Lost in Time

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This quest or instance is repeatable.
Cooldown Tickets Available

Resets at 0:00

Solo: 0 Party: 0


Base Level: 130
Starting Point: (ba_maison 311, 206)Copied!
Prerequisite(s): Gaining access to Varmundt's Mansion, step 11
Experience: -
Items: Quest:6  Varmeal Tickets

The Lost in Time instance is part of the Episode 17.2, check out the Sage's Legacy for more information.

Daily Quests

  1. Speak with Ruinan in Varmundt's Mansion ((ba_maison 311, 206)Copied!) to create the instance and talk to her again to enter.
  2. Click on the Wood Box at the entrance of the instance and kill the Pitaya mobs.
  3. Talk to Silk to continue and you'll get warped to the next location.
  4. Talk to Silk again, kill the mobs, and repeat this until you reach the last area.
  5. You should have gotten two mini-map markers, you can go to either one of them.
    Ba lost01.png
  6. You'll reach a Big Meow. Walk near it and then kill it...!
  7. Keep moving forward until you reach the boss room and make sure you kill every single Pitaya along the way.
  8. Once you're in the boss room, click on the Wood Box and the Boss Meow will appear.
    Ba lost02.png
  9. Kill it and click on the Wood Box again, Silk will... reappear out of it.
  10. Talk to Silk to get your reward. If you have regular Pitaya tails, you'll get 4  Varmeal Tickets. If you also have a Boss Pitaya Tail, you'll get an extra 2  Varmeal Tickets.


Image Name Level HP Size / Race / Element
20659.png Pitaya Boss
138 7,200,000 Small / Plant / Fire 3
20660.png Red Pitaya 132 158,478 Small / Plant / Fire 1
20661.png Yellow Pitaya 134 162,599 Small / Plant / Wind 1
20662.png Blue Pitaya 135 163,655 Small / Plant / Water 1
20663.png Purple Pitaya 135 165,308 Small / Plant / Poison 1
20664.png Green Pitaya 136 165,105 Small / Plant / Earth 1

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