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The Savage Coast


Far from Rune-Midgard lies a tropical island, long isolated and only recently discovered by the Monster Hunting Guild: The Savage Coast. The island's diverse landscape has led to the evolution of many strange and wondrous creatures found nowhere else in the world. But some of these creatures are not to be trifled with; these beings of unbridled might set themselves apart from Monsters found elsewhere. Exploring The Savage Coast will present its own trials and tribulations, but it may also yield rich rewards to those brave enough to venture there.

The Monsters that reside on The Savage Coast are like forces of nature; sculpting and shaping the surrounding environment to suit their own needs, resulting in a complex network of habitats. From the wide open sandy beaches, to the shadowy depths of the forests, to the soaring heights of the mountains, The Savage Coast's varied terrains will present their own unique challenges. But keen eyed hunters may find the wealth of untapped materials unique to The Savage Coast, allowing them to craft new items to utilize on their hunts, giving them an edge over their quarry.

Zones and Biomes

The Savage Coast Map

The Savage Coast is broadly split up into three Biomes: Beach, Woods and Highlands. Each of these biomes is further split up into different Zones, which differ from one another in myriad of ways. Some monsters may be found only in specific biomes or zones.

The Beach biome refers to the zones: 1, 2, 3 and 11.
The Forest biome refers to the zones: 4, 5 and 6.
The Highlands biome refers to the zones: 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Biomes have their own campsite, indicated by the stars on the map. They each represent one type of Gathering done on the Island: Fishing, Foraging and Mining, respectively.

The Wyvern


A marvel of modern engineering, soaring high above the clouds, a wonder to behold! The Monster Hunting Guild Airship: The Wyvern. The brainchild of Reidin Kurs, The Wyvern is a floating fortress, meant to serve as the new mobile headquarters of the Monster Hunting Guild. Many of the old staff reprise their previous roles, while some new faces have joined as passengers and crew aboard the airship. With updates to familiar facilities as well as the introduction of new technologies, The Wyvern is a much anticipated renovation to the Monster Hunting Guild's base of operations.

In the airship, you can depart to Low Rank Hunts as well as High Rank Hunts, restock on supplies, trade-in monster parts for loot and share your hunting tales with fellow monster hunters.
To board The Wyvern, you can use the command @go mh.

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