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Low Rank Agent, on The Wyvern

Often refered to as MH1, Low Rank Hunts are a part of Monster Hunter content and it's the first challenge on your hunting journey.

Loot from the beasts in the Flooded Forest can be used to craft Low Rank Shadow Gear, or exchanged into  Monster Coupons to purchase supplies and various equipments.


  • A party consisting of 1 to 5 members.
  • Level 150+ (Monsters in MH do not give EXP, and dying in MH does not result in EXP penalty.)
  • A fee of 50,000 Zeny is divided equally between party members. If any member of the party does not have the required zeny amount, the party may not enter.

Reserving the Flooded Forest

You can depart in Low Rank Hunts by boarding The Wyvern and talking to the Low Rank Agent.

To board the Airship you can:

    • Use the "@go mh" command.
    • Talk to the Monster Hunter NPC in Prontera.
    • Talk to the Warper NPC and select Special Areas > Monster Hunting.
  • All buffs and debuffs are removed upon boarding the Airship.
  • The party leader must talk to the Low Rank Agent to select which monster to hunt.
  • The party leader can either pay 50,000 Zeny to enter Flooded Forest, or use a  Monster Hunter Ticket.
  • After completing the transaction, the party will be warped to the Flooded Forest.
  • The instance dungeon lasts for 50 minutes, is repeatable and does not have a cooldown.

Inside the Flooded Forest

A Celestial Tendrillions in the Flooded Forest with a full party.
  • All buffs and debuffs are removed upon entering Flooded Forest (except certain buffs, such as ASPD Potions).
  • After the party is prepared, enter the hunting area to hunt your target. You can only leave the hunting area if you:
    • Died in the hunting area.
    • Logged out while inside the instance.
    • Completed the instance.
    • Failed the instance.
  • If anyone dies while inside the Flooded Forest, they cannot be Resurrected by any means. They will be automatically warped to the Recovery Lodge, separate from the hunting area.
    • Talk to the Hunter's Assistant to get fully healed, repair your equipments, and open your Storage.
    • Talk to the Forest Guide to return to the hunting area.
    • Only two deaths are allowed in the Flooded Forest.
      One party member dying twice is counted as two deaths.
      Two party members dying are counted as two deaths.
      Any party member who got disconnected or changed characters while inside the Flooded Forest is considered to have "died" and will add to the death count.
      After the third death occurred, the party will fail the hunt, and will be warped back to the Airship.
  • After taking down your target, everyone in the party will automatically receive its loot in their inventory and be warped back to the Airship.

Note: Loots from Low Rank Hunts are Character Bound, have zero weight and cannot be placed in Storage or Carts.

List of Disabled Skills

The following skills are disabled in the Flooded Forest:


Low Rank Shadow Gear Crafting

Crafting these is the first major step towards being able to join High Rank Hunts.

Main article: Low Rank Shadow Gear

Retired Hunter's Shop

Retired Hunter's Shop. He only accepts Monster Coupons as payment.

Talk to the Retired Hunter at the back of the Airship to exchange the loot obtained from the Flooded Forest into  Monster Coupons.

Common loots are worth 6 to 10  Monster Coupons each, while rare loot is worth 20 to 30  Monster Coupons each.

Shop Item List

All prices are in  Monster Coupons.

Consumables Price Headgears Price Equipment Price
 Hunting Blue Potion Cache 1  Celestial Lion Hat 1,500  Immune Shield [1] 1,500
 Mega White Potion Box 2  Drooping Domovoi 1,500  Heroic Backpack [1] 1,500
 Yggdrasil Seed 90  Great Duneyrr Helm 1,500  Enhanced Variant Shoes [1] 1,500
 Yggdrasil Berry 180  Golden Boitata Hat 1,500
 Legendary Hunter's Hat 3,500

Neko's Hunting Quest

Neko's Hunting Quest.

The Neko NPCs near the Low Rank Agent can offer you an extra quest for 100,000 Zeny.

It will reward additional loots when you succesfully complete the hunt of the selected monster without dying. The monster needs to be on your screen when it dies for the quest to be complete.

Monster Data

Celestial Tendrillions

  • You fight both simultaneously.
Name / ID Level HP Size / Race / Element List of Known Skills
White Celestial Tendrillion (3944) 160 8,978,464 Large / Angel / Holy 3 Grand Cross, Blood Sucker, Reflect, Triangle Shot, Sonic Wave, Bleeding, Critical Wound
Black Celestial Tendrillion (3945) 160 8,778,464 Large / Demon / Dark 3 Dark Grand Cross, Defender, Triangle Shot, Sonic Wave, Bleeding, Critical Wound


  • The real Domovoi usually always has Assumptio, while his clones don't.
Name / ID Level HP Size / Race / Element List of Known Skills
Domovoi (3940) 150 6,792,464 Small / Formless / Ghost 1 Assumptio, Call Slaves, Dragon Fear, Fiber Lock, Ganbantein, Hiding (when near death), Jupitel Thunder, Mandragora Howling, Quagmire, Pneuma, Skid Trap, Strip Weapon, Soul Expansion
Domovoi's Slaves (3939) 150 1,027,864 Small / Formless / Ghost 1 Jupitel Thunder, Safety Wall, Self Destruct (when near death), Skid Trap

Golden Boitata

  • Watch out for its Earthquake.
Name / ID Level HP Size / Race / Element List of Known Skills
Golden Boitata (3941) 160 11,787,424 Large / Dragon / Holy 3 Aspersio, Cart Termination, Defender, Earth Quake, Expiatio, Holy Cross, Holy Light, Land Protector, Marsh of Abyss, Ominous Moonlight, Oratio, Silence, Stone Curse, Turn Undead, Wide Bleeding

Great Duneyrr

  • Great Duneyrr transforms into Enraged Great Duneyrr when near death.
Name / ID Level HP Size / Race / Element List of Known Skills
Great Duneyrr (3946) 160 11,639,664 Large / Demi-Human / Neutral 3 Dispell, Hell's Judgment, Land Protector, Sonic Blow
Enraged Great Duneyrr (3943) 160 4,101,972 Large / Demi-Human / Fire 3 Dispell, Hell's Judgment, Land Protector, Sonic Blow

Ice Troll

Name / ID Level HP Size / Race / Element List of Known Skills
Ice Troll (3942) 170 15,794,624 Large / Brute / Neutral 3 Bowling Bash, Earth Drive, Endure, Flying Side Kick, Jack Frost, Renovatio, Pile Bunker, Palm Push Strike

General Tips

For Damage dealers:

  • Carry Mega White Potions in case you get damaged, especially from wide-area skills like Hell's Judgement and Earthquake.
  • Carry Hunting Blue Potions too, so you can easily replenish your SP pool mid-fight.
  • Whenever possible, turn off /noctrl and alternate between auto-attacking and using skills.
  • Stop attacking if you draw the monster's aggro and let your tank take it off of you.
  • Carry the appropriate converters (e.g. Cursed Water for White Celestial Tendrillion and Golden Boitata, Small Bottle or Water Converter Scrolls for Great Duneyrr).
  • Whatever you do, do not tank, and try not to die.
  • Keep in mind that skills that immobilize enemies (i.e. prevents them from moving) are disabled.

For Tanks:

  • All of the monsters in this instance are Boss Protocol, therefore Boss-type reductions like Alice Card are recommended.
  • It's better to overload yourself with Mega White Pots than running out in the middle of a run.
  • If you have them, be sure to wear the appropriate elemental armors (Particularly against the Tendrillion's Grand Cross and Dark Cross) and swap when necessary, or use Piety.
  • If the monster uses AGI Up and the damage dealers couldn't hit them, check if you have attack skills that ignore Flee, and use them to help with killing it.
  • When there are no regular tanks around, FLEE or Perfect Dodge type tanks can be helpful as well.

For Healers/supporters:

  • Carry Mega White Pots, Hunting Blue Potions, and debuff recovery items such as Panacea.
  • Even if you're not gonna tank, consider wearing MVP-resisting gears (Alice carded Shield) and/or debuff-resisting gears.
  • If your party's fighting Neutral element monsters, use Aspersio + Oratio or Enchant Poison + Venom Impress.
  • Keep in mind that a lot of the monsters in MH use skills that nullify ground-based skills.

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