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Hunter's Satchel


Each type of gathering will get their respective enchant placed onto your Satchel. These enchants will begin at level 1, and you will be able to complete quests with the different gathering masters to increase your enchant levels. Higher enchant levels will lead to better materials being gathered. PLACE HOLDER TEXT


Choose Bait Choosebait.png

As mentioned before, your Satchel will keep track of your fishing level. At level 1 fishing, you will mostly be catching Paint Fish and Slimy Eels. These items will be primarily used to craft consumables with the Combination system covered below. Once you reach level 2, you'll unlock the Choose Bait skill. Choose Bait will let you choose between one of 4 different types of bait, and each one of them will attract 2 different categories of fish. PLACEHOLDER TEXT


Jumping Bait
Potential Catches:

  • Small Octopus - Small DEX Fish
  • Charmed Carp - Small LUK Fish
  • Nimble Octopus - Large DEX Fish
  • Lucky Koi - Large LUK Fish

Lively Bait
Potential Catches:

  • Baby Squid - Small INT Fish
  • Strong Mackerel - Small STR Fish
  • Ancient Squid - Large INT Fish
  • Bull Shark - Large STR Fish

Fishing Rewards

Fish can be brought over to the Chef NPC, who will be able to cook your fish into different types of Boosters. Different fish will be able to be cooked into different types of boosters, which will increase a number of different stats. Naturally, less large fish will be required for cooking, and you'll be able to mix and match your small and large fish to create these boosters. PLACEHOLDER TEXT

Here's a list of the 6 different boosters you can get the Chef to cook for you.

  • STR Booster: +30 STR
  • AGI Booster: +30 AGI
  • VIT Booster: +30 VIT
  • INT Booster: +30 INT
  • DEX Booster: +30 DEX
  • LUK Booster: +30 LUK

In addition to these +30 Stat effects, these boosters will also provide an additional bonus which will be revealed at a later date. Please note that all of these Boosters can only be used inside of The Savage Coast, are removed on character death and have a 10 minute duration. Each character may only have two active boosters at a time. These effects do not stack with +20 Genetic Foods or +10 Stat Foods, but players will be able to bring in outside foods if they choose to do so.


When you begin mining, an animation will begin playing at the bottom right corner of your screen. You must Interact when the bar is full in order to obtain the maximum number of rewards. If you land in the red, you will get no rewards. If you land in the middle, you'll be getting average rewards. If you fill the bar completely, you will obtain a bonus amount of rewards. Note that you'll be able to mine each node more than once.

Each time you go into the Savage Coast, a static number of mining nodes will spawn, and more will continue to appear as you remain inside the map. Every active node will allow each individual player to mine it a number of times before it is exhausted. Nodes activate for all players in a party.

  • If more than one player from the same party mines the same node, the mining count will be tallied for each player individually.
  • When all members of a party finish mining a node, the node will de-activate immediately allowing for a new one to spawn.
  • If single member of the party has finished gathering a particular node, it will de-activate after some time for the rest of the members of the party even if the rest of the party has not finished mining.
  • So when you find an active node, call your buddies over and mine it together!

Node Types

Active Firestone Node

There are three different types of Mining Nodes inside the Savage Coast: Dragonstone, Firestone and Aquastone. Within these different node types, there are also three different tiers of minerals you can obtain. The higher your Mining Enchant level, the higher the tier of the minerals you'll be able to obtain from that node. In order to convert your Obsidian, Quartz and Dragonite into Dragonstone Ingots, you'll need to bring the Smelter (found in The Wyvern) 1,500 points worth of ores from the same node type. That could mean 3 Dragonite, 2 Dragonite and 2 Quartz, 10 Obsidian, or any other combination of these ores. Once you've smelted these minerals into Ingots, you will be able to use your Ingots to craft Shadow Gear and other types of equipment.

Here is a table showing which types of ores you can get from Dragonstone Nodes, as well as their point values.


Point Value: 50


Point Value: 250


Point Value: 500


Soon TM