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Main office, @navi prontera 136/186. Also easily accessible through @go 50 or @go main.

The Main Office, situated south-west from the popular tourist attraction, the Prontera fountain, is a very impressive building in every regard. Judging by its dated brick walls on the outside, it is about as old as all the other buildings in the area and blends into the urban scenery without as much as an effort. Yet, as entering the warp portal quickly reveals, on the inside the office is something much more grand.

All in all the Main Office houses five distinct floors, each full of hustle and bustle. The diligent NPCs have made sure the selection offers something for every kind of visitor.

It continues to remain a mystery how a building so deceptively small has been transformed into such a massive center for commerce and recreation. This is expected to continue to puzzle researchers for years to come. Come in and explore this marvel of modern Rune Midgardian architecture!

Basement Floor (Gym)

The Gym

The Gym is a weightlifters' dream despite the lack of competition from comparable establishments. Among the latest training equipment, it hosts many NPCs aimed at improving your character's physique and skills. Once you feel a little beefier from doing bench presses, give a visit to the specially reserved training area where you can test your blows on nearly lifelike targets. Alternatively, the far left side of the Gym provides you with space to break your precious Dead Branches and what-have-you far from prying eyes.

  • Training Chamber: Allows players to rent a Training Chamber where they can test their skill builds on various targets.
  • Branch Manager: Allows you to rent private rooms for you and your party to safely use Dead Branches or Bloody Branches. Reservations last 2 hours and costs 100,000 zeny. After the room is closed, everything on the map is reset.
  • Shaam Rumi: Leader of the Crossbow Clan, allows players to join the Crossbow Clan.
  • Raffam Oranpere: Leader of the Sword Clan, allows players to join the Sword Clan.
  • Devon Aire: Leader of the Arc Wand Clan, allows players to join the Arc Wand Clan.
  • Berman Aire: Leader of the Goldenmace Clan, allows player to join the Goldenmace Clan.
  • Platinum Skill NPC: Allows you to obtain the Platinum Skills available for your class.
  • Ripped Cabus: Allows players to increase their weight limit using Gym Passes.
  • Reset Man: Resets your Job Points, Stat Points or Both! Fees are 5,000 zeny, 5,000 zeny, and 9,000 zeny respectively.
  • Build Manager: Allows you to save and name up to three unique Stat and Skill point builds. This NPC is only usable when you are level 175/60.
  • HomuncuBank: Allows Genetics to store and manage their Homunculi.
  • Universal Rental: Rents out Carts, Pecos, Gryphons, Dragons...Etc.
  • Dismounter: Dismounts you from a timed Halter Lead or any Mount even after it is expired.
  • Knight's Shield Bearer: Sells enchantment items for Cursed Knight's Shields [1] and manages Knight's Shield [1] exchanges.
  • Heidi: Sells cute pet supplies and can transform your pets appearance into another.
  • Training Chamber

  • Branch Manager

  • Shaam Rumi

  • Raffam Oranpere

  • Devon Aire

  • Berman Aire

  • Platinum Skill NPC

  • Ripped Cabus

  • Reset Man

  • Build Manager

  • Universal Rental

  • Dismounter

  • Heidi

First Floor (Entrance)

The Lobby

The first floor of the Office is also by far the busiest one. The tiles are already showing some wear and tear around the entrance, where you can find all the most convenient NPCs you may want to visit every day. If you venture a little further in, along the north wall you will face a whole shopping lane of specialized merchants who will exchange their goods, such as Mado gear, Shurikens and even Runes for your zeny.

  • Daily Rewards: The Daily Rewards NPC allows you to obtain a reward every day (resets at midnight server time) if you're logged on for an hour or more. You can check your daily rewards timer by talking to the NPC or using the @dailies command.
  • Job Master: Changes your job class to your desired job, and gives you a Novice Package when you first speak to him. The Novice Package provides you with helpful tools for starting your adventure!
  • Login Settings: Allows you to automatically enable desired @commands upon login.
  • Instance Cooldowns: Modifies the list of Instances that appear in your chat log when you use @cooldown.
  • Adoption Services: Allows a married couple to adopt a player as their child.
  • Recruitment Board: Use this board to browse active Guild Recruitment listings, or list your own guild as a guild leader.
  • Firearms Merchant: Sells various Rebellion Firearms.
  • Magazine Dealer Kyle: Allows you to package 500 bullets into a magazine/cartridge.
  • Cartridge Dealer: Sells Various ammo cartridges for Rebellion.
  • Mado Dealer: Sells Mechanic Mado Gear accessories and Genetic cannonballs.
  • Ninja Supplier: Sells Ninja ammo and catalysts.
  • Arrow Dealer: Sells Arrows and quivers.
  • Master of Elements: Crafts Elemental Converters, and sells Sorcerer Elemental Points and Blank Scrolls.
  • Rune Merchant: Sells ordinary and high-quality Runestones.
  • Doram Shop: Sells Doram catalysts.
  • Daily Rewards

  • Job Master

  • Login Settings

  • Instance Cooldowns

  • Adoption Services

  • Firearms Merchant

  • Magazine Dealer Kyle

  • Cartridge Dealer

  • Mado Dealer

  • Ninja Supplier

  • Arrow Dealer

  • Master of Elements

  • Rune Merchant

  • Doram Shop

Second Floor (Treasury)


Located up above is the fortress of the building. Piles upon piles of coins and treasure shape the tapestry of this floor, according to some calculations enough to buy Prontera out of debt thrice. Gold Coin is the cold hard currency you can spend directly, or ask the Coin Exchanger to write you a check for Nova Points. Other reasons to visit the place would be for anything to do with decarding your equipment and freeing yourself from unnecessary items.

  • Wise Old Woman: Removes compounded cards from equipment for a flat fee of 1,000,000 zeny, a Star Crumb and a Yellow Gemstone, plus 25,000z per card removed with 100% success chance. For the same price, she can also craft a Reversal Voucher.
  • Blank Card Exchanger: Exchanges Blank Cards for certain items. These drop from monsters when a Spare Card is equipped.

250 Cards = Old Blue Box | 500 Cards = Oridecon Box (10) or Elunium Box (10) | 750 Cards = Old Purple Box | 2,500 Cards = Old Card Album

Third Floor (Style Boutique)

Style Boutique

When you need a little break from shopping and need a little pick-me-up cheer, step into the Style Boutique. This colorful floor where you can feel the sparkle and taste the bling houses ever-fashionable NPCs, ready to make you costumes and in-season hats. Coupled with a tirelessly working Stylist in the bottom-left corner, you are guaranteed to go in looking drab and come out looking fabulous. Try out all the opportunities to glamorize yourself in seconds with hundreds free color palettes in all permutations of the rainbow, possibly including ultraviolet. It is also here you can exchange Event Tickets for special items.

  • Miles the Milliner: Allows you to change convert any headgear into costume headgear for a fee of 500,000 zeny. Note: Costume headgears lose all their effects. Also has the ability to recolor several Hats and change their positions.
  • Monkey: Makes Dyestuffs, Mysterious Dyestuffs, Counteragent, and Mixture.
  • Event Ticket Exchanger Allows players to exchange Event Tickets obtained via GM held Events into various Event Boxes or a 1:1 ratio of gold coins.
  • Stylist: Lets players change their hairstyle, hair color, cloth color, and their outfits.
  • Festival Painter: The Festival Painter is an NPC that is able to recolor a selection of Summer Festival hats
  • Limes the Milliner: Can recolor and awaken various WoE hats.
  • Selim the Milliner: Can recolor various Halloween Hats.
  • Miles

  • Monkey

  • Event Ticket Exchanger

  • Stylist

  • Festival Painter

  • Limes

  • Selim

Fourth Floor (The Crow's Nest)

The Crow's Nest

Highest up, housed on the last floor of the establishment is a classy little pub, aptly named as "The Crow's Nest". Here you may sit down behind one of the well-used tables, relax, and enjoy a little chat in good company of fellow pub-goers. The full-course meals served here are the courtesy of the Frying Dutchman. Regrettably such feasts are not available upon request at the counter and to top it off, you will have to bring your own drinks.

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