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Pticon 3sura.png Sura


Hi Guys!, I'll be updating this guide in the future after I farm the gears I need =). Just came back from a long hiatus and now I'm back to being a newbie hehe. If you would like to give some input on what gears and builds you think are the best, I would really appreciate it. <3

NOTE: Old Glast Heim Instance will be the benchmark for this guide since it the most profitable Instance for this class. May it be farming different dungeons and instances, if your gears can make it in Old Glast Heim (OGH) then you can make it anywhere.
Here are some videos of my runs.

NovaRO OGH Norm Solo

NovaRO PvE Sura

Another video showcasing a duo run.

NovaRO OGH Hard Duo


Stat Point Distribution Effect Notes
STR 100~120 Each point of STR adds: Main stat for increasing your damage.
AGI 69~100 Each point of AGI adds:
  • +1 Flee

Every 5 points adds:

Increases your ASPD

This stat will increase your animation for combos.
VIT 100~120 Each point of VIT adds:
  • +1% Max HP
  • +2% Healing from items

Every 2 points adds:

Every 5 points adds:

This stat is secondary to STR. Increase as much as you can. Increases damage of Tiger Cannon
INT 1~99 Each point of INT adds:
  • +1.5 MATK
  • +1% Max SP
  • +1% SP restoration from items

Every 2 points adds:

Decreases Variable Cast Time

INT stat will depend on which build you are going to use. Get 50 or less for the Tiger Cannon and 90 - 100 for Gates of Hell. (Getting INT stat for Tiger Cannon means your SP Food will heal you more.)
DEX 90~120 Each point of DEX adds:
  • +1 Hit

Every 5 points of DEX add:

Decreases Variable Cast Time
Increases your ASPD

You need DEX to hit monsters. Get 120 to acquire -0.5 second cast time from Temporal Dex Boots.
LUK 0 Each point of LUK adds:
  • +0.3% Crit Rate

Every 3 points of LUK add:

  • +1 ATK
  • +1 Hit

Every 5 points of LUK add:

  • +1 Flee
  • +1% Critical Hit Shield

Every 10 points of LUK add:

  • +1 Perfect Dodge
Get 0 points for this STAT to obtain Curse immunity. (To be able to attain 0, you need to equip at least one Essence of Evil Dex 3.) If you plan to farm on places where monsters do not cast Curse, then invest some points into this stat to gain more ATK.

Status Effects

Critical Wounds
This status ailment causes the following effects:

  • Lowers the effectiveness of healing skills on you, including Heal, Sanctuary, Aid Potion and recovery items. This reduction is 20% times the level of Critical Wounds that inflicted it.
  • Lasts 30 seconds.

To assist in recovering from this ailment:

  • If a Crusader uses Sacrifice on the inflicted person, the Crusader can take the damage and be healed, regardless of the critical wounds on the target.
  • The Kafra Shop item, Restoration Potion, increases healing recovery by 20%. This modifier stacks additively, so player using a Regeneration Potion struck by level 5 would have healing recovery of 20% instead of 0%.
  • One of Battle Chant's random effects removes all abnormal status effects from party members, including Critical Wounds status.
  • You can dodge critical wounds inducing physical attacks if you have high FLEE, are in Safety Wall (at close range), or in Pneuma (at long range).
  • Relogging cancels the status.

This status ailment causes the following effects:

  • Reduce your ATK by 25%.
  • LUK becomes 0.
  • Drastically Reduces your Movement Speed.

To assist in recovering from this ailment:

Panacea, Royal Jelly, Holy Water, Acolyte's skill - Blessing can undo the effect.
LUK reduces chance of being Cursed by 1% per point, VIT reduces duration of being Cursed. NOTE: VIT may play a part in resisting as well.

Card effects:

  • Evil Snake Lord Card grants immunity.
  • Flame Skull Card increases resistance by 30%.


  • Old Morroc Shawl & Osiris Card Set grants immunity.

This status ailment causes the following effects:

  • Inability to use any active skills.

To assist in recovering from this ailment:

  • Priest's skill - Lex Divina, Green Potion, Panacea, Royal Jelly, Acolyte's/Crusader skill - Cure can undo the effect.
  • Grooming removes this ailment to the user and Purring to the whole party.
  • Having high INT will reduce amount of time this ailment affects you, as well as chance of being affected.
  • INT reduces the chance by 1% per point of int.
  • One of Battle Chant's random effects removes all abnormal status effects from party members, including Silence status. :However it can't remove the silence status from the paladin itself since it can't cast any skill as long as he/she is silenced.
  • One of Battle Chant's random effects grants 60 seconds of immunity to all status effects to party members, including Silence status.
  • Dispell removes this ailment.
  • Mercenary's skill Recuperate can undo the effect.
  • Lauda Ramus removes this ailment.
  • If the object inflicting the status effect is more than 10 levels above the target,the skill will ignore the target's status point based resistance.


  • Gangster Mask increases resistance by 15%.
  • Valkyrian Armor increases resistance by 50%. if the user is Acolyte, Archer or Mage Class.
  • Imperial Feather & Royal Guard Necklace Set grants immunity.

Card effects:

  • Marduk Card grants immunity.
  • Stainer Card increases resistance by 20%.
  • Gemini-S58 Card Add 30% resistance if the user has 90 or more base AGI points.

This status ailment causes the following effects:

  • All DEF contributed by items is reduced by 50%.
  • Monsters Hard-DEF and Soft-DEF is reduced by 50% (round up).
  • If HP is over 25%, you will lose 1% of your HP every 5 seconds.
  • Increases your MDEF by 25%.
  • Changes your elemental status as "Earth LV 1" (150% damage from Fire based attacks, 125% damage from Poison, 25% damage from Earth, 90% damage from Wind)
  • Ignores Steal and Lex Aeterna.
  • Impossible to move, attack, pick up items, skill usage, sitting, force disconnection, and item usage.

To assist in recovering from this ailment:

  • Getting hit by any damaging attack or skill (physical or magical) automatically cancels the effect.
  • Status Recovery and Blessing can undo the effect.
  • Gentle Touch-Cure (Sura) can recover from the effect.
  • Hard MDEF reduces the chance of being affected by 1% per point.
  • Luk reduces the duration.
  • One of Battle Chant's random effects removes all abnormal status effects from party members, including Stone status, however it can't remove the Stone status from the paladin itself since it can't cast any skill as long as he/she is in stone status.
  • One of Battle Chant's random effects grants 60 seconds of immunity to all status effects to party members, including Stone status.
  • Dispell removes this ailment.
  • Mercenary's skill Tender can undo the effect.
  • Lauda Agnus removes this ailment.

Card effects:

  • Medusa Card grants immunity.
  • Evil Druid Card grants elemental immunity.
  • Munak Card increases resistance by 15%.
  • Argos Card increases resistance by 20%.
  • Seeker Card increases resistance by 30%.
  • Gemini-S58 Card increases resistance by 30% if the user has 80 or more base VIT.
  • Flame Skull Card increases resistance by 30%. Causes Stone Curse when being hit.


  • Dark Bacilium increases resistance by 20% + (2% * upgrade level).
  • Diabolus Armor increases resistance by 5%.
  • Medical Scrubs increases resistance by 50% when upgrade level is +9 or higher.
  • Happy Flapping Angel Wings grants immunity when upgrade level is +8 or higher.
  • Phreeoni Wings & Phreeoni Card Set grants immunity.

Note: The Stone status effect is a two-stage effect. When a character is first inflicted with the Stone status, they are still able to move, and being attacked does not cancel the effect - note that during this time they can be effected by Lex Aeterna, and cannot attack or use skills but still able to use items. Once the Stone "hardens," the character is immobilized, and being attacked will break the Stone curse.

Stat Build

Tiger Cannon Combo STATS

This build is the best I could come up with to maximize the damage of Tiger Cannon by increasing my ATK. Although you can still reach considerable amount of damage through a VIT build Sura. My reason behind an ATK focused build is because I want to utilize Rampage Blaster and Sky Net Blow as fillers and finishers.

This Stat Build is great for instances where monsters cast Curse debuff.

STR = 120 (Get the bonus stats from Temp STR boots)
AGI = 100 (Faster combo animation and Flee)
VIT = 115 (Get as much VIT stat as possible to increase Tiger Cannon damage)
INT = 40 (Moderate amount of Int for SP healing purposes)
DEX = 90 (Hit Chance)
LUK = 0 (Curse Immunity)

If you plan to farm and maximize damage output, invest points into LUK.

STR = 120
AGI = 100
VIT = 100
INT = 40
DEX = 90
LUK = 30-60

A VIT focused build for sole Tiger Cannon combo use.

STR = 100
AGI = 100
VIT = 120
INT = 40-60
DEX = 90
LUK = 40-50


  • Deal tons of damage on Normal and Boss monsters.
  • You will not need as much SP pots as Gates of Hell (GOH) build making it really efficient. (50 Mora Mandarin [0] is enough for an OGH Hard run)
  • Maggots in OGH Hard/Norm wont be a problem.
  • You can solo Old Glast Heim (OGH) norm.
  • Really good build against the Boss Root(Hard). I highly suggest using this build on the first map of Old Glast Heim (OGH) and switch to Gates of Hell build once the Boss Root dies.
  • Best farming setup. You can farm Gramps 145 with this stat build.


  • Heavily relies on heals from priests since Tiger Cannon combo consumes a large percentage of your HP.
  • You can only cast one Tiger Cannon combo to Amdarais (Hard) before he casts reflect shield. (This is for those who plan to take up the Tank role and wonder if it is safe to hit Amdarais with one combo.)
  • Weak against reflect casting MVPs. (Detale/Detardeurus for example.)
  • You need to master your timing when doing the combos.

Gates of Hell (GOH) STATS

There are two stats for Gates of Hell, one is for those who uses the Heroic Backpack for more damage on Gates of Hell thus increasing DEX so that there will be no loss of -cast time. The other is for those who uses a DEX enchanted Giant Snake Skin thus having lower Gates of Hell damage but in turn gives you the upper-hand for being able to use Tiger Cannon Combo. (See: Gears/Equipment page) You have the option to choose whether you want a build with more Gates of Hell damage and consume more SP potions since you will be killing monsters one by one, or a build with the ability to use Tiger Cannon Combo to lure the monsters and kill them in one sweep while using 100 less SP potions.

STR - 100 (more ATK = more damage)
AGI - 0 (0 if you want to get instant cast without Bragi from Minstrel, as I have mentioned this is for those who use Garments that do not boost DEX)
VIT - 100 (for Tiger Cannon damage and Survivability)
INT - 99 (cast-time and SP healing from potions)
DEX - 130 (cast-time to compensate for the lack of DEX from Garments other than Giant Snake Skin)
LUK - 0 (Curse immunity)

  • This build is good for a duo OGH normal since the monsters are not that difficult to kill without using a full Tiger Cannon gear setup and combo. One cast of Tiger Cannon skill can clear the mobs already.
  • Use this build to get more cast-time reduction if you want to use a Heroic Backpack to boost your Gates of Hell damage .
  • I use this stat build for Monster Hunter, Old Glast Heim (Hard), Charleston, Bios, Morse, Demon God Instance.


STR = 100
AGI = 69
VIT = 100
INT = 99
DEX = 120 (bonus -0.5 cast time from Temp Dex Boots)
LUK = 0

  • I usually use this build when running duo or trio on Old Glast Heim (Hard) if I want to be more efficient on my SP potions.
  • With this build I don't have to consume as much Grape Juice since I can Tiger Cannon combo faster larger groups of mobs.
  • Safer build to use when running with an inexperienced party or Arch Bishop since it gives you more chances of fleeing attacks of the monsters that Amdarais will spawn.


  • A reliable DPS for some Instances
  • Grants the ability for Sura to use long-range attacks.
  • A way to bypass the Reflect skill from Boss Monsters.
  • Fun to use.


  • Heavy reliance on SP potions.
  • You can reduce the amount of SP potions you use by a large amount if your AB lexes most of the monsters for you.
  • Difficult to one shot specific monsters with Tiger Cannon Skill or Combo. (You will need Apple and Friggs Skill from Minstrel).


First Job Skills

I will only list down the skills that are mostly needed for a damage build Sura.

Skill Effect Notes
22.png Divine Protection Passive
  • +3 DEF against Demon and Undead per level
One of the reasons you don't get one shotted in Instances from Undead and Demon monster attacks/skills. Get this skill to max since you will need it for more defense.
23.png Demon Bane Passive
  • +3 ATK against Demon and Undead per level
More ATK equals more DAMAGE. Max this skill if you want to do damage or leave it at level 5 or more if you plan to tank.
29.png Increase Agility Castable Buff
  • +12 AGI
Counters Decrease Agility debuff. This skill is one of the most basic buffs you get in-game. It gives move-speed and attack-speed.
34.png Blessing Castable Buff
  • +10 STR/INT/DEX
Counters Curse debuff. With this skill it also increases your Dex and Int thus lowering Cast-Time.
25.png Pneuma Ground Targeted
  • Places a 3x3 barrier on the ground that nullifies ranged attacks
  • Anyone standing in it cannot be hit by ranged attacks, including enemies
Best used against Raydric Archers and (Hell's Judgement) skill from MvP monsters. This is one of the most basic defensive skills to use against range attacks that cause tremendous damage. This skill will protect you for a limited amount of time.

Second/Trans Job Skills

Skill Effect Notes
265.png Dodge Passive
  • Increases Flee up to a max of +15
Important to max out, you need time to cast a combo on 10-20 mobs that deal 2.5k - 3k per hit. You need all the allowable time you can to burst your AoE skills before getting overwhelmed by the number of mobs attacking. While luring the mobs you will be hit with a couple of attacks and these attacks have a chance of being evaded due to your FLEE, but as the number of attacks increase the chance of evading decreases. To explain more specifically, once you lure a mob 10 monsters there is a small window of time you get once you stop moving before all the attacks of the 10 monsters hit you. Use this window to burst out your AoE skill before your Flee/Dodge stat disappears and take in tremendous damage. Without Flee/Dodge you will only depend on your shear defense and HP pool.
264.png Body Relocation Active Skill
  • Instantly teleports you to the selected cell
This is our identity as a class. The Flying Thunder God Technique. This skill really helps evade, lure and formulate formations that will make you and your party attack and defend efficiently.
268.png Steel Body Self Buff
  • Reduces all incoming damage to 10%
  • Reduces movement and attack speed
  • Cannot use skills while active
You will only need this skill when Tanking. You can also use this skill to make an Auto-Cast Sura.
401.png Dangerous Soul Collect Self Buff
  • Summons all Spirit Spheres
This skill is your ammunition. You will be smashing this skill every time when using Gates of Hell (GOH).
259.png Iron Hand Passive
  • +3 ATK per level with Knuckle class weapons.
Best skill to counter small sized monsters. This skill boosts your Knuckle weapon damage which shines against small sized monsters.

Third Job Skills

Skill Effect Notes
2326.png Dragon Combo Combo Skill
  • Chance to stun
  • Use this to start your combos. This skill's animation is proportional to the amount of AGI and DEX you have. Also, the animation can be increased via Poem of Bragi skill from Minstrel.
This skill allows you to start your combos. Get level 3 or more.
2329.png Fallen Empire Combo Skill
  • Use after Dragon Combo. This skill has a small window that you must catch for you to chain either Tiger Cannon or Gates of Hell. The more level this skill gets the longer the window gets thus the easier to chain. The animation for this skill is directly proportional to your AGI and DEX.
Use this after Dragon Combo. The timing will depend on the skill level and your AGI + DEX. Max this skill.
2330.png Tiger Cannon Damage Skill (AOE) / Combo Skill
  • Castable AOE
  • Instant cast when used after Fallen Empire
  • Does damage in an area around you
  • Damage dependent on HP and ATK (damage scales more on HP)
  • Consumes HP
  • Deals twice the original damage when used in a combo.
Increases damage based on your ATK and HP. I suggest a ratio of 60% ATK and 40% HP to keep in mind when building gears for your Sura.
2343.png Gates of Hell Damage Skill / Combo Skill
  • Castable
  • Instant cast when used after Fallen Empire
  • Damage dependent on ATK and HP missing
  • Consumes SP in percent (%) form.
Shoots 7 spheres per strike. Will consume % of your SP thus reducing your SP pool to 300 makes this viable for PVE. Reducing SP to 100 or below is going to do more harm than good. One, you will not be able to cast Rising Dragon when SP pool goes below 100. Two, you will be sacrificing a lot of ATK from gears to be able to achieve this. Although, using this setup will greatly reduce the amount of SP potions you are going to use. I only recommend to get this setup against Tanky MvPs' that would take 12 people to kill. (Use Red Lantern to swap between you accessories after casting Rising Dragon to attain a closer result to 100 SP.) If you have more questions feel free to ask me directly.
5009.png Flash Combo Damage Skill
  • Uses Dragon Combo, Fallen Empire, Tiger Cannon and Sky Net Blow automatically
  • Cannot move during skill duration
  • Does not consume HP
  • Does not get combo bonuses
Lets you use Tiger Cannon without the fear of losing HP. Damage and cool-down is proportional to the skill level.
2340.png Power Absorb Active Skill
  • Consumes all Spirit Spheres
  • +1% SP per Sphere consumed
One of the best skill that Sura has. This is your main source of SP for the combo build.
2338.png Rising Dragon Self Buff
  • Activates Fury
  • Gives you up to 15 Spirit Spheres
  • Drains HP
  • Increases Max HP/SP
Gives you instant 15 spheres and critical state. Best used after one full combo to refill spent spheres.
2346.png Gentle Touch - Energy Gain Self Buff
  • Chance to gain a Spirit Sphere on attack.
  • Activates when using skills and when receiving damage.
This will allow you to regain your spheres when you are attacked and when you attack. Works best with reflect items/gears. Get the max level of this skill when you want to farm. For instances, it highly depends on the build your are going to use.
2347.png Gentle Touch - Change Castable Buff
  • Increases ATK based on STR
  • Increases ASPD based on AGI
  • Decreases HP and MDEF
This skill is best paired with Gates of Hell since it increases ATK to a considerable amount.
2345.png Gentle Touch - Cure Castable Buff
  • Cures Status Ailments
This skill can recover Petrification / Frozen / Stun / Poison / Silence / Blind / Hallucination statuses.



COMBO build skill.png

Using the Tiger Cannon skill makes you deal a ton of damage. But doing the entire combo will give you twice the damage, numbers based on Amdarais Normal.
But how do you get this much damage? You are gonna have to chain your combos.

Here is my chain sequence. (More AGI and DEX the faster you cast the combos)

2326.png Dragon Combo > 2329.png Fallen Empire > 2330.png Tiger Cannon > 2326.png Dragon Combo > 2329.png Fallen Empire > 2343.png Gates of Hell > 5009.png Flash Combo > 401.png Dangerous Soul Collect Lv 1 > Repeat

Gif2 2.gif

Note: You will be spamming your sp pots mid combos.


GOH build skill.png

This build allows you to access the DPS role for OGH Hard. With this build you will be able to 1 shot Raydric Archers in OGH Hard, and deal a good amount of damage per GOH on Amdarais.
This build will depend on your Fixed Cast Time of Dangerous Soul Collect, that is why the need for the Temporal Dex Boots.

2343.png Gates of Hell > 2343.png Gates of Hell > 2343.png Gates of Hell > 401.png Dangerous Soul Collect Lv 1 > 2343.png Gates of Hell > 2343.png Gates of Hell > 2343.png Gates of Hell > REPEAT

  • For this build you will only need 1 Mora Mandarin to fill your SP pool. 1 Mandarin per GOH.
  • Based on my experience, you can actually cast Dangerous Soul Collect while the last strike of GOH is being animated, thus leaving you with slightly less downtime. (This is under bragi.)
  • Also, to be able to spam GoH wihthout downtime you will need to have a good ping.
  • You do not need to have a Glorious Fist to cast GoH without downtime.

Bandicam 2018-07-27 01-18-40-614 1.gif



This build is pretty tricky and will really force you to make strats while luring monsters. The trick for this build is BRAGI, yes you will need Bragi from Minstrel for this to work. This will allow you to DPS really fast making you deal a good amount of damage continuously, making it really good for auto-cast and leech gears. Also, with this build you can utilize the skill 2332.png Rampage Blaster pretty nicely.

  • The strats for this to work against normal monsters will need you to Snap (Body Relocate) lure the monsters towards a wall then Snap behind the mob and use Sky Blow. This skill will make you push the monsters toward the wall while dealing damage.
  • You will need to boost as much ATK and AGI as you can, since 2327.png Sky Net Blow damage scales on your ATK and your AGI.
  • You will need Bragi for this to work.

Currently I am using this build since it kills monsters faster then using Tiger Cannon + Gates of Hell combo and Sky Blow synergies well with Tiger Cannon combo.

My combo setup:

2326.png Dragon Combo > 2329.png Fallen Empire > 2330.png Tiger Cannon > 5009.png Flash Combo > hold down 2327.png Sky Net Blow button and let it rain > wait for the Tiger Cannon icon to cooldown > Repeat

You can also use this setup against Kimi. (Video upcoming.)
2332.png Rampage Blaster > Hold Down 2327.png Sky Net Blow until you refill your spheres > 2332.png Rampage Blaster

With this setup, you wont need to use 401.png Dangerous Soul Collect to refill your spheres, but you must use 2346.png Gentle Touch - Energy Gain.



Item Slot Location Notes
Rideword Hat [1] Upper Quest One of your leeching gear. Works best for Tiger Cannon build. Even better when paired with more leeching gears.
Ancient Decoration of Rift [1] Upper Infinite Space Can be enchanted to 10% Hp, similar to a Brown Piammete Ears. But can be used in combo with Rift Armor to get an uninterrupted cast time.
Piamette's Brown Ears [1] Upper Siege Token Best gear for attaining max damage output of Tiger Cannon. Also, best used on Raydrics (OGH Hard) to be able to one shot them with flash combo.
Runaway Chip [1] Upper Last Room Your number one headgear for Gates of Hell (GOH) build.
Monocle [1] Middle Owl Viscount
Owl Marquis
Time Holder
Cheap but not fashionable.
Black Frame Glasses [1] Middle Cash Shop + Spiritual Auger An option for the middle headgear. Pricey but looks nice.
Evil Wing Ears [1] Middle Quest + Spiritual Auger Also another fashionable option for the middle headgear.
Well-Chewed Pencil [0] Lower Cash Shop +3% HIT +2 DEX, I choose to use this lower headgear to pump as much Dex as I can since I use a Heroic Backpack.
Blood Sucker [0] Lower Cash Shop HP leech. Really good option for more leeching chance.
Item Slot Notes
Card Bungisngis Card Card +1% HP per 2 refines, best used with a high upgrade equipment.
Card Duneyrr Card Card +10 ATK and that also gives Perfect Dodge by chance.
Card Dark Pinguicula Card Card +10 ATK another option for headgear when increase ATK but gives you loots.
Card Marduk Card Card MUST HAVE CARD never rely mostly on your support. If your support gets silenced also, you will die from not being able to snap (Body Relocate) away. (You can swap with other gear if you want more damage to normal monsters. Must be used when against MvPs' that casts silence.)
Essence of Evil STR 3 Card +4 STR +12 ATK -4 INT. Really nice for increasing ATK and lowering SP pool.
Essence of Evil VIT 3 Card +4 VIT +12 DEF +8 MDEF -4 AGI. Cheap way of increasing Tiger Cannon Damage if you can not afford ATK increasing cards.
Essence of Evil DEX 3 Card +4 DEX +8 HIT -4 LUK, Get at least 1 of this card to set your LUK to 0. Getting immunity from curse is one of your priority.


Item Slot Location Notes
Glorious Suit [0] Armour Battlegrounds Gives 20% HP. Easy to get.
Excellion Suit [0] Armour [1] Best for increasing ATK and damage output of most of Sura skills.
Abusive Robe [1] Armour Honour Tokens Ignore +4% DEF of Demi-Human, Demon and Undead with each refine. Enchant with either Stamina or Dextrous, depending on which build you’re going for and whether you need more VIT or DEX.
Item Slot Notes
Card Pecopeco Card Card +10% HP. Best armor card.
Card STR Supplement Blueprint Blueprint ATK +5 every 10 base STR. When refine rate is 7 or higher, add an additional ATK + 10.
Card HP Supplement Blueprint Blueprint Max HP + 5%
Card Attack Supplement Blueprint Blueprint Attack + 20


Item Slot Location Notes
Thanatos Hammer [1] Weapon Ghost Palace 180 ATK +6 INT +6 VIT -6 LUK. Creates a low chance of regaining HP and SP from 5% of your damage dealt while you are Physically attacking. Consumes 100 HP every 10 seconds. Consumes 1,000 HP when unequipped. Chance to Leech HP/SP off your attacks. Easily obtained from Ghost Palace. Works best with Hunter Fly and White Knight Card. (Enchant-able)
Crimson Mace [2] Weapon Multiple Drops 80 ATK, ATK + (Upgrade Level * Upgrade Level) up to a maximum Upgrade Level of 15. If the user's base level is 70 or higher, for every 10 base levels, ATK + 5. Crimson weapons get stronger with refine, making this a beast at +15 refine.

Any Element is fine as long as you get Aspersio from the Priest and always bring Elemental Converters.

Thanatos Knuckle [1] Weapon Ghost Palace 160 ATK +6 INT +6 VIT -6 LUK. Creates a low chance of regaining HP and SP from 5% of your damage dealt while you are Physically attacking. Consumes 100 HP every 10 seconds. Consumes 1,000 HP when unequipped. This is a great option against small sized monsters, specially Maggots (OGH Hard). Best paired with Kaho Card.
Robot Mechanical Arm [2] Weapon N/A 195 ATK. Use this as your weapon when you reach 130+. For leveling purposes this is better for starters compared to a Crimson Mace. Card this with two Hunter Fly Cards.
Item Slot Notes
Card Hunter Fly Card Card Main leeching card. Really nice to have when combo-ing and leeching at the same time.
Card White Knight Card Card Obtained via Old Glast Heim. +15 ATK and +20% damage vs Medium and Large enemies, boosted to +35% when combo-ed with Khalitzburg Knight Card.
Card Kaho Card Card Use this with the knuckles to one shot the maggots.


Item Slot Location Notes
Valkyrja's Shield [1] Shield Valkyrie 80 DEF, +20% Water/Fire/Undead/Shadow resistance and +5 MDEF. A good option to get when fighting against Amdarais (OGH Hard). Use this shield if skill attacks from Amdarais is too much for you to handle, since there will be times when you will have to lure the MvP in and out.
Immune Shield [1] Shield Proof of Loyalty

Monster Hunter Battlegrounds Gold Coin

Best to refine it to +7 or +9. Gives % neutral resist great against maggots. (Best paired with Bigfoot Card)
Mad Bunny [1] Shield Cash Shop +5% ATK/MATK. If upgrade level is +7 or higher, +5 ATK/MATK. If upgrade level is +9 or higher, additional +15 ATK/MATK. Do not miss out on 5% Atk.
Item Slot Notes
Card Khalitzburg Knight Card Card Obtained via Old Glast Heim. Pair it with White Knight Card to get a total of 35% Atk and 25% Defense on Medium and Large monsters.
Card Bigfoot Card Card Your main defense against maggots. Use this with a +7 immune shield.


Item Slot Location Notes
Giant Snake Skin [1] Garment Faceworm Nest Get Special VIT, VIT +7, Vit+ 7, for maximum output for Tiger Cannon. Get another Giant Snake Skin with +10 or more DEX to help you with cast-time.
Heroic Backpack [1] Garment Proof of Loyalty

Monster Hunter Battlegrounds Gold Coin

You get this garment for the ATK and Range Dmg bonus. Obtaining a +7 is enough but having a +9 is better.

Best Garment for increasing Gates of Hell (GOH) damage.

Item Slot Notes
Card Wakwak Card Card +5 ATK per 10 BASE STR, is +50 ATK at 100 STR, Cheap option to get for increasing damage.
Card Brown Rat Card Card ATK + 3 and increase ASPD by 1% for every 10 base STR. If base STR is 120 or higher, ATK + 40. Tons of damage boost from this card plus the attack speed.
Card Grudge of Royal Knight Card Card Max SP -44%. Gain 20 SP each time an enemy is killed by physical melee attack. Each 2 refine of the compounded equipment adds 1 SP gain. Drain 444 SP as the garment is unequipped. [ +Agony Of Royal Knight Card ]. Increase resistance against Neutral property attack by 20%. FLEE +20. Lost 100 HP each 6 seconds. Lost 6 SP each 6 seconds.


Item Slot Location Notes
Temporal Boots of Dexterity [1] Boots Old Glast Heim This is used only for Gates of Hell Build because of the -fixed cast time.
Temporal Boots of STR [1] Boots Old Glast Heim Best boots for best damage output for all Sura Skills.

Go Bear's Might or Lucky Day. Temp Boots with Hawk Eye will mess you up.

Item Slot Notes
Card Green Ferus Card Card +10% HP and +1 VIT


Item Slot Location Notes
Medal of Honour (Acolyte) [0] Accessory Battlegrounds +5% ATK/MATK, MDEF +6 and +600 HP, cheapest option to get.
Sheriff's Left Badge [1] Accessory Fistful of Zeny Quest +3% ATK if STR is 90 and +1000 HP if VIT is 90, plus a slot. A good alternative to increase Hp and ATK. Equal output with Broken Chips.
Physical Enhancement Ring [1] Accessory Geffen Magic Tournament ATK + 5% and a secondary enchant that comes with it. Best accessory for now.
Broken Chip 1 [1] Accessory Last Room STR +4. When combined with Broken Chip 2, gives STR +8 and INT +8.
Broken Chip 2 [1] Accessory Last Room Gives Bonus +50 ATK when paired with Runaway Chip (Headgear) and Broken Chip 1.
Item Slot Notes
Card Gold Scaraba Card +20 ATK at the cost of -1% HP. Nice ATK boost. A pricey option instead of Essence of Evil STR 3
Essence of Evil STR 3 Card +4 STR +12 ATK -4 INT, A cheaper alternative.
Essence of Evil VIT 3 Card +4 VIT +12 DEF +8 MDEF -4 AGI. Meh. Use this is you really have nothing to use.
Essence of Evil DEX 3 Card +4 DEX +8 HIT -4 LUK, More cast time and Curse immunity.
Revolver Buffalo Card (Right) Card Str +4, ATK + 4%, Best Card for the right accessory and best paired with Phen Card since the uninterrupted cast is way better.
Phen Card Card Uninterrupted Skill Casting (MUST HAVE)


Item Slot Notes
High Orc Pet +25 ATK, If you cant reach the 600 ATK mark use this instead of Little Isis.
Little Isis Pet +4% ATK, Best used with 700 or 800 more ATK.
Succubus Pet +1% HP and HP Leeching, Your life and savior in times of Hp crisis. Lure a mob then flash combo to regain health.


Note: I have not tested some of these headgears and the actual results may be different from my assumptions.
Old Blazing Soul [1]
A really powerful headgear because of its enchants and the bonuses that it offers, although the skills that this headgear improves are not the main damage dealing skills that the Sura uses it still gives a tremendous boost on power. I can think of many builds that would really benefit this headgear and I will list them down.

Adamantine Enchant
This gives 55% HP increase at level 10 and this is similar to having half a Tao Gunka Card effect. Even at level 5, the effects would be similar to having a max level 322.png Apple of Idun. A 25% increase in HP gives roughly about 80k - 100k increase in Tiger Cannon damage, imagine having this headgear effect stack with 322.png Apple of Idun and 5007.png Frigg's Song. The only downside to this headgear is the amount of luck and money you will be needing to achieve a near level 5 refinement.
Magic Essence
If you're wondering why, it's because of the -fixed cast time effect it offers. It gives -0.5 second at level 5 and -1 second at level 10 this is almost as good as Adamantine. A really good gear to pair with Gates of Hell build.
Rampage Blaster Build
The headgear boosts the damage for Rampage Blaster and Lightning Ride which are inferior skills and the effect could enhance these skills to a point where they are near the damage output of Tiger Cannon and Gates of Hell. Rampage Blaster has a long 10 second cooldown and it uses all of your spheres not to mention the damage is proportional to the number of spheres too. The only way for this skill to improve is to wait for the kRO patches.
Lightning Ride Build
I have tried making this build and I tried using it to farm Geffenia, and in my experience the results where somewhat acceptable. It may not be as efficient as a Rebel or a Ranger but it somehow works. This build could improve with the upcoming Fallen Angel Wings, possibly.

General Helm [1] and Quadrille [2]
This headgear gives +15 ATK per 2 refine rate and 7% damage increase of Tiger Cannon per 2 refine rate of Quadrille [2] . If you are wondering whether this combo of gears outdamage a +15 Crimson Mace, the answer is yes to Tiger Cannon only. If you are aiming for maximum output of Tiger Cannon then these gears are the ones for you. Now, I have a build in mind that could be helpful and this is:

Flash Combo + Rampage Blaster
This build is mainly for farming monsters in dungeons or on fields with 200,000 or more Health Points since you can go to town without limit. I recommend a +10 or more Quadrille carded with 1 White Knight Card and 1 Chen Card, I would prefer a balance in damage of the skills. Maximizing a single skill is not the most efficient way to go in my honest opinion. Instead, increasing Rampage Blaster damage will be better since it is an instant-cast skill (without animation delay) making it a safer backup option if you cannot 1-shot the mobs with Tiger Cannon. There will be situations wherein you will be surrounded with monsters, your HP is draining fast and Flash Combo is on cooldown. In these situations, Rampage Blaster is the best life saving skill you will be wanting to have.
  • I would still lean more to Crimson Mace if I ever have to choose between the two for instance raids, since Crimson Mace is very flexible in terms of changing builds which the Sura class will frequently do.
  • With Crimson Mace I get to use Rideword Hat which is perfect for leeching HP.
  • I would probably use Quadrille and General Helm when I have the leeching shadow gears to compensate for not having a Rideword Hat.

Focus Beret [1]
Do not buy this headgear since its effects are a total letdown. If you plan to experiment on 2329.png Fallen Empire combo, then you will be disappointed. This headgear is customized for Nova and it does not follow the kRO version.

  • In order to use this headgears effects you will need to use 2326.png Dragon Combo for you to auto-cast 2329.png Fallen Empire.
  • Dragon combo is only ever useful for opening combos and the damage it does at max level is a total disappointment.
  • The headgear effect enables you to auto-cast Fallen Empire at 10% chance which is roughly the same as 3 - 4 seconds of spaming Dragon Combo before Fallen Empire activates.
  • There is no Dungeon, Instance, or Boss I could ever think of using this build since you will be needing a Minstrel's a Poem of Bragi and Assassin's Cross of Sunset song.
  • You will need to spam this combo of skills by 10 seconds or more to out-damage a single Tiger Cannon.
  • Maybe it's good for PvP, who knows.

Fenrir's Power Scroll
If you ever plan on solo'ing, then this is the best scroll buff to bring. Gives sacrament effect for 5 minutes which is -50% fixed cast time. Sweet.

Viscious Mind Knuckle [1]
Viscious Mind Mace [1]
NovaRo has just recently updated the Sky Fortress weapons enabling players to reshuffle their existing stats similar to Thanatos weapons. Viscious Mind (VM) weapons are similar to Crimson Weapons in terms of weapon ability/effect but are slightly better. Here are the stats that I would prefer to have if I were to choose.
Slot 1

  • Weapon Element (Holy)
  • Damage to enemy's Element +1% ~ 20% (Undead and Shadow)
  • Weapon unaffected by Size Penalty (this is for Knuckles)

Slot 2

Damage to enemy's Race +1% ~ 20% (Demon and Undead)
Bypass DEF of enemy's Race by 1% ~ 30% (Undead and Demon)
Damage to Boss monsters +20%

Slot 3

Stat +1 ~ 10 (Dex or Vit)
ATK +4 ~ 47
Ranged Damage +13 ~ 20% (GoH and Rampage Blaster Damage)

I did not opt for Demi-Human since there are better weapons that would be better suited against that race. (Glorious Weapons)
Here are some of my thoughts on Crimson and VM weapons.

  • Attack
In terms of weapon ATK, they differ within 30 - 40+ ATK when roughly computing their bonuses with Vicious Mind as the winner. As a Level 4 weapon, VM weapons are great weapons to be used for a Rampage Blaster farming build when paired with the Sura Chen Card and plus that with an enchant which increases Long-range Damage. Woaw.
  • Refinement
Generally lower level weapons are easier to refine compared to high level ones. Consider the amount of resources you will be needing before deciding to opt for a VM weapon.
Although, you can farm as much VM weapons as you can and upgrade them until you get lucky.
  • Accessibility
Crimson weapons can be obtained anytime and easier with mob density as the deciding factor. On the other hand, Sky Fortress instance has a cooldown period of three days and has a lower chance of obtaining the type of weapon you want since the drops will be at random. But, since we are not limited to a single character we can run Sky Fortress as many times as we can.
  • Difficulty
In terms of difficulty, a semi-geared Tiger Cannon Sura can easily breeze through the monsters at Sky Fortress. Although, I would highly suggest to party-up with an Arch Bishop and another DPS since a TC Sura can't kill the Boss in time. You can however kill the Boss if you opt to use a GoH build Sura with a Minstrel as the third player.
  • Flexibility
As a class that heavily rely on gear flexibility, I would choose the Crimson weapons over VM. However, if you plan to make gears that are specifically made per instance and have a ton of cash to burn, then the VM weapons is the best choice.
  • Overall
For my final thoughts, I would not use a VM weapon unless it is +15 and does not have at least one enchantment that would give a damage boost against Undead/Demon. The goal is to compromise between enchantments and effects in order to attain the most effective way of playing the class. Choosing the Crimson weapon would give me more options in terms of instance type and build, comparing that to a VM weapon which is build specific and heavily rely on the players luck.

Everything considered, it is always up to you which weapon you would use. A VM weapon is really good for farming and experimentation with all kinds of skills. I would definitely try making a Variable Cast-Time free build for Lightning Ride Sura. Also, when comparing VM to Thanatos for a farming weapon I would absolutely choose Thanatos =).


MAIN HP HEALING ITEM - HP Giggling Box . These drop from killing Undead monsters. ( Wraith Card )

Restores % Hp which is very good for large HP pool classes.
It has a 15 weight which means it is very heavy and you can only carry a limited amount.

MAIN SP HEALING ITEM - Grape Juice . Your number one source of SP healing. You cant live without it. (Buy in bulk using your merchant.)

You can craft them from farming the materials.
Crafting NPC see here (Grape Juice Making)

SECONDARY SP HEALING ITEM - Mora Mandarin . Switch to this SP potion when dealing with BOSS monsters. Recovers a really good amount of SP depending on your INT stat. (Buy in bulk using your merchant.)

You can farm these from killing Pom Spiders and opening the Fruit Basket . (Basilisk Nest 3)

As for the foods I use.
HP Increase Potion (Large) - Increase your maximum HP and also increases your Tiger Cannon damage.
Awakening Potion - Increase ASPD for faster body relocation.
Guarana Candy - Increase ASPD for faster body relocation.
Box of Resentment - Increase Atk by 20.
Minor Brisket - Increase Vit stat to 20 for 5 mins.
Siroma Icetea - Increase Dex stat to 20 for 5 mins.
Warg Blood Cocktail - Increase Int stat to 20 for 5 mins.
Peach Cake - Increase Dex stat to 6 for 30 mins.
Chile Shrimp Gratin - Increase Agi stat to 6 for 30 mins.
Red Mushroom Wine - Increase Int stat to 6 for 30 mins.
Awfully Bitter Bracer - Increase Vit stat to 6 for 30 mins.
Shiny Marinade Beef - Increase Str stat to 6 for 30 mins.

NOTE: The +6 foods can be obtain from Sara's Memory.

Siroma Icetea and Warg Blood Cocktail are only used for GOH build and for BOSS fights.

Box of Gloom - Not enough instant cast? This item will give you Attention Concentrate which buffs your Dex more.
Box of Panting - Mandarins are too expensive? Farm your potions! (You will need a Gym Passes to increase your weight limit since these potions weigh a lot).
  • Opting for Box of Gloom than bringing an Abusive Robe is better in more ways. One, you will not be needing to swap Armors since you will only need Attention Concentrate during Boss fights. Two, Attention Concentrate only lasts for 60 seconds and you will be refreshing this buff during fight with the Boss. Three, you already have so many skills, potions, and buttons to be mindful of during a fight. So, opting to Abusive Robe is not the way to go.
  • Box of Panting is only a good option to use when using the Tiger Cannon Build. This is just to help lessen the amount of Mandarins you are going to be using.

Gear Examples


Upper -Frost Giant Skull
Middle -Fros Giant Skull
Lower - none
Armour - Hero Judgement Shawl (Bathory or Marc)
Weapon - Long Mace
Shield - +7 Immune Shield (Bigfoot) or Mad Bunny(Horn Card)
Garment - Airship Manteu (Raydric Card)
Boots - Variant Shoes
Accessory 1 - Glorious Rings or Alchemy Gloves (Alligator Card)
Accessory 2 - Glorious Rings or Alchemy Gloves (Alligator Card)

  • This is my tank build for OGH hard and Demon God. For Demon God I bring 2 armors one with Marc and the other with Bathory.
  • Usually I only use Hero Judgement Shawl and Shield with Bigfoot and the rest is up to the AB.
  • My strat for tanking the raydrics is to lure a couple of mobs and go straight to a wall to avoid knockbacks.
  • For maggots, a shield with Bigfoot card will do most of the reductions for you.
  • This is mostly the essential gears you will be using as a beginner tank. Spending on more gears for tanking is not advisable since you can tank with just a Hero Judgement Shawl and Shield alone when you gather more experience from countless instance runs.

STARTERS (85 - 175)

Upper -Rrideword Hat (none)
Middle -none
Lower - none
Armour - Airship Armor / Valkyrie / Rift Armor / Glorious Suit (Pecopeco card)
Weapon - Crimson Mace (Holy/Fire/Neutral) (Hunter Fly cards)
Shield - Thorny Buckler (Andre Egg card)
Garment - Giant Snake Skin (Wakwak card)
Boots - Temporal Str Boots (Green Ferus card)
Accessory 1 - Bison Horn (Any cards for farming)
Accessory 2 - Medal of Honor Acolyte

Important Notes:

  • Upper
- Rideword Hat = You will need gears that help sustain your HP and SP to avoid returning to town just to heal.. You need to be a self-sustaining machine. You will have to learn to balance out power and survivability. As a Sura, we do not go full out damage since that will also be the death of us. To be efficient and effective we need balance.
  • Armor
- Get the cheapest armor for your budget and level. If Valkyrie Armor and Rift Armor are too expensive then just use your Eden Armor and wait till level 120 - 125 to be able to equip the Airship Armor. If you manage to save up the free BG coins given to players in daily Rewards, make it a priority to acquire the Glorious Suit. If you reach level 175, try to join Battlegrounds to earn these coins.
- Pecopeco Card is the best card for a slotted armor. The 10% HP it gives is a really nice boost of damage to Tiger Cannon. Only get this when you have a nice slotted armor you can use, if not then always go with Glorious Suit as your armor.
  • Weapon
- Crimson Mace is a really nice weapon for farming or leveling since you get elemental options. You do not need to use an expensive +7, just use a +4 when you are farming or leveling. Always use the correct element against the monsters you are fighting.
- Thanatos Hammer is another weapon which has a built in Hunter Fly card effect in it. Get this weapon when you reach level 120. Farming this weapon is not that difficult, so I would highly suggest farming a number of these weapons and enchanting them. Obtaining a Holy enchant will grant you the option to farm OGH Norm.
- Hunter Fly cards are a god-sent gear to our class since our main battle skill consumes HP. What better way to use a skill that consumes Hp than to use gears that leeches Hp?
  • Shield
- Thorny Buckler is a really nice option to obtain a reflect ability. The skill Gentle Touch Energy Gain shines when paired with a reflect gear. Attacks that are reflected counts as normal attacks thus restoring spheres faster. Also this shield is cheap so better get 5 of these and experiment with different cards.
- Andre Egg card is the only shield card that we can largely benefit from (if you are not rich). It is cheap and it gives a whopping 5% HP, it may not sound big but it greatly adds damage to Tiger Cannon.
  • Garment
- Giant Snake Skin = Get a cheap one with VIT, the more VIT it has the better. Currently it is the best garment for our class due to the large bonus HP it gives.
- Wakwak card = Tiger cannon scales with HP but it also scales with ATK. Also, you are going to use different skills and not just Tiger Cannon to be effective. ATK boosts the damage of your skills.
  • Boots
- Temporal Boots of Str = This has the same concept as a Wakwak Card. 50 bonus Atk is a really huge increase in the damage of your skills. Only get the 1st enchant, Fighting Spirit and forget getting the second enchant. Second enchants do not benefit the Sura class to a point where you notice an acceptable increase in damage, only get the second enchant once you get more funds. Spending so much money on Temporal Boots and only acquiring a bad enchanted one will surely sink you bank account as a starting player.
- Green Ferus = Increases HP by 10%, best there is. You can acquire this card while farming if you follow my leveling guide. Obtainable in Abyss Lake.
  • Accessory
- Bison Horn = This is a set piece with Thorny Buckler, the reflect ability will not work unless you use both.
- Medal of Honor Acolyte = I highly recommend you join Battlegrounds since the gears are practically free. This is the same as Glorious Suit which can only be bought in Battlegrounds lobby.
- Raydric Archer Card = Buy two of these and kill demon monsters to obtain Box of Resentment. These boxes are very in-demand, so this will help you earn more money faster.


Upper - Rideword Hat (Essence of Evil Str 3) (swap on boss to Piamette's Brown)
Middle - Monocle (1) (MarduK)
Lower - Blood Sucker
Armour - +7 / +9 Excellion Suit (Str, Atk, Atk)
Weapon - +15 Crimson Mace / +15 Thanatos Mace (WHITE KNIGHT, WHITE KNIGHT) or <swap with Knight Sakray carded weapon
Shield - +4 / +7 / +9 Mad Bunny (Khalitzburg Knight)
Garment - Gss w/ Special Vit, Vit+7, Vit+7 (Brown Rat)
Boots - Temporal Boots of Str w/ Fighting Spirit 7 + Lucky Day/Bears Might
Accessory 1 - Physical Enhancement Ring (Hp 3, Hp 3) (phen)
Accessory 2 - Physical Enhancement Ring (Hp 3, Hp 3) (revolver buffalo)

  • I use this build when I tank OGH Hard and also this is the build I use to clean up the maggots when the DPS cannot one shot them.
  • With this build you can shave the HP of Root Faster. (But always bring Hp pots to recover HP when the AB cannot Help you.)


This is my current gears for OGH Hard Duo and Three-Man

Upper - Runaway Chip (Essence of Evil DEx 3) /// Piamette Brown Ears (Eoe Str/Vit 3)
Middle - Monocle (1) (MarduK) /// Monocle (1) (Permeter)
Lower - Well-Chewed Pencil
Armour -+9 Excellion Suit (Str, Atk,Atk )
Weapon - +15 Crimson Mace (Sakray Card, Sakray Card)
Shield - Mad Bunny (Andre Egg) /// Valkyrie Shield (Evil Shadow) // Mad Bunny (KK Card)
Garment - +9 Heroic Backpack (Grudge of Royal Knight) /// Giant Snake Skin (Special Vit, Vit, Vit) (Brown Rat)
Boots - Temporal Boots of Dex w/ Expert Archer + Lucky Day/Bears Might (Green Ferus) /// Temporal Str Boots Fighting Spirit + Lucky/BM (Green Ferus)
Accessory 1 - Physical Enhancement Ring (Hp 3, Hp 3) (phen card)
Accessory 2 - Physical Enhancement Ring (Hp 3, Hp 3) (revolver buffalo)

  • For the Upper headgears, I swap between headgears for specific enemies. Runaway Chip for 2nd stage and Amdarais. Piamette for maggots in Boss stage just to buff up my Tiger Cannon. You should not skip on the EoE Dex 3 since it gives negative LUK thus giving you Curse immunity.
  • For the Middle headgears, I use Marduk Card against root since he casts silence and Permeter Card just to give extra reductions against Dark Grand Cross when I am kiting.
  • Armour - Nothing beats more ATK, gives great boost in GoH and Tiger. I do not use Bathory Card since when I am against Amdarais I am within his melee range and I don't get hit by the Dark Grand Cross. Amdarais will turn you into Undead property thus the Arch Bishop won't be able to heal you. Do not fret, since your Arch Bishop's role is to only keep the Safety Wall up and Unfreeze you.
  • Weapon - I changed from 2 White Knights to 2 Sakrays, this is because I want to use a shield with Evil Shadow Card and one Carded with Andre Egg. White Knight Card + Sakray Card is also good but I stick to this setup for more reductions against Grand Cross and Hells Judgement.
  • Shield - Valkyrie Shield for more reductions just in-case the run turns to kiting. Evil Shadow card for more reductions against (Hells' Judgment) HJ and (Dark Grand Cross) DGC.

So far, the new set of Cards and Gears give better performance when Kiting Amdarais and escaping. There are scenarios where my AB dies and I need to lure him away, so getting more reductions help me survive two Hells Judgement and Dark Grand Cross at once.

Leveling and Farming

Leveling Process

My way of leveling my characters is to make two accounts. The main account is where my Sura is and the second account I make a Rebel. I level them both using the Sura as the leecher.

- For 0 - 85: I max out desperado and bring grape juices with me and kill mobs 1 map above Geffen. All you need are bullets for your Rebel.
  • Reach levels 20 - 30 before moving to a new map which spawns Poison Spores.
  • (This is 1 map above Geffen and 1 map right.)
  • Reach level 40 - 50 and move to Orc Dungeon.
  • (Make sure to bring more SP pots and Holy Bullets.)
  • Reach level 75 - 80 and take board quests from eden.
  • (Quest in Old Glast Heim that requires you to kill Wraiths, and Evil Druids)
- When you reach level 85 you can then do gramps party.
- when you finish doing the gramps quest, follow these steps.
  • NOTE: DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR QUESTS to the gramps board yet.
    • After your gramps run, you will likely reach max job and base level.
    • Go to (Main Office) to change your job to High Novice.
    • Go back to (Eden) and submit ONLY ONE QUEST.
      • Do not spam the enter key while talking to the board.
    • Once you receive the levels and exp from the 1st quest, press ALT+F4
      • If you do not reach max base and job levels from the first quest, join a level 85 gramps party to leech exp until you level to max.
    • Go to (Main Office) to change job and submit your remaining gramps quest to receive your rewards.

When you become a Sura, the farming starts when you obtain the Sky Blow skill. The following guide is unconventional since we are a unique class that is hard to play and farm with. Our class shines best on maps that are filled with monsters, we love mobbing and we love the sound of that BOOM from our skills. The best way to level a Sura is to farm with a Sura. You will need some core items to be able to solo farm effectively.

- While waiting for the gramps quest to cool-down, go to (Magma Dungeon 2) to level and farm at the same time.
  • Learn 2327.png Sky Blow. This will be your main farming skill at the moment.
  • During these stage of your level, try to save money as much as possible from Magma Dungeon 2 drops.
Buy these items first:
  • Thanatos Hammer [1] - (Can be obtainable through running Ghost Palace instance which is really easy.)
  • Rideword Hat [1] - (Best headgear for farming.)
  • Crimson Mace [2] - (If you can't wear a Thanatos weapon yet, use the crimson mace instead. Get neutral element.)
  • Robot Mechanical Arm [2] - (Use this instead of a Crimson Mace if you ever get one for a cheap price since this weapon has better base damage. Can only be used at 130+)
  • Card Hunter Fly Card - (Use 1, 2, 3 or 4 of these cards. Really really good for farming.)
  • Succubus - (Want more HP leech?)

- For 85 - 115: You can actually leech your Sura to Gramps 85 if you learn Fire Dance skill.
If you cannot, join a lvl 85 Gramps Party.
If you finish a gramps party but still want to gain more levels, I suggest you go to these dungeons.
  • Glast Heim St. Abbey (you can go to this dungeon via Warper NPC)
-Go to Eden, get board quest for Wraith and Evil Druid. If your level is higher than the maximum required level for the quest, you can still go to the dungeon and farm the exp.
  • Magma Dungeon 1
-I suggest you max your skill 2327.png Sky Blow. Farm the dungeon and sell the loots.
-Use a holy/fire elemental weapon or Elemental Converter (Fire)
  • Gonryun Dungeon 1
-Use Fire Element weapon
-The monsters here hits pretty hard so I suggest you take precaution.
-The loots are very nice.

- For 115 - 145, whenever you finish gramps party go to Abyss Lake Dungeon 1.
-Make sure to lure a good amount of monsters before using Rampage Blaster.
-Use Rideword Hat, Hunter Fly, Thanatos Hammer, and Succubus pet to survive.
  • You can also move up to Abyss Lake Dungeon 2 or 3 for a more denser map.
  • Try to focus on farming during this stage of level and in no time you will reach 145 in no time. The more you keep on farming maps with dense monster population the faster you gain EXP.
  • During this stage, try to practice your combos and movements.

- For 145 - 175, this stage will be easier since you have more powerful skills unlocked at your disposal.
  • Move up to Abyss Lake 3 and start farming loots and exp there.
Max out the skill 5009.png Flash Combo , 2330.png Tiger Cannon Lv 10 , and 2338.png Rising Dragon Lvl 10. If you cant one-shot the monsters in Abyss 3, try to combine your skills. 5009.png Flash Combo with 2332.png Rampage Blaster and snap away.
  • Farming really hard hitting monsters will be your training ground as a PvE Sura.
  • I suggest you farm up the minimum required gears for you to farm OGH Norm solo.
-Rideword Hat
-Thanatos Hammer (Pom Spider Card) for the Undead zombies.
-Thanatos Knuckle (Kaho Card) for the maggots.
-Glorious Suit
-Temporal Boots of Str (Fighting Spirit/Green Ferus Card)
-Giant Snake Skin (Str/Vit/Vit) (Wakwak card)
-Succubus Pet
Before jumping into the bodies with maggots make sure you buff up with extra foods. Always use HP Increase Potion (Large) and Box of Resentment . Be sure to use Fire Element against the Maggots get a Elemental Converter (Fire) if necessary.
- For 150 - 175.
  • If you feel confident in your skills, you can try and solo gramps 145. Try to identify the monsters you are fighting and use the proper element to increase your damage against them.
  • Gramps 145 monsters are pretty tanky, so try to use the element they are weak to for the best results.
  • If gramps is too tanky, then I would recommend going back to Abyss Lake 3. You receive less exp due to level difference but the density of the monsters will compensate you for it.
For Abyss Lake 3, you will need to use 5009.png Flash Combo with 2332.png Rampage Blaster to farm it fast. Always lean more to HP leech than to damage.
- You will reach level 175 in no time.


Sura is one of the best class to farm with for specific monsters, sometimes we do better than others and sometimes we fail to even do a proper farming run. Our class will excel only if we gear and build it properly. We cannot rely on a single build alone to farm efficiently compared to most classes, instead we adapt to become better. We must use the skills that give advantage to our class in terms of farming and strength. I will list some of the Monsters, Dungeons, and Instances that Sura is better at farming.

Low Level Monsters

Orc Dungeon
What to farm:
HP Giggling Box drops from undead monsters. You can do this by equipping ( Wraith Card ).
Skills to use:
2327.png Sky Net Blow with 264.png Body Relocation
Gears to use:
Gears that are carded with Grudge of Royal Knight Card for garment and Agony of Royal Knight Card for armor. This is to ensure you do not lose SP and HP while farming.

Magma Dungeon 2
What to farm:
Farm everything that drops from the dungeon and sell them to npc. Also you can farm Box of Resentment since some of the monsters are Demon Type. You can do this by equipping Raydric Archer Card .
Skills to use:
2327.png Sky Net Blow and 2517.png Howling of Lion.
Gears to use:
Garment carded with Grudge of Royal Knight Card for SP and armor with Agony of Royal Knight Card . Weapon with Holy Element.

Dewata Dungeon 2
What to farm:
Rough Oridecon , gather 5 stones to create 1 Oridecon . Go to (Hakhim) near the payon blacksmith to convert your stones. Also, since the monsters are Demon Type, you can also farm Box of Resentment at the same time.
Skills to use:
2336.png Knuckle Arrow will be your main killing skill and 2327.png Sky Net Blow will be second just to fill your SP. Knuckle Arrow is a ranged skill and Grudge of Royal Knight Card will not work.
Gears to use:
Grudge of Royal Knight Card , Tri Joint Card for weapon, Water Element Weapon, equip gears that replenish SP as much as possible or set your build to high INT so that Grape Juice will heal more SP. Also, get gears that increase Movement Speed like Runaway Chip Combo + Ferlock Set. You can only choose between the two, Sky Blow with fast Movement Speed with the ability to use Grudge Card, or Knuckle Arrow with Body Relocation with SP drain from multiple gears. For Knuckle Arrow build to work best, you need to stack on ASPD so that you body relocate really fast.

Gonryun Dungeon 1
What to farm:
Royal Jelly
Skills to use:
2336.png Knuckle Arrow and 2327.png Sky Net Blow or Auto-Attack with 193 ASPD and 272.png Chain Combo
Gears to use:
Grudge of Royal Knight Card , Agony of Royal Knight Card , Fire Element Weapon.

Sara's Memories
What to farm:
Everything. Sell the +6 - +7 foods in the market to earn extra money.
Skills to use:
2327.png Sky Net Blow you do not have to kill the final boss, you can just return to town after clearing all monsters.
Gears to use:
Grudge of Royal Knight Card and Agony of Royal Knight Card

Ghost Palace
What to farm:
Gray Shard you need this to get Thanatos weapons and Knight Sakray Card
Skills to use:
2327.png Sky Net Blow and 2332.png Rampage Blaster to clean the Ghost Monsters that spawn on the second room. Lure everyone before using Rampage Blaster.
Gears to use:
Grudge of Royal Knight Card and Agony of Royal Knight Card with Fire/Holy Element Weapon.

High Level Monsters

Abyss Lake 3
What to farm:
Light Granule sell these in the market not to the NPC. The rest of the loots can be sold to the NPC.
Skills to use:
2346.png Gentle Touch - Energy Gain, 5009.png Flash Combo with 2332.png Rampage Blaster.
Gears to use:
Rideword Hat, Thanatos Hammer (Neutral Element), Hunter Fly, Phen Card, Thorny Buckler Combo, Sky Petite Card, the rest are ATK increasing gears. Your goal is that your Rampage Blaster damage must reach at least 60k without sacrificing your leeching gears. The stat build will be the same as the Tiger Cannon Combo stats which will be found in the Stat Build section.

Basilisk Nest 3
What to farm:
Fruit Basket , Yggdrasil Berry , and Yggdrasil Seed . You can obtain most of the Yggdrasil from opening the fruit basket. Also, Mora Mandarin sells for a good price when sold to the NPC.
Skills to use:
5009.png Flash Combo and Tiger Cannon Combo. Also all of the essential skills for a Sura to farm. Tiger Cannon Combo will be your main killing skill and Flash Combo will be for cleaning remaining monsters.
Gears to use:
Basically the same with the gears on Abyss Lake 3 but, you can either go for a Fire Element Crimson Weapon with Hunter Fly and White Knight or Thanatos Hammer with White Knight Card. Mad Bunny with Khalitzburg Knight Card for the shield and HP increasing cards/effects for the accessories. Armor and Garment is the same with COMBO SURA in the Gear Examples section.

Old Glast Heim (Norm and Hard)
What to farm:
Glast Decayed Nail , Glast Horrendous Mouth please store these in your storage until they reach 15,000 pieces or more before selling. You earn so much money from these drops. Most importantly Coagulated Spell and Contaminated Magic will be your most profitable loots from farming. The goal is to clean all Maggots in Stage 1 Old Glast Heim only and exit.
Skills to use:
5009.png Flash Combo and Tiger Cannon Combo. Use Tiger Cannon Combo on the Zombies (Hard) since you cannot 1-shot them with Flash Combo. Lure all the Zombies (Hard) before using Tiger Cannon Combo or you will run out of HP. BE CAREFUL it will only take 4 Zombie (Hard) hits to kill you so, the best way is to cast Tiger Cannon Combo before all the Zombies are able to hit you. Using Flash Combo with Rampage Blaster is also possible only if the combined damage of both skills are able to kill the Zombies. Make sure that your Flash Combo damage is able to 1-shot the Maggots for this to work.
Gears to use:
The gears to be used for this run is mentioned in COMBO SURA in the Gear Examples Section. You will need to swap weapons, Mace for the Zombies and Knuckles for the Maggots. A +4 Thanatos Knuckle carded with Kaho Card and enchanted with Fire Elemental Converter will be enough. Use a shield carded with Bigfoot Card so that you will not be overwhelmed by the damage of the Maggots.

145 Gramps (Eden)
What to farm:
This will actually depend on the monsters. The most profitable monster will be Pom Spider since these monsters drop Mora Mandarin and Fruit Basket with a high % drop rate. So, it is best to check the monster rotation per month.
Skills to use:
5009.png Flash Combo with 2332.png Rampage Blaster. Rotation of these skills will be enough to clean the monsters.
Gears to use:
The gears to be used will be the same with Basilisk Nest 3.

SURA 101

For those wondering how to survive and kill monsters as Sura below 115
You can 1 shot Gramps 85 - 115 with just one skill.
2332.png Rampage Blaster will be your leveling skill and farming skill.

  • Max out 2338.png Rising Dragon once you get 24 Skill points.
  • The idea is, you play like you are using a shotgun. You reload, shoot and reload again.

2338.png Rising Dragon > 2332.png Rampage Blaster > 401.png Dangerous Soul Collect > 2332.png Rampage Blaster
Why max out Rising Dragon first you ask? Rampage Blaster highly depends on the amount of spheres you have. More spheres equals more damage.
You can use this technique as a finishing skill after every combo. With that setup you can do high damage in Gramps 145.

For Gramps 145, you will be needing to max out Tiger Cannon and Fallen Empire.
You can contribute a really high amount of DPS when you use combo Tiger Cannon but you must use leeching gears to survive.

For the skill combination;
2338.png Rising Dragon > 2326.png Dragon Combo > 2329.png Fallen Empire > 2330.png Tiger Cannon > 2332.png Rampage Blaster > 401.png Dangerous Soul Collect

Champ! It consumes too much SP what should I do? Do not fret we Suras are blessed with a skill that restores SP in % form.

After every combos, always make it a habit to consume unused spheres to replenish your SP.
The simplest way to use this skill is to cast 401.png Dangerous Soul Collect > 2340.png Power Absorb
Make it a habit to use this skill when your leech gears wont work.

CHAMP! What skill do I use to regenerate spheres faster without casting Dangerous Soul Collect? We use the skill called 2346.png Gentle Touch - Energy Gain .

The best way for me to regenerate spheres are:
  • Use Reflect Shields such as Mad Bunny [1] , Thorny Buckler, High Orc Card
When using a reflect shield, you get hit and at the same time you hit them back. The reflect damage will count as melee and will regenerate spheres.
  • Snap in a mob of monsters without getting destroyed.
  • Spam 2327.png Sky Net Blow, it is a really nice skill that pushes enemies around you away. Snap in a mob and spam.

Champ you keep talking about leeching, I tried using tiger cannon on a monster but I did not leech any HP/SP?

  • To be able to leech HP/SP at a really high chance, you need to cast an AoE (area) skill at a very dense mob. More monsters hit = more chances of leech.

How do you combo your skills to gain max damage output?

2326.png Dragon Combo > 2329.png Fallen Empire > 2330.png Tiger Cannon > 2326.png Dragon Combo > 2329.png Fallen Empire > 2343.png Gates of Hell > 5009.png Flash Combo

Gifcomboo 3.gif


Here is a link to a more in-depth guide for OLD GLAST HEIM. (CHAMPS OGH GUIDE)

NOTE: There is no specific time when I will upload a guide on some of the instances since I am really busy IRL. I also have to farm the gears I will be needing so it will also take me some time. I will keep on updating my guide occasionally with all the new tricks I have discovered.


I have been experimenting on Sura since I started playing in Nova. I hope my guide will encourage more Sura main players to PvE. NEW META
If you are having trouble understanding the guide for OGH, I can run with you so that you can see the actual game-play.

Special thanks to:
freD - Arch Bishop
Fever - Arch Bishop
Lev - Sorcerer/AB/Mins
Wolf - Mins
Lystra - Arch Bishop/Mins