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Images of the NPCs.

This is the common way of leveling, not necessarily the best one. Be sure to check out the available Class Guides to find leveling guides tailored for specific classes.


  • Accept the quest from the Captain Carocc on the ship.
  • Leave the ship, talk to the Captain Carocc next to the warp.
  • Enter the following into your chat: /navi izlude 122/207
    1. This will direct you to the Criatura Academy Staff: follow the trail. You'll see this code frequently used on the wiki.
    2. On the way, talk to the Increase Agi Aco, she'll make you walk faster.
    3. Talk to the NPC. You'll get an Apple Juice.
    4. Use the Apple Juice then talk to him again.
  • Now you can go south to the Shop Helper /navi izlude 115/181 to do a simple selling and buying quest.
  • Proceed to the north and enter the warp.
  • Talk to the middle NPC called Academy Receptionist and choose Register for the Academy.

Optional Izlude and Criatura Academy Quests

  • Talk to the Information Staff /navi izlude 120/207 to do a simple quest. Just approach the NPCs marked on the map and interact with them.
  • Talk to the Shop Helper /navi izlude 115/181 to do a simple selling and buying quest.
  • Enter the Criatura Academy Dispensary and talk to the Therapist /navi iz_ac01 60/43 to do a simple fetch quest.
  • You can find the Gold Coin Instructor /navi iz_ac01 148/77 in Criatura Academy Library that will inform you about the special currency used in NovaRO.
  • Guest Lecturer Mayssel /navi iz_ac02 52/136 and the other Thief Instructors in Criatura Academy's Thief Classroom will brief you on the Thief class and give you some experience points afterwards.

The Main Office.

1st Job Advancement

  • Type @go 0 to warp to Prontera. Head to the west and look for the Main Office. Enter the warp.
  • Allocate your Skill points, then go the left until you find the Job Master. /navi npc_in 120/40
  • Change to your first job
  • NOTE: If you decide to do the regular job advancement quest, still visit the Job Master. /navi npc_in 120/40 in order to receive the Novice Package (double click to open).
    • Includes Ring of Experience which if equipped increases experience from monsters by 20%, valid for 3 hours from package opening (among others, see "Novice Package")

For getting your first Job levels, you can do the following steps:

  • Type @go 40 which warps you to Lasagna, the doram city.
  • Go to Healer Haru at /navi lasagna 223/125
  • Talk about first Aid, to get some experience
  • If you did the Red Herb Quest at Criatura Academy and got a Red Herb, you can also ask about Medical Botany. Do this twice to get some more Joblevel.

The Eden Group.

Eden Group

Main Article: Eden Group

  • Before you join the Eden Group, use the Warper > Dungeons > Payon Dungeon.
    1. Put 9 on DEX and put the rest on STR/AGI if you're a physical class.
      • If you're a magic class, put the rest in INT.
      • If you're an Archer/Gunslinger, put the rest in DEX/AGI.
    2. Place the Novice Red Potions on your skillbar.
    3. Hit Zombies and level up until you have 220 HIT. Then change to Skeletons.
    4. Hit base level 26, then type @go eden.
  • Go to the north and talk to Secretary Lime Evenor and choose Join the Eden Group.
  • Talk to Instructor Boya next to her and accept her quest.
  • Go back to the south and use the Warper > Dungeons > Payon Dungeon.
  • Leave the dungeon and talk to Eden Member Karl.
    1. Go back to the dungeon and kill 15 Skeletons. Return to Eden Member Karl.
    2. Go back to the dungeon and kill 10 Poporings. Return to Eden Member Karl.
  • Type @go eden and talk to Instructor Boya.
  • Go to east and hover your mouse over the big, grey door and click it.
    1. Enter the north-east warp.
    2. Talk to Administrator Michael and choose To get supplies.
  • From this point, do Eden Board quests by talking to the boards in the main room.

New equipment and St.Abbey part.

From Level 71

  • Talk to Mission [71 - 85] and take Glast Heim > Evil Druid and Glast Heim > Wraith.
  • Talk to Instructor Ur and accept his quest.
  • Use the Warper > Dungeon > Glast Heim > Glast Heim St.Abbey.
  • Talk to Johan. Note: You'll need around 60 DEX to hit the monsters in this area if you're a physical class.
    1. Kill 10 Wraiths. Return to the Mission [71 - 85] and turn it in. Take it again.
    2. Repeat the previous step.
    3. Go back to Johan and take her new quest.
    4. Kill 10 Evil Druids.
    5. Return to Johan then go back to the Eden Group and turn it in.
  • Talk to Instructor Ur.
  • Enter the big door and go to the north-east portal.
  • Talk to Toren to get your new equipment.
  • Keep doing these two quests until you reach level 85.
    From this point you can either keep leveling with Eden leveling quests or start doing Gramps.

From Level 85 (Optional Method to instantly reach 3rd Job after Rebirth)

  • Pick up both 85+ Gramps quests and complete them. You will most likely have to stay in Gramps even after reaching 99/50. Do not turn these in.
  • Get 6 holy waters from the Tool dealer and 6 blue gemstones, then complete the Cautious Village quest. http://irowiki.org/wiki/Cautious_Village
  • Do NOT turn in Cautious Village. Stop right after giving the last set of holy water and blue gemstone to the last NPC. Do NOT talk to Mumbaki afterwards.
  • Rebirth and get a Knife. Warp to Payon Dungeon, beat up the first zombie you come across (you need potions) and turn into a transcended First Class.
  • Turn in Cautious Village and hit job level 50 immediately. Ascend to High 2nd Job.
  • Turn in both Gramps and hit 99/69 immediately. Gain one last job level through Board Quests, then ascend to Third Job.
  • Get some sleep, Gramps is on cooldown.

From Level 100 (Additional Method available beside Eden/Gramps)

Banquet for Heroes

From Level 140 (Additional Method available beside Eden/Gramps)

Banquet for Heroes

  • If you've done the questline shown above for Banquet of Heroes, you'll unlock 1 quest (gives a lot of Experience) and some repeatable Daily quests.
  • Starts off by buying Flower.
  • You can start it off by going to the Prontera Prison located northeast of the Banquet room. Full information of the quest can be found at Restricted Sector.
  • Inside the prison, there are 8 NPCs, 7 of which will give a quest. (3 requires talking to NPCs located in the prison, 3 requires getting items dropped by mobs in the prison, and 1 is Flower mentioned above).
  • Finishing Restricted Sector requires only talking to each NPC inside so you don't need to finish any of their quests. They do give a huge amount of EXP, tho (35m Base/35m Job each).
  • There's also 1 quest located at Invaded Prontera (unlocked once you finish Room of Consciousness).
  • Use the Warper > Instances > Sky Fortress
  • Walk to prt_q 156/324 and speak with the Chief Guard to start the Daily Quest. Full information can be found here Chief Guard Requests.
    • P.S. All in all, all these quests will give you 400m Base/400m Job EXP and all except one are Daily Quests that is repeatable every 4 AM Server time. You'll still get 295m Base/295m Job everyday by repeating the Daily Quests.

Alternative Leveling Method for Dorams (Skip those horrible first few levels where you're absolutely useless)

  • Complete Cautious Village after leaving Criatura Academy and immediately reach 76/50. Complete Ur's Questline for a free set of Eden armor. Purchase the weapon for 250k. You should be Gramps 85+ range at this point.


Our beloved grandpa.


  • In these quests, you are required kill 400 monsters of two types.
  • The hunted monsters are rotated once a month.
  • You can find parties in the Eden Headquarters or on the #lfg channel.
  • To get a kill counter on the monster, you must be on the screen.
  • There are three level ranges.
    Level 85-114
    Level 115-144
    Level 145-175
  • You cannot enter areas lower or higher your level.

This quest or instance is repeatable.
The cooldown is 4 hours.


  • To start the quest, take the two hunting quests in your level range from the Monthly Hunts.
  • Talk to Gramps choose Can you warp me?
  • Parties are usually consist of...
    1. Lurer: Their job is to collect monsters and bring it to the party. (Mostly Swordsman/Thief/Monk branch)
    2. AoE: Their job is to kill the mass brought to the party by the lurer. (Mostly Hunter/Mage/Gunslinger branch)
    3. Support: Their job is to replenish HP/SP and provide buffs. (Mostly Priest/Sage/Performer branch)
    4. Damage: Their job is to kill single monsters left out and harrassing the Support. (Mostly Thief/Knight branch)
  • The party setup is always Even Share of Experience, and usually Each Take / Individual of Drops.
  • Note that if you have no AoE damage but you're a Damage class, you can be and please BE useful. Don't autofollow people. Defend your support and help the party to keep moving.

Leveling Tips

  • EXP Share: 30 base levels. For example, if someone in your party is 175, then everyone else in the party must be 145 or higher to enable even sharing EXP.
  • Before Reborning: Complete several Lv 91-99 quests (e.g. Rachel/Veins, Glast Heim, Turtle Island quests) while your character is at Lv 99/50. Job change and gain enough levels to turn into High 1st Class (High Swordman, High Thief, High Mage, etc). Then, turn in the Lv 91-99 quests you have completed when you were 99/50 for quick levels.
  • Spawn Points::Renewal changed the spawn points of nearly all monsters in the entire game. If you can't find a certain monster, or if you are not sure where to get certain items, try using the following commands:
    1. CTRL + ` : Displays the map of all fields in Rune Midgard. Press Alt or Tab to toggle map names, and the name and level of monster with the highest spawn amount on the map.
    2. @whereis (Monster Name): Displays a list of maps where a particular monster spawns and the spawn amount.
    3. @mi (Monster Name): Displays detailed info of a particular monster.
    4. @whodrops (Item Name): Displays a list of monsters that drop the particular item and its drop rate.
  • Novice Package: Every new character receives a package, that contains the following items:
Novice Package Intermediate Package (Lv 50) Veteran Package (Lv 99) Master Package (Lv 125)
Ring of Experience (x1) Intermediate Potion (x150) Veteran Potion (x150) Master Potion (x150)
Rental Halter Lead Box (x1) Novice Blue Potion (x15) Novice Blue Potion (x30) Novice Blue Potion (x50)
Novice Potion (x200) Novice Fly Wing (x50) Novice Fly Wing (x50) Regeneration Potion (x10)
Blessing Lv 10 Scroll (x5) Agility Lv 10 Scroll (x5) Assumptio Lv 5 Scroll (x5) Token of Siegfried (x3)
Intermediate Package (x1) Veteran Package (x1) Master Package (x1) New Bubble Gum (x2)