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Main office, /navi prontera 136/186

The NovaRO Main Office is a special map that contains most of the important NPCs of NovaRO, excluding essential ones and a few such as Rental NPC and Stylist, which can be found in Prontera's Town Square.

It is located in the building immediately south-west of the fountain in Prontera.

First Floor

The first floor contains most of the important NPCs which you might need to see often.

  • Daily Rewards: The Daily Rewards NPC allows you obtain a reward every day (resets at midnight server time) if you're logged on for an hour or more. You can check your daily rewards timer by talking to the NPC or using the @dailies command. Logging out to Character Select screen will reset this timer.
  • Loyal Merchant: The Loyal Merchant allows you to redeem your ProofOfLoyalty.png Proofs of Loyalty , and opens a special shop using Proofs of Loyalty as currency.
  • Coin Exchanger: This NPC allows you to exchange GoldCoin.png Gold Coins at the rate of 15 Gold Coins for 100 Cash Points.
  • Job Master: Changes your job class to your desired job, and gives you a Novice package when you first speak to him.
  • Platinum Skill NPC: Allows you to obtain the Platinum Skills available for your class.
  • Reset Man: Resets your Job Points, Stat Points or Both! Fees are 5,000 zeny, 5,000 zeny, and 9,000 zeny respectively.
  • Build Manager: Allows you to save and name up to three unique Stat and Skill point builds. This NPC is only usable when you are level 175/60.
  • Daily Rewards

  • Loyal Merchant

  • Coin Exchanger

  • Donation Redeemer

  • Job Master

  • Platinum Skill NPC

  • Reset Man

  • Build Manager

Second Floor

The second floor contains other NPCs you might find useful to improve your playing experience. It can be reached through the elevator on the north side of the building.

  • Ben Recycle: Allows you to recycle undesirable equipment into Rough Oridecon of Elunium.
  • Login Settings: Allows you to automatically enable desired @commands upon login.
  • Instance Cooldowns: Modifies the list of Instances that appear in your chat log when you use @cooldown.
  • Branch Manager: Allows you to rent private rooms for you and your party to safely use Dead Branches or Bloody Branches. Reservations last 2 hours and costs 100,000 zeny. After the room is closed everything on the map is reset.
  • Feel Reset: Resets the assigned map locations for the Star Gladiator Skill Feeling of the Sun, Moon, and Stars.
  • Costume Kid: Allows you to convert any headgear into costume headgear for a fee of 500,000 zeny. Note: Costumes headgears lose all their effects.
  • Dismounter: Dismounts you from a timed Halter Lead or any Mount even after it is expired.
  • Blank Card Exchanger: Exchanges Blank Cards for certain items. These drop from monsters when a Spare Card is equipped.
  • Wise Old Woman: Removes compounded cards from equipment. She charges a base cost of 750,000z, plus one Star Crumb, one Yellow Gemstone, and additional 25,000z for each card.
  • Ben Recycle

  • Login Settings

  • Instance Cooldowns

  • Branch Manager

  • Feel Reset

  • Costume Kid

  • Dismounter

  • Blank Card Exchanger

  • Wise Old Woman

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