Infinite Space

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This quest or instance is repeatable.
Cooldown Tickets Available
23 hours. Solo: 0 Party: 0


Base Level: 100
Starting Point: Pharos Beacon Island (cmd_fild07 54/278)
Items: -
Prerequisite(s): -
Experience: -
Items: Shattered Magic Stone

Pharos Lighthouse, located south east of Comodo, have collapsed and beneath its ruins there seems to be an “Infinite Space” that stretches endlessly. You can warp to the entrance of Infinite Space using the Warper NPC (Instances > Infinite Space), or use the official Kafra Teleport Service from the Kafra staff in Morroc and Comodo (Teleport > Comodo Pharos Beacon) then walk towards the lighthouse on the upper left hand side of the island. Talk with the Reckless Explorer to enter it, and when inside, the party leader can talk to her again to select the difficulty level (Normal or Hard).

Infinite Space is similar to Endless Tower and Endless Cellar; it consists of 50 chambers and in each chamber numerous monsters will spawn. You must clear the room before moving onto the next one. An MVP will spawn in rooms 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50. After defeating the MVP, a treasure chest will appear which will drop more Shattered Magic Stones. Unlike Old Glast Heim, there is no separate instance cooldowns; in other words if you select Normal mode and completed the instance, you must wait 23 hours before you can run it again and try another difficulty level.

These MVPs, mini bosses, and special monsters such as the Infinity Poring, exclusive to the Hard Mode, drop Shattered Magic Stones . These stones are account bound, and can be exchanged for Infinity Weapons or Rift Armor set. You can also use Shattered Magic Stones to enchant Infinity Weapons and Rift Armor set, and reset their enchantments.

You have 1 hour to finish this instance. If you or any party member died inside the instance and got disconnected or returned to the log-in screen, when you log back in you would be back in the instance (but still dead). See October 20th, 2017 patch notes for details.

Notable Enemies

This is a list of notable MVPs that spawn in certain floors of Infinite Space. Other enemies in Infinite Space are more or less identical in terms of appearance and items dropped to their overworld counterparts, however the Infinite Space version of the mobs have more HP. Certain monsters are no longer mini-bosses.

Image Name Level HP Size/Race/Element
Toad.gif Infinite Toad 105 900,000 Medium/Fish/Water 1
Vagabond.gif Infinite Vagabond Wolf 105 900,000 Medium/Brute/Earth 1
Vocal.gif Infinite Vocal 105 900,000 Medium/Insect/Earth 1
Eclipse.gif Infinite Eclipse 105 900,000 Medium/Brute/Neutral 3
Chimera.gif Infinite Chimera 105 900,000 Large/Brute/Fire 3
Eddga.gif Infinite Eddga 110 1,850,000 Large/Brute/Fire 1
Osiris.gif Infinite Osiris 110 2,850,000 Medium/Undead/Undead 4
Phreeoni.gif Infinite Phreeoni 110 4,750,000 Large/Brute/Neutral 3
Orchero.gif Infinite Orc Hero 110 6,650,000 Large/Demi Human/Earth 2
Tao.gif Infinite Tao Gunka 110 8,550,000 Large/Demon/Neutral 3


The following tables list weapons, equipment, and cards that can be obtained from Infinite Space. Infinity Weapons and Rift Armor Set can be purchased from Relic Appraiser /navi cmd_fild07 57/274 for 50 Shattered Magic Stones each.

Note that Shattered Magic Stones and Infinity Weapons are account bound.

Infinity Weapons

All Infinity Weapons are Account Bound, Lv 4 Weapons, have one slot, and require at least Base Level 100 to be equipped.

Image Name Applicable Jobs Description
28703 infinity dagger.png Infinity Dagger [1] Novice, Swordman Class, Mage Class, Archer Class,

Merchant Class, Thief Class, Ninja

ATK +125

MATK +100

16038 infinity mace.png Infinity Mace [1] Rune Knight, Royal Guard, Arch Bishop,

Sura, Mechanic, Genetic

ATK +155
28105 infinity two handed axe.png Infinity Two Handed Axe [1] Rune Knight, Royal Guard,

Mechanic, Genetic

ATK +265
18128 infinity bow.png Infinity Bow [1] Ranger, Minstrel, Wanderer, Shadow Chaser ATK +160
21014 infinity two handed sword.png Infinity Two Handed Sword [1] Rune Knight, Royal Guard ATK +230
2024 infinity two handed staff.png Infinity Two Handed Staff [1] Warlock, Sorcerer ATK +30

MATK +170

1938 infinity violin.png Infinity Violin [1] Minstrel ATK +150
1994 infinity whip.png Infinity Whip [1] Wanderer ATK +150
13323 infinity shuriken.png Infinity Shuriken [1] Kagerou, Oboro ATK +150

MATK +40

13126 infinity pistol.png Infinity Revolver [1] Rebellion ATK +175

Rift Armor Set

All parts of the Rift Armor set have one slot, can be equipped by all job classes, and require at least Base Level 100 to be equipped.

Image Name Description
19033 rift decoration.png Ancient Decoration of Rift [1] MaxHP +1000.

If refined to +7, MaxHP +400.

If refined to +9, MaxHP +600.

15141 rift armor.png Ancient Armor of Rift [1] MaxHP +500, MaxSP -100.

If refined to +6, MaxHP +400.

If refined to +9, MaxHP +600.

If equipped with Ancient Decoration of Rift, MaxSP +100, uninterruptible skill cast.

If equipped with Manteau of Rift and Shoes of Rift, MaxHP +1000,

increase HP restored when the wearer receives healing from others by 5%,

increase the wearer's healing effectiveness by 5%.

The total refine level of the armor, garment, and footgear further increases both healing rate, up to 30.

20779 rift manteau.png Manteau of Rift [1] MaxHP +300, MaxSP -50.

If refined to +7 or higher, additional MaxHP +400.

If refined to +9 or higher, additional MaxHP +600.

22075 rift shoes.png Shoes of Rift [1] MaxHP +300, MaxSP -50.

If refined to +7 or higher, additional MaxHP +400.

If refined to +9 or higher, additional MaxHP +600.

Infinite Monster Cards

Card Type Effects
Card Infinite Toad Card Footgear Card Perfect Dodge +2.

If refined to +7, Perfect Dodge +2.

If refined to +9, Perfect Dodge +3.

Card Infinite Vagabond Wolf Card Footgear Card ATK +10.

If refined to +7, ATK +10.

If refined to +9, ATK +15.

Card Infinite Vocal Card Footgear Card MDEF +5.

If refined to +7, MDEF +10.

If refined to +9, MDEF +15. Therefore at +9 the Infinite Vocal Card will grant you +25 MDEF.

Card Infinite Eclipse Card Footgear Card MaxHP +300.

If refined to +7, MaxHP +300.

If refined to +9, MaxHP +400.

Card Infinite Chimera Card Garment Card MaxHP +8%, MaxSP +4%.

When equipped with a footgear compounded with:

Infinite Toad, Infinite Vagabond Wolf, Infinite Eclipse, or Infinite Vocal Card,

ATK +10%, MATK +10%.

Card Infinite Osiris Card Accessory Card When the wearer kills a monster with melee physical attack,

recover 300 HP.

Card Infinite Eddga Card Footgear Card When the wearer receives physical attack,

50% chance to autocast Provoke Lv 10 on the enemy.

Card Infinite Phreeoni Card Weapon Card CRIT +100.
Card Infinite Orc Hero Card Headgear Card When the wearer receives magic damage,

100% chance to Stun the enemy. VIT +3.

Card Infinite Tao Gunka Card Armor Card MaxHP +10,000. AGI -10.


All Infinity Weapons and all parts of Rift Armor set can be enchanted with the Relic Enforcer /navi cmd_fild07 60/274 for 20 Shattered Magic Stones per attempt. The weapon/armor must be equipped for the Relic Enforcer to enchant them.

An equipment can receive enchantment on the fourth (right most slot) and third slots. You can select one among the three enchantment types (Physical, Caster, Ranged).

Resetting enchantments costs 30 Shattered Magic Stones, and will remove all enchantments. There is a 30% chance of the equipment being destroyed when resetting enchantments.

Equipment Enchantment Group Physical Caster Ranged
Infinity Weapons Group 1 STR +1, STR +2 INT +1, INT +2 DEX +1, DEX +2
Group 2 Fighting Spirit 1 ~ Fighting Spirit 8 Spell 1 ~ Spell 8 Expert Archer 1 ~ Expert Archer 8
Rift Armor and Shoes Group 1 STR +1 ~ STR +4 INT +1 ~ INT +4 DEX +1 ~ DEX +4
Group 2 MaxHP +100 ~ MaxHP +300 MaxSP +25 ~ MaxSP +75 MaxSP +25 ~ MaxSP +75
Rift Decoration and Manteau Group 1 STR +1 ~ STR +4 INT +1 ~ INT +4 DEX +1 ~ DEX +4
Group 2 MaxHP +1% ~ MaxHP +5% MaxHP +1% ~ MaxHP +5% MaxHP +1% ~ MaxHP +5%

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