set of Eden Equipment from Administrator Michael in the room behind the Blue Door.
  • Lv 70 - 79
    • Instructor Ur's Eden Equipment Quest in Glast Heim: Talk to the Eden Group Member outside of Glast Heim Churchyard before you start hunting Wraiths and Evil Druids. When you've completed them, report to the Eden Group Member then to instructor Ur. You will receive your third and final set of Eden Equipment from Blacksmith Thorn in the room behind the Blue Door.
  • Lv 85 - Lv 114
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  • Lv 91 - Lv 99
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